tagLesbian SexTrio Ch. 01

Trio Ch. 01


If you were to ask someone who knew her, they would likely all tell you that Ayumi Goodbody did not typify the typical Asian girl.

To begin with, there was the matter of her name. It wasn't made up or Americanized from a Korean or Chinese surname. Her father had been a Korean orphan adopted by the Goodbody family. He had 5 other siblings from varying nationalities and several other foster siblings. Despite their religious upbringing, Ayumi's grandparents were loving and giving people who practiced tolerance and believed in generosity.

Next was a glaringly obvious difference between Ayumi and many other Asian girls, to which we are referring to her body. Most of the Asian girls that Ayumi knew were on the petite side. Ayumi stood 5'8" in bare feet, although left to her own devices, she preferred the highest stiletto heels imaginable. Heels made her legs look incredible and one of the things Ayumi liked the most about herself was her long, sleek legs.

Ayumi was also possessed of what one former boyfriend had called a "truly remarkable" set of tits. She had never gone under the knife, but her natural breasts were a well-rounded 36-C. She thought behind her legs, they were her best asset.

Nor was Ayumi averse to flaunting her assets. In addition to several pairs of heels, her wardrobe consisted of many almost-indecent mini skirts and very tight "booty" shorts. The young woman also owned an ass that was well worth flaunting and, when feeling in the right mood, underwear was not there to impede the view. Even at times where underwear was a necessity, Ayumi wore the laciest and scantiest lingerie she could get away with.

She was glad that her family were free-thinkers, because she would have chafed under any restrictions. Ayumi was a blithe spirit, given to capricious whims anyone living in a traditional Asian household would have shuddered at the mere thought of. Her Korean dad and Japanese mom had themselves defied tradition and thus, never sought to make their daughters bow under outmoded, autocratic ideologies.

Yes, daughters. Ayumi was herself a twin, rare in her culture and she also had a 1-year younger sister as well. Ayumi and her sisters had been thick as thieves in their younger days, although time and career choices had separated them for a time.

Her twin had gone into the theater as a director and sometime actress. While both sisters were possessed of Mensa-level IQ's, there was a sense of whimsy that followed both sisters. Ayumi had always loved music and dancing and had decided that was where she wanted to pursue her dream. Dancers were vagabonds with open minds and Ayumi fit right in with that world. Dancing also gave her a chance to flaunt her body and the exhibitionist in her loved it. She might well have become a stripper, but sensed that might be where her parents and the rest of her family drew the line.

Dancing made Ayumi come alive and she made a lot of friends in the community. It also gave her a shared passion with her twin, as both sisters loved the arts. Ayumi often got the lead or at the very least, a large supporting role in many productions.

Ayumi wouldn't have admitted it, but she also enjoyed the often-skimpy costumes she wore in some of the more risque shows. Many in her company commented that she was one of the few performers they knew who could dance comfortably in high heels. Ayumi thanked them for noticing and kept to herself that she had been walking in heels for several years now.

Ayumi was a very happy girl with an active social life. As she was unconventional, a lot of the men who asked her out figured that she was likely up for anything. Ayumi did nothing to disabuse them of this notion, keeping some of her secrets just that - secrets. What Ayumi did in the bedroom, and she was certainly sexually voracious, was no one's business but hers and her partner at the time. Let us just say that whosoever shared Ayumi's bed left it a very happy camper.

Ayumi was ecstatic, living the life she loved and having as much fun as she could possibly have after her performances concluded. It all seemed to good, too idyllic, to be true.

The world came crashing down around the joyous young dancer after a particularly impassioned performance. One slight misstep and Ayumi's world was changed irrevocably. That she made it through the ordeal and thrived said a lot about her as a person.

Ayumi tore her hamstring and her doctor told her it was a bad tear. Bad enough that she would require physiotherapy for quite some time. Nasty enough that it would keep her from dancing for a year and perhaps even longer. To her credit, Ayumi took it all in stride. She didn't cry until she went back to her apartment and then the tears came in torrents.

It wasn't in Ayumi's personality to wallow in self pity or to ask for anyone's help. She was determined to muddle through and to figure things out for herself. She knew her parents would let her move back home and would be thrilled to have her. That was o-u-t as she valued her independence far too much and her sex life equally. She didn't need the scrutiny.

