tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTrish's First Show

Trish's First Show


Currently we are on the road to Milwaukee.The car glides along. Kelli is driving a bit too fast, the music is a bit too loud. No one cares at this moment. We are all singing along to Zebrahead. The wind is whipping through my hair. All I can do is sing and smile. I look at the sights. We finally have arrived in Milwaukee.

Kelli searches for a bit and finds a parking spot near our hotel. We all excitedly walk into this grand place in downtown.It had been a long trip to Milwaukee.The whole way, we had a blast.

Natalie, Kelli and I had been blasting Zebrahead with the top down in our gorgeous silver Mustang convertible. I was in the backseat, singing along, enjoying the sights and the wind in my face. Soon enough, we'd made it to downtown.

The car glides into its space in the lot across te street from our hotel. Kelli, Natalie and I all grab our bags and almost run to our hotel. I walk up to the desk, pay and get our keys. I hand Natalie and Kelli theirs.

We walk to the elevators. I reach out and push the button. The elevator can't come fast enough. Finally ater a long moment, we hear a ding and the doors open smoothly. We all board.

Natalie and Kelli are talking about the concert. I half-hear them, but I am lost in my thoughts. I am surprised when we reach our floor and I quickly exit ahead of Nat and Kelli. I walk very quickly to our room and almost throw open the door in my excitement.

It is a beautiful room. I walk over to the bed nearer the window and put my bag down. I take a moment to walk over to the window and look over the city. It is captivating, but we are low on time.

"I'm going to take a shower before the show." I say, finally tearing my gaze away from the beautiful city lights of Milwaukee. I walk back over to the bed, which is dressed with a gorgeous,brightly colored ,soft spread. I've never been to a hotel that actually has decorative pillows.

I get back to the task at hand. I open my bag and get my outfit for the evening. I will wear an Aeropostale shirt. It is black with a bright pink monkey face on it. I will wear a gorgeous bright pink pleated skirt to match. I find a white thong with a rhinestone heart and a white bra and I'm set.

If I thought the bedroom was nice, the bathroom is just as nice. This place offers shampoo,conditioner,lotion, and shower caps. The soap is such a heavenly ,floral scent. I strip slowly and step into the tub. The porcelain is slick and cold on my feet. I turn the water on slowly so it can warm up.

I notice this shower has a handheld showerhead. I grab it and begin running it over my body. I start with my head and move down. I pause, letting the water play over my nipples until they are peaked. I go down further, letting the water play over my most sensitive area. I bite my lip and moan softly. "Not now.", I whisper to myself. I get back to showering. The steam makes the smell of the soap pervade the bathroom. I slowly wash every inch of myself. I touch up my shaving and I'm done.

I feel a slight chill asI step out of the warm, steamy shower. I quickly grab a fluffy white towel .I begin to rub and dab myself. I watch rivulets of water race down my body. I dry off and dress. I slip my thong on, then I move onto my bra, skirt and finally my shirt.

Once I am dressed I brush my teeth and grab my hair brush. I head out of the bathroom. "I'm done.", i say brightly. "Finally!" Kelli says with a bit of attitude, "I was waiting to flat-iron my hair." I walk out and she goes past me, flat iron in hand.

I find Natalie applying makeup in front of the full-length mirror. I decide to use the mirrored closet door for my purposes. I put in my contacts. Then, I do my mascara and eyeliner. I finish off with cherry flavored lip gloss.

I smile at my reflection, feeling pretty good. Kelli comes out of the bathroom behind me and says," It's almost time to go." This sends Natalie into a bit of a scranble but we are all ready within 10 minutes, looking fabulous.

If we'd rushed into to the hotel, we rushed out even faster. We nearly ran out the door. We did run down the few blocks to the venue.We walked in and made our way toward the front of the crowd.

There was excited talking, laughing and yelling all around us. Then, the lights dimmed. Pandemonium ensued. The opening band got everyone hyped up. Some people who knew them were singing along. Natalie, Kelli and I were there for Zebrahead.

Finally they come out. Justin and Al own the stage. By this time, Nat,Kelli, and I are all the way at the front of the crowd. They start off with some fast songs. When they get to "Rescue Me" Justin looks at me, he walks over and takes my hand. We look at each other and sing. His hand is warm and firm. Not sweaty as I'd excpect. Too soon, he lets go and goes to continue rocking the place.

They finish with "Playmate of the Year"and the crowd begins to slowly disperse.I watch the guys begin to tear down the stage. After a few minutes we exit and wait for the guys outside. Sure enough, Ben and Ed come out and meet us. We all talk pleasantly. We are laughing and joking.

