Troi & Crusher


Deanna Troi lent forward, her stomach muscle's tensing up under her lycra top. Troi enjoyed using the Enterprise gym, especially when it was just Beverly and her, they had shared a lot and they could really express themselves when working out, grunting out loud when the exercise got to much.

Troi and Beverly had been friends for many years now, both sharing a special relationship. Both Troi and Beverly being the love interests of the two commanding officers on board the Enterprise. Troi had helped Crusher develop her masturbation techniques after the captain had declined her advances, although Troi knew the captain fantasised about Beverly a lot. She often felt his eroticism when he was alone in his quarters, although that was one secret she would never let out.

But when they were working out, they were not the ship's doctor and psych, they were not the desired love object's of the captain and the first officer, they were two firm friends trying to keep their wonderful figures. Troi had always been burdened by her mother to maintain the perfect figure, despite attracting many of the males on her home planet, and now on the ship. But she never understood why Crusher worked out so much. Despite being a mother and approaching middle age, she had a wonderful figure, one which the captain, understandably, lusted after.

But Troi knew Beverly's secret, one which she had tried to kept hidden from her, even knowing Troi's mental powers. After her husband had died, Beverly had lost all interest in men. She had been with one or two a few years later, but Troi knew Beverly had grown fond of nurse Ogawa, upset when she had got married. She would have thought that the doctor was a homosexual had she not also had feelings towards the captain.

As Troi lent forward, her face was only inches from Beverly's ass, from here she could see a line of sweat soaking into the material, pulling the lycra costume up into Beverly's crack. Whether the doctor didn't realise Troi's position or did, Troi heard, and smelt, a little fart escape from Beverly's ass, the smell sweet yet tangy. Troi, for reasons she would later think about, inhaled the smell, sucking in the first taste of another women's fart.

Beverly stiffened, feeling the fart escape. She turned her head, hoping Troi hadn't seen or heard what she had just did. She was a little taken aback when she saw Troi still in her stretching position, her face only an inch from Beverly's ass, a smile on her face and her nose pushed forward. Had Troi just smelt her fart?, Beverly thought.

"Perhaps we should try Worfs throwing techniques" Beverly suggested, turning her head back and walking to the centre of the blue mat, noticing, to her surprise, a look of disappointment on Troi's face.

Beverly, like a lot of the male crew members, had lusted after Deanna at some point. Troi had been there to listen to her problems, she knew Beverly so intimately, so it was only natural that she wanted to return that closeness. In fact Troi had been the reason she had started to question her sexuality, wondering if, perhaps, a women's touch was better than a man's. But Troi was in love with Riker, so she knew that they could never be together.

"His throwing techniques?" Troi asked. Beverly nodded, watching Deanna approach her, not realising that Troi was sensing Beverly's arousal as the situation developed. Troi stopped and turned in front of Crusher.

Crusher stepped forward and pushed her body against Troi's, feeling her heat beneath the lycra suit. She wrapped her right arm around Troi's neck, simulating a position of danger on Troi's life. She pulled Troi tight against her, her large breasts pushing into Troi's back.

They stood silently like that for a moment, Troi feeling Crusher's hot breath blowing against the back of her neck. Deanna, being a betazoid and a highly sexed being anyway, was staring to become aroused herself, seeing the attraction of homosexuality. Crusher knew what she was doing, holding Deanna so close to her body they were almost together. To break the situation, Troi elbowed Crusher in the stomach, loosening the grip, and allowing her to flip Crusher over her shoulder, landing her on the mat.

Troi stood grinning as Crusher chuckled to herself, obviously unaware Troi had been practising her self defence moves. Troi reached for an imaginary phaser when Crusher kicked up, knocking the pretend weapon away and sweep kicked Troi's leg's with the other.

Troi fell forward, landing on top of Beverly, knocking the wind out her.

"Beverly, are you alright?" Troi asked, taking hold of her head, her long brown hair flowing down and mixing with Crusher's short, blond own.

Crusher would never have imagined being in this position, her body pressed tightly against Troi's. The lycra material so hot and sweaty, their tits were almost touching each other, Troi's soft hands holding Beverly's head. The doctor hoped that Troi wouldn't recognise the wet patch forming near her pussy was her own pre-cum.

Crusher opened her eyes, staring up into Deanna's. What was a moment, felt like an eternity as two close friends shared the same thought, what if we took this relationship the next step further? Beverly reached up and pushed her right hand into Troi's brown hair. She took hold of Troi's head and pulled it slowly downwards, leaning up.

The two women's lips met, both tasting a member of the same sex for the first time. The kiss continued for several moments before Troi pushed herself off Beverly's body, retreating into a corner shaking. Crusher closed her eyes for a moment, tasting Troi on her lip's, licking them clean before standing and walking slowly towards her friend.

"I can't believe you just did that" Troi said reaching for a gown, desperately trying to cover her skin tight costume to stop Crusher seeing any more of her.

"Deanna, that felt pretty mutual" Crusher said, stopping in front of Troi and reaching forward, rubbing the back of her neck where she knew one of Troi's arousal points was. Troi, briefly, moaned, her body collapsing nearly collapsing into an orgasm before she remembered that Beverly knew a lot about Betazoid physiology, enough to make Troi orgasm with just a touch. She pulled away, tightening the gown around her body.

