Trip to Village


In the kitchen, Rani chachi took a breather for a minute from her cooking. It was a hot a day and she started fanning herself, leaning against a slab. Her thoughts drifted to all that she heard in the morning between those two women. She refused to believe that Champa would speak like that. Jhansi was not of such a good reputation and she knew that all along. They kept her as a maid because she was very efficient in her work, and her husband was a good worker. So Rani was not as shocked about Jhansi indulging in cheap talk and actions.

But Champa was always so obedient, so sweet, so religious and spoke so softly. So how could she speak about sexual matters so openly with Jhansi? Rani still could not believe that Champa had said all that about young Amit. That she spoke to Jhansi about young Amit's... thing... He was just a boy. Why would a grown woman, happily married woman of 30 like Champa think about a boy like that... and...

Her thoughts are disturbed by the screech of the cooker whistle. And Rani qickly comes back to the world. She switches off the stove and takes a breath. She suddenly felt relieved that Jhansi was not with them for a few days. With Jhansi out of the way, Champa would not indulge in such talk, nor such thoughts, even if she did earlier. And once Jhansi returned, Rani decided she would sack her from work and hire someone else. It was probably her bad influence that made Chmpa talk and behave like that. Rani again drifted off into her thoughts not sure how to handle the next step.

Meanwhile, Amit was slowly getting the hang of his work, though he was not a quarter as efficient as Champa. He was spilling the coconut water all around, not chopping the head of the coconut properly and making a lot of noise etc. Champa who was sweeping the floor nearby, was amused and decided to help Amit out a little. She walked over to him and spoke softly.

"Ek taang oopar rakhiye... aur ek neeche... isse aasan hota hai sambhaalne mein..."

Amit nodded and quickly folded his right leg in front of him on the cot and left his left leg touching the ground, and moved closer to the edge of the cot. He indeed found that his balance was better and he smiled shyly at Champa, and then got to work again.

Champa then again went back to sweeping. But with the image of the shy smile that Amit flashed on her. Champa had never seen such a sweet boy in the village ever. All the men, and even boys were rough, crude and disrespectful.

It was like all the males felt it was their right to be nasty and brutish with women to keep showing their supremacy. For all women in the village, it was a fact of life and no one ever questioned it. So, the way this boy Amit spoke and behaved was such a new experience for Champa. She continued in this vein of thoughts as she was sweeping the entire backyard, unaware that young Amit was feasting his eyes on her round, huge gaand clad in the wet cotton saree.

He found her rustic beauty appealing when he looked at her up close as she was showing him how to break the coconuts. Then when she came and told him how to keep his balance, he had to look up at her and the angle of his view made it clear to him that this woman had huge protruding breasts that were tightly confined under her saree. And he could even briefly see glimpses of cleavage as she was sweeping the yard. She was short, but very enticing in her manner and speech. And now as she was sweeping with her back to him, there was nothing he could do to keep his gaze away from that amazing, round mound of ass flesh as it quivered just a few feet in front of him.

It was the stuff of fantasies for him. He had jacked off hundreds of times in the last couple of years to images and visions of older women like Rani chachi and Champa. Middle aged, pretty features with huge round breasts, wide hips and a massive round ass! Now it seemed unbelievable to him that two such amazing womanly specimens were right around him. He felt guilty thinking about them that way -- especially his Rani chachi -- but he could not help it. The extreme voluptuousness of these women up close was too much for his young cock.

And as he kept looking at Champas jiggling, quivering gaand, blood started rushing into his cock. It was getting hard and big. And when Champa suddenly turned around, he could see the deep cleavage between her breasts as she was bent down. It seemed too unreal for his young eyes that this woman would have such massive breasts. With her physical effort, her tits were glistening with a fine sheen of sweat and it was like they would burst out of her blouse any minute. His cock was now up like a flagpole and he had an irrestitible urge to get to some privacy and jack off.

As he kept staring at her breasts, Champa suddenly looked up at him -- as he had gone silent and she could hear no noise of coconut chopping -- and found him staring between her breasts. She looked down and was horrified to see that he could see almost a quarter of her breasts. She quickly pulled her pallu over to cover her breasts.

