tagBDSMTrip To The Doctor Ch. 1

Trip To The Doctor Ch. 1


I would like to take this opportunity to say that I in no way wish to make light of any visit to a doctor and especially a full physical including a gyno exam. I understand this is a very important and (at times) a life saving experience. This story is only that, a story and it is meant for the entertainment of myself and any persons wishing to read it. I hope that all who read this enjoy it and take it in the context it was meant to be taken in.

Today was much like any other day with the exception that she had to go to the doctors' office for a full physical. It had been about two years since her last visit and in that time her last doctor had retired, she had found another close by but in order to switch her insurance to this doctor as her primary care provider this doctor required she undergo a full physical. She had a mammogram appointment at 10:30 at a local radiology clinic and then she was to bring the X-rays to her new doctor at 4:00.

She hated the idea of a gynecological exam but knew that would be done as well, her new doctor had quite a resume and that is why she decided on him. He was a board certified surgeon, certified as an ob/gyn doctor as well as a general practitioner. It was now 9:00 and she was sitting drinking a cup of coffee trying to get the energy to get ready. She finished her coffee and headed for the shower, she decided to just shower now and then do everything (including douching) at about 2:30 so she would be fresh for her appointment.

She picked out her clothing for the day, jeans and a button down blouse, bikini panties and a sheer bra with a front opening clasp. The buttons and front clasp would make it easier to expose only what was needed for the mammogram; the rest was her normal attire. She finished dressing and headed out the door.

She sat in the waiting room filling out the forms when a young lady in white came through the door and called her name, she rose and followed her. As the girl was finishing her chart they began to chat, she found out the girl was in college working on a nursing degree and that this was part of her training as well as a way to help pay the bills. She answered the girl's questions but had to stop and think when the girl asked her if there had been any breast cancer in her family for three generations. "Hell people didn't know what breast cancer was three generations ago so I'd have to say probably not since my mother didn't have it."

The girl looked at her dumfounded for a moment and then realized that her great grandmother would have been born in the late 1800s and they weren't up to speed on most of the medical problems back then. After the initial intake was over they moved into another room and began the procedure. The process went quickly and she was soon on her way out the door. She still had over four hours till her actual doctors appointment so she decided to make the most of her day off of work.

Although being a travel agent had its good points it was still a job and this was a well needed break, she would be getting another break when she took a cruse to the Bahamas in another month so she decided to do some shopping to help pass the time and to get a head start on her vacation shopping.

She was home by 3:00 and after putting away her new clothing she headed for the bathroom to finish her duties for her physical. At 3:50 she walked into the doctors' office handed the receptionist her X-rays and began filling out the forms, she finished and sat back to wait for her name to be called. Finely a nurse called her name and she walked through the door to the exam rooms, they stopped at the scales and recorded her height and weight and then went into the exam room. "We can start with your blood pressure, pulse and temp unless you're ready to fill a bottle, we'll leave the blood work for last if that's ok with you"

"Yes, that will be fine, I'm not ready to fill a bottle, I'd forgotten about that"

"Well we'll have to get a urine sample before you leave so after I get your temp I'll give you a glass of water" and with that she poked a thermometer into her mouth and began taking her blood pressure and pulse. After the thermometer was pulled out she was handed a large glass of water "here, make sure you drink it all" and as the nurse began collecting items from the many cupboards she finished off the last of the water. The final step in the nurses' preparation was to hand a gown to her and just simply state "It'll save time if you remove all your clothes now" and then the nurse went on to putting the stirrups in place.

The nurse had finished and left and she was now nude under a flimsy white gown that had two ties in the back but didn't do much to cover her firm ass. She sat down on the table and noticed that the stirrups were different from any she had ever seen before. They hooked on the table at the same point but they were long padded pieces that went out and up at an angle, they went up fairly steep and then bent and went down. On each side there were two padded pieces going straight up about four inches. She was studying these things when the door opened and a man who looked in his early forties came through the door, she looked at him and noticed he was fairly hansom and quite a bit younger than she had expected. He looked like he was active, no stomach and well-toned arms, and she figured he must go to the gym a few times a week to stay in that good of shape.

