tagIncest/TabooTriplets 2: A Game of Risk (Part 3)

Triplets 2: A Game of Risk (Part 3)


Author's note: This is actually part three in a series I'd had started some time ago. If you are new to the series, please check out "Triplets: Three Are One" and "Triplets 2: A Game of Risk" (parts 1 and 2) in order to get the full backstory. This story is entirely fiction and all characters are over the consenting age of 18.

While I do not condone ANY illegal sexual acts, this story focuses largely on an incestuous relationship between a set of triplets (one male, two females). Please keep in mind that this is FICTION.

Feedback is always welcome. For those of you who've been following this story, I'm sorry it took so long to complete. Writer's block can be a mean bastard sometimes. Without further ado, here's the story:


Triplets 2: A Game of Risk: Playmates

When I pulled the door closed after us, I looked at Lydia pleasantly and said, "Once more into the breach, eh?"

Lydia smiled gently, her pink lips curling up just the tiniest bit. "Aye, and a cold breach it is. 'Twas nice to visit with Dani briefly. Time has been good to her- and you. I take it that Sammie has fared just as nicely?"

"Oh, no," I said with as much conviction as I could muster. "Horrible. Grotesque, even. Poor Sammie. Weighs a ton. We had to cut a hole in the side of the house once, just to let her get some fresh air. And she's grown fangs, too. Say... do you think it's healthy for a person's skin to have a greenish hue? Frog-like?"

Lydia leaned her head back again to laugh out loud, knowing that I was being entirely facecious. "Smart AND witty," she said. "Ye just better pray that word does nae get back to Sammie that ye said that."

I shrugged, smiled and said, "Okay. Don't believe me. But when she asks you for a pint of blood, don't come looking to me for help. Can't say I didn't warn you." I let that stand for beat and then went on. "Of course, she's fine. And she's the spitting image of Dani, with the exception of having longer hair. You'll see after we're done out here- if, that is, I can manage to coax her out of her inner sanctum." I noted the small cloud of frost that had once been my breath as we stood there, in the cold morning air, the snow falling around us. "She's been working on a website lately," I said absently. "Apparently, it's been consuming a lot of her time. But I'm sure that she'll set aside a few minutes to visit. And if she doesn't... well... there's always torture."

Lydia nodded, looking serious. "It just so happens that I know some torture tricks of my own, a wee bit I learned here and there over the years. If I cannae convince her to visit wi' me, then I'll declare defeat, hang up me hat and just go home."

I pulled my jacket around me a little more closely, to ward off the morning chill. "Well, I just hope that you don't leave too soon. Enough banter, though. Let's get you a good look at those heaters." I led her away from the door, making a path of footprints in the snow around the side of the house to where the ladder was. "These things are remarkbly good at what they do," I said, hearing her shuffle quietly behind me, the sound of fresh snow crunching under her feet. "Gloves are almost unnecessary when working with these things, they put out so much heat. You could just put your hand up against the gutter and it'll feel as warm as a summer day."

Lydia, with what seemed like no effort at all, had slipped back into "inspector mode", and kept up with me. "Have ye given any thought to having them in the gutters year-round?" she asked. "I mean, let's be realistic here. Someone has one o' these things installed and they're not likely to think of removing them when Spring comes along, right? And what about that? When it gets hot?"

I nodded enough so that she could see the back of my head bob in understanding. "I already considered that," I answered. "I plan to install a temperature sensor later on so that, when it gets hot outside or when they generate enough of their own heat, they'll shut down or go into a sort of 'pause' mode. I'd be sick to my stomach if I heard that one of my devices burned someone's house down."

We reached the ladder I had placed next to the side of the house, just next to the garage, where the roof was lowest. I oferred the lead to Lydia, who nodded kindly and started to climb it with no trouble. "Well what about wear an' tear?" she asked with a small grunt as she lifted her small body up one ladder rung after another, slowly and methodically. "Summer heat an' all would play hell wi' that polymer plastic, I should think."

I gave the stock response every engineer learns in college. "I'm working on that." I craned my neck upwards to watch her climb towards the roof, to make sure that she didn't slip accidentally, and was stunned to see that I had a perfect view up her skirt. It was dark, considering the skirt's ankle-length, but the morning light was being reflected off the ladder rungs and provided JUST enough light to catch a glimpse here and there. Each time she bent her knee to push herself upwards, I was awarded with an eyeful of her inner thighs which, much to my utter delight, were naked and purely white as the snow dancing around us. She wasn't wearing any underwear. I think my heart skipped a beat or two at that revelation. Her pink folds looked good enough to lap upon for hours on end.