"Come on Deanna, your species is such a highly sexed race anyway. Why else would you come to your wedding's naked?" Crusher asked. Troi backed away, leaning against the wall. Beverly stepped forward and gripped the edges of the robe, pulling it open slightly. She pushed her hand in and gripped one of Troi's breasts, feeling her nipple start to stiffen under her touch.

"Beverly don't" Troi pleaded, feeling her pussy start to juice as Beverly continued to manipulate her nipple. Beverly pushed her other hand into Troi's robe, moving it down over her body and taking hold of Troi's ass, tightening her grip and pulling her body against her own.

Beverly looked lustily into Troi's deep brown eyes, feeling the obvious arousal that Troi was emitting from her pussy. She lent forward, kissing Troi on the cheeks, on the neck, then down to her mouth, kissing Troi's soft lips until Troi responded, kissing back, their tongues finally meeting.

Troi's hands moved up Beverly's body, lifting the edge of Crusher's top, and moving her hands into Beverly's clothes, feeling her hot clammy skin, noticing that Crusher wasn't wearing a breast support. She moved her hand around Beverly's body and touched her first female breast, noticing, like her, that Crusher's nipple was erect to her touch.

Crusher sighed and moaned under Troi's touch.

"Doctor Crusher, please report to sickbay" Crusher's comm. Badge stated. She released her kiss, clear rationality suddenly returning, realising the position she was in with her best friend. Troi pulled her hand clear of Beverly's breasts, the doctor's sweat dripping off her hand. Crusher took the hand and sucked the finger's clean, never loosing eye contact with Troi before she turned, straightening her top, and leaving the gym.

Beverly had been called to treat a visiting alien, one who, as it turned out, had himself been sleeping with a male crewmember. When the male crewman had cum, ejaculating onto the alien, the semen had acted as an acid, burning against the alien's skin. Crusher, being aroused, couldn't help but think about that this example of homosexual sex between two alien males had ended so badly. While only moments earlier, she had nearly cum on Deanna's hand.

She was sure one of the female nurses had noticed her aroused state when she walked into sickbay, her skin-tight costume exposing her erect nipples. Crusher, being so turned on, had brushed her hand against the nurse's inner thigh, before walking over to put on her blue medical coat, and treating the doctor.

So now Crusher stood wiping the alien's skin clear of human semen, sterilising the wound until the alien responded, looking up at the doctor smiling. His sex partner stepped forward, dressed in his uniform. He pulled him in and kissed him passionately, crying and apologising that he had caused this pain. Crusher signalled for the room to be cleared.

"Now gentlemen, we need to talk about inter-species mating rituals" the doctor said.

Troi entered her quarters, almost running over to her bed and pulling her trousers down. They fell into a pile on the floor, soaked through with her cum and sweat, her pubic hair's pressed down. She lay back and pushed her hand between her legs, moving her fingers over her pussy, pushing them up into her pussy.

She wanked herself off slowly, quickening her pace as she realised she was so close to cuming on the sheets she would shoot a lot of her cum onto her soaking sheets. She gripped her nipple with her spare hand, rubbing it while masturbating, pulling the nipple away from her tit until it snapped down. As she was about to cum, she heard the door chime sound. It went off again, then twice more. Someone was urgent to get in, and in this position, she was going to risk her position and rank by going to the door in this state.

Crusher was taken aback as Troi opened the door half naked, her pussy dripping sweat and cum, some rolling down her legs and thighs, a bit down her wrist. Clearly, she had been wanking herself off, hopefully over Crusher and the experience they had just shared. Troi's cum dripping hand reached up and gripped her hair, pulling Crusher into her quarters. Before the door shut, Crusher heard a feminine gasp and realised someone had seen her pulled into Troi's quarters.

"Deanna are you sure this is what you want to do?" Beverly asked, feeling Troi's hands begin to pull her top off. Her breasts dropped down, realising this was the first time that anyone had seen her exposed chest, including the slight age lines that were forming on her chest. Troi lent in and held one of Crusher's tits, licking the nipple.

"Shall we sit and talk first?" Deanna said grinning, releasing the breast. Crusher took hold of Troi's hand and placed it back on her tit, feeling Troi's fingers once more begin to rub her nipples taking the other hand and place it on the edge of her trousers.

Troi pushed her hand down Crusher's clothes, feeling the smooth surface. Troi was impressed that the doctor kept her pubic hairs shaved, although she would know that a shaved crotch was more hygienic. Crusher's leg's parted for her hand, allowing Troi to feel her pussy. It was slightly looser, and larger, than Troi's, the effect of giving birth to Wesley. It was slightly like her mothers cunt, one which she had seen many times in her childhood at large family events.

Crusher reached down and pulled her trousers down, standing naked in front of Troi. With the door still unlocked, any visitors now might have cost them both their jobs and commissions. But Crusher didn't care. She was a woman, a human woman who had needs and now this beautiful Betazoid was about to fuck her. Crusher pulled Troi's top off, exposing the alien's large breasts, exposing her brown nipples stiff and erect.

The two friends and officers of the USS Enterprise stood naked and aroused, neither knowing what to do as they were both experiencing each other for the first time.

To Be Continued...

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