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Trixi Dresses Up


"Here ya go." John said, setting a drink in front of the lady in black. Usually John didn't pick up ladies at bars, but the flapper had a smile and something about her eyes... he couldn't figure it out, but there was something familiar about it. If only she'd remove her mask, not like he had any right to ask, he was also wearing one. He hated it actually. It was his favorite bar, very chill, dark, and cozy. Someone, somewhere in the bar, and rented it out for a costume party and thus, he had to buy a cheap mask in order to come in and have his beer. He guessed that the flapper made it all for not, at least, she had the chance to.


Trixi giggled to herself as John set the drink in front of her. The way he was hitting on her, he must have really had no clue it was her. "Awesome! I can practice my flirting skills. Why not, if he's buying the drinks?" She thought, taking a sip of the fruity drink he sat in front of her. Ah, the green dragon, the mixed drink of champions: tasty and full of alcohol. For once, she was happy she came to one of Grant's parties. Every year a new theme and new place. This small cozy bar was the perfect place for a "Mob" costume party. Although, as she surveyed the scene, the regulars must not have known it was happening and the attendees must not have really looked into the roarin' twenties, for she was the sole flapper in the joint. As she "cheers"ed John, she couldn't help the wicked smile. She thought of her owe cheers, "to a night where fun will be had".


Either it was his imagination or Flapper just gave him a wicked grin. It was time to test the waters more than a flirty glances and drinks.

" Hi. My name is-" John started, but the flapper cut him off by putting her finger on his lips.

" You better not be telling me your real name... not at a costume party. I can't tell what type of Mobster wears a jeans and polo, but I'm excited to hear it." She explained, removing her finger and taking a sip of her drink.

"Um, my name is Al." John responded, remembering the only Mobster from the 20's, Al Capone. "And, uh, my suit got shredded at the cleaners, I barely made it out alive. You know how it is."

"I do indeed." Trixi giggled, that was some swift thinking! Luckily, she had her story picked out way before donning her flapper dress, garter, and yes, flask. "My name is Heather. Nice to meet 'cha. And thanks for the hooch."

"So, Heather, what brings you here?" John inquired.

"My friend has these parties once a year. A theme and a place, everyone wears masks. This year is Mobsters, which I couldn't say no to. And apparently, we have taken over your usual spot for a drink. Sorry."

"Eh, it's fine. This way I meet some people I never would have." John replied.

"I like the way you think. I did it because I get a $100 bar tab because I help plan this shindig. Plus dressing up and being someone else for a night is fun, so now I have 2 times a year to do it." Trixi explained.

"Then shouldn't you be the one buying me drinks?" He asked jokingly. A smile spread across her lips, he could she her eyes crinkle with delight under her mask.

"Of course! Whatcha drinking?" She inquired, and then proceeded to order his whiskey and coke. They both sipped and people watched for a little bit, she leaned into him in order to talk. "Is this what you normally do? Order a drink and people watch?"

"Usually. But normally I don't have a sexy flapper for company, and I hear they are a wild bunch," he flirted, leaning closer so he didn't have to yell.

"Sexy maybe, but wild huh? You haven't even seen my flask." Trixi replied, patting the slightly bulge on her upper thigh. More than anything, now he wanted to see the flask without the cover of her dress. She readjusted herself on the stool and the tops of her stockings came into John's view. The sharp contrast of her black stockings and black dress against her creamy upper thighs had his mind racing.

"I'm sure if I get you enough of those drinks, you will... but if I was a betting man, and I am, I bet that I could get you to show me without getting you plastered." John whispered into her ear. She shivered, placed her hand on his leg and leaned into him.

"Someone is awful cocky tonight." She said, giving his leg a slight squeeze. "Maybe you should start by dancing with me." John's penis twitched to life with her squeeze. He stood up, gently took her hand and started to lead her to the pack of people dancing. On the way, he adjusted himself. Finding a small place in the middle, the only way to dance was to be almost on each other, and still, the people around them constantly rubbed against them like a big clothed orgy. Trixi's hands were dancing above her body as she twisted and moved with the music. John watched for a moment, then placed his hands on her hips and brought her in for some closer dancing.