Kelli knows the guys a bit better than we do. It never feels awkward,though. The guys are so open and fun. I look up and see Justin approaching.He's got a bottle of Jack in hand. Our eyes meet for a split second and my heart flips in my chest. I look away and he reaches our group.

Justin livens up the conversation. He's very outspoken and funny. We get to the topic of tattoos. He says "I tattooed an extra inch on my penis."

We laugh and his eyes meet mine again.He gets pensive and intense for a split second while he appraises my body. Inotice him looking, but say nothing. He looks right into my eyes. My heart flipsagain. He says "How old are you?" I look away "Twenty one" I say in an almost half whisper.

I see his eyes still on me. His eyeborw arches almost imperceptibly. I am hard-pressed to believe with Nat and Kelli and random groupies around he is interested in me but Justsin isn'tshy about showing it. After the conversation begins to wane, Kelli and Nat offer to take the guys to get some food.

"Would you like to take a walk?" Justin asks me more earnestly than I would ever imagine. I look into his beautiful brown eyes and squeak out "Sure." We begin walking the streets. We talk about the show. He tells me about his love of music. He offers me a sip of his Jack. I gingerly take if from him. I put it to my lips. The taste of his lips is mixed with alcohol,which is on the strong side.

He takes it back. Before I realize my mistake of not wiping the top of the bottle, he takes another sip. He licks his lips slowly,savoringly. His eyebrow goes up again. "Cherry." he says, smiling at me. I blush like crazy and he laughs. Suddenly he takes my hand and leans down to kiss me.

He moves his lips over mine slowly,,searchingly. Very thoroughly claiming my lips with his lips and tongue. I lightly flick my tongue over his lips. They taste the same as the bottle: a mixture of Justin and the Jack. Before I know it, his hands are on me. He is lightly caressing my back. We continue to kiss. His hand sneaks around to the front, up my side and cups my right boob, giving a light, playful squeeze. I put my hand over his, not knowing if I want to stop him or not. He makes the choice for me.

Justin takes my hand in his and looks into my eyes. "Do you want to hook up, Patricia?" My stomach contracts, I feel my pulse skyrocket. I lick my lips, tasting both of us and cherry-infused Jack.

I regain my composure and I sigh out "Yes, come with me." I'd never done this before. Certainly not in a strange city with a married rock star. I lead him to our hotel.

He playfully pinches my butt. I squeak softly and jump. He laughs. I'm sure he can sense my inexperience in the same way I can feel his assuredness and ease. the elevator comes and I push my floor. As soon as the door closes, Justin leans down to kiss me again.

This time he is a bit more insistent. I feel a bit more urgerncy from him. I feel tension rising. This time it is I who does the butt grabbing. He smirks at me and the bell dings to announce our arrival. I walk in front of him to the room. I can feel his eyes on me. I know he's watching every swish of my skirt, every sway of my hips. It's a palpable energy. We arrive at the room. I turn around to address him "We're here." I oh-so-helpfully say. I turn back tot he door and my hand trembles just a little as I insert the card. I see the green light and hear the lock open. We enter the room.

I move aside to let Justin enter. Then I close the door behind us. I look at his face and notice a feral,primal intensity I hadn't noticed before. He approaches me from behind as I lock the door. He grinds his semi-hard penis into my back as he nibbles on my neck. His hands are running ever so slowly up and down my sides, stopping to lightly cup my breasts at the top. I slowly grind back into him. He is noticably harder and he lets out a soft exhale that I feel on my neck and ear. He nibbles my ear, then he flciks his tongue over my earlobe. He turns me around to face him.

He looks into my eyes and says with a husky voice "Are you ready for this?" "I have to tell him now." I think and aloud I say: "Justin, I'm a virgin." I cringe inwardly as I await his response. He takes my hand and says :"Are you serious?" I tell him I am, but I still want to do this.

By the looks of the front of his shorts, he does too. I release my hand from his and rub the outside of his shorts. His penis is warm and pulsating. I involuntarily lick my lips and I meet his gaze.I run my hands over his stomach as he unzips his shorts.

They fall to the floor with a soft whoosh of the fabric and a clink of the metal. He looks at me and nods toward the bed. He goes, I follow. He sits on the bed. "Let's see what you're bringing, Trish." he says in that mischeivious way of his, but mixed with lust.

I can't wait any longer. I put my fingers around his shaft through his boxers. I slip it out through the opening. It is throbbing. It is warm and solid.I lick the tip slowly.Around and then gently I lick the slit. He slightly moans and shudders. I look up at him and grin. "Are you ready?" I can't help but ask, smirking.

