tagLesbian SexTrish's Place... Ch. 11 Pt. 02

Trish's Place... Ch. 11 Pt. 02


Slowly, Ellie came out of the fog that was her awakening, her head throbbing, a dull ache in her nether regions. Finally opening her eyes, she quickly shut them again, the light from a high sun causing a bit of discomfort.

Oh, the heavy drapes were closed but, still, it was the middle of the fucking afternoon and light made its way into the room, much to Ellie's dismay.

After two or three tries, Ellie was able to keep her eyes open at last. Turning her head on the pillow, Ellie discovered that she was alone in the huge bed.

Huh? Ellie would've sworn that when she finally called 'Uncle' sometime after dawn, their new friend, Lori, was in bed with her. Hearing some noises of awakening coming from the other room, Ellie willed herself from the bed, slowly making her way from the bedroom of their suite.

Standing in the doorway, Ellie saw that Trish and Pauli were in the pull-out sleeper of the couch, Pauli's arm and hand draped across Trish's body. Glancing to the doorway, Trish smiled at Ellie and then grimaced quickly as the throbbing headache made itself known to Trish.

"Fucking Rum," Trish grumbled as she slid her body from under Pauli's arm, "I hate Rum, it always hurts the next morning," Trish's grumbling continued, which caused Pauli to start stirring.

"Where's your new girlfriend?" Trish asked Ellie as she fumbled with the in-room coffee valet to make a much needed pot of java.

"I was about to ask you the same thing," Ellie answered, "She's not in the bedroom or either bathroom," Ellie continued as she checked the second bathroom.

"Oops, here's a note," Trish said when she saw the piece of hotel stationary laying on the counter of the wet bar.

"Had a wonderful time, girls, a really good time, but I had to go and didn't want to wake any of you." XOXOX Lori.

"My jaw hurts," they heard Pauli say as she sat up to wake up, "and my pussy's sore."

"Waaah, waaah; quit your bitching, you didn't complain last night when you were eating pussy," Trish said, teasingly.

"Ooooh damn, my head hurts too," Pauli continued, unfazed by Trish's teasing.

"Welcome to our world," Ellie said, "Trish's right; Rum is some evil shit the next morning."

A lot of aspirin and coffee later, the three braved the bright sun to sit on their patio to complete the wake up process, all of them in some sort of robe or cover dress.

"Now that wasn't a bad first night of a road trip," Trish opined to the other two.

"You're right, but, speaking for myself, I think I'm giving my honey-pot a break tonight," Ellie replied, "I think I'm going to be a good girl, tonight."

"Probably not a bad plan," Trish agreed as Pauli nodded her head to that statement.

"What time is it?" Ellie asked.

"Looks like a little after two," Pauli answered after glancing to her cell phone.

"So, what's up for tonight?" Trish asked her two road buddies.

"Think we can get into a show or something?" Pauli asked.

"Let you know in a minute," Trish replied as she rose to call the ticket desk in the lobby of their hotel, from inside of their suite.

"You looked like you had a good time last night," Ellie commented to Pauli.

"Oh El, I did, I really did, but I'm starting to wonder what will happen after my husband returns from his assignment," Pauli answered.

"Don't get me wrong," she continued, "I really do miss him and having sex with him..."

"But?"...Ellie prompted.

"But, what if it's not enough, now, what if the sex with him is not enough, now?" Pauli replied, squinting against the sun's bright rays.

"Cross that bridge when you get to it; IF, you get to it," Ellie consuled her friend. Yes, Ellie loved sex with Pauli but she truly liked her as a friend and truly cared about her.

"Yeah, I suppose...but, still..." Pauli answered, her voice trailing off as she went to someplace private, inside of her head.

"Any more coffee, Trish?" Ellie called from the patio into the suite.

"Got some room service on the way with more coffee and I scored us some tickets to see 'Blue Man Group' at the eight o'clock show," Trish replied, "Y'all listen for the door; I'm jumping into the shower to get this pussy smell off of me."

"Yeah, well, good luck with that!" Ellie laughingly called back to Trish, the remark causing Pauli to join her in laughing at the truthfulness of the statement...

The girls were good that Friday night. No drinking, no weed, and, suprisingly, no sex for any of them with any of them. They had dinner, enjoyed the show and were asleep by midnight. Boring? Perhaps, but the girls truly needed to get the rest that their bodies craved.

After a leisurely breakfast on Saturday morning, the three hit the spa/gym of the hotel, all three getting in a good workout. Skipping lunch, they opted to sunbathe at one of the pools, laying out in their two-piece suits.

"Get anybody something to drink?," The familiar voice asked.

Raising her head to look, Ellie broke into a big smile, saying, "Well, hey good-looking, what in the world are you doing working the pool?" she asked their server from the other night, Jen.

"They rotate us between the lounges and pools," Jen explained, "fresh faces and all that crap," laughing as she said it.

"So, how'd it go the other night? Get to check out any of the clubs I suggested?" Jen asked, taking a seat on the corner of Ellie's lounger, Ellie flipping herself and raising her reclining chair-back so that she could face Jen as they talked.

