tagLesbian SexTripping the Light Fantastic

Tripping the Light Fantastic

byGeorgette Glass©

Don't let the fact that I just recently celebrated my 32nd birthday lead you to believe that I should be placed in the aging woman category. I am Nina Bradbury, private instructor for some of this city's foremost interpretive dancers. I chose this vocation for two reasons. Firstly, I love to perform dances where I can express myself visually to my audience, and secondly, I love to exchange sexual favors with lovely, well trained and fit women who share my dedication to dance and sex.

I am very selective when it comes to my students. They must naturally demonstrate a talent for this highly disciplined dance style, and they must also show a positive response to intimacy with another woman.

The front door chimed melodically announcing the arrival of Mona, a relatively new student with all of the prerequisites for Nina's School of Interpretive Dance. I glided over to the door and calmly opened it in spite of the fact that I was tremendously excited by her presence. Mona was a remarkably striking woman of medium height with a lean trim body and fantastic muscle tone. The light weight cape she was wearing covered the brief dancers' tights, but the ensemble actually covered very little when it came to the review of a trained eye such as mine.

"Ah, Mona," I intoned as one might expect a diva to do, "it's so good of you to come."

"Hi, Nina," she responded, "I have an appointment this morning, right?"

"Of course you do," I replied dropping most of the artistic crap. "Come on in and make yourself comfy."

When she shed her cape and tossed it on a nearby chair she stood before me in her almost transparent tights and a very skimpy bikini type outside panties.

"You look gorgeous as always," I observed with all due honesty. "Why don't you go through your warm up routine? You don't need an instructor for that now, do you?"

"Not hardly," she said smiling her lovely smile.

As she limbered up her sleek body, I sneaked over to the thermostat and set the temperature to 74°. It wouldn't take a body long to feel the effects of heat.

"Okay, Mona, let's get started."

Mona was a very talented dancer, but part of my basic instruction at this stage of training required that we go through several fundamental movements together. This was definitely one of my most enjoyable parts of the training program. As we danced our bodies remained in close contact at all times. Her firm round ass cheeks pressed against my crotch and abdomen while my hands gripped my partner just below the breasts. Then we would turn and the contact would be reversed.

Previous lessons with Mona had convinced me that she was favorably aroused by our contact, and with the studio creeping to an unseasonably warm temperature I was sure that our session today would be nothing less than provocative.

Early on in our dance routine I could sense the rising sexual excitement Mona was feeling. Her breathing became noticeably heavier, and the way she touched my body during our maneuvers was nothing short of encouraging.

"You're very graceful today, Mona," I whispered in her ear, "like a swan on a calm lake in the park."

"Than you, coach," she replied almost gasping. "I hope I don't offend you, but could you move your hand up to my breast?"

"Gladly," I responded with joy as I moved my hand to her breast. "How's that?"

"Wonderful," she sighed. "I've wanted you to become more intimate with me for weeks now. And today for some reason, your touch is really turning me on. I hope I'm not making a fool of myself."

"Of course you're not. I feel the same way about you. Let me show you." We had stopped our dance routine, and we were facing each other. I tilted her head slightly to one side, and softly pressed my lips against hers. Her response was willing and eager. Both of her hands were squeezing my buttocks gently and lovingly. I pressed my pussy against hers, and she returned the gesture.

We were both way past heavy breathing by now. We were near gasping and grunting when I broke away and shed the top of my leotards. Mona quickly leaned down and kissed both of my bared breasts. She sucked my nipples into her mouth one at a time, and vigorously massaged them until they were rock hard. When she rose from my breasts, I expertly peeled off the top of her leotards and exposed her lovely breast.

We rubbed our breasts together playfully and briefly before I pushed her back far enough to gain access to her loveliness. As I leaned forward to caress her boobs, I noticed she lifted one breast at a time giving me a better approach to her nipples. While I was busy at her breasts, we were both exploring each other's bodies with our free hands.

One thing led to another. We both stepped away from the other, and in unison removed the remainder of our dance costumes. We stood back farther and admired the female loveliness before us.

"Do you have a bedroom here at the studio?" Mona asked between gasp.

"Come with me, love." I led her through a side door that opened into my living room. "The bedroom is just through here." I said.

"Never mind," Mona panted as she gently pushed me toward the couch. I had no more than settled on the couch until she was between my legs. "I'm going to eat your pussy all the way to orgasm," she declared.

"Please do," I uttered as I used my hands to guide her mouth to my valley.

This was not her first encounter with another woman. The moment her face touched my crotch, her tongue shot out and found the vaginal opening at the bottom of my slit. Time had not permitted a closer look, but her tongue felt like it was at least six inches long. Regardless of its length, it felt wonderful stroking in and out of my pussy hole. I had bells ringing and whistles blowing that before now I didn't realize I had.

Then Mona added another surprise to her seduction technique. She broke away from my pussy, lifted my legs to a point where they pressed against my breasts, and then she proceeded to penetrate my asshole with that heavenly monstrous tongue of hers. The sensation was excruciatingly pleasant, and this rapture multiplied with each thrust of her tongue.

About the time I was bracing myself for the orgasm of a lifetime, she gracefully moved her mouth back to my slit. Once there she stroked my slit its full length one time before laying siege to my clitoris. Needless to say, her presence at my most erogenous spot sent me quickly over the edge. My orgasm was like a tidal way. I know I drenched her face with my celebration of the event.

I plied passionate kisses to her breasts and face until I regained enough composure to entertain serious and amorous attention to her more feminine assets. I resumed my kisses down her body and along her groin and thighs until I reached the oasis I had been yearning for all these weeks. Her arousal was abundantly obvious. Her entire crotch was wet with her juices, and her legs were spread as wide as possible inviting my arrival.

