tagLoving WivesTripping the Switch Ch. 01

Tripping the Switch Ch. 01


We had been married almost nineteen years and for most of that time had a pretty good sex life. Oh, we'd had some earth-shattering moments, particularly in our younger years, but it had settled down into a nice, comfortable pattern of dependably satisfying sex a couple of times a week after the kids went to bed for many years afterward. Usually, the sex would start with some stroking and kissing, then more focused stroking of our genitals, followed by intercourse. Trina always insisted that I cum first. She never was able to orgasm from intercourse and preferred that I use my fingers and a vibrator afterwards. Sometimes, when she was feeling especially wicked and had a few drinks, she would take over use of the vibrator herself and put on a show for me, straddling my upper chest and neck to give me a close-up view.

Trina had always been an energetic, vibrant woman. She was tall, five foot eleven inches in her stockinged feet, blonde (mostly natural) and well proportioned; keeping herself fit with regular aerobic and weight training exercise. Even in her stockinged feet she was a few inches taller than me; in heels she towered over me but I didn't mind - she had great looking legs that seemed to go forever and the heels seemed to accentuate that feature. I felt very lucky to have a wife that really took care of herself. Even after two kids, she still had only a slightly fuller figure than she'd had in her twenties. So many of my friends' wives' had really let themselves go to pot after they had kids, packing on the pounds, becoming matronly long before their time. It was no wonder so many of their husbands developed a wandering eye.

The pattern of our sex life began to change a few years ago. As the kids got older, they started to go to bed later, leaving Trina and I with little time during the week to get frisky before she was just too tired to go at it. In fact, as the kids got older and stayed up later, Trina seemed to reach her time of being too tired to play earlier and earlier. Eventually, the weekday window of opportunity disappeared completely. Our sex life was reduced to once a week and sometimes even less when various life events happened - the kids would have friends sleep over during the weekend or we would have family stay over. The every week play seemed to slip almost imperceptibly into twice a month; and then just once a month or less.

I talked to Trina many times about how our sex life seemed to be slipping away but it didn't seem to bother her. The fact that it didn't seem to bother her really bothered me. It seemed there was always a reason she could find for not having sex. Either she was too tired or too distracted by some concern. Lately, there seemed to be a lot of physical ailments that seemed to crop up just when it seemed we could have some together time. There were headaches, sinus infections, cramps and yeast infections (yuck!). In the last few months, she seemed to always have a bladder infection which she blamed on our having sexual intercourse and she complained of dryness and chafing no matter how much lubricant I used.

The last couple of months, she complained so much about how dry and painful it was to have intercourse that our sex life was reduced pretty much to hand jobs since she didn't like to perform oral sex. I suggested anal sex, something we had done before and she seemed to enjoy if she's had enough to drink before hand and she kept a vibrator pressed tightly against her pussy, but lately she refused, protesting that I was too big for her and it hurt. I had to admit, she probably had a point since I was a little larger than usual but not huge. Still, I persisted since the hand jobs didn't do much more than relieve the sexual tension briefly. She wasn't very good at it - the lack of enthusiasm was apparent; often I had to end up just getting myself off.

Finally, she went to old Doc Palmer, her gynecologist for twenty years and got herself completely checked out. The results came back several weeks ago. She was informed that she had very low hormonal levels - she had pre-menopausal low levels of estrogen and her testosterone was so low that it was practically nonexistent. Trina told me that the low level of estrogen was causing her vaginal dryness and chafing during intercourse. She also told me that Doc Palmer told her giving her an estrogen supplement was out of the question with her family history of breast cancer - estrogen could accelerate cancer growth. But he could give her some testosterone. Apparently, although women generally have a low level of the male hormone, they should have some of it and it's near complete absence probably accounted for her low libido - her lack of interest or desire for sex. He started her on a low dose testosterone patch that day.

