tagGay MaleTriple Fun at the Hotel

Triple Fun at the Hotel


This is my first submission and hopefully be one of many. I'm a straight guy but every once in a while my bisexual side comes out very strongly.

So this is the story: my side came out whilst I was sitting alone in a bar. When this happens I have to act!

I logged on to my favourite hookup app and began to cruise. Soon enough I had a few options. One guy stood out; nice cock, nice masculine body and best of all staying in a hotel not 5 minutes from where I was.

We chatted a bit online about what we liked. He was on a business trip and said he loved sucking cock. Well my dick was hard at the thought. I had to adjust myself on the barstool and got a few strange looks. I finished my drink and went to the loo. I went to a stall and pulled out my cock. I'm about 6 and 1/2 inches but very fat. My cock looked great with my pants round my ankles inside this cubicle. I snapped a few pics and sent them to the hotel guy. He responded immediately with smiley faces and how much he liked it. He said he'd meet me in the hotel bar in ten minutes.

Nerves slightly overtook me as I walked to the hotel but the thought of what was about to happen was too good to miss out on. He was 35 and only two years younger than me. He told me that he was married and that his wife had lost interest in sex after their child was born 5 years ago. He was bi but like me found the lure if hard cocks too much.

I strolled into the bar and saw him there. We'd agreed not to talk in the bar. It was quite hot as I sat there talking to him over the app. He told me his room was 106 and to follow him up 5 minutes later.

With a little trepidation I knocked on his door. I am by means inexperienced but I still get a thrill at a blind meet. He had been busy in that 5 minutes. He opened the door in just a towel. I stepped into the room. I heard the familiar sound of porn coming from his laptop. He closed the door and let his towel drop. His cock looked impressive. Easily 8 inches and uncut. He was also completely shaven which I find a massive turn on. I undressed quickly. My hard cock got caught in my pants and he quickly dashed over to help release it. His hands felt great and his own hard cock gently knocked against my throbbing dick.

'You're not shaved?' he asked. I had actually gave my bush a trim a few days before but there was definitely pubes there. I cupped my cock and balls defensively. 'I only like shaved cock,' he said.

I was pretty pissed off to say the least. He'd seen my pictures and said he liked my dick. Why the fuck did he make me come round. I was about to say as much but he said 'Can I shave you?'

Well that stopped me in my tracks. I'd never ever thought about anyone shaving me but suddenly it sounded the hottest thing ever.

'If you don't want to I'll wank you off but I can't suck a cock that's not completely bald.'

'Erm, yeah,' I stammered. I wasn't quite sure how I'd explain to my girlfriend how I had suddenly lost all my pubes but quickly shook the thought from my head.

'You sure mate?' He asked. 'I'll be careful.'

'What's your name by the way?' I asked. We hadn't even swapped names. 'I'm Jim. If you're going to shave me we should at least be on first name terms!'

A little smile touched his lips and I noticed that he had nice full lips. Ironically there was a touch of stubble there.

'Get in the bathroom,' he demanded. He must have planned this I realised as the bath was full and steam filled the room. I stepped into the bath and the hot water felt great. It was hot, and I relaxed as I slid under the water and ran my hands thought my hair.

'That nice mate?' he asked. 'And my name is Ray.'

He got behind me and started to rub my neck. His hands were strong. One hand moved to my left nipple and rubbed it. That's a sure fire way to get me going and my cock pulsed. Next he kissed my neck and nibbled at my ear. I don't normally go for kissing with dudes but this felt really great. My hands instinctively moved to stroke my cock but he pushed them away. That fucker I thought and his kisses on my neck sent me wild.

I wasn't sure how long this had gone on for but he suddenly stooped and said 'Right your pubes will be nice and soft now. Sit on the edge of the bath.' I quite liked being told what to do so I obeyed. My wet feet touched the towel on the floor and my cock stood erect. Usually I have to keep stroking to stay hard but there was something very sensual about Ray. He grabbed my shaft and pulled it down and let it slap against my tummy. He did it again. He was a proper tease. He picked up an electric shaver. He clicked it on and I heard it's hum. He turned it round and held it against my cock. I felt incredibly vulnerable white this thing and its blades so close to my sensitive shaft. Pre-cum oozed from my cock. He took his other hand and made it dribble onto his fingers. He then sucked it from them.