"I like the way those hips move." He said, turning her, and pulling her sweet ass against him. She immediately started to slightly grind with him, something she normally didn't do, but with the lack of room, seemed more than appropriate. Plus, she knew he was enjoying it, she could just... feel it. John slowly slid his hands down and toward the tops of her thighs. She was really getting into it and grinding all on his package, which was really starting to respond. He decided to just got with it, and when she felt it (because, oh, she would), that he'd let her decide what she wanted to do.

During the next song, she did notice. He tried to keep it down as long as he could, but dead puppies and his old math teacher only could help so much with this little minx's movements. He knew because she jumped away a little and then tentatively pushed back. John couldn't help but moan in her ear. That's all she needed to hear to know it was ok. She turned around and started to dance against him again. John quickly found her ass and started to grab at it. He also toyed with the hem of her dress that she had hiked up during the dancing, mostly to accommodate his leg that was currently pushed between her own. He glanced past her face that was staring up at him, down to her left thigh. The light reflected off of it from time to time, but he could make out the peace sign that was on the side of her flask. Her garter trying with all its might to keep it pined to her leg.

"Guess what I just saw?" John asked closely to her ear.

"Hmmm?" Trixi responded, swaying to the beat and having a grand ol' time dancing against him.

"I'll give you a hint, it brings happiness and peace..." he teased. Trixi glanced down at her flask and smiled.

"I guess you want a drink?" She asked.

"You brought your own alcohol to a bar?" He asked, arching his eyebrows.

"Just in case the drinks were weak tonight," she replied "You can grab it and take a swig. If ya want." John reached for it, but with her nonstop dancing, his hand was swiping air mostly. He grabbed her hip and then slid his hand down her thigh. Trixi arched an eyebrow and he just winked back at her. A smile spread across her face. Once reaching the garter, he slowly moved his hand to the flask, and gently plucked it from its holding area. He quickly unscrewed the cap and took a gulp, letting the liquid slide down his throat. He coughed briefly, the cinnamon catching him off guard. It shouldn't have, it seemed like it would fit her personality. He replaced the top and reached down to place it back under her garter. Her hand brushed his and stopped his movement. She took the flask, not breaking eye contact, and held his hand on her thigh as she took a quick sip, winked and put it back in his hand. He replaced it and watched her lick her lips. He took her hand and lead her to his nook.

John had been going to this bar for a long while. After befriending the bar tender, he told him about the nook. Most didn't know about it and many couldn't find it when they did. Near the back of the bar, right past the bathroom, there was an small space that used to contain a pay phone. Now, all John could think about was tasting the cinnamon from Trixi's lips in that nook. He hadn't used it before, but it was about damn time.

She let out a small yelp when John guided her first into a small, dark old payphone area. She followed it up with a moan as soon as his lips found hers. John's hand had guided her head to his, he slightly pulled on her hair. She responded by slightly opening her mouth and flicking her tongue to his lips. John roughly kissed her back, letting his tongue meet hers. He moved his hands down to her hips and pulled her into him while he stepped forward and pinned her against the back wall. They both disappeared from the view of the other patrons.

Trixi placed her hands on his chest and grabbed at his shirt to pull him harder against her. Then dropped her hands to his waist and snaked them under his shirt. She now roamed over his bare skin and purred. John, loving the feel of her hands on him, made his way to the hem of her dress, lightly playing with the skin just above her thigh high stockings. With no pause, or negative response from Trixi, John moved his hands up to her hips and butt. She was wearing a thong and was hot and wet. She finally broke off the kiss and pushed him back slightly. Disappointment flickered across John's face as he placed his hand against the wall behind her and leaned in.

"That was a nice kiss." John said, nibbling her neck. Another moan escaped her lips and she pressed her body against his.

"It was and now it is time to leave." Trixi's deep, throaty voice floated over to his ears.

"That's too bad." John said, cupping her ass and lightly biting on the other side of her neck.

"Not really." She said, running her hand through his hair.

"Why?" he asked, momentarily stopping.

"Because you're taking me home." Trixi explained. She pulled his head back and planted a quick kiss on his lips, followed by a lick. He watched her pull her dress back into place and adjust her ta-tas. He took this time to adjust his hardening penis.

