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Trip to Paris


I am 55 and my wife Sally is 42. We have been married for 18 years and have a great healthy sex life. Sally was only 20 when we first met. She came to a party that my son from my first marriage was giving for his College friends. For some reason, we hit it off straight away and I was soon dating her.

She was no Virgin, but she was quite inexperienced, so I had the pleasure of teaching her all I knew about sex and moulding her in the ways that I enjoyed best. I taught her to dress provocatively and I loved the way other guys admired her and she seemed to enjoy it too.

I introduced her to nylons and garter belts which has always been a great turn on for me and she always wore them when we went out to dinner or somewhere special and, of course, often in bed. I showed her how to give great head and swallow which she had never done before we met and she became quite an expert. I have an 8" cock and quite thick and she had no trouble taking it to the hilt.

However, until about 5 years ago our sexual activities were strictly between the two of us and although I enjoyed showing her off and her being admired, the thought of anyone else touching her was far from my mind and I used to get quite annoyed if someone tried to get too fresh with her. This changed quite dramatically one night in Paris. We went to Paris for a romantic weekend and after a great Dinner we went for a walk along the Champs Elysee.

It was around ten, summer and still quite warm and a lot of people around. We saw a restaurant in a side street that someone had recommended and we went across the street to check out the menu with the idea of going there the following evening. Just along from the restaurant we walked passed a small cinema and stopped to see what was showing.

There were no photographs on the posters just titles, which we did not understand so it was difficult to work out what was playing. I noticed in the corner of all the posters a XXX so we realised what type of cinema it was. Sally said she had never seen a porno film and could we sneak in for a while and take a look.

I was keen to go in too. I had a few porno tapes at home but had never wanted to risk showing them to Sally in case it turned her off, so I was interested to see a French film and compare it with the US variety.

We chose a film, not really knowing what we had chosen and paid our money. It was quite a big theatre and very dark when we first entered so we stood a while to let our eyes become accustomed to the low light. There were a lot of people in the cinema, about half full, and no obvious empty areas where we could keep ourselves to ourselves.

We could see several couples at the rear of the cinema kissing and playing while they watched the film but we couldn't really see that clearly.

We chose to sit nearer the front, about 10 rows back and we worked our way along the row, passed a few people and sat roughly in the middle. There were 2 or 3 spare seats on either side of us, so we felt quite comfortable.

We stared watching the film, which was quite an elaborate production with a blond girl, who was the image of Marilyn Monroe, at a grand ball in a Chateau, giving head to several guys. I let my hand wander down to Sally's knee and enjoyed stroking her silky leg.

She was wearing a very sheer pair of tan nylons and high heels and, as usual, the feel of the silky sheer nylon was turning me on even more than the film. She was obviously enjoying it too as she let her legs fall apart and allowed me to stroke up above the stocking tops and graze her bare pussy. She let her hand drop to gently squeeze and caress my cock through my pants. We sat this way, watching the film for a while and then someone came and sat one seat away from Sally.

We didn't really take any notice as we were engrossed in ourselves and the film. Shortly afterwards another guy came to site down in the row in front, directly in the front of the other one whose view of the screen was now slightly blocked, so when he moved to the seat next to Sally, we didn't take much notice. After a few minutes Sally whispered in my ear that the guy next to her was stroking the outside of her leg.

I looked across and could make out his hand at his side, gently moving against Sally's leg. My first reaction was to yell at him to go away, but my cock suddenly got harder and a strange feeling took over. I was not sure what to do, to yell at him or let him continue. It was exciting to see someone else touching Sally, something I had never experienced before. I whispered back to Sally, not to make a fuss and cause a scene and she seemed to accept it.

I was watching the film with one eye and trying to make out his hand on Sally's leg at the same time. My hand was still between her legs and she was still very turned on. This guy was very good, he appeared to be watching the film as if nothing was happening and at the same time was inching his hand slowly up Sally's leg. I felt her legs part a little more and his hand inched its way over her leg and was alongside mine on the thicker welt of her stocking just where the garters attach.

Sally squeezed my cock a little harder but did not say anything. I was really turned on now and any anger I had initially felt had now changed into pure lust. I wanted to see more. My cock was rock had and it wasn't just from the administrations of Sally's hand. I felt his hand inch up a little and Sally's legs parted more.

She gasped as his hand found her cunt and I could tell from her reaction that he was massaging her clit. I looked around to see if anyone had noticed but by this time I could see quite clearly around us, and it was clear that we were not the only couple that had gained the attention of single guys and I could see that there was a lot of action going on.

I could see now that he had taken his cock out and was stroking it, so it was no surprise when he took Sally's hand and placed it on his cock. At first I could see she was resisting but I whispered to her to do it if she wanted to and that I would like to see her touching another man. She let him guide her hand to his cock and while he played with her cunt under her dress, she slowly stroked him and jerked him off.

His cock was not enormous, about like mine I suppose but he had a foreskin and I could see her expertly working it up and down across the head of his cock. By this time the guy in the row in front, they were obviously working together, moved across to the seat directly in front of Sally and turned around to reach back and join his friend in playing with her pussy.

Sally had now slid down in the seat a little and was enjoying her cunt being played with while she had a cock in each hand. He slipped his pants around his ankles to give Sally access to his balls too and she let me go and was using both hands on him. Obviously the two of them sensed that there was no resistance from us and the guy in front climbed over the back of his seat and slipped down between Sally's legs and started to eat her pussy.

The other guy took his hand out from between her legs and put it on her head and eased her mouth down towards his cock. Sally didn't need any persuasion and took his cock deep in her mouth and started sucking. I was sitting there just as a spectator now with my cock out, stroking furiously and never having been so turned on in my life. These two guys were obviously well experienced with this routine and the one between her legs stopped sucking, took out his cock, put on a condom and slid his hard dick straight into her cunt.

By now the rest of the cinema was aware of what was happening and a few couples and guys moved down to our area to get a better view. Two or three guys stood behind us with their cocks out above Sally's head as she bobbed up and down on the strangers cock. It didn't take long for him to cum and she didn't resist when he held her head over his cock as he shot his load.

She swallowed his cum and turned around to suck my cock on her other side. No soon had she gotten my cock in her mouth than the guy fucking her pussy, pulled her up onto all fours on the seat and was fucking her from behind while she sucked off the other 3 guys standing behind us.

About 15 minutes later with three more loads of cum inside her she indicated that she wanted to stop. There was no resistance from any of the guys, they had enjoyed her and respected her for that. We tided up a bit and left the cinema and walked back to the hotel without exchanges glances or conversation.

As soon as we hit the room, I threw her onto the bed and fucked her like never before. After 2 or 3 hours of none stop sucking and fucking we chatted about the nights events and agreed that it was the hottest night we had ever had.

Needlessly to say, the following evening after dinner we went back to the cinema and this time further back where we were in the middle of some furious action. Sally sucked of at least 6 or 7 guys and was fucked continuously. She even had her pussy eaten by another woman while her husband stood beside Sally with his cock in her mouth.

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