tagLesbian SexTrish's Place... Ch. 11

Trish's Place... Ch. 11


"Oh yeah, sweetie, just like that...yeah, yeah, that's good, baby, ohhhhh, yeah,just like that, just..., Ahhhhh....." Trish moaned as she continued to grind her pussy against Pauli's mouth, her orgasm causing her body to quake and tremble.

As she fought to catch her breath after that quick climax, Trish could hear slurping sounds from behind her back, the sounds being produced by Ellie who had her face buried into Pauli's wet-no, make that,very wet-pussy.

Trish climbed off of Pauli's face, smeared with Trish's juices, and sort of collapsed onto the bed, next to Pauli, who now had her hands holding on to Ellie's hair, holding Ellie's head to her humping crotch.

Just as Trish was about to reach over to cup Pauli's sweaty breast, Pauli came...her groans seeming to go on forever, her smile becoming broader and broader as she came down from her wild ride.

Crawling up to join Trish and Pauli as they lay catching their breath and composure, Ellie collapsed on the other side of Pauli, her own face smeared with pussy juices.

"Oh, damn girls, but that was fucking great," Pauli said to her two bed-mates.

"You'd think that by now, the three of us would be a bit bored by the all of the fucking that we've done," Ellie opined.

"Speak for yourself, bitch," Trish said, good-naturedly, "I don't ever get tired of good sex with good friends."

"I didn't mean that, Trish," Ellie retorted, "I meant that the three of us haven't really had any 'new stuff', ya' know?"

"It's all new to me," Pauli contributed.

"By now, girly, you're no longer a 'newbie'; you might have started late, but you're fast making up for all the pussy you didn't eat before banging us," Trish said with a grin.

"Yeah, I guess I have," Pauli said with a small giggle, her hands reaching to feel the wet snatches of her two bed-mates...

Winter had come and gone, well almost gone. In the Rockies, Spring snows are common and, usually, heavier. There was a promise of Spring in the air, though, the night time temperatures staying above the thirties for the most part.

After Ellie had seduced Pauli a few months back, it didn't take Ellie very long to introduce her to Trish, and even less time to entice Pauli into a threesome with them. Since that first threesome, they had become a regular thing, the three of them, doing things together other than sex. But, make no mistake, there was a ton of sex between them. And, if one of them was unavailable? Didn't matter, the other two fucked each other. No jealousies, no hurt feelings, just good, body-wrenching sex with each other.

Closing the door behind Pauli and Ellie when they left Trish's house from their last marathon fuck session, she headed upstairs to shower, to freshen herself. If someone was to catch a whiff of her now, they would've thought Trish's perfume to be 'Eau de Snatch'.

Taking the time to think, her second favorite thing to do under a hot shower, Trish took stock of where things were in her life, now.

-She definitely had zero interest in cock. -She definitely had zero interest in men, period. -She did have enormous interest in pussy, however. -She and Jil still managed to get together once a month or so, both taking care of sexual needs as needed when not together; Jil and she really enjoyed each other's company out of bed as well. So, win-win, clearly... -She found a friend and excellent lover right next door to her house. -She even managed to get in a couple of romps with Marge and Beth, her first serious rides on the lady-train.

Ok, she thought, soaping herself, that pretty much sums up my sex life.

-Business was good. No complaints there. -She'd begun taking more time off for herself, and her girls, of course. -Jon's really stepped up to the plate in running her place in her absence which Trish rewarded with a very nice pay raise, along with a few incentives to do a good job. -All good there, so she checked that off of her mental inventory...

So what the fuck is bothering you?, Trish asked herself, knowing something was, but not quite able to get a handle on it, ya know?

Could Ellie be right?, Trish questioned further. Could she be feeling the 'itch' for some strange, for some pussy, heretofore, unknown to her? Something to think about, Trish thought as she rinsed the soap from her body, from between her legs, her hand beginning to lead her to her most favorite thing to do when in the shower...

Walking in without knocking, Ellie found Trish busy on the computer in her home-office. Standing in front of Trish's work desk, Ellie placed her purse on the desk, sighing noisily, as she did so, causing Trish to look up from her monitor.

"What now?," Trish asked, clearly the intent of Ellie's sigh.

"You know how when a guy buys a sports car or some such toy when they hit their forties, people say that they are making up for having small dicks?" Ellie asked, a serious look on her face.