Her sister would gladly allow her to move in or offer to move in with Ayumi and split the rent. NOT gonna happen, Ayumi decided. Her sis had her own life and neither of them needed to butt heads over things, including just who was bringing someone home on a given evening.

One of the other dancers, with whom Ayumi maintained a "frenemy" status, proved to be her saving grace. She knew that Ayumi needed money and wouldn't accept anyone's help or a loan, so she offered neither. Instead, she offered Ayumi a solution that would put at end to her problems, at least for the time being.

"You need to get a job and I can get you one," Manda put it to Ayumi in a matter-of-fact manner. "I work at the Hooters on Adelaide and they're always hiring cute girls as servers. You're exotic and nicely put together, so it's a cinch you'd get the job. You can make really good money if you work full time and with you being out of commission, you could work as much as you wanted."

Ayumi made a sour face. "Don't you have to wear those skimpy tops and orange shorts?" She responded to Manda. "You're flaunting yourself, aren't you?"

Manda thought that Ayumi needed to be taken down a peg, so she did so. "In a way, yes, but what does it matter? You still have to give good service and be friendly to the customers. The product at our restaurants is good and the prices are reasonable. So what if we show off our bodies a bit? How is that any different than our dancing? You forget who you're talking to, kiddo. Some of the dance costumes we've worn have been a lot skimpier than my Hooters uniform. I make good money and that's what matters to me. So, what do you say? Are you in? Should I try to get you an interview?"

Ayumi realized that Manda was only trying to do her a good turn and her rebuttal had been solid. She gave the blonde a hug and accepted her offer. Perhaps things would work out for her, at least she'd be earning enough to stay in her apartment.

With her engaging personality and confident attitude, Ayumi got the job and started a week later. The other girls were very welcoming and there wasn't a catty female among them. Everyone was helpful and Ayumi found the work easy enough and she earned good money in tips. To her surprise, she found herself liking the work and the company. Working at the chain also added to her social life, as she was able to pick and choose which customers she would "fraternize" with outside of work. Her sex drive had not dwindled since her accident and she still wasn't shy about bopping about whenever she felt the urge. While she wasn't up yet to dancing on stage, shaking a tail feather every so often lifted her spirits and quite often, increased her tips.

It wasn't just the men who came to Hooters, there were lots of women and Ayumi made friends easily. Some women, just as some of the men did, flirted outrageously. There was never any pressure on the girls to socialize outside of work with customers. Ayumi made some new friends of both sexes, some of the men she slept with and some, she didn't. Ayumi still had voracious sexual appetites and liked to experiment with her lovers. Yet she didn't want to get a reputation as a slut and she was attractive enough to pick and choose those who had something to offer her in the boudoir. She swiftly became one of the most popular servers in the restaurant and earned herself the nickname "Yummy" which she wore like a badge of honor.

One of Ayumi's favorite customers was a saucy little redhead named Heather Kennedy. She had some similar qualities to Ayumi in that she knew she was sexy and wasn't afraid to show it. Heather worked as an executive secretary so she had to dress with a bit more modesty than Ayumi did, although on her days off, she favored tight and short skirts and heels almost as high as the ones Ayumi liked. Heather was well known to everyone at Ayumi's work and they all liked her, staff and the regulars alike. The difference between Heather and Ayumi, aside from the physical component was that Heather was married and she only went so far as to flirt. She adored her husband and they had been together since Heather was sixteen.

When Heather came in one Wednesday afternoon and ordered a drink - then another and one to follow that - Ayumi sensed something wasn't right. She asked Danielle, who was Heather's server, if she could take over that table. Her friend knew that Heather and Ayumi were friends, so it wasn't a problem. Ayumi approached the sexy redhead and saw her eyes were red and not from too much alcohol. It was obvious that she had been crying.

Ayumi saw no point in beating around the bush. She had known Heather for six months at that point and knew her friend would appreciate her candor. "So, are you going to tell me what the F is going on or are you going to make me guess?" She asked as she slid into the booth across from the other woman.

Heather looked up, took a mouthful of her expensive Scotch and managed a weak smile. "You could at least say hello," she answered drily.

