tagIncest/TabooTriplets 2: A Game of Risk (Part 2)

Triplets 2: A Game of Risk (Part 2)


Author's note: In order to completely follow this story line, you REALLY SHOULD read the first two installments or at least "Triplets 2: A Game of Risk (Part 1)". Just so that you know, this series will (naturally) be a three-parter.

I wrote this in one sitting, so if you find any serious flaws it's due solely to the fact that I didn't spend much time in perfecting it. I did the best that I could with as little time as I've had. I hope you enjoy this addition to the Triplets Tales!

Disclaimer: All characters in this story are fictitious and portrayed as being over the age of 18. This author does NOT condone incest or any other illegal sexual activity. This is merely a work of fiction, borne from the mind of a very under-sexed individual (TWO years dry and runnning! AAAAAAARRRRGH!).


Triplets 2: A Game of Risk (Part II)

As I walked through the living room I paused to look in the mirror and check my hair. It was still a little wet, but it didn't look mussed up or disheveled from the quickie I'd just had with my twin sister Samantha. I brushed my hand through it one time, just to make sure, and then trudged tiredly through the kitchen on my way to the front door- I was good and truly winded for the quick fucking I'd just had. But I picked up my pace a little anyway because I didn't want to keep the invention inspector waiting any longer than necessary. If anything, I wanted to welcome him in, show him the invention and then get him out of the house as fast as possible. I figured out a little loophole in Dani and Sammie's game: if the guy wasn't there, the element of risk (which made the game worth playing) was gone and, therefore, over. My gutter heater is a simple device, easy to explain even to a layman, and shouldn't take long to showcase. If all went well, then I expected the inspector to be gone within thirty minutes. "Coming!" I shouted as I approached the foier.

I reached out for the doorknob, twisted it, took a deep, calming breath, and then opened it. What I saw before me gave me a moment of pause, causing my eyes to go wide. So much for the plans of mice and men; the inspector wasn't what I'd expected AT ALL: HE was, in fact, a SHE.

And what a SHE she was! Long legs, luscious red hair that seemed to flow down her arms and backside in the drifting snow and wind like a mane inspired by the Norse Gods of lore, a Valkrye standing on my doorstep. Her emerald green eyes bored holes into my own while I took this vision of beauty in, trying my best not to look her up and down with obvious surprise and intense interest. For some reason, she looked familiar to me, but I couldn't place how that was. Her lips, full and succulent just to LOOK at, curled upwards into a brief smile and she said, in the most sexy Scottish accent, "Jake Darsden, I presume?" When I didn't immediately respond, she added, "Let me guess... first time you've seen an angel with red hair or something like that?" Her voice sounded like milk and honey on a warm summer day, with cake and maybe just a touch of jasmine, for spice. Every word that fell from her lovely lips was like a meal in and of themselves, a feast for the ears.

I blinked for a moment and then got my wits about me. "Erm, no, not exactly. I was just a little surprised. I was expecting a... uhm, no, let me rephrase that. I was TOLD to expect someone entirely different."

Her smile relaxed a little and turned more genuine, appeased for the moment with my explanation. "Mister Anders cannae make it this morning. He asked me t'do the inspection for him. Will this be a problem? I can show ye my credentials if ye like."

I almost blurted out that she had all the "credentials" she needed, but kept my mouth shut and instead shook my head. "Not necessary," I said. "Please. Come inside out of the cold. May I take your coat?"

She stepped past me and shrugged off her long trenchcoat with ease, handing it to me casually and looking around the foier. "This is a nice place," she said. "Has the look of a woman's touch, if I may be so bold," she added, making it clear that she was quite aware of my shock at seeing her instead of Mr. Anders waiting at my front door.

I smiled guardedly and shrugged. "My sisters," I explained. "I live with my twin sisters. They did most of the decorating here. One of 'em is actually a graphic designer. I take care of the maintenance and whatnot." I turned towards the closet, her coat hooked over my arm neatly, and pulled the closet door open. Inside was a very excited-looking Dani, who was also very naked. I almost let out a yelp of shock at the sight of her, knowing that the inspector was just on the other side of the door, but kept quiet. All she had to do to find my nude sister standing in the closet was to hook her head around the door and watch me hang her coat. After that, our goose would be cooked six ways from Sunday.

In an effort to avoid an impending disaster, I beat her curiosity to the punch and hooked my own head around the door while closing it some, to hide Dani's presence. "Why don't you go into the kitchen? I'll be just a moment here, if you don't mind. I think there's some coffee already brewed and ready with mugs set out, if you want some. Just help yourself. It's right down those steps and through that doorway. Can't miss it."

