tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTriple X Factor Ch. 02

Triple X Factor Ch. 02


This is the next episode in the 3X Factor contest. This show is following the same concept as the X Factor program on UK television where people compete in a singing contest. The winner gets a 1 million pound contract to produce an album. In the 3X Factor contest people compete to become the best porn actors.

The panel is ready to give their judgement on a series of videoclips, submitted by couples in the UK that think they can make the best porn movie. Simon Cockring, Louis Balls, Dani Minockers and Cheryl Colitty have taken their seats and the show can begin. The judges really look like their X Factor counterparts: Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Dani Minogue and Cheryl Cole. Isn't that amazing? Are these celebrities living a double life?

The first clip is about a couple in their early twenties. The girl is small and a bit plump. But she has a pretty face and nice tits. Her boyfriend is a big nigger. The movie is recorded on a deserted beach. The setting is beautiful with the sound of the breaking waves in the background. The scene starts with a blowjob. The dark guy easily fills the small mouth of the girl with his massive dick. She keeps sucking until he is really hard. It looks like a big chocolate icecream. But this one does not melt. And it comes with a topping when you suck it long enough!! The girl plays with the guy's black balls. She squeezes them gently to get the juices running. It is quite funny and erotic.

After a while the black guy lays himself down in the sand. The girl climbs on top. She drops herself slowly onto his stiff pole. Such a small pussy and such a big stick! He cannot get the full length into her tight vagina. She rides him gently like a cowgirl, occasionally screaming when he goes too deep. He hardly moves and the girl does all the work. She seems to use him as a live dildo! Juices run from her pussy as she is coming over and over. The juices run down the long shaft, over his shaved scrotum, dripping in the sand.

This "poledance" must have gone on for a long time but for the vidoclip it has been edited down to a couple of minutes. The sun has come down and the shadows are longer. That makes it a very nice picture. When the girl comes off the pole she sits next to the guy. The scene now turns into a handjob. She uses both hands around his long shaft. After that long ride he must be close to an orgasm. We are expecting an explosion from that hard stick. But when he cums, ...... there is just one big squirt, that is all. The movie fairly suddenly ends as if they ran out of tape. It is a dramatic end to something that could have developed into something really nice.

"I have never seen such a diabolical performance," Simon concludes, "that lazy nigger hardly moved during the whole scene. And he produced just one squirt of cum. How did they get through the pre-screening? Fire the selection team that let them in!"

Cheryl adds: "Yes, what a disappointing performance of the guy. I have also had a black boyfriend, but waaw..., he had a lot more energy. He would suck my pussy until I came several times and he fucked me all night. He could easily cum three times, not just oozing but shooting his load with brut force. I love niggers with big cocks."

Louis: "Why don't you ask him to come back and make a movie? We would love to see that!"

Dani: "We are not here to speculate on Cheryl's hobbies, let us decide what to do with this couple. I don't want to see them again. Let us all vote." The result is four "No" votes for this clip.

Daddy and his daughter

The next clip is a lot better. This time we have an older man and a young lady. I guess the man is in his early fifties and the girl maybe just twenty. It could be his daughter. However, it appears to be his new girlfriend. He is bold and a little overweight. She probably only wants him for his money. The movie is recorded in a big room with expensive furniture and large old paintings. He could be a rich aristocrat?

The girl is dressed in a sexy mini-skirt and a tight T-shirt. It is a tiny tartan skirt and the girl has ginger hair. This makes us think that she is Scottish. The movie could have been recorded in one of those highland castles. The girl looks very attractive. High heels make her legs look long and beautiful. The scene starts with the man watching the girl performing a striptease act. She uses a chair as a prop and makes erotic gestures. You can just see that she is wearing nothing underneath her mini-skirt when she puts a leg on the chair. Her hand moves up and down her tighs, lifting her pleated skirt occasionally. This is a clear invitation for action!

When she rips off her T-shirt, two firm titties pop out and they point straight forward. They are not very big but they have a beautiful natural shape. She massages them and pulls her nipples. Is this a sign that they want to be sucked? The older man gets excited and a big bulge appears in his trousers. He gets even harder when the girl comes to sit on his lap. She rubs her tits against his face. He responds by sucking her nipples and tickling them with his tongue. Then the girl kneels between his legs and unzips his trousers. A stiff rod pops out. She immediately puts it in her mouth. A young boy would have come now, but the man has apparently better control over his orgasm. He enjoys the sucking and teasing. It seems to go on forever.