Ayumi sighed and then replied, "Hello. Now just what the hell has got you drinking like - well, like some of the weekend regulars?"

That got a small chuckle from Heather, who then proceeded to order yet another glass of expensive Scotch. Heather knew that Ayumi liked almost all of her regulars, but it was the weekend crew who put it away and left larger-than-normal tips after getting extremely inebriated. She trusted Ayumi and thought, what the hell, why not let Ayumi take on the role of confessor?

"Ayumi babe, you know that I'm married, right? I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned it a few times," Heather asked. A few times? Heather was so crazy about her husband that she talked about him almost every day. She worshiped the ground he walked on and from all indications, the reverse was true. Oddly, if the redhead had ever mentioned his name, Ayumi couldn't remember it. One of her few failings was she wasn't as detail-oriented as she could have been. Ayumi could tell that Heather wasn't really looking for answers, she just needed someone to talk with so that she could vent. She nodded and let Heather continue.

"My husband - well, there is no easy way to say this - he cheated on me!" Heather croaked out, the anger in her voice almost palpable. Ayumi was certain Heather's husband was clinically insane. There were several of her regulars who would have given up their right arm to bed the gorgeous redhead and this idiot had fouled it up? Ayumi had one line she wouldn't cross as far as sex was concerned and that was, anyone who cheated was cut off - permanently. She led a hedonistic lifestyle, but also had parents who had been faithful and married for over 20 years.

Ayumi bought Heather the next round and they talked. Heather talked, Ayumi just lent a sympathetic ear and a nod of acknowledgment every so often. Heather managed to convince herself that drinking herself blotto wouldn't accomplish much of anything, so she cut herself off and let Ayumi pour her into a taxi a few hours later.

Heather came in the very next day and didn't appear to be any the worse for wear. In fact, she seemed bubbly and effervescent, much like her old self. Ayumi wanted to ask just what the hell was going on, but didn't want to upset the apple cart. Heather was her upbeat, chipper self, although her skirt was a bit shorter than she normally would have worn at her job. Ayumi didn't mind as she found it fun when Heather put herself out there. Why not? She was a gorgeous, sexy young woman with a dynamite little body.

Much to Ayumi's surprise, Heather started coming to Hooters on a daily basis. While she had been a regular before, now she was almost becoming a fixture. Ayumi didn't mind although she did wonder if perhaps Heather had decided to search for a little fling of her own. It didn't seem likely, as the pretty redhead spent most of her time there chatting with Ayumi while being cordial, yet not overly friendly to everyone else. She was not, however, wearing her wedding ring.

A few weeks into her new routine, there happened to be a Thursday afternoon where Heather was almost giddy. Alcohol wasn't a factor, although Ayumi had several patrons that had offered to buy the redhead anything she might desire. Heather just seemed to be in a terrific mood and she also looked like a million dollars in a gauzy, low-cut blouse, tight black leather mini and sexy heels. When Ayumi got a chance to take a break, as it was a rare, non-sports afternoon, Heather was almost excited that her friend joined her for a bite. Ayumi paid close attention to her friend and hoped for a report of reconciliation, although Heather was still sans her wedding ring. She complimented Heather on her cheery disposition and ultra-sexy look.

"Thanks," Heather replied, positively beaming when she did. "I got a lot of looks at work today, but what the hell, let 'em look!"

"Thatta girl!" Ayumi cheered, quite pleased to see Heather acting more like her old self. "My philosophy as well Heather, you have it, why not show it off when you can?" She purposely avoided asking Heather about the status of her marriage, not wanting to ruin the mood. Heather leaned in closer and put her hand on top of Ayumi's. "Are you working tomorrow night?" Heather asked.

Ayumi shook her head. "Just until 3, a half-day. Why?"

Heather squeezed Ayumi's hand gently and looked at her intensely. Ayumi had never before noticed how mesmerizing and unique Heather's eyes were, they were almost aqua. "Have dinner with me tomorrow night, please?" Heather requested. Ayumi was somewhat taken aback by her request, as they had never before socialized outside of Ayumi's work. However, she saw no reason they couldn't and agreed to the "date". The thrilled look on Heather's face spoke volumes. Having dinner with Ayumi was somehow important to the tiny redhead.