When she reached the roof, she pulled herself onto it with ease and was gone from sight. Seconds later, she poked her head over the edge, looking down at me, and said, "Are ye comin' or what?"

I just stood there and blinked, trying very hard not to say, "Give me another show like that I'll be coming like a firehose." Instead I just stared at her stupidly until a snowflake fell into my right eye, which forced me to blink and come back to reality. "Yeah. Uhm. Just a sec." I mechanically reached out for the ladder and began to climb up, probably a little faster than was safe, but my mind was kind of muddled at the moment. Luckily, I made it up to the roof without slipping and was atop my house with this lovely woman. When I reached her position, I was breathing somewhat heavily, and said, "Who's leading who, anyway?"

Lydia sat back on her delectible duff and waved. "Oh, I've got no illusions. You're in charge here, Jake. Where to first?"

I looked around the rooftop dumbly for a moment, appreciating the view of my quiet neighborhood from on high. Glancing over to a far corner, the one closest to my bedroom, I pointed. "How about we start over there? That's where the power supply is at as well as the main guts of the wiring. That should provide you with a few minutes of inspection time."

"Sounds marvelous," Lydia said cheerily. "Lead the way."

I stood up slowly and held my hand out to her to offer support so that she could stand, too. "Careful," I said, "It might be a little more slippery than the ladder." I glanced down at her hiking boots and noted with some measure of relief that they appeared to have decent traction. "Oh," I said. "Nevermind."

She took my hand anyway and allowed me to help her to her feet. "'Tis the thought that counts, Jake," she said sweetly. "Thank ye." When she was to her feet, she clapped her hands and then wrapped them around her torso. "Damn. 'Tis colder up here than it was down there. Wind must be pickin' up."

I started off for the area I'd pointed to and said over my shoulder, trying to focus on the business at hand, "Well, let's not waste any more time. Right this way." We got to the patch of roofing just over my room and the power supply was already visible, housed in a small box that I'd fashioned on my own, sitting just a few feet away from the gutter's edge. "There it is," I pointed to it. "Uh... proceed with caution." I moved aside to let her pass me and approach the power supply housing. As she got closer to it, I added, "There's a catch on the side of the box that's closest to you. Just flip it and it opens right up. Take as long as you want. I'm going to go brew some more coffee for us and I'll see about getting Sam to join the land of the living."

Lydia knelt next to the housing and looked back at me. "Right-o," she said with a smile. "I'll give it a good once over. If ye hear any loud thumping, that'll be me coming back down the ladder the hard way."

I blanched at that. The thought of such a lovely woman injuring herself didn't sit well with me at all. "Uhm... if you'd like some assistance coming back down, why don't you just bang on the roof a little bit? I'll come running at the first stomp."

She shook her head casually. "Ye dunnae have t'worry, Jake. I'll be fine. 'Tis not the first roof I've been on, ye know. Just the same, though, at the first sign of trouble, I'll thump around a bit. Deal?"

I nodded. "If you're sure, okay. But I mean it, Lydia. Don't hesitate to call for help if you feel you need it. Falling off a snow-covered roof is a lousy way to start the day."

Her features became a little more stern. "Get, you. I got this. I want some hot java by the time I'm done with this. Got it?"

I gave her a quick salute. "Aye aye, ma'am. On my way." With that, I slung my legs over the roof's edge and began to climb back down the ladder- slower this time. I glanced at her once again, the memory of seeing up her skirt still fresh on my mind, and then decided to use the unexpected glance to rev me up a little for my encounter with Sammie, who was probably waiting for me and watching the clock like a hawk.

When I reach the ground, I was quick about getting back inside the house, moving at an almost dead run. I needed release. I got inside the foier quickly, put my jacket away and walked quickly into the kitchen, where I found Dani sitting at the table, still in her thin robe and sipping a fresh cup of coffee. She looked up at me with mischief in her eyes. "In a hurry?" she asked.

I came up to her and kissed her quickly. "You have no idea," I said. "Lydia won't take long with her inspection- there isn't much to look at, really. Is that fresh coffee?" I asked, glancing at the coffee maker.