"Now that, I'll drink to." He said, grabbing her hand and leading her out of the bar.

John took quick strides to his car, Trixi keep up better than most girls. He had a long stride and always walked with purpose. When they reached his jeep, he pinned her against the door, his face inches from hers.

"Are you sure?" He asked, looking her any sign of indecision under the mask.

"Fuck yes," she replied, raising her leg and hooking it around his thigh. "Are you up to it?"

"Yeah, but..." he paused, reaching up to remove her mask. "I want to see the vixin underneath." Trixi stopped his hand that now clasped part of her black mask.

"That's half the fun, though." Trixi responded

"I don't do one-night stands, and I don't take home random women, as much as I want to right now, I can't." John explained, and using all the strength he had in him, he untangled himself from her and stepped back, taking off his own mask. Cold air rushed between them. He watched the flapper smile at him.

"Neither do I." She said, reaching up for her mask. She slowly took it off. John's semihard cock surged to life remembering the last time they saw each other. It was fucking Trixi. He took one step to close the distance between them and replaced her mask.

"It'll still be fun, Trixi." He said, putting his own back on. He opened the door and waved her into the car. Trixi struggled into the lifted Jeep, John enjoying the view up her dress. While assisting her, he liberally grabbed at her ass and rubbed her pussy through her thong. Soon they were both seated and ready to go. "It's not far, maybe 10minutes."

"I vaguely remember," Trixi responded, stealing a glance at John. He smiled and put the Jeep into reverse. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Trixi moving around. He quickly looked over to find her on her knees on the seat, still wearing her seatbelt awkwardly. He cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow. "I'm just going fix a problem."

"A problem?" John asked, putting his eyes back to the road.

"Yup, I feel real bad about it," she explained. John felt her hand on his knee. He couldn't look at her but he could feel her grin. Her hand slowly moved up his leg, lightly brushing over the bulge in his pants. He sucked in his breath as she gave his cock a little squeeze. Hastily, she undid his jeans and gently popped his hard dick out into the cool air. Just as quickly, he saw her duck down and lick the precum off the head. John tried to focus on the road, but it was almost impossible with her warm mouth swallowing him almost whole. Her tongue was swirling along the underside of his penis as she worked him in and out of her mouth. John took a hands off of the wheel and lightly grabbed her hair, pulling her off.

"If you keep that up, we will crash. Period." He explained with a pop of her lips off his cock. Trixi raised her head, just until John returned his hand to the wheel. Then she went back down and gave him a long, hard suck. "God, Trixi. Please." She slowly licked all the way to his tip and gave the head a swirl. Then kissed the tip and shifted back to her seat.

"Fine. You're no fun." Trixi teased. John turned into his drive-way, and hit the garage door button, and pulling in.

"Patience." John said turning off the car and hoping out. Trixi rolled her eyes and reached for her purse when John opened the door. She turned to get out, not knowing he was blocking her way. John pulled her off of her seat and sandwiched her against the car and his body. His lips quickly found hers, her dress bunched up at her waist. He ran his fingers through her hair has he crushed his mouth against her, quickly opening his mouth and claiming her tongue. She moaned into his mouth and grabbed at his shirt. John snaked his hands down her body to her ass, lightly grabbing it. As Trixi spread her legs, he stepped forward and ground his pelvis into hers.

"Hmmmmm. Patience, is a virtue." Trixi whispered. John grunted and picked her up. Trixi squeaked and wrapped her arms and legs around him. As he carried her in, she nibbled at his neck.

"I like that." John said, setting her on the washer right next to the door. "But, I'll like his more." John gently took Trixi's head into his hands and kissed her. He nibbled her bottom lip, letting his hands roam to her shoulders, down her torso, to the tops of her stockings. John played with the lace as the kiss deepened. Trixi's hands meandered up and down his back as his thumbs teased her naked inner thigh. Her breath caught in her throat. John grinned and inched his hands a little higher as Trixi slightly spread her legs. He felt the lace of her garter, and groaned. He had to see it. He broke off the kiss and took a step back. Trixi's eyes were half closed, her mouth plump and reddened from the kiss. She licked her lips has John readjusted his throbbing penis.

