Triplets 2: A Game of Risk (Part 3)


Lydia was non-plussed. "I think he already said that," she noted. Then she looked at me squarely. "I don't suppose you're going to try and say that this is not what it appears, are you?" From down the hall, Dani came on the scene and said those two infamous words which had already been intoned by Sammie and yours truly. Lydia turned to look in Dani's direction. "Getting in on the act, too, Dani?" she quipped.

I pulled my hand to the back of my neck and rubbed it roughly, trying to think of something to say or do. "Uh... okay. You're right," I said. "This IS what it appears, but before you go crazy, would you hear us out for a moment?"

Lydia crossed her arms expectantly, cocked an eyebrow at me and gave it a few seconds of thought. "In the living room?" she suggested. "Ladies, I'd like to hear your take on this, too. THIS should be good." With that, she turned away from me and headed down the hallway, past Dani, to sit and wait for the three of us in our living room.

I looked at Dani and then at Sammie with a questioning look. We all three knew each other's facial expressions well. The consensus was in: the game was over and Lydia's the winner. We stayed like that, standing where we were, for a few moments in silent conversation. After about two minutes of that, I finally opened my mouth. "I guess we'd better go face the music and tell her everything," I said.

Sammie approached me, her robe drawn about her lucious body. "Jake? Are you SURE about that? Dani and I could talk with her in private, try to smooth things over. Tell a few white lies."

I shook my head. "No," I said. "There's no way around this, sis. She heard me tell you that I'd be able to fill you full of my cum in another three minutes. No white lie is going to cover that up. She isn't running to the cops right now and wants to know the story. So let's tell her and then see what she has to say about it."

Dani and Sammie locked eyes for a second. Finally, Dani touched my arm. "Okay. We're with you all the way. Whatever happens."

We all three filed into the living room and saw that Lydia was seated in Dad's old recliner, her legs crossed. Brace yourself, because HERE is the shocker: Lydia was stark naked, not a stitch of clothing on her, and she was radiantly beautiful with what seemed to be 32-D breasts and her bright red hair cast about her shoulders. Her clothes were piled neatly next to her on the floor and she had the most bemused sort of smile on her face. Somehow she'd managed to disrobe completely in the time it took for my sisters and I to talk things through.

"Sit," she commanded. "'Cept for you, Jake. Girls, take off yer robes- we've seen each other naked before and ye know it. Jake," she pointedly absently at my clothes, "off they go. We're going to be honest here, right? So let's let it ALL hang out." I could see, from clear across the room, that her nipples were fully erect and standing on end. The only thing that I could think of was: What the FUCK was going on? Lydia, however, wasn't in the patient mood. "NOW," she added with emphasis.

The girls complied by letting their sheer robes fall to the floor and sitting simultaneously on the living room sofa. I, for lack of anything else better to do, began to undress- slowly and with a considerable amount of embarrassment. It helped, I think, to see Lydia herself already in the buff, but my mind was too much in a whirl to catch up with the events as they were unfolding. When I was finally naked before the three women, standing there in the center of the room, I looked balefully at Lydia.

"Now," Lydia said casually, "Ye're going to tell me EXACTLY how this started, when and just what the bloody hell has been going on today." And we did. I started first, told her how Sammie, Dani and I first encountered and made damn sure to explain that I DO love my sisters with all my heart. Then Dani explained her version of the story, how it all started with Dad and then Mom. Then Sammie explained about the game we'd been playing that day, thinking that we wouldn't get caught.

"Well," Lydia said tersely, "it appears that ye were wrong on that score, weren't ye?" She looked up at me pointedly. "And what now, Jake? I heard ye at the door before ye opened it. Maybe ask me out on a date or two, maybe marriage, I think was the gist of it, aye? Sounded sweet up until that bit about breakfast came up." Then she looked at Sammie. "He said ye'd spent him up. I take that t'mean he FILLED you up." Lydia glanced at me and then back at Sammie. "He as good as I'd hoped back in high school?"