Then she looked up again and by now Amit had averted his eyes in absolute shame at being caught looking at a married woman much older than him. And he was now sweating in anxiety as well as the heat caused by his throbbing erection. He cursed himself for coming out that morning in just his pyjama, without wearing any underwear, as he expected that once through with breakfast he could go back to his room. But now he was caught staring at Champa's breasts, and his lund was hard as steel. He put a coconut in front of his crotch and tried to cover the bulge frantically.

Champa's heart also missed a heart beat. Was that young boy looking at her breasts? That's what Jhansi was talking about in the morning earlier, wasn't she? Jhansi had said that she wanted to first find out if the young boy had started thinking about women...

"Pata nahin who abhi auraton ke baarein mein sochne laga ya nahin..."

That would be the first step to his seduction. She remembered Jhansi's words.

"Pehle usko dheere dheere lalchaana padega..."

Champa's heartbeats grew faster as she finished her sweeping. So, was he indeed looking at her body? She knew she had one of the most curvaceous bodies in the village. She knew it since the time she was fifteen. Even her own female cousins and friends often used to comment on the size of her breasts and buttocks.

"Arey Champa... tujhse shaadi karnewala bahut hi naseebwala hoga... aur kabhi kisi doosri aurat ki taraf aankh bhi nahin uthakar dekhega..."

She always used to feel shy when she heard such comments. "Chee..." she used to say in response. But it turned out true. Her husband was completely loyal to her, and she was proud of it. And in reurn she too never played the seductress to any man in the village ever.

Champa was always shy by nature and never ever dared to display her body to anyone... though she sometimes had nasty and lewd thoughts about other men from time to time. Especially since she made friendship with Jhansi. Though she never uttered or spoke lewd words like 'chodna', 'lund', 'chooth', 'mummay' etc like Jhansi did, Champa was always strangely excited when she heard about how other couples have sex with each other. But she was happy to just indulge in those fantasies mentally, and never ever wanted to be physically involved in with any other man -- though she could have easily slept with any man in the village for they were all lusting for her, including the thakur and Jhansi's husband Manu. Yet, Champa never really was so tempted by any other man so much that she would want to sleep with him.

But now, since all the incidents of that morning and having almost caught young Amit looking at her body, she was strangely aroused in her own way. She had never ever encountered a male like Amit in her life. All the men she knew were much older than her, and none of the younger boys in the village mattered to her in any way. She never thought that young boys had sexual feelings, atleast not for women as old as her. She thought only men over 20 had such thoughts and feelings.

Was the boy getting distracted by her? Should she walk away or...? Then she had an idea. She was anyway finished with sweeping the back yard. Why not she herself complete that task of breaking the coconuts? That would let the poor boy get back into the house and away from her.

Her whole body now slightly glistening with sweat, she walked upto Amit who had a hard time doing his work, while covering his raging hardon. And when she neared him, he got so nervous that he was almost afraid to look her in the eye. She spoke softly.

"Mein kar loongi Amit babu..."

"K... kya?"

"Aap uthiye aur andar jaaiye... mein kar loongi..."

Amit was stumped for any reaction. In front of him was the woman who had given him one of the biggest hardons of his young life, asking him to get up and he did not dare to. In fact, if he even moved an inch, he was sure his game would be up. He cursed himself endlessly for wearing just a sheer cotton pyjama that morning. He mumbled.

"Jee nahin... mein hi kar loonga..."

She smiled and spoke again.

"To phir theek hai... mein bhi karti hoon... kaam jaldi ho jaayega aur aap jaldi andar ja sakte hain..."

Saying so she sat down in front of him on the floor.

Amit was horrified beyond limit now. It was only a matter of time before the woman could see the bulge in his pyjamas. What would happen then? And how could he get up and walk into the house now? If his chachi caught him with a hardon he would die there of shame. His shirt was so short that it barely came to his crotch. There was only one thing to do now.

He got up holding a coconut in front of him and nervously mumbled to Champa without looking her in the eye.

"Achcha aap hi kar lo... mein zara peeche wahan tak jaake dekh aata hoon..."

And without even waiting for any reply, he walked away trying to hold the cocnut as casually as possible and briskly walked towards the cow stables at the back of the yard.

And as he neared the cowshed, his heart leapt in the biggest relief. He escaped barely! But he could not be more mistaken.