Taking her hand he slowly lead her through the kitchen, stopping every now and then for a kiss and a grope. Once reaching the hallway, John pushed her lightly against the wall, kissing her and caressing her chest through her flapper dress. Trixi returned the kiss before slightly pushing him off of her. John watched her take a couple steps down the hall, kicking off her shoes. Her headband soon followed. Lastly, standing at the end of the hall way she peeled her dress over her head and let it drop. John's eyes soaked in her body. From her stocking-ed legs, to the garter on her thigh, to the garter belt holding up the stockings, to her curvy, slim middle, to her breasts that threatened to spill out of her matching bra, and stopped at her finger playing with the white pearls and the look on her face that said "whatcha waiting for, come fuck me."

Luckily, with his long legs, John quickly made it to her and playful pushed her against his closed bedroom door. With one hand on the back of her head, he guided her in for a kiss, while the other hand rested at her hip. Trixi arched into him as he nibbled along her neck. He slowly kissed down in between her breasts. Trixi pulled at his shirt, and John reluctantly stopped his assault to ensure his shirt joined the clothes littering the hallway. He snaked his hands from her waist, up her back. With a quick twist of two fingers, her bra was lose and ready to be removed.

"Someone has had some practice." Trixi offered, placing his hands under her loosened bra. Her hard nipples were rough against John's palms. He roughly pawed at the globes, loving their soft warm feel.

"True, but in my defense, you were wearing far too many clothes and it had to change," John countered, kissing her again. Trixi took this time to trail her fingers down to his jeans and undo the button and zipper. Trixi felt him smile. She pulled away.

"Now one of us has far too much clothing." Trixi whispered, slowly sinking before John. On her way down, John grabbed at her bra, pulling it from her body. Topless Trixi was pushing his jeans to the floor. John let her help remove the jeans from his feet, and enjoyed her nipping at his boxer-clad cock. John used his muscles to make his penis bounce. Trixi tried to catch it with her mouth, but was failing. He giggled at her and soon heard Trixi giggling as well. His feet being free, John bent down and helped her back to standing. "Much better."

"Indeed." John responded, kissing her once more, pinning her to the door. Their tongues swirled around each other as their hands explored each other's torsos. Sneakily, he moved on arm behind her, caressing her back. In a quick motion, his hand jumped to the doorknob and he opened the bedroom door, catching Trixi as she stumbled backwards. "I got ya." John reassured Trixi as she yelped in surprise.

"Only because I'm mostly naked." Trixi countered with a grin.

"That does help." John teased, almost dragging her to the bed. He gently pushed her onto the bed. Trixi quickly pulled her body up so she was resting fully on the bed. She propped herself up on her elbows. John, still standing at her feet, scanned up her body. When he reached her face, Trixi winked at him and motioned him closer with a wiggle of her finger. How could he resist such a blatant request? He quickly climbed up the bed over her body and laid himself on her.

"Mmmmm, warmth!" Trixi whispered with a smile. John matched her smile.

"I do want I can." John whispered back.

"Then show me what you can do." She teased. John lowered his head to kiss her. Slowly, he dragged his hand down her side, causing a trail of goosebumps to form. As his hand rested on her hip, Trixi deepened then kiss, grabbing the back of his head. He smiled and rolled her over so she was on him, without breaking the kiss. John reached down and grabbed her ass, breaking the kiss. He looked at her flushed face, and red, roughed lips. He squeezed her ass again.

"Nice ass." He said plainly. Without responding, Trixi sat up and silently stood up. "I didn't mean to be rude. Come back to bed," he said quickly as she took a step back. Trixi looped her fingers on the sides of her thong and pulled it to her feet. She then reached for her garter to unhook her stocking. "Leave it," John said roughly, grabbing her hand and pulling her on top of him. His hand went for her ass, as she went for his cock. Their mouths merged and tongues danced together.

Trixi snaked her hand under his boxers and stroked his semi-hard penis to life. Taking her idea, John moved his hand in between them and slowly drew lazy circles around her clit. Trixi moved around, trying to get him to touch her button. Within moments she was panting and fed up.

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