Determined to match or better her gift to me, I lowered my head to her valley and pressed my mouth against her pussy hole. I had never thought of my tongue feeling as long as hers did in my pussy, but I jutted it into her hole as far as it could possibly reach. She moaned with pleasure, and I continued to pump my tongue into her pussy ardently. I knew my tongue alone was not going to trigger her switch, and I was sure my tongue in the ass was no match for hers.

I worked my way up her slit to her clitoris while I inserted two fingers into her swollen and saturated pussy hole. Once my fingers were thoroughly coated with her arousal juices, I transferred them to her asshole. She grunted in recognition of their arrival, and constricted her muscles in that area to show her appreciation. Then I went for the kill.

I sucked her clitoris into my mouth and nibbled on the tender nub with my teeth several times. Then I sucked even harder on the little man in the boat and tongued it unmercifully until I knew I had brought her to orgasm.

We lay in each other's arms for several minutes while we recuperated from our sexual bliss. Once composure had returned, Mona broke the silence.

"Nina," she purred, "do you have a strap on?"

"What size?"

"Medium should do, don't you think?"

"Be right back."

I returned in what seemed to be seconds later carrying an object familiar to both us. It was a 6-inch dildo mounted on a triangular base and designed to strap around the hips of the operator. Once the operator is adept at its use, it serves the same purpose as a male penis. Actually, it is more dependable than its human counterpart, and you don't have to feed it.

I handed the strap-on to Mona, and the young dancer wasted no time in putting it on and adjusting the straps to fit her body. She struck a few poses playfully and hunched at the air a couple of times.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Almost," I replied as I handed Mona a small bottle of baby oil.

"Here goes." Mona aimed the lubricated dildo at my pussy from behind and buried it on the first thrust.

"Ouch!" I barked. Then I wiggled my butt and hiked my ass in the air. "Sock it to me you mean old bitch."

Mona obliged and pumped away at her new sex partner with mocked vengeance. Mona would thrust the hard rubber prong into my pussy, and I would meet each inward thrust with a thrust of my own. We both found a rhythm and continued until I announced my climax very hoarsely and loudly.

We were both perspiring freely now as Mona passed the instrument of pleasure on to me. I too am adept at using this toy so I wasted no time strapping on the dildo and lubricating it generously. Then I leaned forward and greased Mona's asshole with the lubricant.

"Something tells me you will like this cock up your ass. Right?"

Mona looked over her shoulder at me and smiled broadly. The twinkle in her eyes convinced me that my lovely lover had been here before.

"Be gentle in the beginning, but sock it to me, baby."

With Mona on her all fours, I knelt behind her and positioned the fake pecker at her backdoor. I eased the pecker into Mona's ass slowly but deliberately until their bodies met. Mona was moaning blissfully so I launched into a medium paced rhythmic motion that sent Mona into someplace heavenly. The more Mona groaned and sighed, the harder and faster I would pump.

Mona's orgasm was colossal. We both continued our pumping motion until there was no doubt Mona had completed her spasms.

We lay on the carpet in the living room now occasionally feeling or kissing one another and engaging in small talk.

"You been doing this long?" Mona asked.

"I started when I was studying dance at State," I explained. A very dear friend and I went to class together and roomed together. One thing led to another, and here I am.

"You're very good at love making," Mona told me.

"Thank you, but I've been at it awhile. You're a young woman, Mona, yet you know more about female sex than most women much older than you. How did that happen?"

Mona was quiet for a while, and then with a deep sigh she explained. "My mother introduced me to oral a long time ago. I liked it very much from the very beginning, so we did it a lot. Much like you, I befriended a very willing partner from dance school. That ended when she had to return home because her mother was seriously ill. I haven't heard from her since then."

"I'm sorry," I said sympathetically.

"It's no problem," Mona assured me. "It was purely sex between Ruth and me. She was my last until today. I guess that's why I am so horny," Mona said as she looked at me and smiled.

"You just stay horny, Love. I am a very amorous person, and you are a very wonderful partner. If you were looking for a new partner, young lady, you can stop this instance. I am applying for the position." They both laughed and hugged each other.

"By the way," I asked with due reservation, "what happened between you and your mother?"

"Nothing really. We just sort of drifted apart, but we still have our private time on occasion. She's an excellent lover."

"I'd love to meet her someday," I said not thinking anything would really come of my remark.

"I can arrange that," Mona said enthusiastically. "I plan to tell her about our meeting today. When I tell her how skilled and wonderful you are making love to a woman, I'll bet you that she would be anxious to make your acquaintance."

"Doesn't she live out of town?"

"Oh no," Mona said. "She lives here in town. It's just that when Ruth and I got together we wanted a place of our own. Mom understood."

"She sounds like a very wonderful woman, your mother."

"I think you'll love her, Nina. Let's arrange a three-way sometime soon, and we can all get to know each other better."

"That works for me," I said trying to hide my reservation of having sex with a mother and a daughter at the same time. But then I thought, why not?

"Okay, now that that's settled," Moan said with excitement in her voice, "when can you and I get together again?"

"You have a class scheduled next week." I reminded her.

"Do I have to wait that long?" she pouted.

"You're a horny little bitch, aren't you?"

"Yes ma'am," she said wrinkling her nose at me.

"Let's go take a shower, and then we will see what we can find for lunch in my kitchen."

"Practice, practice, practice," Mona mumbled as she stretched over and kissed me passionately on the lips.

"You ever make love in the shower?" I asked.

"Ever chance I get." This time she was laying the full length of my body when she passionately embraced me again.

It was a difficult decision to make, but we did eventually manage to work our way to the shower.

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