"Yeaah...", Trish replied, drawing out the word.

"Well, what do they say about a woman who does the same thing? Pussy envy? Shallow snatch?", Ellie asked her friend and lover.

"Huh. Never thought about that," Trish replied, really thinking about it, now. As she thought about the question, she glanced back at Ellie who was now smiling like a Cheshire cat, a gleam in her eye.

"What? What'd you do?," Trish asked, a grin creeping across her face.

"Come outside and see what momma just bought for herself," Ellie said excitedly.

Following Ellie out of the side door, to the portico, Trish whistled as her eyes took in the Camaro convertible that sat under the covered space.

Brilliantly yellow, with black accent striping, and with a black top and tonneau cover, the Camaro looked like it was going over a hundred just sitting there, not to mention that the chrome on the wheels was practically blinding to the eyes.

"What brought this on?" Trish questioned as she slowly circled the convertible, admiring it in every way, running her fingers across the smooth, new finish.

"Well, I fell in love with Pauli's VW convertible, but wanted something a bit more macho," Ellie explained, the pride in her new car showing.

"Ya' think?" Trish said, chuckling.

"'Course you know we have to break it in, right?" Ellie said further.

"Break it in? What, you want to fuck me in it?" Trish asked in reply.

"Well, maybe at some point we'll do that but, no, I was thinking...ROAD TRIP!" Ellie exclaimed, almost screaming the last two words.

"When? And, Where?" Trish replied, quickly warming to the idea of a road trip in this bad boy.

"Two weekends from now, leave on Thursday, spend a long weekend in VEGAS, BABY, and back on the following Monday," Ellie explained.

"Who?" Trish asked further.

"You, me, Pauli, and maybe, Jil?" Ellie replied,

"No, not Jil, she'll be in the middle of exams then," Trish explained.

"Okay, then, just the three of us," Ellie responded.

"Vegas, huh?...Fuck it, I'm in," Trish said, clearly on-board with the idea.

Ellie and Trish hugged in agreement, both giggling like school girls at the idea of a road trip.

"Meet me in my garage," Ellie said as she got into her new car to back it out of Trish's drive, and into her own, then, into her garage.

"Your garage? What for?" Trish answered and asked.

"To break it in, before we break it in," Ellie explained with a sly smile, "You did ask if I wanted to fuck you in my new ride, didn't you? Well, I want to fuck you in my new ride," Ellie explained before backing out from under Trish's portico.

Grinning to herself as she made her way next door to Ellie's house, and garage, Trish wondered if she had ever been fucked in a convertible. Sucked a couple of cocks in cars, maybe, when she was doing guys. Didn't remember any convertibles, though.

Deciding that she hadn't, she reasoned that there was always a first time for most everything...

The three friends hit the road on schedule, choosing to leave early that Thursday morning, the plan being to make the 750 mile drive in one day. It was Spring in the city but still cold enough in the mountains that had to be crossed, to prevent them from putting the top down on Ellie's new ride. It wasn't until they reached the Colorado-Utah state line that the temperature allowed for them to lower the top.

By lunchtime, they had put about half of their trip behind them, and since they had skipped any form of breakfast, they were famished. Stopping at the next Utah town that offered an opportunity to grab some food and fuel, they sated their hunger. As they were getting ready to leave the diner, Trish glanced at the gathering angry clouds that lay ahead.

"Might want to put the top back up, sweetie," Trish said to Ellie, "looks like we're going to catch some weather," gesturing with a head nod at the darkening clouds.

"You're probably right," Ellie agreed, the three of them taking off the tonneau cover to raise the top with a push of a button.

Top up now, the trio were back on the road less than ten minutes when the first big drops of rain began to fall.

"Use your fucking cruise control, Ellie," Trish admonished, "We don't need to be stopped by the Po-Po."

Like Trish, Ellie loved to drive fast. The big engine and six-speed transmission of the Camaro made it hard not to drive fast. But, Trish was now rolling a joint for the three of them to share and being stopped for speeding just wasn't a good idea with the smell of herb in the car, Trish correctly reasoned.

"Then, why don't you drive for a bit," Ellie said as she exited suddenly at a rest area on the interstate, "I don't trust myself to drive when I'm smoking weed," explaining further.