The girl partly undresses the man while he sits back in a large sofa. She climbs on the sofa and spreads her legs wide, still wearing her tiny mini-skirt. The man pushes his rod under the skirt. You can just about see that it disappears into her red-haired pussy. She drops her body further to let it go in deeper. The man must feel as being in the seventh heaven. It is every man's dream to have a little angel with a tiny pussy hoovering over his cock. The girl rides up and down the man's pole and gradually increases the speed. Everytime when she drops her body, her skirt lifts up and you can see the man's balls being squashed. She enjoys the ride and does not want to stop. But the man asks her to slow down, probably because he is close to an orgasm. They start and stop numerous times. Those old balls must be aching and ready to explode.

The girl then kneels between the man's legs where she continues with a blowjob. Now you can see the long and slim rod of the elderly man. It has a big red knob with a rim at the top of it, in the shape of a mushroom. You hear a plopping sound everytime when his cock slips from the girl's mouth. After a while, the man indicates that he can no longer hold it back. The girl holds the stiff pole in both hands and tickles the rim of the knob with the tip of her tongue. The man groans and it does not take long before he cums. A fountain of white jizz shoots up from his red stick. He keeps pumping whilst the girl holds her tongue against the tip of his shaking cock. Large blobs of cum land on his grey-haired chest. He must have been saving this load for weeks.

The movie continues with a second scene. The man has taken a shower and he is wearing a gown. The girl has put on a nice bikini. She sits on the man's lap and they are having a glass of Moët and Chandon. When the girl stands up, an erect penis sticks out of the man's gown. Is he ready to rock and roll again? The girl takes off her bikine and lays herself down on the large sofabed. The bold guy sits next to her. She spreads her legs and he is eager to suck her clitty. His tongue moves up and down rapidly. He pushes a cushion under her bottom to reach deeper. The girl gets really excited. Het nipples point straight up and she screams: "Yeah, you make me come, keep going!!" The older man clearly has experience to satisfy a woman.

The man takes off his gown and sits on his knees on the sofabed between the girl's legs. He bends over and kisses her beautiful tits. They are young and natural. He gets a very strong erection from touching her. His long pole points upwards and is ready for action. He quickly grasps a condom from the table and rolls it on his cock. Gently he moves into the missionary position and pushes his rod into her wet vagina. It slides in easily. Slowly he pushes his body firmly against her's. "Fuck me, fuck me hard!" the girl demands, "make me cum again!" The older man reacts as a stallion. With great vigour he pulls his long rod high up and pushes it in again as deep as possible. He gradually builds up speed and smashes his ageing balls against the girl's body. "Yes, keep going, I am coming ...," she screams, "ride me harder!!" He responds by pushing his cock as deep as possible. "I want you to come now," she utters, "let us come together!" The man starts groaning and speeds up his ride. Then he suddenly stops, pushing his body firmly against hers. The muscles of his buttocks contract in a rhythmic fashion. He is pumping his load into her body. She curls her legs around him to feel it as deep as possible. It is a nice erotic scene to watch. It all looks so natural!

"Not bad, not bad at all," concludes Louis, "but I don't think the guy will have the stamina to become a professional porn actor. He would have to cum at least three times a day for several days in a row. He is too old for that."

"Now you must be talking from your own experience, Louis, you are right," says Simon, "the porn industry is tough for a guy. For a girl it is a lot easier but a male actor must be able to produce a powerful orgasm on command. If a scene of a cumshot goes wrong, he should be able to do it again ten minutes later." He continues: "But I like the composition of the clip. It is filmed in a nice environment and it has all the features of a good clip. I want to keep them in the composition."

Dani: "They have my vote, too. Many young girls dream about sex with an older man. They show a lot more respect than young boys. Most young lads have little time for a girl. They walk away after their first orgasm that comes far too quickly. As girls we want a long foreplay, preferably with the guy sucking and nibbling our pussy. The fucking should not be over in a couple of minutes. It should build up over a long period with many starts and stops. It also feels good when a man ejaculates inside our vagina. Sometimes you can really feel the pulsations. That gives great satisfaction. I don't like it when a guy pulls his cock prematurely and shoots his load in a girl's mouth or at her face. I have no problem when I guy uses a condom in a porn movie."

Cheryl: "The movie is not bad but I prefer sex between people of the same age. That man does not look attractive. He is bold and overweight. I like to see a young adonis with a tanned athletic body. However, I must admit that the man in the movie is remarkably fit. I will keep him in the competition if he promises to loose weight and goes to a tanning salon. I don't see why he needs to use a condom if this is his girlfriend."