Just when I thought this thing was about to make me cum, he pulled it away and turned it back round.

'This is just to get the longer hairs off, Don't worry I know what I'm doing.' I looked down and saw his own perfectly smooth dick.

The electric razor did its work. Didn't really get much sensation but I enjoyed watching him work. Once the bulk had been removed he set down the razor and got some shaving foam. I already noticed how visibly larger my cock looked. Shaving foam was smeared all over my balls and pubic area. I'm sure he used a lot more than he needed. He pulled out a bic razor and said 'Just relax,' and he began to shave me.

True to his word he was very gentle and he worked the razor into every little crease on my area. Soon there was no pull at all on the razor and I knew i was perfectly smooth. I stood back in the bath and rinsed the soap off me. I felt great to have a reason to touch my cock again. I really liked how it felt. My cock and balls felt like someone else's.

'Moisturiser,' he said and squeezed out some cream onto his hand. He massaged it into me and this time his strong hands were on me, He grabbed the base of my shaft with one hand and jerked me with the other. My dick was well lubed up and his wanking hand glided over me. He got more water and rinsed off the moisturiser. With his hands still on my shaft he opened his mouth and took my bell-end into his mouth.

This was what I had been waiting for and he didn't disappoint, He licked my shaft; he licked and sucked my balls; he licked my tip; he sucked me all the way down! Whenever I get sucked there's a constant battle between closing my eyes and enjoying what will happen next, especially with such an expert sucker as Ray but I also like seeing it happen. It looked amazing as his mouth bobbed all over me. I wished I hadn't left my phone in the bedroom. I would have loved to video this expert sucking me. Anyway I pushed that thought from my mind and I grabbed the back of his head and forced my entire length in and held it there. I knew he'd be able to take it as I had already felt the back of his throat, His eyes widened in surprise as I held I there. One second, two, three, four. His arms stretched straight out and his fingers were spread out wide. Five, six more seconds and I could feel his gag reflex. Seven, eight, nine and ten and I released him and my cock came out slowly.

'You horny fucker,' he gurgled through a mouth full of spit. He spat onto my cock and wanked me . His hand was a blur and it was intense. Too intense and he fucking knew it. I tried to pull back but he grabbed tighter. One hand left my shaft and went behind my ass. Without warning he jabbed one lubed up finger in me. We hadn't talked about this but I do like ass play and I had played right into his hands. Or finger I should say. His furious hand job was just starting to become uncomfortable. I had been trying to back away but now I found I was backing onto his finger. He kept his finger perfectly still and knew I had to back onto it. My ass opened up and his finger slipped in.

His intense hand job slowed to just a firm grip and I had no choice but to move my hips back and forwards. He brought his lips maddeningly close to my cock and blew on it. He stuck his tongue out and made me move my dick to him. I grabbed my own cock and whapped it on his tongue. I grabbed his head again and fucked his mouth. This was becoming a battle of wills. And I liked it.

I forced my cock down his throat again. In response he finger fucked my ass; having anything inside me makes me cum very quickly and instead of chocking him I fucked his face. As my dick went in his finger moved out and obviously as I moved out his finger went deeper into me. I couldn't keep this up for much longer. I felt my eyes roll back and I realised then I had been making deep grunting sounds. I felt my balls contract and my bell end throb. 'I'm fucking cumming!' I managed to say and I felt my cum fill his mouth. He kept sucking and I shouted 'Fuuuuuk!'

This guy was amazing. I had lost track of time. I knew I had stopped shooting but he kept me in his mouth. His finger had come out of me; pushed out when I came. Finally he took my cock out of his mouth. He had sucked me clean. My cock hung down below me and I felt drained.

I moved out of the bathroom and collapsed onto the bed. I very rarely sleep on these kind of hookups but I knew I couldn't fight it. I closed my eyes and rubbed my tender cock. Sleep over took me.

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