She smiled warmly and nodded. "Thank ye," she said in that exhilirating accent of hers, "I'll do just that. I ha'nt had me a cup o' joe all mornin'." She started down the stairs. "Jus' through here, ye say?"

I nodded pleasantly and said, "Right on through. Like I said, you-"

"Cannae miss it. Right." She left me alone with the closet and my sister quickly. As she left, I couldn't help but notice that she was wearing a long wool skirt that showed the shape of one of the most perfect asses I'd ever seen. Her lean, thin hips swayed beneath the woolen skirt like a dream.

When she was gone, I turned my attention back to Dani, pulling the door ajar so I could look at her. "You picked a hell of a place to hide!" I hissed at her. "What? Did you PLAN this one out, too? I JUST got done fucking Sam, for cryin' out loud. Gimme a few minutes to recharge at least."

Dani giggled smartly, shaking her head. "All right. You caught me there. Yeah, I planned it. I just didn't expect you to find me so quickly. But, Jake, hold on a minute!"


"That woman... the inspector... has she got red hair, by any chance?"

I thought about it for literally a second. She has a Scottish accent, which is obvious. Red hair is a pretty common thing amongst Scottish women. No big leap of logic there. Educated guess. "Yeah. So?"

"And were you able to get a look at her ass? Was it perfect? Green eyes like emeralds? Long legs? Milky-white skin? Soft facial features?" Dani was describing my guest to the proverbial "T" and had even covered details that I hadn't even looked for yet, but once mentioned, fit her perfectly.

I looked behind me, to make sure that there wasn't a mirror or anything like that with which Dani could have gleaned these details. There wasn't. Then I looked back at Dani with amazement in my eyes. "What the hell? Saying the same thing more often than usual is one thing, sis, but... fuck! You're looking through my EYES now?"

Dani shook her head emphatically. "No, dumbass! I recognized her voice. If I'm right, then that's Lydia Post. I knew her back in high school. 'Smart Lass With the Perfect Ass' is what we called her in the locker room. Damn, Jake! Almost every guy in the school wanted a piece of her. Except you. You were too interested in the cheerleaders."

I took this news in and assimilated it. Now that she mentioned it, I DID seem to recall hearing a Scottish accent once or twice back in high school, but back then I'd never given it much thought. Dani was bang-on: I was too interested in the cheerleaders to even notice the other girls. What can I say? Every guy has his fetish. I shoved the thought aside, though. If I didn't hurry, Miss Perfect Ass would begin to wonder what was taking me so long. "All right. So?"

Dani just heaved a sigh of exasperation, making her plentiful breasts bob slightly. "So, go in there and make nice-nice. I'll give you ten minutes. After that, though, you gotta come back here and," she pointed down to her delicious muff, "CUM in there."

I leaned in quickly to steal a kiss. "Ten minutes. Check. Over and out." I shoved my guest's trenchcoat into Dani's arms and then closed the closet door, sending my twin sister back into the darkness within.

I walked into the kitchen to find the inspector pouring a second cup of coffee. "For me?" I asked as I approached.

"Aye," she answered. "By the way, I'm-"

"Lydia Post," I cut her off. It was her turn for her eyes to go wide with surprise. She looked like she was about to ask how I knew, but I continued with a small lie. "We went to school together," I explained. "The years seem to have been kind to you. What's it been? Ten years now? You've changed a lot."

Lydia exhaled deeply. "Ye took the wind out o' m'sails there, Mister Darsden. O'course I recognized yer name when Mister Anders told it to me, but I dinnae expect ye to catch on t'me so FAST." She smiled again, bemusedly. "Honestly, I thought ye were more fascinated wi' the cheerleaders to pay attention t'me back then."

Was my interest in cheerleaders some sort of open high school secret or what? I thought to myself. I smirked at the comment. "Well," I said, "that may or may not be true, BUT that doesn't mean I NEVER noticed the other girls in school."

"Ye were just a touch more selective than most mates, eh?" she quipped. When I tried vainly to think of a response, she waved her hand in the air dismissively. "Ne'ermind. Ages ago, that was. Today is today. And today I'm here to inspect yer wee invention. As I understand it, 'tis some sorta shingle heater or sometin'. Ah! No, I remember now. 'Tis a GUTTER heater, right?" The way she said "gutter" it sounded like "gooter", charming in its own way, I suppose.

