tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersTrixie's Chastity 02

Trixie's Chastity 02


Tammy, the maid took me away to shower quickly in an upstairs bathroom. I was only given about 3 minutes to scrub off the caked on sperm from the guests at the party, then Tammy helped towel me off and completely re-do my makeup.

Goddess had packed a dark brown wavy wig that gave me a secretary or teacher look, but the navy pleated skirt was short enough to show my garters and tops of the dark sheer stockings. Three inch sensible pumps and a semi-sheer black blouse easily showed the lacy beige bra now holding my 38DD cup boobies.

I was led to a side door where a limo was waiting with Lance and the other 3 black men that had just used my body in their dungeon. We were waiting for my Goddess to refresh herself, I was told by Lance. He also told the others, who were arguing about who was going to get the first blowjob while we drove to the Arcade across town, not to mess up my face. "Fuck him if you want to, but don't be gettin' your jizz all over my new leather seats. And Dina wants him looking like some thrill-seeking amateur whore tonight", he warned them.

The driver opened the door next to Lance, and handed in Goddess (my wife).

She was dressed in the same style as she'd given me, but her outfit was much more conservative. We might have been co-workers out for a troll on the town with four giant black men, but close-up, I looked like the horny slut ready for anything.

When we arrived at the dimly lit adult toy store and arcade, two of the men went in to have a look around, and speak with the owner. The came back out and led me through the store, one holding each of my elbows as they slow marched me to a curtained hallway in the back.

There were doors in the dim red light, and a few were closed. I was led into one near the back that had a bench, cheap mirrors on the walls, and holes. There was a cock sticking out of one of the holes, and big black hands pushed me to my knees before it. " You know what to do, bitch." He said, as they closed the door and locked it from the outside.

It took about 5 minutes for the guy on the other side of the wall to shoot his load in my mouth, and just as I was glad I've swallowed it all, Goddess and Lance entered my little 6 by 6 foot room. Lance had a small video camera running and Goddess gave me my instructions:

"Trixie, it's now 5 minutes to midnight. You will be here for at least 4 hours sucking cock and getting all that tasty sperm you love so much. One of the people from our car will be with you at all times to supervise your skills, enthusiasm, and eagerness to please me, your Goddess.

Anyone that is in this room with me is allowed to fuck you. You will swallow all of the cum that you can from the cocks at the holes. Anything you can't swallow must be spit or collected in this bucket. But you WILL try, my little sissy slut husband."

She put a gallon plastic pail on the floor, and then another cock came thru the hole, so I had to take it in my mouth as she lifted my short skirt, pulled my red panties down off my legs, and then gave my cock cage a little pull.

"Can't have Trixie the whore getting a stiffy while she's working, can we? Have fun, faggot. This movie is going to make a mint. Not to mention my share of the half we get from the store owner for your whoring tonight.

Believe it or not, after the men in the store saw you come in looking all innocent and cheap, your price went up to forty dollars for a glory hole blowjob. At this rate, we'll be able to get you some real titties and hormones."

Hormones? For me? I was still trying to deal with what was happening to me right now, when the cock in my mouth erupted a small geyser of thick, ropy sperm. I caught as much as I could, swallowed, and let the rest drip off my chin into the pail.

I was scared, this slave thing was already moving way too fast, but my wife (Sorry, my Goddess???) wanted to put me through a sex change? Just because I liked wearing her clothes?

Lance set the camera on a tripod, pointed toward me, turned on a bright set of overhead lights, and left the room. The bright light really showed off the dinginess of the booth. There were stains and crude writing on the walls, but the mirrors were fairly clean.

I heard later that this booth was sort of a 'studio' for amateur porn or friends of the owner to use for special occasions. I wondered how much time I'd spend on my knees in this place before Goddess relented, promoted me, or killed me.

I had fantasies about being used as a sissy whore in my crossdressing past, but this was really getting to me.

I was scared, sore, and tired. But I was also thrilled, horny, and feeling so feminine.

This had been a daydream several times for me, but now it was my reality. And I really liked feeling this way. I liked serving cocks, and I liked being told to do it.

I just wished I had a say in the matter. So I tried to be a good slut on his knees in a glory hole, and sucked penis after penis for 4 hours that night.

I wanted my Goddess to find a better use for her slave boy husband. I was going on trust that she would relent if I played her game. She'd told me she wanted enthusiasm, so I went to the other hole and looked out. There was a guy visible in the light from a video screen, so I asked him to let me have his cock. It was so short it barely gave me anything to get my lips around through the thickness of the half-inch wallboard. But he gave me my reward quickly, and another dick was coming through the first hole. The minute my lips touched it, he shot his wad all over my face and hair. I tried to scoop it into the pail and lick off what I could, but I was a stick mess already.

"That's perfect," Lance said when he came back into my booth.

"I got the guy out of the other booth, so things should be pretty constant real soon. I'm gonna take the whore out for another tour of the store. There's got to be at least forty dudes out there. I'll give 'em a look at what they're gonna get, and the price will go way up for the ones that don't want to wait all night."

He took me by the arm and led me around the store aisles and out for a stroll on the sidewalk. You didn't have to be very close to see the jizz in my dark wig, on my blouse and tits, and on my skirt.

A few guys groped my ass or tits as I was led back to my work station for the rest of the night.

