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Triumph TR-250


I was a lucky man, and while I never really understood what Annette saw in me, I simply took it all in. She had always been what I considered out of my league, way out of my league. While I participated in sports I was also quite naïve and spent a lot of my time reading, studying and writing. The few girls who dated me because I was on he football team soon figured out what I was really like, that is nice, polite and completely boring.

College was not a lot better, especially with the amount of studying I had to do just to maintain high enough grades to keep my parents off my back. I did have one asset and that was the Triumph TR-250 sports car my dad let me take to school. While it attracted attention I really didn't make the connection between this car and Annette. Yeah, like I said, I was naïve and actually thought that one of the girls had finally decided that nice and polite guys just might make for good boyfriends and maybe more.

Perhaps Annette finally got tired of the way the popular guys treated the girls, maybe she saw through the fact that she was only a trophy for these football and basketball heroes or maybe she had just grown up some. Okay, I said I was naïve and I didn't have a clue what was really up when Annette first came onto me. I was also quite surprised how soon after we started dating that she let me... no let's say she encouraged me... well actually she just simply led me into my apartment and fucked me.

We had only had two dates when that happened. The first date I met her at the bowling alley and we bowled, the next date I took her to a movie and stopped at a taco place for dinner. That evening I mentioned I needed to wash and wax my car, as I had promised my dad I would do every month. She offered to come by and help out. Well, we washed the car and then waxed it, hand buffing it to a nice shine.

No sooner had we finished than she took my hand and nearly ran me into my apartment. We didn't even make it out of the living room before we were on the floor, me on my back and she was riding me like I had never been ridden. Though I wasn't a virgin, it was an incredible experience for me for a woman like Annette to even let me touch her, much less slip my cock into her.

As we continued dating, she did some things that surprised me, shocked me even. Once, while heading north on the interstate she grabbed my hand and guided it down between her legs. She was wearing a short skirt and nothing else. I had the top down on the convertible, my fingers pushed deep into Annette's pussy and was hitting ninety-five when I saw the red lights of the Department of Public Safety behind me.

By the time I got pulled over to the side of the road and stopped, she had come once. Drying my fingers off on my shorts, I handed the police officer my driver's license and then waited. After a quick stop back to his car he walked back to us with his ticket book out and my license plate already written in.

"As you know I got you going just over ninety miles an hour and..." he paused looking over at Annette. "...and ah, I will be issuing..." he paused again. I quickly glanced over at Annette and saw her leaned back in the seat and her dressed pulled back just enough to give the policeman a perfect view of her pussy.

The policeman and I watched in stunned silence as she then reached her hand down and began moving her fingers over her clit. Sliding down between her lips, she pushed her fingers into herself and pulled them out, glistening in her wetness. Returning to her clit she slowly circled it with her wet fingers, continuing until she began raising her hips and moaning.

We watched her lift her ass up off the seat and push her fingers into herself as she came, collapsing back into the seat with a loud sigh. Still staring at her, her fingers still pushed into her pussy, the officer said, "I will be issuing a warning for speeding. Please slow it down and be safe. Have a nice day."

The police officer turned and walked to his vehicle as I started the engine and pulled away. Just up the road I pulled into a rest stop and drove to the back of the parking area. Reclining my seat I watched Annette pull off her blouse and bra. She then leaned over, unzipped my pants, pulled out my cock and slipped her mouth over it and began sucking. I couldn't help but notice how, as she sucked on my cock, her breasts were brushing against the stick shift knob.

She continued sucking as her hand stroked my cock up and down so I didn't think any more about the titty fuck she was giving the stick shift, I concentrated on the way her mouth and tongue felt sliding over my cock. Lifting up my hips, I came, spurting my cum into her mouth, which she diligently swallowed, something no one had done with me before.

When we finished, I slipped my cock back into my pants and zipped up my zipper while she pulled on her bra and blouse. As I backed out of the parking space, she asked if she could shift the car. I let her take hold of the stick shift and holding my hand over hers we slowly moved down he entrance ramp, shifting into second gear, then third, fourth and finally fifth gear where I released her hand and pulled onto the freeway.

As we continued dating I noticed a trend where, during the week things were fairly sedate, with some sex, but nothing really spectacular, while on weekends when we would either wash and wax the car, or simply work on it, changing the oil, checking the fluid levels things were different. It seemed as soon as we finished working on the car we could barely get back into my apartment before she was all over me.

Once, after waxing the car, we went inside and as I put the wax away I got some excess on my fingers. Instead of washing it off, I went ahead, got undressed and after kissing and sucking her nipples I kissed down her stomach and then pushed my tongue into her pussy tasting her. After moving my tongue up to her clit, I began running my was coated fingers over her nipples, first one and then the other, all the while I was licking her clit.

She absolutely went wild, pumping her hips, grabbing my head and grinding her pussy against my face as she came. As her orgasm subsided I went to pull away but she pulled my head back between her legs, grinding her pussy against me once again. This continued until she had two more orgasms and I finally broke away, my jaw aching terribly.

Okay, naïve as I was, by that time I began to figure out what was going on here, but hey, while it was my car turning her on, I was getting most of the residual sex from this turn on so, what the hell, I played along. I never really understood how bad it really was until one day, while visiting her at her parents on spring break, her and I came home with everyone gone. It looked like rain and I had the top down so she had me go ahead and pull into the garage.

As we went into the house, she looked at a note from her parents and said, "Let's just relax on the couch, I'm afraid to do anything because they might come home early."