The three women quickly used the facilities and, with Trish now behind the wheel, hit the road again, rain pounding the windshield now. Lighting the joint, Ellie took her hit, passing it to Pauli in the backseat who then passed it to Trish, after her toke.

Setting the cruise at three above the limit, Trish let her mind go into remote control, enjoying the mellowness that was taking the three of them into the ozone.

"Where are we?" Trish heard from the backseat as Pauli slowly started waking from her herb-induced nap, Ellie still asleep in the front passenger seat, her head against the rain-streaked door-glass.

"Just leaving St.George, and not far from the Nevada state line," Trish answered with a glance to Pauli in the rearview mirror.

"How far to Vegas?" Pauli asked as she stretched the crampness from her body, her breasts straining against the tee shirt as she did so.

Damn, but she has nice boobs, Trish thought as her eyes took in the sight of Pauli stretching, her nether regions warming in lust, at the sight.

"A couple of hours more, that's all," Trish answered.

"What's the game plan after we get to the hotel?" Pauli questioned, leaning forward between the two bucket seats that was the front of the car so that she didn't have to raise her voice, not wanting to wake Ellie.

"Check in, unload and after that, no plan," Trish answered with her voice equally soft and low.

"Maybe a quick roll in the hay?" they heard Ellie say, her eyes still closed, a small smile on her lips as she slowly started waking.

"Are you ever not horny?" Trish asked, chuckling afterwards.

"Are you complaining?" Ellie replied, her eyes opened now and her body moving to sit upright.

"I'm jus' sayin'," Trish teased her friend.

"I'm horny," Pauli contributed from the back seat, "I'll roll with you, Ellie if Trish isn't in the mood," Pauli teased.

"Ahhhh fuck, I can see a daisy-chain in our future," Trish added.

"What's a daisy-chain?" Pauli asked innocently.

Trish and Ellie looked at each other, both smiling broadly at Pauli's question.

"You'll see," Trish slyly replied...

The girls arrived at their hotel at around seven'ish that evening, their bodies tired from the twelve hour drive. Checking in, the suite was to their liking; large, with a California-sized King bed and a queen-sized pull out available, should it be needed. The bed itself was more than large enough for the three of them, which was the thought anyway. The suite had a wet bar, a spa/hot tub and 2 large showers. Add the walkout balcony and view of the 'strip', our kittens were almost giddy at their good fortune to score such a suite.

Trish actually got the deal for them by talking to the company from which she leased her pool tables and pinball machines at her bar. That company was long-thought by Colorado Law Enforcement to be 'mobbed-up' and, truth be told, Trish would not have been suprised to find that to be the case. She didn't care if they were or weren't; they weren't the only game in town but they had the best lease deals, so that's who she went to when she opened her place.

It's also generally accepted that Vegas had cleaned up its act, that Vegas no longer had ties to organized crime and that the 'mob' influences were gone from the scene in Vegas. Many people chose to believe that.

Many people also believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus...

No matter to the girls what the reason for the great deal they got, thanks to Trish's supplier, they were stoked at their good fortune.

And for them, that was the bottom line.

The girls were all running on adrenalin now, the excitement of having finally arrived, taking over their demeanor. The two showers were quickly used to clean up, to freshen up, to get ready to hit the town. The daisy chain promise to Pauli? Shelved for the moment, but not discarded, no, there would be plenty of time for Pauli's introduction to that sapphic staple.

Cleaned up and dressed, the gals were ready to get a drink, get some food, and check out the strip. Checking each other out before leaving the suite, the general consensus was that they were 'En Fuego', hot, sexy and looking good.

They were, folks, they really were.

Cleavage showing on all three, the gals hit one of the casual lounges in the hotel first, ordering Mojitos to start off their evening from their shapely, skimply-dressed, waitress.

"I'd do her," Ellie commented as she lustfully looked at the girl's firm ass as she left to retrieve their drinks.

"You'd do a fucking goat if you were horny enough," Trish sarcastically remarked.

"While that may be true," Ellie laughingly conceded, "You can't deny that she is very doable."

"I'd do her too," Pauli contributed.

"Remember what I just said to Ellie?" Trish remarked to Pauli, "the same can be said for you too, Ms. Pauli."

Well, that brought about a discussion of some intensity, each of them accusatory of the other two, each of them saying that they were more discreet and discriminate about which women they'd fuck, if given the opportunity. All in good natured fun, of course, none of them taking offense in any way. No, the problem was that none of them noticed that their waitress had been standing there for a while, trying to break in on their discussion to deliver their drinks.