This last weekend the kids slept over at their cousin's house Saturday night and Trina and I stayed home and watched a rented movie - a pretty hot little film called "Trois 2: Pandora's Box." It wasn't quite x-rated, but it was about as sexy as it could be without getting the x-rating. My plan was pretty simple. Watch a hot movie with her. Get enough alcohol in her to lower her inhibitions and then convince her to have anal sex with me. The few times she had allowed me through her back door, I'd had incredibly powerful, "blow the top of the head off" orgasms. I wanted that again. And, despite her protestations about my size or pain, she'd still managed to have earth-shaking, body jerking orgasms herself with one of her vibrators planted against her pussy.

With nobody in the house, we were able to get ourselves very comfortable for the movie. I was in nothing but boxer shorts; Trina slipped into a deliciously sexy black camisole, thong panties and sheer, black stockings. Neither of us had any doubt about what this evening was about - and refreshingly, Trina seemed to be about as eager for the night to get started as I was.

Well, over the course of the two hour movie, I had managed to get four shots of eighty proof vodka into her, mixed with sweet lemonade as she munched some extra salty popcorn. Whether it was the vodka or the libido boost from the testosterone patch or some combination of both, Trina was like her old self, very affectionate, and very sensual. We cuddled together on the couch and about halfway through the movie, during one of the hotter sex scenes, I began stroking her long legs through the sheer, smooth black stockings and she began stroking my very hard dick through the thin material of my boxer shorts. By the end of the movie, we were both practically vibrating with sexual tension, yearning for release.

We retired to the bedroom where I had already set out several of her vibrators and a full bottle of lubricant. She seemed a little unsteady on her feet so I supported her with my arm around her waist as we walked down the hallway. She couldn't keep her hands off of me, stroking my member and remarking on how large and hard it felt. It has been a very long time since she had shown me or it much attention. I loved it and silently thanked the doctor for the testosterone boost. We got to the bed and she turned quickly and pushed me down onto it, laughing and giggling like a school girl. I was laughing right along with her as she climbed on top of me until she was straddling my hips with her long legs.

With her long, shapely torso and large, pillowy, "d-cup" sized breast, she was a sight to behold seated astride me. Quickly, she removed her camisole, pulling it over her head and tossing it behind her, then shaking her large mane of blonde hair as she arched her back and thrust her breasts out. Slowly, she leaned over and kissed me, open mouthed, thrusting her tongue deeply into my oral cavity and swiping it all around. She was so insistent and powerful with her tongue thrusts that I couldn't even reciprocate, a little surprised but nonetheless elated that she was so turned on. It was a dream come true.

Trina inched her way up my torso and leaned over further, presenting her white, pendulous breasts for my attention. I didn't hesitate, taking one of her large, spiky hard nipples in my mouth and tonguing it, as I used my fingers to massage and knead the other. A low moan escaped her lips, a type of moan I hadn't heard in a long time. I continued to work one breast and then the other with my mouth, using my hands to provide attention to the other one. She began rubbing her crotch into my belly as I sucked on her nipples. She was completely lost in sexual passion - a condition I hadn't seen her in since the first few years of our marriage. Her eyes were closed, her head tilted up towards the ceiling and the low moans continued as I continued to suck and tongue her nipples and she rubbed her hot crotch against me looking for friction on just the right spot.

She lifted her torso up, breaking the grip of my lips on her nipple and slid herself further up my torso until she was kneeling astride my chest. She was close enough now for me to smell the heavy, musky aroma emanating from her crotch, still just barely covered by the thong panty. It had been a very long time since I had smelled the wonderful aroma of her arousal. Early in our marriage she seemed to enjoy it when I performed oral sex on her. Later, after the two kids, she demurred whenever I suggested it or seemed to be headed in that direction. She was not the slightest bit shy about it this time, sliding her knees alongside my torso until she was positioned right above my upturned face.

I felt her lean over and retrieve one of her vibrators from the night stand. She turned it on, producing a loud hum like the sound of an electric razor. With her other hand, she pulled aside the thin strip of material covering her pussy and immediately placed the tip of the vibrator just above her slit and pressed it in, moaning loudly at the first contact. Her hips jerked immediately, muscles clenching in spasm as a bolt of pure pleasure rushed through her. I heard the loud intake of breath as she gasped, moaned and writhed as she slowly moved the tip of the vibrator around her clit.