Sammie was silent for several long seconds. I looked back at her and I could see the wheels in her sharp mind were spinning at high gear. Suddenly, her face cleared and I could see that she'd realized something or thought of something nothing short of stellar. She relaxed a bit, leaned in and said, "Better, actually. And, as you can probably see, BIGGER." She glanced up at me and winked playfully. To say I was confused would be understating it not just a little bit but a whole lot. I was totally lost. I looked back at Lydia to see her studying my male equipment carefully.

"Hmm," she said quietly. "Jake, come here, in front of me, please." I looked back at my sisters, who were still seated on the couch but were both more visibly relaxed now. Dani stifled a giggle and Sammie just arched her eyebrows at me in silent encouragement. I did as I was asked and approached the woman of my dreams, the woman who could cook all three of our gooses in a hot second, clueless as to why she wanted me to get close to her. When I was just two feet away from her, she reached out for my cock (which was at half-mast, I admit), making me jump just slightly at the unexpected action. She held me in her right hand and admired the heft of it, her fingers wrapping around the shaft slightly, stroking it gently. It grew quickly in her grasp until it was at full length. "Ah!" she exclaimed. "So I see!" She looked up at me with a glint of relish in her eyes. "This is most impressive, Jake."

By then I'd finally caught on. Either she and my sisters had shared some sapphic experiences back in high school and were totally comfortable with each other already OR she was just extremely adapatable in shocking situations- probably both. I did my best to play dumb, though, and said, "Well... uh... yeah, I guess so. Dani and Sam never complained."

Lydia continued to stroke my shaft softly, as though lost in thought. "Oh, I'm sure they didn't," she said. She looked up at me again. "May I?" she asked.

"May you what?" I asked back.

"This," she said. Then she leaned forward and slipped my hard cock inside her perfectly soft and velvety mouth. My cock had found a home I never thought possible! Heaven! Valhalla! Paradise! All the wonders of every world imagined paled in comparison as the tip of my blood-engorged member met with Lydia's hot tongue. She remained silent as her head bobbed up and down on my tool, driving my senses to pure ecstacy the likes of which I never knew, past or present. She was coating my eight inches with saliva and warmth in a way that was totally new and different from Dani or Sam.

I leaned my head back on my shoulders, looking up at the ceiling in silent thanks to whatever God has seen fit to smile so kindly upon me, and groaned. "Oh... shit."

Lydia pulled back to laugh a little and looked up at me. "Careful, lover. Ye're startin' t' repeat yourself." Her hand leisurely stroked up and down my shaft as she looked at my sisters across the room. "Girls? Are ye just gonna to sit there like posts or are ye gonna help me drain yer brother of every ounce of cum he has left?" My twin sisters wasted no time in getting up to join us at the center of the room. "'Tis been a while, lassies," Lydia cooed. "An' me puss could use some yeoman's work 'fore yer brother heaves the ol' ho where it counts." She relinquished control of my cock over to Dani and turned around in the recliner so that her ass was pointing straight up in the air. Sure enough, her ass was dead-on perfect, and my eyes were glued to it as Sammie crawled over to Lydia. I watched with unabashed interest as my sister's head disappeared between Lydia's slinder, white thighs while my other sister renewed the blowjob that Lydia had cast aside. Lydia moaned deeply when Sammie's tongue began to lap her pouty pussy lips gently, softly suckling on her already engorged clit, then she looked back at me, making her long, red hair slip aside and dangle over her shoulders. "Do ye like that, Jake?" she asked. "Watching yer twin sister licking another woman's quim?"

I gasped as Dani moaned loudly onto my cock. "God, yes!" I hissed. "I just pray that I'm next."

Lydia smiled with such naughtiness that my heart almost stopped. It was like I could read her thoughts before she ever voiced them. "Oh, I'm sure ye'll get yer fill o' me, Jake, before the day is out. But I'm thinkin' o' something a little more useful for ye before ye get around to lappin' me." Then she added, "Ooooo, Sammie... ye always DID know what I like! Ah, such bliss!"

The show in front of me was driving me mad! I mean, we'd just started this whole thing thinking that we were in dire trouble and, yet, here we were in the throes of a full-fledged orgy with ME as the only guy in the house! If I had died, I don't think Heaven could have been better! Dani's sucking on my cock became more intense and I was doing everything I could to keep from blasting her mouth with a load of sperm.