As it was important to her new friend, Ayumi decided that it was important to her as well. In fact, she fussed over her appearance the next afternoon as much as she would have for a real date. She sighed when she thought about her social life over the past month or so. She'd actually been seeing one of her regulars - regularly - but he told Ayumi that he was leaving town for a while. She could have hooked up with someone, true that, but she wasn't going to sacrifice quality for quantity. For now, her bed was a bit cold.

Ayumi went all out and by 7 PM, she was glammed to the nines. Her blouse was lacy and sheer, her black leather pants hugged her butt and legs nicely and the stiletto heels gleamed from lots of polish and the silver tips. She even wore some of her "seduction" lingerie, the kind she chose when she was going to seduce a new conquest. She felt a bit silly, and yet, she was really looking forward to spending a night in Heather's company.

As amazing as Ayumi looked, when she met Heather at the restaurant, Ayumi's jaw nearly dropped. Heather had gone all-out and - wowee - looked like a sex goddess come to life! Ayumi thought if she was the type of girl who was attracted to girls, she would probably be drooling right then. Ayumi knew that she looked marvelous, but Heather looked - there was no other word for it - fuckable. In addition to her naughty little ensemble, Heather was also wearing a very naughty little smile. "You're staring," Heather grinned and gave Ayumi a peck on the cheek. Ayumi caught a whiff of Heather's perfume and thought she even smells sexy!

Ayumi's heart was actually fluttering and for the first time in memory, she was nervous. She knew that she was being silly, this was simply two friends having dinner, but she couldn't seem to let go of those emotions. It was just - that outfit! Did Heather have to be that drop-dead sexy? When the two women walked into the steak house, you could practically hear the heads turning to check them both out.

Heather had obviously "dressed to impress" and Ayumi wondered if perhaps she had set them both up with dates. Her skirt was short and her top and stockings, which matched, were a leopard print. The black heels Heather wore gave her additional height as they had to be at least 6 inches. Every part of Heather's outfit hugged her body and it was outrageous without showing too much of anything. Ayumi's heart was thumping as they sat down at a secluded booth. She kept looking around and Heather finally asked her if she was looking for something in particular.

"I thought perhaps someone might be joining us," Ayumi answered.

"Why would you think that?" Heather replied. "No one else is coming, I don't want to share you. You're my date."

Ayumi was almost incredulous. "So you dressed this way - for me? But - why?"

Before Heather could answer, their waiter arrived and the two women ordered drinks. The smile on the waiter's face as he left amused Ayumi a little. He likely didn't get two customers this hot too often. She turned back to Heather, who answered, "Isn't it obvious? I wanted to impress you, maybe even turn you on a little."

"Again - why?"

Heather leaned back in the booth and sighed. "Because I want to go to bed with you. I want us to have a nice dinner and then go back to my place and fuck our brains out."

Ayumi didn't know what to say. Her head was spinning and she wanted to say something, anything, yet couldn't think of the words. Heather pressed her advantage. "You were checking me out, I caught you. That's good - I wanted to get your attention. I think you're hot and I want to do all sorts of crazy, wild things to you and with you. Have you ever been with a girl before?"

Ayumi shook her head, her mouth still felt as if it was stuffed with cotton. "I've never even kissed a girl before." That was true, although several of the dancers she knew were lesbians or bi-sexual. "Have you?"

"Oh yeahhh, lots of times, before I got married," Heather answered with total candor. "I wanted to be a virgin on my wedding night, so I played with girls to take the edge off. I liked it, I liked it a lot - girls can be a lot of fun and I've missed that. I decided recently that life's too short and I was going to do whatever I wanted. So, no pressure - if you're interested, I can promise you a good time. A really good time, you yummy thing," she teased, using Ayumi's nickname. She continued on. "I'm nasty in bed," Heather giggled. "I scratch and bite and I've got a good tongue. I'm also multi-orgasmic and I've been told that my pussy is really sweet," Heather said, trying to seduce with her words. "But hey, we'll have dinner first and then, as I said - no pressure." Ayumi was grateful that at that moment, their waiter came back with their drinks. Now, she truly needed one! Their waiter lingered for a few minutes, obviously smitten with the two women, then he left to attend to his other customers. Ayumi still wasn't sure how she would make it through dinner, so distracting was Heather's presence.

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