I put his dick back into his boxers and he lifts his butt off of the bed. I put one hand on each side and slowly tug them down. I toss them where his shorts are. He looks at me, and I stand up. I slide his shirt up and kiss his stomach as I go. It goes up over his arms effortlessly and comes off.

For a second I just take it all in. Justin is glorious. He's more well defined than his baggy shorts and t-shirt would have you believe. I lean down and kiss him. His hands go up the back of my legs,and the sneak under my skirt. He gives my bare butt a quick smack and then makes a light growl.

He caresses my backside as we continue to kiss. I break away first. "I'm not done with you yet." I say huskily and much more confidently than I feel. I very slowly begin to kneel again.I kiss his neck, giving him a light nibble. I tweak a nipple and then lick it.

Then I'm in front of him again. I wrap my fingers around the shaft. I go very slowly up then down. I put the tip in my mouth. I use a light suction for just a moment, still going up and down with my hand. Then, I lean in and lickhisballs. He smells so musky and masculine. Helets out a light grunt of satisfaction as I lightly trail my tongue around his balls.

I tighten my grip on his shaft and then release. I lick very slowly and lightly from base to tip. I flick thetip with my tongue. I take as much of his shaft into my mouth as I can. He leans back on his elbows, moaning. I use a hand to caress his balls. I use a lot of suction and twirl my tongue around as I go up and down his cock. I run my hand up his stomach and tweak a nipple again. He shudders, and he rests one hand on my head, more rubbing my hair than anything.

I continue this, upping my pace. I gently grab his ass and I use my other hand to hold his shaft steady."Oh,Trish."He moans . A minute later he is nearly panting. "I'm gonna come." he semi-gasps out. I take him as deep into my mouth and throat as I can. I tickle his balls and I feel him tense up. "Uhhhh......" he moans as he comes. It flows down my throat. I slowly take his dick out of my mouth. I lick the tip and the slit clean.

"That was incredible."he says,still catching his breath. He takes my hands, lifts me into a standing position,and he stands as well. "Your turn." he says, grinning. He sits me on the bed. I lift my shirt off and throw it onto the floor, as well as my bra. He leans in and nips at my nipple, licking it. He kisses me with a bit of force. He says "Lay back" and gently pushes me down. I shudder from nerves and arousal. I can feel my pussy warm and throbbing. Justin slides his hands up my thighs. He runs a thumb over the outside of my panties and I moan, arching my hips."I'm just getting started, Trish."he grins.

He pulls my thong off and my skirt up. He leans in licking my slit so slowly I shiver with anticipation. He sucks lightly on my labia, sliding a finger overmy clit. "You're already wet for me, good girl." he says huskily as he darts his tongue into my vagina. "Tastes so good". he murmurs. He flicks my clit with his tongue, pressing down. He sucks gently on it. "Oh my God, don't stop." I gasp. He runs a finger up and down my slit,getting it wet. He slips it into me slowly. I can feel myself wrapping around it. "You're so tight." he growls, beginng to move his finger in and out.

He licks my clit some more and begins to move his finger faster. I arch my hips "Justin.." I gasp, throwing my head back against the bed. He keeps up his tempo, working me inside and out until I finally come. I shudder and he gives me a final lick. "Good girl." he says as he stands up. He comes around to the side of the bed. I can see he is still hard.I want nothing more than him inside me.

"Fuck me Justin" I growl as he climbs onto the bed. I scoot up, resting my head on a pillow. I spread my legs as he straddles me. He leans down and licks and sucks my nipples. This makes my vagina clench with pleasure. He reaches down slowly begins sliding his cock into me. The tip meets some resistance but I am relaxed and wet. He slides in so slowly I feel every inch. I close my eyes and arch my back. He kisses me as I moan, catching the sound.

He nibbles then licks my earlobe "You feel so good, Trish" I sigh in pleasure. He thrusts slowly. He fits me perfectly and I arch my hips to meet his every thrust. We gain speed, not carring about anything else but this moment. I run my hands down his back, feeling the muscles working underneath his skin. He kisses me on the lips surpisingly tenderly and lingering, stil thrusting. I moan into his mouth, unable to stop myself. This is better than I could have ever expected.

He continues thrusting, punctuating the thrusts with kisses or licks or moans. I feel myself close to coming. He begins tensing and thrusting faster. We kiss again and he keeps going. I lean my head back into the pillow. "I'm coming" he grunts, exhaling sharply. I feel his seed bathing my insides. Hot and thick. I come hard.

He lets himself fall onto the bed, panting, still partially inside me. I lean in, kissing him lightly. We both pant, catching our breath. He smiles at me as I look into his eyes. "I'm glad you came to the show. This night has been incredible'he says between light pants. All I can do is smile and nod.

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