Amazing footjob

Another nice example of creative porno is shown in the next movie. It is made by a young attractive couple. He is from the Mediteranean and she is a tall blonde girl, probably of Scandinavian origin. The clip is filmed in a gym. The youngsters are already half-naked when the video starts. The man has an athletic body and dark curly hair. The girl is tall with long legs and huge knockers. She has just been to the tanning centre. It is obvious that she goes there very often. Het skin has a bronze colour, all over. She must go naked under the sunbed because you see no tanning lines around her breasts and bottom.

There is nobody else in the gym. The girl walks up to the guy and starts kissing him all over his body. It does not take long before she pulls his stiff cock from his trunks. He lays himself on his back on a workout bench, so she can bend over to suck his lollypop and squeeze his balls. He can just reach with his arm to play with her pussy from behind. He gently rubs her clitty with his fingers. She makes that easier by spreading her long legs. It is a nice position to watch. They carry on like this for quite a while.

The girl then stretches herself out on the high bench and the guy stands at her feet. He holds her feet together and pushes his cock through the gap between them. He moves his stiff rod back and forth, slowly increasing the speed. The pre-cum from his cock lubricates the girl's feet. Meanwhile the girl plays with herself, massaging her tits and rubbing her clitty. Her nipples point straight upwards and her pussy gets soaking wet. The man rides her feet like an artificial vagina. As an Italian stallion he smashes his balls against her heels. Then he suddenly stops, leaving his cock sticking out between her feet. It seems that he is taking a moment of rest, but, no!! ........ a huge jet of cum emerges from his gun. It flies far away and splashes on the girl's tummy. Several jets follow, some of them landing right on her pussy. He keeps pumping his jizz with brute force. What a wonderful footjob! I have never seen something like that before.

The girl is covered all over with sticky stuff when he is finished. It is time for both of them to take a shower. The kissing continues in the bathroom. He uses the showerhead to clean her body and to wash her hair. When he is finished it is her turn to wash his body. She sprays his balls with a jet of water. It is no surprise that he gets an erection again. She sits herself on a ledge in the shower cabin and gives him a nice blowjob. When he is really hard she pushes his huge pole between her wet tits. I love to watch a tittyfuck and this couple shows how to do it. The girl makes an artificial vagina from her tits by pushing them together. The guy rides his cock through the cleavage. It is also a nice position for a cumshot. However, in this scene the guy stops before he has an orgasm.

The girl then turns around and leans with her hands on the ledge. The guy takes her from behind in doggy style. He works his cock into her pussy and starts to ride her violently. His balls swing back and forth. He grabs the girl's tits to have something to hold on to. It is very slippery in the shower cabin. The guy is slightly smaller than the girl. He has to stand on his toes to insert his cock fully into her vagina. It is an erotic scene that looks very natural. We are wondering if he is going to come in this position. The girl screams loadly as a sign that she is coming over and over. He has already had his first orgasm, so he can hold it back a bit longer this time. But after several minutes he has to give in.

He pulls his shaking cock from the girl's body and pushes it between her legs. It sticks out at the other side, just below her pussy. What will happen now? He asks her to turn around, so they are facing a glass wall of the shower cabin. Just when she has taken position he shoots his first stream of cum. It splashes against the glass wall. She starts to laugh because it is amazing. More shots follow and they all splatter against the glass wall. This guy is a real cumshooter! He could easily replace Peter North in the porn business. We have seen enough of that arrogant man anyway. The scene ends with passionate kissing whilst the couple clean themselves in the shower.

"Great stuff," according to Louis, "I love this couple. They have sex in a natural way. I also like the creative display of cumshots. I have never seen such a powerful shot, right from between the girls feet and reaching her tits. Yes, we should keep them in the competition. They have a clear chance of winning."

"I agree," adds Simon, "this is what porn is about. Good-looking people, natural sex and forceful cumshots. Girls, what do you think?"

Cheryl: "Waaw, they are fantastic. Can I have the telephone number of the guy? He can come to my house anytime."

Dani reacts: "As long as he comes to my house first! I love to see more videos of this couple. The general public want something different. We have too many porn videos with exactly the same pattern: several minutes of cock sucking, a poor display of cunnilingus, reverse cowgirl riding, ass fucking and facials where the guy thinks that he has done the girl a favour. Disgusting."

The clip gets four votes and the couple are through to the next round.

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