"Fucking great!," Trish answered from the next chair, her body still laying face down, back up, her top's strings, undone for tanning purposes, "thinking about hitting it again, tonight."

"Lots of fun," Pauli contributed as she flipped over and sat up in her lounger, her hands holding the cups of her top to her breasts as she did so, Ellie reaching to tie her top's straps.

"Well, good," Jen answered, "Which clubs did you go to?" She asked further.

"Only Pussy's", Ellie said, adding, "Can't imagine the others being any better."

"They all have their niche, I suppose," Jen answered as she stood, "But, I think Pussy's is the best of the bunch; now, anything to drink?"

"Last time we ordered a drink from you, we wound up in a sex orgy," Trish jokingly commented.

"And...the problem is???" Jen joked back.

"Aah, screw it; Mimosas all around," Trish laughingly conceded, "What's the worse that could happen, right?"

The thing about Champagne cocktails is that they taste so good one generally forgets about how many they've had until they've had that 'one' which puts them over the edge.

Not a bad thing, mind you...

"So, what time do you get off?," Ellie asked as Jen set down their fourth or fifth round of drinks on the table in front of the girls, the umbrella shading them from more sun to their reddish skin.

"Depends on who I'm with," Jen joked, in answer, causing all to laugh along with her.

"Want to come out with us tonight?," Ellie asked.

"Love to, but, the 'bosses' frown upon the help partying with guests here at the hotel," Jen explained further.

"Didn't say we had to party at the hotel," Ellie pressed further, "We can party someplace else, maybe one of the other clubs that we haven't checked out yet."

Jen looked at the three of them, as if trying to decide 'something', then, quickly smiling, replied, "Pick me up at eight, and bring your 'A' game," scribbling her address quickly on a scrap of paper and placing it in on the girls' table.

"The only game we have," Trish replied for the trio as they watched Jen strut away from their table, her ass begging to be stroked, it seemed.

"Dibs." Ellie quickly said to the other two.

"Fuck you," Trish jokingly answered, "She's fair game for any of us."

"Maybe, for all of us?," Pauli questioned as her eyes stayed locked on Jen's fine ass...

Trish stopped drinking since it was decided that she'd be the driver that night. Pauli and Ellie had a couple of more Mimosas that room service had delivered as the girls got ready for their night out on the town. Before leaving the hotel, they shared a small doobie to 'take the edge off' and by the time they retrieved Ellie's Camaro from the Valet service, they were all feeling pretty damned good.

Trish plugged Jen's address into the GPS, following its directions to the outskirts of the Vegas metroplex, to a nice ranch-style, single level house, a bit removed from its nearest neighbor by a quarter-mile or so.

"Nice spread," Trish commented as they walked to the door, ringing the bell as they continued to admire the neat, trimmed lawn and landscaping.

"Hi, ladies, come on in, I'm almost ready," Jen said in greeting, "Wine's on the counter, beer's in the fridge, 'kay?", she said over her shoulder while walking down a hallway to the rear of the house.

"Nice pool and hot tub," Ellie commented as she sipped her glass of wine that Pauli had poured for her, looking out into the backyard of the house, a view of the far off mountains as background.

"Thanks," Jen said as she joined the girls, looking spectacular in her tight pants and bosom-hugging shirt, the 'look' producing whistles of approval from Trish and Ellie.

"Why, you silver-tongued devils," Jen acknowledged with a smile, "You do know how to turn a girl's head," laughing along with them, now.

"So do you, " Pauli contributed, "You look great!"

"Love your place, Jen," Trish commented.

"Thanks, we feel fortunate to have found it at such a good price," Jen replied, "But, with the real estate market in the dumper here in Vegas, it was just too good of a deal to pass up."

"We?" Ellie questioned.

"My two house-mates and I," Jen answered, "You'll meet them later, tonight; Now, are we ready to get seriously fucked up?," Jen concluded while producing a pipe and film container of herb.

"My kind of gal," Trish smilingly said...

"Definitely a top-down night, don't ya think girls?," Trish observed, and was answered by an enthusiastic chorus of approval.

Bolstered by Jen's excellent herb, the four gals hit the road back into Vegas with music blaring and shrieks of laughter from all as Jen and Trish shared 'bar-war' stories about customers.

They had drinks and danced for a couple of hours at Pussy's, went on to another of the suggested bars from Jen but found it boring compared to Pussy Galore's crowd.

"Almost midnight, ladies, let's head over to the other place I recommended," Jen said with a bit of a slur, a result of the many beers and shooters that they had. Well, all but Trish since she was the designated driver. Still, she kept her buzz controlled with one or two tokes from a road-roach that she had in her purse.

The 'other place' was a strip club; excuse me, 'Gentlemen's Club', I believe they prefer to be called.

Jen's two housemates worked there; one as a dancer, the other as a bartender. Taking seats along one of the elevated dance areas (complete with pole, of course), they hooted and hollered along with the rest of the crowd as each dancer came on for their set.