"Give me your tongue, Jeff, your tongue, your tongue," she gasped breathlessly as she yanked the think strip of covering panty material widely aside, exposing her glistening nether lips.

I was surprised, even a little shocked by it all. Not in a prudish way, but just so surprised at the power of her sexual response and her desire for oral sex. She had always seemed sort of indifferent to it, even during our hotter, younger years together. Now she wanted it - badly. I was also surprised that she seemed to have trimmed her pussy hairs so they were very short and neat; I think they call it a bikini wax. She had never done that before.

It didn't take me long to respond as I extended my tongue and made a long, slow, lengthwise swipe of her slit. So much for dryness and chafing. She was not just moist. She was wet; dripping wet, her juices covered my lips as I licked. Looking up at her shaking, chest heaving with great gasps of air, perspiration covering the huge globes of her breasts as they swayed with her movement, I couldn't believe just how sexy and arousing the sight, sound and smell of it all. I had never experienced anything remotely like it in our nearly twenty years of marriage; nothing even close.

Suddenly, she rose up, got to her feet, stood up on the bed still straddling my neck and jerked her panties off her hips, allowing them to slide down until they covered my face, the scent of her sex all over it, before lifting it up with her foot and tossing it aside. Again, the sight was something out of a wet dream - Trina, in nothing but black stockings, towering over me, glistening with sweat, chest heaving as though she had just finished running a sprint. Just as suddenly, she dropped back down on her knees, her pussy just above my face. She lowered herself to me until her wet slit pressed itself against my lips. I felt her free hand slipping behind the back of my neck and her other hand lower itself until the tip of the still humming vibrator touched the top of her clit. She jerked forward at the touch and moaned:

"Fuck me with your tongue Jeff - with your tongue; fuck me with it," she whispered desperately as she thrust her hips forward to press herself tightly against my lips.

Again, I was surprised - Trina had never said anything like that before. She had always been so modest and passive during sex, even when we were younger. I didn't know who this new Trina was but I was liking it - loving it in fact. I quickly responded, extending my tongue until it found her love tunnel, then thrusting it in as far as I could. Trina moaned immediately and thrust her hips forward to get as much penetration as she could. I flicked my tongue back and forth rapidly in a fluttering motion and immediately felt her fingers tighten on the back of my neck and then felt a sudden jerk of her hand pulling me tightly to her. I was surprised at her strength. I couldn't breath, she was smothering me but I was so aroused by it all that it was a minute or so before I began struggling for breath.

Trina relented, releasing the pressure on my neck, allowing me to breath a few times before again tightly pressing me against her. Then she began sliding herself up and down against my lips, looking for something, some point of friction or pressure that would send her over the top. I could tell from her rapid breathing and the tension of her muscular legs that she was close - very close. The number of small, powerful spasms increased as she climbed the orgasm ladder, reaching one plateau of intense pleasure after another, as she continued her ascent.

"Suck my clit - suck it . . . suck it, Jeff! She hissed through clenched teeth as she struggled to get enough air to support her exertions.

I found it with my tongue, the hard nub at the top of her slit and slid my lips around it, expecting to have a hard time holding the small, slippery little button between my lips. I was surprised to find her clit was not a small, little nub as I had remembered it from our early years, but a stiff chunk of flesh about half the size of my pinky. It was much larger than I had remembered it to be. Does a woman's clit grow as she ages? I had no idea.

I slid my lips over it and sucked on it, drawing an immediate reaction from Trina who tensed her leg muscles tightly, gripping my head with her powerful hand. I could hardly move but she took over, thrusting her hips forward until the small shaft of her clit had penetrated my mouth before withdrawing her hips, sliding it out until just the tip was on my lips. I pressed down a little harder on the tip which made her squirm and writhe in pleasure. The moaning got louder and then the moans formed into words:

"Oh my God, Oh my God, Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh My Goddddddddddd!