"Oops," Ellie said when she noticed their server standing there, a slight color of blush on her face but also, a whimsical smile on her lips. Setting down the drinks, she left the tab on the table, then stood to leave but hesitated just a bit.

"Ladies, it's none of my business but if it's other women you're interested in, there's a couple of clubs here in town you should know about, that is, if you'd like to," she said, her voice low, meant only to be heard by them.

"Do tell, sweetie," Ellie answered for the three of them, "Care to share those names?"

"I'll write them down for you when I get a sec but I have to go and deliver more drinks first," she said with a smile.

Tossing a ten dollar bill onto her tray for a tip, Trish said, "Yeah, why don't you do that when you get a chance," smiling afterwards.

"My pleasure, ladies," she replied with a short, mock curtsy before leaving.

The girls sat back, took in all of the eye candy walking around the casino, both male and female, sipped their Mojitos and chit-chatted as they did so. Taking advantage of the darkened lounge, Ellie amused herself by sneaking quick tit-feels of the other two when they weren't looking. All in good fun, of course; well, that, plus the fact that Ellie really liked to feel tits. They had discovered, never having really talked about it before, that none of them had the gambling 'bug', take it or leave it was generally their feelings about gambling.

"Ain't no fucking casino ever been built on players' winnings," Trish observed to the other two. True enough was the general consensus about that statement.

Bringing the gals another round of Mojitos, their server, Jen, as it turned out, handed a slip of paper to Trish.

"Those three are, in my estimation, the best of that scene here in Vegas," Jen commented when she handed Trish the paper.

"Any personal opinions about any of them?," Ellie said, flirtingly.

"Check out 'Pussy Galore's' first," Jen replied smilingly to Ellie, "that's my favorite," winking at the three of them, then turning and giving them a world-class view of her world-class ass as she strutted away, a twenty on her tray now as a tip.

"Well, damn," was all that Ellie could say as the three of them stared at Jen's ass.

Downing the second Mojito quickly, they chose a well-known eatery in their Casino-Hotel, all choosing to eat light, not wanting to be 'full', ya' know?

Dinner finished, they opted to take a cab to their first stop, Pussy Galore's, rather than risk a DUI infraction or worse, an accident. Their driver showed no curiosity or emotion when Trish informed him of their destination. Much like New York cabbies, there's very little that would surprise Vegas cabbies.

"Have fun ladies," the cabbie cheerfully replied when he accepted the fare plus generous tip from Trish. The girls had decided that Trish would be the 'banker' of the group. They all input money and Trish simply paid for everthing or charged it to their shared room. Much easier to have just one person handle the funds.

"Wow," they all said in unison upon entering the clearly upscale club/bar, the lights bright where it was needed and softly muted around the large dance floor and sitting areas surrounding the 'activity area' of the large club.

All of the servers were women, the bartenders were all women, and the clientelle as far as they could see, were all women. The only male presence were the two large doormen/bouncers who checked all I.D. at the door.

Led by a young, attractive Asian beauty to a seating arrangement of plush couches, ottomans and chairs enclosed on three sides by clear lucite-type panels, the girls settled into their respective spots from which to observe the world around them.

"Your server will be right with you, ladies," the Asian beauty smilingly informed them.

It was relatively early by clubbing standards, just short of eleven P.M. but the club was filling rapidly, the music enticing women of all shapes, sizes and ages onto the dance floor, the throbbing rhythms bouncing from the walls that enclosed the club.

Our intrepid threesome took turns dancing with each other at times, at other times dancing with women who approached one of them and asked. Oh, of course they were hit upon, they would have been disappointed had that not happened. But, not yet, not quite yet, they had decided. Much too much fun to 'sample' the candy, as it were. No, it wasn't until the time was approaching two in the morning that the trio made their move, so to speak.

There was this one gal, Lori, that all three of our gals had danced with repeatedly. Lori, it seemed, had been pretty much abandoned to her own devices by her 'friend' with whom she had come to the club. Her 'friend' was off in some darkened corner of the club making out with a couple of butch-dykes and so, Lori was just sitting by herself when not dancing with someone. They, well, Ellie really, had convinced her to sit with them in their little nook rather than sit alone at the bar.

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