I didn't think anything about it, I simply stretched out on the couch and I guess I fell asleep. I woke up a while later but didn't see Annette anywhere. Looking in the kitchen and the bathrooms I didn't find her so I headed out to the garage. The door was slightly ajar so I crept up and pushed it open far enough to see.

There were no lights on but the sunlight coming in from the glass on the garage door was enough to see her as she was in my car, between the two front seats moving up and down. I was able to move closer without her seeing me because she was so engrossed in what she was doing. I paused and watched as my gear shift knob slowly disappeared into her pussy and then, as her pussy lips stretched outward I saw it reappear, glistening in the dim light.

I just stood there for a while, feeling so very odd. At first I felt a sense of betrayal, almost as if I walked in on her fucking my best friend or something, but then I realized that damn, this was fucking sexy seeing her pussy open and sliding around the knob. Finally resigning myself to the fact she loved my car and only tolerated me, I stepped onto the deck behind the front seats, pulled out my cock and held it up to her mouth.

As she slid up and down fucking my car, I was pushing my cock in and out of her mouth. She came several times before finally I arched my back and spurted my cum into her mouth, which she quickly swallowed. I zipped up and sat down on the back of my car while she continued to pump herself to one more orgasm before she raised up one leg and eased herself off the stick shift.

I sat staring at the glistening knob, wanting to lick the juices off of it as she pulled her panties back on. I was about to lean forward and do just that when the garage door opened and her parents pulled into the garage. Annette waved to them as if nothing had happened, I followed suit and waved shyly.

"It looked like rain so we pulled in, I hope it's okay," I said as her parents climbed out of the car.

"Not, as long as your car is not leaking anything onto my floor," her dad replied.

"Oh dad, his car is perfect. It's wouldn't spill a drop on your precious floor," she said licking her fingers and looking at me.

I ended up sleeping in Annette's brother's old room that night and we headed back to college that next morning. During the entire drive back home, as my hand perspired, I could feel a sticky wetness on the stick shift knob. Holding my hand up to my nose I breathed in her scent and remembered how she tasted when I went down on her.

Over the next few weeks, the shift knob was worn clean and, without a garage and with me keeping the top down most of the time she didn't have an opportunity to fuck my car again. We seemed to be getting closer and closer as the school year passed and I had considered asking her to marry me, but something happened and I learned the true nature of our relationship.

During one of our oil changes, Annette got a bit frisky and I guess I rushed a little failing to get the oil filter fully sealed. We slipped into the apartment for some good sex and later I drove her back to her dorm, but on the way back to my apartment I noticed a discernable loss of power in my car. I continued driving, hoping to get to my apartment where I could check it out when suddenly I heard a loud knocking sound.

Well, I pulled the car over, had it towed to the nearby specialty car dealer and later got the news. A fourteen hundred dollar repair estimate was more than my dad was willing to invest in a car he bought for eighteen hundred dollars. I ended up selling the car for scrap which just barely paid for the towing cost to get it to the junkyard.

While I talked to Annette on the phone over the several days that my car moved from repair shop to junkyard, she seemed a bit distant. I figured she was disappointed that I didn't have a car and we would see each other less. But when my dad got a Ford Gran Torino for me I learned the truth. I took her out for a date in my new, used Ford and she hardly said a word to me all night. The evening ended as she said she needed to go study.

It was then I realized what was happening because she never studied. Every time I called her over the next few days, she was busy and if we talked at all she was very cold. Finally I called and learned her number had changed. Yeah I knew where she lived but I didn't want to humiliate myself more than I already had so I gave up on her.

About three weeks later I got to thinking about the car at the junk yard and realized I really missed that car, not just because of Annette, I missed the feel of it. The way the leather seats felt against my skin, not to mention how Annette's wet pussy would slide over it, the way the wind felt against my face while I drove and the way the stick shift knob felt in my hand.

Thinking about the car, I called over to the junk yard and asked if I could get something out of my car. They explained they had bought it from me, but I convinced them to let me take the stick shift knob just as a memento. I went to my Gran Torino, started it up and headed over to the junk yard. As I pulled in I noticed a small Toyota pull out of the parking lot and I could swear Annette was driving. The Toyota was new so I couldn't figure what she was doing at the junk yard.

After checking in with the owner of the yard, I walked out toward where he told me the car was parked. I walked around all kinds of beat up cars, dodging mud puddles and stray car parts as I meandered through the yard. After walking nearly to the back of the yard I spotted the distinctive wings over each side of the back of the car. The top was up and was showing some wear.

I walked around to the driver's side, opened the door and slipped inside. I had initially put both hands on the wheel but then lowered my right hand down and grabbed the stick shift as if I was about to floor it and race away. The knob was wet and I found my hand coated in the sticky liquid. Holding my hand to my nose I immediately smelled Annette, who had apparently returned for one last fuck.

Taking another deep breath I remembered the time in her parents garage, letting the image run through my mind. Unzipping my zipper with my left hand, I pulled my cock out and began stroking it. While I usually jacked off with my right hand, I held that up to my nose, where I could smell Annette's pussy while my left hand stroked my hard cock. Images of the stick shift slipping in and out of her pussy as she sucked my cock ran through my mind until I finally lifted my hips up off the seat and spurted my cum onto the floorboard between my legs.

After slipping my cock back into my pants, I carefully unscrewed the stick shift knob and held it in my hand. Climbing out of the car I closed the door and ran my hand along it. I then whispered to the car, "Well, I couldn't fuck you the way she did, but I did leave something for you to remember me by." I held the stick shift knob up to my nose, took a deep breath and then walked back though the junk yard.

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