Over the next hour or so I blew several guys that stuck their dicks in my booth. On the average I was getting a load every 1 to 5 minutes. But as time wore on, the effort was really making my jaw ache. My knees, back and neck were getting very stiff, too.

There was about an inch on sperm pooled in the pail. I was swallowing all I could, and wondered if I could feel it sloshing around inside of me.

One of the black men came in the room, paused the camera, and put in a new dvd disc.

Goddess pulled the plug out of my pussy, and rolled a condom onto his cock after I kissed it hard for them. His large black penis pushed into me fairly easily after my earlier training tonight, and he sawed that meat pole in and out of my asscunt as I sucked one cock after another coming my way.

The man fucking me pulled out of me abruptly, and moved to stand over my head as he stripped off the rubber and shot a gooey wad onto my forehead and in my eyes while I was gagging on a monster in one of the holes.

When the guy in my mouth came, I was flooded. I tried to eat some, but managed to get my head over the pail in time to catch most of the excess.

This man left the room, and another one of them came back in to get close-up video of Goddess taking my gaping ass with a larger than last night's strapon. This one was also black and about 10 inches long and over 2 inches thick with big ropelike veins on it. I could see the other end of the big dildo nestled inside her delicious slit behind the studded black leather harness. I hoped her end was as big as mine was, because she really needed to relax.

I guess she might have had penis envy after playing with the boys from the Hood at the dungeon earlier.

As she slid it into me she said, "I picked out this one from the store just for you, honey. I don't want you getting torn up by the big surprise you have coming later. Don't worry, my little pet whore, the other 3 men we came with are all going to have a turn fucking you so we can keep you nice and stretched out."

My wife fucked my sissy cunt while I blew still more cocks in front of me. My stomach was full of sperm. I still had hours to go.

One by one, the rest of the men took my ass as it seemed like I sucked every dick in town, twice.

I was aching all over and my hose was torn and sticky with semen. My wig was becoming a hard shell or crusted jism, and my bra was sloshing.

Goddess stuck her big hard rubber cock in me again for the camera. Another guy I hadn't seen yet came into the booth with us. He was a tall slim black man, and my wife pulled her cock out of my boycunt and shoved it into my mouth so I couldn't protest when I saw the size of this new monster.

This skinny dude's dick was at least 11 inches long and as thick as my wrist, and it looked flaccid.

I knew what was coming my way and tried to protest, but the big strapon filling my mouth gagged me as Goddess slapped my cheek hard. "Take it faggot. Take this big cock and make us feel like you want it. Do you want to spend the next month in this booth? Or do you want to show me you will do what I tell you?

I think Mr. Big here will tell us all a lot about you. A good slutty whore slave would want all the cock she can get. You're not getting tired, are you, honey?"

She let go of my head, but I knew she wanted to be in my mouth when he rammed that thing inside me. She had been stroking him hard, and guided him into my open rosebud bareback.

I was so stretched out from getting buttfucked at least 15 times already tonight, and it didn't hurt nearly as much as I expected. I just felt...Very full.

Fortunately, Mr. Big was very gentle, and it only hurt when he slid the last few inches into me. Lance was now in the room, working angles on the video camera as I got spitroasted by a cock the size of a fire extinguisher and my wife's giant double strapon.

As I endured what I hoped would be the biggest penis I ever saw, Goddess yielded my mouth to two new cocks at the holes. I sucked the smaller, and stroked the bigger. They came almost together, and I swallowed more while letting more drip into my pail.

Mr. Big picked up his pace fucking me, gripped my hips tightly, and shot pulse after warm wet pulse of semen deep into my guts. He just held it there inside me, and I felt him convulse with each throb of his nuts.

When he eased out of my ass, Goddess ordered me to straddle the pail and let the creampie run out of me. All this happened as I serviced two more dicks orally.

Mr. Big left after I cleaned his giant softening prick with my tongue, and let in a dumpy fat guy. He was the owner of the store, and just pulled out his unit and jerked off on the side of my face.

I thanked him, and Goddess told me, "Well Trixie, you've been a very naughty slut, but I think that deserves a reward. So, instead of keeping you here for another 40 minutes to finish your shift, I think we can shut down the line now. Good news my little sissy fag, there are only nine more guys to go.

I knelt there with my eyes nearly stuck shut, and thanked her.

Lance laughed. I wanted to cry, but in a twisted way I was also happy. I wondered what the record cum loads in a bukkake was, and wondered if I was close.

This was being recorded, after all. And I truly believed that I needed to be the best sissy whore I could be, if I wanted any mercy from my wife.

I finished off the rest of the cocks presented to me, and then was led out into the store again. There were a few men hanging around. The store was open 24 hours, but my booth had been shut down for the night.

Lance spoke with the store owner, and I saw cash change hands while some of the sperm dripped off of me and some dried in onto me, feeling crusty and slick.

I smelled terrible, and I learned that the reason we were waiting was to have one of Lance's pals bring my car to the store so I wouldn't ruin his limo on the ride home.

Someone poured about 3 quarts of sperm from the pail into a gallon jug.

A few of the guys in the store took cellphone pics of the glazed whore waiting to be told what to do next.

Finally, at about 5AM, Goddess gave me my car keys and told me to drive home. I was to put the sperm bank in the freezer, bathe, and sleep in my cock cage.

Goddess would be over sometime tomorrow while I cleaned the house to give me further instructions on the rest of my training as her willing sissy cuckold slave.


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