I think Lydia was keeping a watchful eye on me, however, because she wiggled her ass just a little bit to get Sammie's attention. "Thank ye, Sammie dear. Sweet as I remember, that was. But I DO think yer brother's about to make some more breakfast. As the guest in this house, I humbly request that I get the next helping... if ye don't mind, Dani."

Dani pulled back from my cock with a loud pop and looked up at me. "Oh, hell. I've had it every day for a month now. I guess I can go without for a little while longer. Sure. But, Jake, you've got to PROMISE me that you'll..." she giggled, "feed me later. Okay?"

Lydia answered for me. "Oh, you can count on it, Dani. That's something I DEFINITELY want to see. But right now, I want that thing buried in me to the hilt. What do you say, Jake? Care to have a sample of the 'Lovely Lass with the Perfect Ass?' I'm waiting for you."

Dani let me go and got out of my way as I all but ran over to grab a handful of Lydia's perfectly-shaped glutes. Her ass was lean and muscled and toned and, oh man, she got her nickname by birthright, I tell you. She has THE most perfect ass in the world, hands down. I placed both hands on her hips and pulled her ass close to my groin, letting my cock slide up and down the crack ever so lightly, enjoying the sensations, my cock sliding between her buns. Lydia let out a hiss of pleasure and I felt Sammie's hand grab hold of my wayward cock. I pulled back far enough for my sister to aim my cockhead at Lydia's waiting pussy, which was covered in her own juices and Sammie's saliva. When I was lined up perfectly, Lydia was the one to move. She impaled herself on my fuckpole slowly and patiently, feeling the length of me fill her up completely. We both sighed with relief and pleasure.

I moved in and out of this unfamiliar pussy a few times with slow, steady strokes. Once I was comfortable with the angle and snug fit inside Lydia, I bent down and reached around to cup the Scottish woman's breasts softly. "You're so fucking tight, Lydia," I breathed. "It feels so good inside you."

Lydia squirmed beneath me, fucking herself slowly on my cock, and breathed deeply. "Ahhh... Jake, I've been dreaming about this for years. I. Want. You. To. FUCK. ME. NOW!" I obeyed and began to push my cock in and out of Lydia's perfect pussy, filling her with each thrust to the hilt. She gasped and moaned with lustful pleasure as my pace gradually quickened. "Jake..." she said breathlessly. "I want you to treat me no different than you do your sisters. I want you to cum inside me... please."

I looked down at this, my cock sliding in and out of this woman's pussy who was begging for me to fill her with my cum, and grunted. Strengthening my grip on her hips, I put aside all pretense of care and began to fuck her in earnest, causing her hips to jump and jolt with each powerful thrust. "Your wish is my command," I said quietly.

Lydia bucked and thrashed as I continued to plow her mound mercilessly. "OH! FUCK! AYE! FUCK ME LIKE YE FUCK YER SISTERS, JAKE! FILL ME WITH YER MILK!"

I felt my balls beginning to weaken, ready to spew their contents into Lydia's womb. My humping increased tempo and I felt Sammie slip under us to lick us at the spot where we were joined, which did nothing but increase my pleasure. My twin sister alternated between Lydia's clit and the base of my shaft, licking gently like a cat lapping at a bowl of milk. Sammie was fully engrossed in her work, but moaned suddenly with a slight jerk. I looked over my shoulder and saw, not surprisingly, that Dani was in a lip lock with our sister's own pussy, lapping her flowing juices like crazy and lashing her tongue across Sammie's clitoris with wild abandon. The sight of all of this sent me over the edge and I felt the familiar rumblings deep in my balls.

"I'm there!" I shouted. "I'm gonna cum!"

Lydia pushed hard against my invading member and we both froze, my cock filling her entirely as I emptied my balls' contents deep inside her. Both Lydia and I groaned with satisfaction as my white spunk splashed against her inner walls, seeping down and deep into her womb. The smell of sweat and sex was so thick in the room that it was like a fog which clouded our minds and senses- all was sex.