For in the moment that Amit got up for just the briefest second, Champa's eye caught the protrusion in the front of his thin pyjamas before he clumsily held the coconut there and walked away. Her mind went numb for a few moments. It seemed like he had stuffed some piece of wood in the front of his pyjama, and it protruded out monsterously...! Could it be...? But how could it be...? "Lekin itna bada kaise ho sakta hai...?" Champa's mind boggled at the thought. Her body was coursing with a strange new excitement. Then she thought. "Lekin aur kya ho sakta hai?" It had to be his... thing! Otherwise why would he hold up that coconut like that in front of him?

A slow sheen of heavy perspiration formed on her forehead now as her mind slowly started racing with thoughts. This young boy had been watching her all along and as a result he... his thing became like that? Did she do that to him? Was he aroused looking at her body? Did he find her attractive? But she was so much older to him...

With these thoughts, she turned to the direction of the cow shed and Amit was nowhere to be seen. Why did he go there? And where was he? Her heart beating wildly now, and getting curious, she looked into the house to see if Rani was anywhere around. Champa then saw Rani in the kitchen absorbed in her own thoughts while cooking.

With a new found daring that she never had before in her life, Champa made up her mind to quickly go and see where Amit had gone. Though common sense suggested that she stick around and attend to her work, some spark was ignited in her mind that made her curious about Amit. Champa now mopped her forehead with her pallu and slowly got up and started walking cautiously towards the shed. There was no one in sight and she then slowly started creeping up towards the side. Then she heard a small noise... like a grunt. She stopped at once, waiting for something to happen. Then she heard another muffled grunt. As though some one was having trouble breathing. Scared, but getting ever more curious she slowly took on step at a time along the side of the shed towards the noise which seemed to be coming from just a few feet away from the backside of the shed.

By now she knew that it was Amit making those noises and that he was at the back of the shed. And indeed it was. Young Amit was so much aroused by the presence of the voluptuos Champa around him that there was no way his raging hardon would soften if he did not jack off. And when he came to the shed a few minutes back, he found that there was no one around and the entire backside compound wall of the house was so high that no one could see him if he stood leaning against the back wall of the cowshed.

It was a perfect place for him to whip his cock out and jack off. In fact it had become his perfect pastime in the last one year since he discovered the pleasures of jacking off. He leaned against the back wall of the shed closed his eyes and imagined the beauty, gentleness and stacked womanly body of Champa. He saw her immense, soft breasts, the wide hips and her irresistible gaand moving in front of him. His cock throbbed violently at those thoughts and he started fisting it. And grunting.

Which was what caught Champa's attention. Her sweat had now started seeping out in a steady flow as she slowly edged her way along the side of the shed towards the back. And as she was about to cross the edge to walk to the back, a shadow caught her eye. The sun was reflected off a piece of glass on the other side of the shed and it cast the shadow of young Amit in the most betraying manner, unknown to him. Since the reflected light was falling on Amit from his side, and since he was standing very close to the corner of the shed at the back, his shadow was clearly formed on the ground and that was what caught Champa's eye. She could see the silhouette of his entire profile in the shadow from where she was standing without being seen by Amit.

And what a sight it was. She could clearly make out now from the sound of his moans and his slight build that the shadow belonged to Amit. He was moving his hand in front of himself in a blur and Champa was just left gaping! What was he doing? Why was he groaning and grunting? And then suddenly for a brief moment, Amit's hand moved away. And she saw it! She saw the protrusion that had tented his pyjama. Even the shadow looked somewhat menacing. It seemed like a chunk of wood that was rising up from his thighs! "Kya hai ye? Yeh ladka kiske saath khel raha hai?" That was the thought ringing in Champa's mind. And then as suddenly, again Amit's hand went back to hold that protrusion and his hand started moving in a blur. He started slowly moaning and grunting again. Champa put her hand to her mouth in disbelief at all that was happening!

She suddenly remembered what Jhansi had once told her. That the first sign of horny young boys is that they get their lunds hard at the slightest provocation and then they start to play with them... So, was this boy playing with his...? Champa's throat went dry at the thought. Was that thing he was holding his...?

And the next moment, Amit let out a grunt.