She was thrusting hard now, sliding her clit back and forth across my tightened lips, almost as though she was fucking my mouth with her little shaft. Her juices covered my nose and mouth and dripped down my chin onto my upper chest and neck. She had tossed her vibrator down beside her and used her other hand to grip the back of neck on the other side. Using both hands and her knees she held me tightly in place as she fucked my lips with her oversized clit. All I could do was vary the pressure of my lips and use my tongue to swipe along the sides of the little shaft and around the tip.

She was like a woman possessed, thrusting her hips maniacally until there was a sudden jerk forward as though somebody shoved her hard from behind. Then, her legs tensed until her inner thighs felt like they would crush my skull. Finally, there was a moment's pause before the spasms hit.

"Oh God Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Goddddddd Yesssssssssss! Uggghhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Yesssssssss! Yessssssssssssssssssss!

Trina's body jerked and thrashed like an epileptic in the midst of a Grand Mal seizure. It was as though she had lost control of her body and it was just thrashing around on its own. I had never experienced anything like it - either from Trina or anybody else I had ever slept with. In fact, I'd never heard of anybody having an orgasm that intense or long lasting. She must have shook and shivered and moaned for more than two minutes as she squeezed every last drop of pleasure out of it. It was as though she was making up for nineteen years of missed or incomplete orgasms all in one night.

Finally, she collapsed on top of me. She was very still, eerily still with only the movement of her chest against mine as she breathed deeply my only reassurance that she was okay. Slowly she raised her head and torso from my body, her legs still straddling my belly. She looked down at me, her eyes still a little unfocused when she spoke softly, slurring her words:

"I'll bet Jeffy is just dying to cum, isn't he," she said, her eyes coming into focus as she spoke.

"Ye - yes Trina, I sure am. I'm bursting," I said as I reached around and pressed my rigid, hot shaft against the top of her butt.

"Yes, I'm sure you are, I'm sure you are," she giggled, reaching back around with her right hand to lightly stroke my throbbing member. My body tensed immediately at her touch and I began automatically thrusting up with my hips, seeking friction and blessed relief. She took her hand off my shaft immediately and smiled.

"And I suppose Jeffy would love to have my ass, wouldn't he," she said, her eyes locked onto mine, seeming to look through them, into the deep recesses of my inflamed mind.

"Yes, oh yes, I replied," excited beyond belief at the prospect.

"I'm sure you would Jeffy," she said smiling, her continued use of the diminutive "Jeffy," cute at the start was starting to bother me, but not enough to spoil the moment by saying something about it.

"My ass is hot and tight and waiting for you," she continued in a husky, sexy voice, grinding her bottom into my pubic mound to emphasize the point.

I began to reach around her with one hand, searching for that tight, delectable asshole of hers while reaching for the bottle of lube with the other. I wanted to be inside that tight, little hole now as in immediately. Trina took both of my reaching hands by the wrists and brought them back over my head, leaning forward as she did so until she was pressed tightly on top me of me. She moved her head to the side of mine and licked the crevices of my earlobe with just the tip of her hot tongue before whispering:

"But there are a couple of small conditions, Jeffy," her breath hot and moist in my ear.

"Anything, I'll do anything Trina, anything, anything!" I pleaded, squirming with lust under her.

"Hmmmmmm, guess this would be a good time to ask for a new car, huh Jeffy," she said with a short laugh.

"Oh god - stop joking, I can't take this - what do you want - just tell me, I'll do anything," I pleaded again, not caring how pathetic I sounded.

"Good, good, 'anything,' covers a lot," she said pausing for a few moments and then continuing. "But I have just two little conditions," she said, then slowly swiped her long, hot, wet tongue all along the rim of my earlobe.

"The first condition is that your hands hold onto the bars of the headboard," she said moving my hands up and wrapping my fingers around the vertical columns of the brass headboard of our bed. "If you let them go at any time, everything stops for good - the only thing that will get you off tonight then would be your own hand."

"Okay, okay," I said quickly, "my hands will never leave the bars; I promise," I said pleading with my eyes to hurry up as I took a firm grip on the bars with both hands.

"And the other condition, . . . the other condition," she said, her voice dropping to a hushed whisper as she leaned in against my ear until her lips were just brushing the opening of my ear canal:

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