They were having a great time, slipping dollar bills into the g-strings of dancers, joking with them, and drinking like there was no tomorrow, except for Trish, of course. All was going well until a woman walked up to them and asked them to quiet down, that they were making too much noise and blocking the view for her boyfriend when they stood to tip the dancers.

Turning to look behind them, the 'boyfriend' was a lot of things but being male wasn't one of them. No, she was a stone-cold butch dyke complete with tats, piercings, and spiked hair. No judgement here; it is what it is.

"Settle down, sugar, we're all here to have a good time...so chill, why don't you?," Trish answered for their group.

"Fuck off, bitch," the woman said rather nastily.

"You fuck off, cunt," Ellie said, standing as she said it, "You're the one getting in our faces; why don't you settle down and rejoin your girlfriend."

"Boyfriend!," the woman screamed, pushing Ellie back onto her seat, which, of course, brought the bouncers moving towards them, now.

Should have ended there but, no, the woman had to take a last 'shot' as she was being led away by the bouncers.

With a flailing free hand she took a swipe at Trish, catching her on the side of her face with a fist, flush against Trish's cheekbone.

That's when the proverbial shit hit the proverbial fan, folks.

Moving quicker than she knew she could, Trish was up and punching the woman, connecting with two quick shots to the woman's nose and cheek, breaking the nose which caused a torrent of blood to flow almost instantly. The 'boyfriend' was out of her seat, charging into the melee, but stopped by one of the bouncers before she could throw a punch.

The bar was in total chaos with cheering, jeering, shrieking, and the like from the other patrons as Trish took the woman to the floor, pounding on her as if a pile of bread dough. Off in the distance, the sounds of sirens could be heard approaching the club...

"Of all the jails in all the world, you just had to get thrown into mine," our four ladies heard as footsteps approached their holding cell at the Clark County Detention Center.

Looking up when she recognized the voice, Trish put her head down, slowly shaking it back and forth.

"Bob, your Bogart impression still sucks," Trish said to the detective standing in front of their cell.

Jen, Ellie, and Pauli looked at the detective, then at Trish, then to each other with raised eyebrows of curiosity.

"I knew you missed me, Trish, but you really didn't have to get thrown into jail to see me," Bob said with a shit-eating grin on his face.

"Ladies, meet my ex-husband," Trish said to her pals.

"Ladies," Bob said with a slight nod of his head, "Pleased to meet you."

"So what do we have to do to get out of here?," Trish asked her ex-husband.

Bob launched into a list of charges, possible penalties if convicted, yada, yada, yada, seemingly having great glee in doing so.

"ROBERT!," Trish almost screamed in the middle of his speech, "Get to the bottom line."

"Oops, she used my formal name, ladies; that means she's pissed," laughing afterwards. Nodding his head towards the end of the cell block, there was a heavy sound of metal clanking and Bob pulled at the cell door, opening it.

"Go on, get out of here before I change my mind," Bob said to the four gals.

Hesitating only a second or two, Jen, Ellie, and Pauli rushed out of the cell with Trish walking out last.

"Seriously? We're free to go?" Trish asked when she stopped to talk with her ex.

"Yeah, you are, Trish; the other woman and her friend are getting the collar on this one; too many witnesses said that she hit you first and you were just defending yourself. Besides, those two are known to us and this isn't their first time being arrested on public intoxication charges. You're also free to press charges against them, if you'd like to," Bob said, his look one of caring and concern.

"Nah, I'll let it go,and....well, thanks, Bob, good to see you," Trish said, placing a kiss on his cheek.

"Good to see you too, Trish, be careful out there will ya?" Bob said as Trish walked to join her friends, waiting at the door to be let out of the block.

Taking a cab back to the club, they were standing by their car as Trish fished for the keys, the other three women staring at Trish, waiting for her to say more.

Looking at them before unlocking the car, she simply said, "It's a long story and I don't want to talk about it, okay? Got it? Now, where the fuck are we going?"

"My place," Jen declared, "All this excitement has me too ramped up to sleep. Let's go back to my place for a drink, and some swimming, okay?"

By the time they arrived at Jen's, false dawn was showing its gray light in the east and the car was loud with laughter at the events of the night.

"Son of a bitch! But that was fun!," Ellie declared from the front seat, laughing afterwards.

"Not so much," Trish declared, "My cheek hurts and I think I bruised my knuckles on that bitch's nose," laughing a few seconds after she said it, bringing on another round of guffaws from the other three.

Laughing like hyenas, they walked into Jen's house, quickly finding booze, and collapsing on various chairs and sofas.

"Well, if it isn't the Fight Club'," Jen's dancer-housemate, Flo, said as she came into the house from swimming laps, drying herself, naked as a jaybird and not caring that she was. Quckly following was Marie, the bartender-housemate, equally as naked as Flo.

"'Sup, Bitches?" Marie jokingly asked, taking a fight stance in front of Trish, then dropping it and laughing along with everyone else at the jest.

They talked for a bit, Flo and Marie staying naked with just towels around their waists, laughing at the events of the past evening, drank some more booze, the laughter not stopping for quite a while.

But, when it did?

To be continued....

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by Bridget6904/07/18

After the laughter...

comes a lot of pleasure, no doubt

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