After his hello and introduction he slid the X-rays into the lighted viewer and began to look the photos over. She sat looking over his shoulder for a few moments before he turned around and stepped to the side allowing her a full view of the films "I don't see anything here that is alarming, there is one small blemish right at the surface right here" he pointed to a spot on one of the X-rays "but that looks more like a film smudge than anything else but we'll do a manual examination and if need be we can get more pictures but I highly doubt it will amount to anything" he sat down at a small desk and began reviewing her chart. He looked up and said "judging by your BP and pulse and your overall appearance I'd venture to guess you're not a couch potato" he smiled at her as he said this

She smiled back at him "no I try to keep active"

"That's good, you wouldn't believe how many men as well as women I see at our age whose body's are ready for a retirement home." She thought about "our age" and wondered how old he really was; she was 36 so maybe he wasn't as old as she thought. "Looking at your answers and your vital signs this should be a pretty routine exam but I need to ask a few more questions before we begin, you said here your last cycle was 2 weeks ago are your cycles regular?"

"Yes, fairly regular give or take a few days"

"Good, and being single I need to ask if you are sexually active?"

"Well" she felt herself blushing "not really active"

"When was your last intercourse?"

She was turning red now "a while ago"

He looked at her with an irritated look on his face "it's nothing to be ashamed of but knowing how long ago it was will help me know what to look for when I do my exam for instance if it was last night and I found some redness and swelling I'd think less of it than I would if it was more than a month ago. Just answer less than two weeks, two to three weeks, three weeks to a month, or a month or more."

"A month or more"

"Ok, and this is another important question, was it also more than a month ago when you had an orgasm?"

"YES" she said it as though she was insulted

"I have to ask since we both know it is possible without a partner" he gave her a look of "I know you know what I mean."

"Now shall we begin?" He stood up and grabbed the light hanging in a charger on the wall. He began checking her ears and eyes then hooked his stethoscope into his ears and began listening to her heart, breathing ECT. When he was done he walked to the door and called a nurse, he closed the door and turned around "ok now lets have you move down to the end of the table, lay back and put your legs on the supports. And please make sure you untie the back of your gown before you lay back."

The nurse came in as she was laying back and helped her to position her legs onto the supports; she felt the supports below her thighs being extended so the bend in the supports was right behind her knee, she was watching what the nurse was doing when the doctor stood back up from the little desk where he had been writing in her chart and walked to her side pulling her attention away from the nurse.

"I'm going to slide your gown down and do the manual breast exam ok?" she nodded and as she felt him sliding the gown down she felt tightening on her legs just above her knees and above her ankles, she began to sit up to see what was happening when the doctor pushed gently on her chest and spoke "just relax these supports are more comfortable than standard stirrups but the side supports you feel are not enough to stop your legs from sliding so we put on some Velcro straps to help keep your legs in place."

She laid back and the doctor relaxed his pressure on her chest and began to massage her breasts. He started at her nipples pulling and kneading his way out and down. She felt her nipples becoming erect and began to blush again. The nurse had finished strapping her legs down and was now doing something at the head of the table, she looked up to see what it was the nurse was doing but the doctor pushed down on her chin slightly saying "I need you to keep your head in one position while I do this otherwise it changes the way your breasts lay and makes it harder to find irregularities. She put her head back to its original position and the doctor continued.

He finished her left breast and began with her other, as he manipulated her nipple and it hardened she felt herself getting moist between her legs, she knew the doctor would see and possibly smell this when he began the gyno exam and this embarrassed her and for some reason turned her on more. The doctor finished with her right breast and said " good, now I need you to slowly move your arm from the table over your head and then back, we'll do this several times while I feel for any lumps that might move and then we'll go to the other, ok?"

She only nodded and began raising her arm, when the doctor was done with one breast he moved to the other side of the table and began on the other breast, at the same time the nurse had moved to the opposite side of the table as the doctor and was still standing just above her out of view.

"Now I need you to place both of your arms above your head and leave them there" she did and as the doctor began feeling her breasts yet again she felt the same tightening around her arms as she had on her legs, just above both wrists and above each elbow. She began to pull against the nurse when the doctor put a hand on each arm and said "standard procedure just relax."

She started to ask him why when he interrupted her "please just relax and this will be over quicker, now I'm going to slide your gown down and do an abdominal exam." He slid the gown down to just above her pubic mound and began pushing slightly on her stomach. The nurse had now finished strapping her arms down and now moved to the foot of the table, the way she was laying with her feet up and out made the gown slide down her thigh leaving her pussy exposed to the view of the nurse.

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