My cum seeped out of Lydia's pussy in a steady flow as it continued to spurt inside of her, out onto Sammie's eagerly lapping tongue, drops at first and then followed by a long, thick stream as I felt blast after blast go off in the velvety smoothness of Lydia's inner folds. Finally, I could take no more and had to pull out. When I did, my cum was completely unleased and gushed out like a river.

"Dani!" Sammie cried. "Come get breakfast!" She moved aside to let Dani get her helping of my cum as it poured out of Lydia's drenched cunt.

Dani moved quick as a cat and was at Lydia's threshold before I could even register the action, her lips locked onto Lydia like a vacuum. Lydia remained perfectly still and moaned loudly as my sister continued to milk her sperm-filled pussy dry.

Sammie got up and leaned over the recliner, next to Lydia, and kissed the Scottish lass passionately, offering her a mouthful of the sex-juice cocktail. So turned on by the sight I was, that I just moved my still-hard cock over from one pussy to the other and shoved it in, balls deep, inside Sammie's exposed slit.

Sammie, whimpered with a groan of pleasure as I filled her pussy up. "Ooooh, Jake! Don't you EVER quit?"

I slapped my twin sister's ass plafully and then rubbed it gently, stroking my fingers around her pussy lips as my cock slid in and out of her juicy cunt. "With you three? I'd sooner die than quit fucking any one of you!" I pushed in faster until I was sure that my erection wouldn't be lost, pulsing deep inside my sister's tightness.

Lydia slowly, gingerly, got off the recliner, my cum still seeping in small drops out of her cunt as Dani backed away. "Oooo... THIS I have GOT to see!" she squeeled with delight. Lydia positioned herself so that she could kneel next to Sammie and I, watching as my cock pushed in and out of my sister's sopping, hairless mound. I turned and looked at this newest member of our little love circle and smiled. Lydia leaned up and kissed me deeply. When we pulled apart, she gently stroked her hand at where my sister and I were joined. "Hmm..." she cooed. "Feels nice. So, Jake. How was it? Still wanna take me out on a date or two? Perhaps propose marriage while yer at it? Ye might be surprised by the answer."

While still mindful of fucking my sister, I directed my attention fully at Lydia Post and said, "You're talking marriage? NOW? While I'm fucking my sister? Maybe we should date some first, just to keep things at least QUASI-normal, eh?"

Lydia shrugged. "As good an answer as I should expect I guess. Okay. We'll date. Legitimate like. But, you'd better fuck me AT LEAST as good as you did just a few minutes ago! Deal?"

I kissed my new lover softly, even gentlemanly (well... as gentlemanly as possible, considering that my cock was buried inside Sammie at the time). "Deal," I answered.

"Good!" Dani said from behind. "Now that THAT'S over with, would you mind doing me now, please? You've filled Sammie. You've filled Lydia. Now I want some of that. At least make ME cum, dammit!"

I turned around, still ensconced inside Sammie, and saw that Dani was already in position, on hands and knees, and waiting for me. Apparently, this wasn't up for debate. I turned around and Sammie sat up, forcing my cock out of her hole. "Go ahead, Jake. Our sister deserves it as much as we do. Give her what she needs." So I pulled out of one sister, turned around completely and reinserted myself into my other sister, who sighed deeply.

"Better?" I asked as I resumed the same pace I'd set with Sammie. "Is this what you were looking for?" I grabbed Dani's hips firmly and pulled her onto my fuckpole forcefully as I thrust into her. "Did you want your brother's cock, Dani?"

Dani squealed with pleasure, her large tits already swinging like dual pendulums with each thrust. "YES! Now shut up and fuck me 'till I cum! That bit in the closet wasn't anything CLOSE to what I needed! And don't stop 'till I do!"

"Yes, sister," I said with a sigh. What's a brother to do?


Remember! Feedback of any kind is always welcome! I hope you enjoyed the story!

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Should be more stories for this series Atleast a few more please pretty pretty please with lots of cherries on top

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Holy hell

Am I the only one here not imagining John snow's wildling lover? Holy shit that was hot AF!!

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This game of risk mini series is hot as fuck. And it ends in an orgy with a bombshell red head ( my weakness). Looking forward to reading more of your work.

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Hot story

The second time through is even better than the first. Thank You

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