Dani nodded. "Yep. I figured I'd save you some time by brewing it for you." She cupped my balls gently through my sweat pants. "Go get 'er, tiger. If I'm right, she's probably going nuts by now."

I leaned down again to kiss my twin sister quickly. "Thanks," I said and then headed straight for Sammie's office, where I knew she'd be. As I got closer to the office, though, I sprouted a brain stem. I realized that if I went straight for Sammie, then she'd know that Dani "sold her out," which wouldn't be fair to Dani. So I took a few extra moments looking into closet doors and bedrooms on the way, making a point of it to open and close the doors loudly. By the time I reached Sammie's office door, I was sure that I'd made the ruse believable, and opened it quickly. As expected, Sammie was leaned back over her desk, her hands playing furtively with her pussy.

When Sammie heard me open the door, she looked up over her heaving breasts and smiled wickedly. "Took you long enough!" she said, splaying the fingers around her pussy so that she could open her lips up invitingly. "And don't think I don't know that Dani told you where I was. I don't care, though. I've been going nuts for the past half hour. Fuck me quick before I scream and scare your inspector to death!"

I didn't waste a single second in approaching her, yanking on the drawstring of my sweats and once again exposing my cock to the air. I was turgid with anticipation of burying myself to the hilt inside my sister's pussy, afire with need from seeing Lydia's inner thighs and thought of this moment teasing my mind incessantly for the last ten minutes. I pushed my cock forcefully inside Sammie's soft folds quickly, relishing the warmth and feel of her wetness- and she was INDEED wet, flowing like a river with lust between her thighs. I slipped right in and my sister's pussy muscles squeezed pleasantly around my shaft. Immediately, I took note of the time- ready to make the next three minutes of pure fucking last to the exact second, if possible.

"About that inspector," I said between grunts as my pole thrust into her relentlessly, "you'll never guess who it is."

Sammie shook her head and reached up behind my neck, pulling me close to her so that we could kiss passionately. "Tell me after," she breathed heavily. "Right now, just fuck me!"

Of course, I obliged without argument. Sammie, in response to my willingness, wrapped her long legs around my back and pulled me in closer, making our groins grind together in a wet union, our scents of sex filling our nostrils like a heady perfume. Her hands slipped down to my back and she rocked with each push of my invading member. I still wasn't anywhere close to cumming yet, but the feeling was exquisite as I ploughed into my twin sister's hungry cunt, pulling and pushing with abandon. I glanced at my watch and noticed that sixty second had already gone by.

Sammie, bless her, did everything she could to keep from making too much noise. She buried her mouth into my neck in a silent scream of delight as I continued to shove my cock into her with faster strokes, her bounteous breasts moving back and forth with the motion of our bodies. "Ooooo, shit," she groaned. "God, I love it when you fuck me hard like this!"

I leaned back to appreciate the view of my beatiful twin sister's pussy, which was filled with my cock, my balls slapping her ass. "And you have no idea how much I ENJOY fucking you hard like this!" I gasped. I continued to push into her quickly, increasing my tempo. "Do you like this, sis?" I asked. "Do you like your twin brother fucking you on your desk while someone is here in the house?"

"Ahhh, FUCK! Yes, Jake! I LOVE it!"

"Tell me you want me to cum inside you, sis," I encouraged her, knowing that I wouldn't be able to. But it's the fantasy, you see, the POSSIBILITY, that makes sex so worth having. "Tell me that you want me to shoot my cum deep inside your cunt." I looked at my watch: sixty seconds to go.

"Yesssss!" she hissed. "I want it, brother. I want your babyjuice to fill me up! Gallons of it! Fuck me again and again! Hose me down with your cum! Fuck your sister's pussy HARD!" Her legs wrapped even more tightly around my waist, pulling me in so tightly that I could only offer her short, hard jabs into her sopping wet mound.

I leaned down and kissed her on the mouth again, our tongues mingling as our bodies bounced on her desk top. My cock was throbbing wildly with pleasure, almost unhappily so because there wasn't enough cum in my balls yet to fulfill her wish and coat her inner walls with my spunk. When our lips parted, I pulled back once more and set to pushing into her at a mad pace, so fast that my cock was a mere blur as it raged into her tight cunt.

Finally, I looked at my watch and ruefully noted that the time was up. I reluctantly pulled out of my sister's hot box and stepped back. Sammie didn't miss a beat and slipped down to her knees in front of me. She immediately set herself to the task of licking my cock clean of her love juices. "Sammie?" I asked. "Do you remember Lydia Post?"