I nodded in confirmation. "Yeah," I said, pulling the warm cup of coffee that Dani, who was waiting for me to return and fuck her, had made not 45 minutes before to my mouth. I didn't even have to blow on it to cool it off before taking a sip. "I was having some problems with snow clogging the gutters, so I figured out a way to melt it while it was still in the gutters and let it drain down the pipes without actually having to get out in the cold to do it. Just flip a switch, wait fifteen minutes and it begins to melt. I've actually considered upping the heating coil tension so that it'll get hot enough to melt ice, too. But that's for a future upgrade."

Lydia silently listened to me prattle on about my invention for a few minutes, nodding here and there. At one point she stopped me and asked, "So how do ye deal with things like power drain and avoid short circuitin'? Wi' water all o'er the place, I'd think that it'd be a problem."

"Oh, that's simple," I answered. "The units actually lay INSIDE the gutters, like liners. In a way I guess they resemble the heating elements you'd find in a blanket warmer. You know, the plastic kind that you can fold, not the hard, bulky kind they had in the seventies. They're vacuum-sealed in a polymer plastic I found at a local shop."

"I'm familiar wi' the concept," Lydia said as she took a seat at the kitchen table and crossed her legs beneath her woolen skirt, her hiking boots kicking lazily in the air almost immediately. I took note of the fact that she was sitting in the exact same chair that I had been sitting in when Dani gave me that first blow job a month earlier. "'Cept yours are a LOT bigger," she pointed out. "And they probably take up more power since they go 'round the entire house. Which brings us back to the power drain: how'd ye resolve it? Or did ye?"

"Well, obviously, 220 volts is a lot more power than necessary to get the job done. I just canibalized an old power supply, which is loaded with resistors, from a dead TV set. Works like a charm and it's small enough to fit in a nice, small box. Doesn't take up more room than a twelve-volt lantern battery." I took another sip of the coffee and silently appreciated the mily white hue of Lydia's neck and cheeks, just as Dani had described it would be. Damn, this woman was beautiful. "To be perfectly candid, though, electronics isn't exactly my forté. I studied it a little, enough to get the job done, I guess, but I'm no expert."

Lydia nodded understandingly. "That's okay. We've got plenty o' electronics engineers who could probably make a few wee improvements on it. IF we decide to buy it, that is," she hastily added.

I glanced at the clock and noticed that the ten minutes Dani had given me were almost up. Time had flown quickly, but it was nearing the point to where I would have to fulfill my prior obligations- strange as they may be- to my sisters. I stood up, hoping that my growing erection (which had been inspired by thoughts of the impending pleasure I would soon be feeling) wouldn't show through my sweatpants. "If you'd give me a few minutes, I'll go and prep the heaters. When I get back we can go outside to see the device in action. Sound good?"

"That's fine, Mister Darsden. I'll wait here for ye." Lydia took another sip and smiled.

I turned, started to walk out of the kitchen and stopped to look back at her. "Call me Jake," I said casually.

Lydia's smile broadened happily, clearly glad to be allowed a more familiar address to me. "Thank ye, Jake. Now, git, 'fore yer coffee gets too cold." She started to take another sip, but paused. "By the way... who made it? The coffee, I mean."

That one pulled me up short. I decided to go the way of the truth. "Uh, my sisters did. Unless there's a burglar in the house who just so happens to like a fresh pot of coffee in the mornings before he robs people blind."

Lydia laughed softly at the joke. "Well, it tastes superb. Where they at, anyway? Your sisters."

"Oh, they're hiding around the house, waiting for me to fuck them silly," I said.

Okay. No, I didn't actually say that, but imagine her shock if I HAD. What I actually said was, "Oh, they're hiding out around here somewhere." Well... it was true, wasn't it? With that said, I left Lydia alone in the kitchen to go and fuck my twin sister for three minutes.

I made it back to the foier in a hurry, yanked the closet door open and saw Dani, her back to me and ass jutting outward expectantly. I had been hard for five minutes already, knowing that I would get to bury my cock into her wonderfully tight pussy, but also due to Lydia's enchanting presence in the kitchen. I needed something quick! I loosed the drawstring on my sweat pants and pushed them down just enough to expose my cock and shoved it unceremoniously into my twin sister's waiting quim with one thrust. Dani immediately cooed with satisfaction. "Keep quiet!" I hissed into her ear, bent over her back and quickly pushing into her. "She might hear us!"

