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Trixie the Christmas Elf


Standing just inside the entrance of Club M was trixie the Christmas elf. She was a vision of the holiday season from the holly green elf hat on her bright platinum curls to the matching green stilettos that had red satin bows with jingle bells at the heels. In between, she wore a green velvet collar with more golden jingle bells, a holly green corset trimmed in red satin ribbons and matching green panties. The corset had a short, sheer white skirt attached that was trimmed in matching red satin ribbon and more bells. With each movement, she rang with the joy of the season. As she greeted each guest, her deep blue eyes sparkled and her soft, rosy lips curved into a smile. Tonight she handed each Dominant a gift bag willed with things that would be a delight not only to Them but also Their subs. Tonight, Christmas Eve, Club M was celebrating the staff holiday party.

During the rest of the year, Club M was a BDSM gathering spot. Dominants could bring their submissives and slaves here to play, socialize and show off their newest acquisitions. Usually the club was staffed by the very submissives and slave that were guests tonight. Dominants could “loan” their submissives and slaves to the club a couple nights a week to receive a VIP card which gave them a discount on the membership fees and cover charges. There was always a waiting list of those wishing to make such a loan. Tonight the food was prepared ahead of time and served buffet style so each sub could serve their own Masters and bartenders had been hired to prepare drinks. All the subs had helped earlier in the month to decorate the Club in festive holiday style.

After checking with the hostess, Mistress Tala, to make sure all the guests had arrived, trixie began circulating from table to table making sure nothing was needed and singing Christmas carols upon request. She has a lovely voice and a sassy personality. Anything she sang came out beautifully, often with a giggle during the sillier songs. The party was a great success and trixie was right there at the door making sure that everyone got their proper wraps and a cheery goodnight. When the last guest was gone and the door locked, she made her way up the private stairway to the girls’ dormitory. Submissives often spent the night as they would work their days back to back, or their Dominants were not able to pick them up until the next day due to the late hours the subs worked. But tonight, trixie’s footsteps echoed in the quiet as she was the only sub here. Everyone else had gone home for the next 2 days. She removed her costume and hung it up, took a quick shower, then after putting on a nightie, crawled into bed.

He walked through the building checking to see that not only was it secure, but that the cleaning crew He had hired had left everything in readiness for reopening on the 27th. As He reached the top of the staircase, He heard a quiet weeping from the girls’ dormitory. Silently slipping into the room, He saw trixie, lying in her bed, crying softly. Moving to her side, He sat gently on the edge of her bed, startling her. She raised her tear streaked face to Him, her eye glittering with those same tears. She recognized Him as the one everyone referred to as The Money Guy. He handed her a tissue from the night table and asked her what was wrong, brushing a curl out of her face. She told Him it was a long story and He said that He had time.

Sitting up and leaning against the headboard, she began her story. As He listened, He tucked the covers around her so she wouldn’t get chilled. For many years, trixie had been the sole submissive of Master Jamison. He had been her first Master and had guided all of her training. Finding her at a local social club, He discovered her submissive wishes and offered her a place with Him. His last girl had been a disappointment and having released her, He was looking for someone new. The first thing He did was to enroll her at the school of submission for the basics, then He guided her in the way He wished things done. It was a wonderful time in her life, serving her Master and being cherished by Him. Then one day, He had a heart attack and she was thrown out of His home by His family, as she was not provided for in His will. She ended up working back at the social club and going to different munches looking for someone new.

Unfortunately, she ended up with a Master who was inconsistent with His expectations and didn’t understand the difference between disciple and abuse. She never knew how to behave and was often beaten. Then one day, Master Dan took her to club M for a play date and when Lord Henry saw how she was being treated, stepped in and bought her from Dan. Lord Henry took her home and helped her heal, physically and emotionally. They were happy together for close to a year when He lost His job and began having financial difficulties. A few weeks ago, Lord Henry had given her to Club M to settle His debts. So she worked here and loved doing so. She was taken care of, but often felt alone in a crowd. And tonight, in this echoing, empty dormitory, her situation came crashing down on her and she allowed herself a few moments of self-pity.

He listened to her story attentively and then told her that He had been watching her perform her duties at the club. Admiring the way she was dedicated and hard working, He was impressed that she always had a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye. That she was genuinely interested in the patrons and loved her work was very apparent. He went on to explain that not only was He “the money guy” for the club, He was the “M” of Club M, Master Michael. She blushed in embarrassment and He assured her that He preferred to keep His ownership of the club low key, as He didn’t want to be fawned over and pandered to by others. He went on to say that He had intended to give her her Christmas gift tomorrow morning after she had gotten a good night’s sleep. Then, taking her hand and helping her out of bed, He lead her to His private apartments at the end of the hall and seated her on a cushion in front of the fireplace. Moving to the Christmas tree, He found an envelope with trixie’s name on it and brought it to her.

As she opened it, He reminded her that He had been watching her, but that she had the option of turning down what was in the envelope and continuing her work at the club. Inside was a letter, was a sub contract. She looked at Him and He asked her to become His submissive and sign that contract. Remembering all that she had seen and heard about “the Money Guy”, she nodded tears again forming in her eyes. But this time, they were tears of happiness. He brought her another gift from under the tree. Unwrapping it, she found a slim, black leather collar trimmed in star sapphires with a silver ring with 2 silver tags. Looking closely, she saw His name engraved on one and hers on the other. She nodded and He took it from the box, fastening it around her neck. He said they would sign the contract on the 27th, when it could be officially witnessed. Rising to His feet and assisting her up, He said that there was plenty of time over the next 2 days to finish opening her gifts and showing her around her new home. He led her to His bedroom and said that first He wanted to unwrap His gift and get to know His new toy. She giggled and said, “yes, Master” and allowed herself to be guided into her new life.


10 years later, we see her wrapped in His arms in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve. He has just placed a new collar around her neck which had become a Christmas tradition. But now that collar had 5 tags, one each with His name and hers, and 3 others with the names of their children. They now had a home instead of the cozy apartment over the club and they knew that tomorrow morning would be the happy chaos of their children opening gifts. But each Christmas Eve was for the 2 of them, and He would lead her to His bedroom to unwrap His gift once again. A very Merry Christmas indeed.

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