Sammie pulled back from my cock for a second and then a light of recognition sparked in her eyes. "Yes... why?"

"That's who my inspector is," I told her. "She's up on the roof right now, looking at the gutter heaters. I told her that I'd be down here to make her some coffee and rouse you out of the office for a visit."

Sammie sat back a little bit, gently stroking my cock in an absent-minded manner. "You're shitting me," she said with surprise, her eyebrows arched. "Does Dani know?"

I reached down to caress her soft, long hair and pulled her back onto my cock so that she could continue giving me a quick blowjob. "Yeah," I answered. "They talked briefly before I took her outside to show her the heaters. Dani tells me that Lydia had some sort of crush on me back in high school. One grunt for yes, two for no."

Sammie looked up at me, my engorged cock still filling her soft lips, and cut loose with a long, low grunt that ended up sounding (and feeling) more like a hum. I felt a shiver run up my spine with that, enjoying the sensation immensely. Then Sammie pulled away from my cock, letting the head make a popping sound as it exited her lips. "As a matter of fact," Sammie added, "I'd bet even money that she's probably STILL got a crush on you. Been flirting much?" She licked up and down my shaft to get any excess fluids off my cock and worked her way quickly down to my balls.

"Ahhh... that feels good. Yes. We've been flirting like crazy," I confirmed. "Actually, I've been teasing the idea of asking her out on a date or two. Maybe marriage. That kinda thing. She's incredible and I've only been around her for little under an hour."

Sammie released my cock and pulled up my sweats around my waist. "There. All done," she said with approval, like a doctor might. She stood up with my help and kissed me softly. "Thank you," she added. I was about to tell her that it was my pleasure, but she cut me off. "Now... about Dear Miss Post: better late than never. She's been wanting a date with you ever since she first saw you in our Freshman year but was too chickenshit to ask you out. She's gorgeous, smart, sweet, sexy and, best of all, she adores you. If you DON'T ask her out, I'll clout you a good one and then some, which is something we shoulda done years ago. She's perfect for you."

I chuckled a little. "Well, Dani seems to have a bit of jealousy streak about her. I'm not allowed to sing her virtues over the two of yours."

Sammie smiled sweetly. "Dani's just teasing," she said. "Now... get back out in that kitchen and go greet our guest. Flirt with her constantly and don't let up until she blushes. Then ask her out. I'll be out in a minute, bro." She rubbed her pussy tenderly. "By the way... did you give Dani her 'breakfast' like you did for me?"

I shook my head as I rounded for the door. "Nope. You spent me before I could do her any favors. I'll tell you this, though, sis: I'm about ready to pop again and if I don't get to do it with one of you, I'll take a serious shot at offering a little 'breakfast' up to Lydia!"

Sammie just smiled wickedly and said, "Somehow, Jake, I don't think she'd mind that one, tiny bit. But try to be discreet about it, will you? Like I said, she's a smart girl. She'll require some finesse."

I blew my sister thankful a kiss as I grabbed the knob of her office door. "Thanks. I'll remember that." As I pulled the door open, I looked at Sammie, appreciating the view of her bent over as she reached for a robe that she'd thoughtfully placed beside her desk, her pussy still glistening from the hard fucking I'd just given her. "Pity," I said, "three more minutes and I might've cum inside that pussy of yours."

I turned back around to head out the door and stopped short. There, standing in the doorway, was Lydia Post, her mouth hung open in shock at what she'd undoubtedly just heard.

Two words came to mind at seeing Lydia standing in front of me, knowing that she could see Sammie's still-naked form just inside the room and smell the obvious scent of sex in the air: "Oh, shit."

Lydia, who is as formidable a woman as one could hope to find, retained her composure. She didn't scream, she didn't shout, she didn't slap me. She just stood there, blinked for a few long seconds. Sammie was still oblivious to Lydia's presence and was putting on her robe with her back to us. Finally, though, Lydia opened her mouth to speak. "Well, as torture goes, that's a loo-loo," she said.

I released my hold on the door knob and felt my world crashing down around me, realising that all my dreams were coming to a halt. Someone now knew about the affair I was having with my sisters- one of them, at least- and to make matters worse, the person to find this out was the ONE person I was most interested in asking out. "Oh, shit," I heard from behind me, Sammie had finally seen our unexpected visitor.

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