He was still wildly jerking his fist and his head was thrown back. And Champa could see some spouting from the tip of the protrusion. It went on and on for a about 15 seconds and slowly Amit's grunts came down. Champa just froze with her hand closed on her mouth, sweating and her eyes glazed with moistness.

The moment was suddenly broken by the loud voice of Rani.

"Arey Champa, udhar kya kar rahi ho?"

The voice was a shocker to both Amit and Champa. She suddenly turned towards the verandah at the back and found Rani walking towards her. Amit was so scared out of his wits that he quickly started wearing his clothes. Rani approached Champa and asked again suspicioualy.

"Idhar kya kar rahi ho?"

"jee kuch nahin..."

Champa started mopping her body with her pallu and tried to smile. Rani was surprised to see Champa's slightly disheveled state.

"Aur tumhe kya hogaya hai? Itna paseena... aur bahut thakhi hui lag rahi ho..."

"Jee kuch nahin. Mein to bilkul theek hoon..."

"Aur Amit kahan gaya? Tumne dekha usko?"

"Ji... nahin..."

Hearing all this, frantically, Amit had managed to wear his clothes, though his erection had still not gone down completely. But in his desperation, as he had to get out of there at any cost, he walked out with both his hands in front. He was sweating too and out of breath. Rani was shocked to see him coming from behind the shed.

"Beta tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho?"

"Ji chachi... mein bas aise hi dekhne aaya tha..."

He then walked away without making any eye contact with either of them. The poor innocent boy heaved a sigh of relief that he was not caught in the act by either of these women and was thankful it was such a close call. Not realizing in his wildest dreams that the sly Champa now knew fairly well what he had been up to, and even as he walked past her eyes darted for just a fraction of a second to his hands that he held in front of his pants. His pants had a slight tent that even both his hands could not cover, and a thrill went up her body as she realized it. She took a deep breath to calm herself.

Unaware of the silent tensions in both Champa and Amit, Rani quickly spoke to the young boy walking away.

"Beta Amit, 20 minute mein khana laga rahi hoon. Tum baaki ke naariyal thod sakte ho ya mein Champa se karwaaun?"

"Jee chachi... mein kar loonga..."

He walked away and Rani turned to Champa.

"Ab tum bhi chalo... aur apne marad ko bulaao... dono aa jana khane ke liye..."

Champa nodded and Rani left towards the house. Champa stood there till Rani went out of her sight and then looked towards Amit who had already started breaking the cocnuts. She stood for a couple of moments and then slowly walked to the back of the cowshed to the spot where Amit probably was standing earlier.

In a state of excitement, her sharp eyes started scanning the ground and then her eyes froze. On the ground about four feet from the edge of the wall was something slimy, wet and milky. She walked to the spot and bent down. It looked like someone had spilled a big glass of milk on the ground.

Her heart beating wildly, Champa reached down and dabbed at the muddy wetness. She looked around to see if anyone was approaching. Then she took her finger and put it to her nose. It was the more the smell of mud and earth than anything else, but her nostrils also registered the strong smell of cum -- the first time in her life that she was smelling it -- as she never ever smelled her husband's cum, though he always wanted Champa to taste his cum. But she always refused because she felt it was too dirty to smell ort taste it, though Jhansi always talked about drinking the cum of men's cocks.

The smell of cum worked like an aphrodisiac for her, and though she had never smelt it before, the fragrance worked on her mind as well as her desires. Champa clearly understood what young Amit had been upto. She got up and stated walking as her mind raced with many thoughts. She remembered once a conversation she had with Jhansi about her [Jhansi's] devar once.

"Satrah saal ka ladka hai... lekin Hamesha apna lund hilata rehta hai..."

"Kya? Lekin kyon Jhansi?"

"Arey... ye chokre log hamesha ladki ke baarein mein sochte rehte hain... ya ladkiyon ki nangi tasveer dekhte rehte hain... aur jab koi ladki nahin milti... tab apne haath se kaam chala lete hain... nahin to lund khada hi rehta hai..."

"Chee... kya gandi baat hai..."

"Arey... mera devar to mujhe dekhkar bhi chup chup kar lund hilaane chala jaata hai... tabhi ek din meine usko pakda..."

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