Dani just rocked back and forth with my thrusts as my fuckpole invaded her inner walls relentlessly. "W-was I right?" she breathed in a low whisper. "Is it Lydia?"

"Fuck yes," I answered as I quickened my pace, my balls slapping her inner thighs lewdly as I ploughed into her. "I think she might have had a crush on me back in... nng! Stop squeezing! I can't cum yet, it's too soon after fucking Sammie."

Dani relaxed her pussy muscles some and decided to spread her legs some more so that she could rub her clit while I fucked her. "Well, I KNOW she had a crush on you," she told me. "She was always asking me or Sam if you had a girlfriend or were looking for a date. We always told her to ask you personally, that you don't bite."

"Says you," I said as I bent forward and nibbled her ear a little more forcefully than usual, pushing my cock into her completely and holding it there while she squirmed against me. "You shoulda knocked some sense into me back then. She's fucking gorgeous!"

Dani bucked hard against me once for effect. "Careful, brother. Talk like that could get me jealous."

I glanced at the watch on my wrist and saw that I had another minute to go. "Sixty seconds," I huffed into her ear and pulled back just enough so that just my cockhead was the only thing still ensconced in her pussy. "And don't worry, sis. You've got nothing to be jealous of. You're still the hottest girls I know. But she's a close second!"

Dani resumed her humping against me, meeting me thrust for thrust. "That's better," she said. "Sixty seconds, you say? All right. Enough talk. Pound that fucker home like it's your last."

"My pleasure," I said. And it was. I thrust into my sister's tight hole with gusto, like a pistoning machine, without another word between the two of us. The smell of pussy juice and sex was quickly filling the foier area, I smelled it clearly and reveled in the scent, allowing it to turn me on even more. When we had only twenty seconds left, I reluctantly pulled out and said, "You better clean me off so that she doesn't see a wet spot or anything. Quickly! Twenty seconds left."

Dani spun around on her heels and dropped to her knees in front of me as I grabbed the doorframe with both hands. My cock immediately slipped between Dani's lips, her tongue already dancing up and down the shaft in an effort to lick up all the sex juice. A few seconds later, she pulled her lips away from my cock and licked all along my penis until she was sure that every last drop of our fluids was gone. As a finishing touch, she sucked forcefully on the tip, gulping down a few drops of pre-cum and licking her teeth with the fluid. She yanked the tail of my shirt down just a little and dried off my cock quickly. When she was done, she looked up at me with a big smile on her face. "There. Done. One down and one to go."

"No," I corrected, "TWO down and one MORE to go. But I better get back there before she gets curious." Dani stood up quickly and pulled me to her for a kiss, which I was happy to oblige her with. When our lips parted, she put my cock back into my sweats and let the elastic band tighten on my waist. I reached down to tie the drawstrings and, before leaving her, slipped my hand to her pussy and then put the juice-covered fingers to my mouth. "Brother needs breakfast, too, you know." I explained with a sly smile.

Dani giggled and pushed me away gently. "Get going, you horn-dog."

I closed the closet door again (I don't know why- I guess that's just something ingrained in us: you open a door and then you close it, right?). On my way back into the kitchen, I stopped by the light switch that controls the gutter heaters. There was no real reason to "prep" the device- I'd done that the night before on the off chance that I'd have slept in- but I WOULD have liked to double-check everything before the day started. I was confident, though, that everything was working properly. That, my friends, is the power of faith an inventor has in his product, is it not?

That done, I made my way into the kitchen to find Lydia not there. Instead, she was in the adjoining living room, looking at the family pictures of me, my sisters and my late parents. She heard me come into the kitchen and looked at me. "Are ye all right? Ye looked kinda flushed."

Uh-oh, I thought. I decided to act nonchalant. "Oh, it's nothing. The switch just happens to be in a place where it gets cold easily. As you can see, I'm not exactly dressed for cold weather at the moment."

Lydia nodded and then turned her attention back to the pictures. "I recognize these three," she said as she pointed to me and my sisters, "but I take it that these are yer parents? Where are they at?"

I walked up next to her and gazed at the pictures, looking at my parents faces. I recalled the day we took that picture- about two years after the three of us graduated from high school, when we were vacationing in Costa Rica for a month. I had paid for the vacation with the money I'd just gotten from my first invention, took the entire family for some time in the sun. Fond memories, those were. I turned to Lydia and answered her question. "Our parents died last year. Actually, this is their house. The three of us didn't want to lose it- family home an' all- so we all moved in here. In a sense, we're even closer to our parents now, even though they're gone, just because we all now live together."

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