tagSci-Fi & FantasyTroll Slave Ch. 03

Troll Slave Ch. 03


The next day Ariel woke Carrie, practically dragging the tired girl out of bed and taking her to the bath. It seemed incredibly erotic, her body was tingling by the time they got out, the way that Ariel's hands had felt all over her...

"What happens today?" she asked as Ariel dried her off.

Grinning, Ariel looked up at her, "Today you start your lessons. By the time you're ready for your defloration you'll know many ways of pleasing males, but you'll still have your maidenhead.... And lucky you, you're going to have the best teacher. Prince Luke."

Carrie's eyes went wide at the thought of taking lessons in pleasing males from that handsome man, "But, I thought that he thought he was above all of us." she stammered.

"Oh he does," snorted Ariel, "But that doesn't stop him from being very talented in bed, and he doesn't exactly get to choose his duties either. Now come on, we have to go meet him."

"But I'm not dressed!" protested Carrie, her modesty was unraveling yet again.

"No need to," Ariel informed her, "No one's going to see you but him anyway."

"That's why I want clothes," Carrie muttered as Ariel steered her down the hall, and the other girl laughed merrily.


Carrie felt very awkward as she stood completely naked in front of Prince Luke, especially because he was still wearing his loin clothe. Circling around her he inspected her completely, silently lifting her breasts with his hands and bouncing them gently, squeezing them to get an idea of their firmness. As his fingers pinched her nipples she felt that stirring in her belly again. He tugged on them, watching her face and she tried to keep herself from moaning aloud.

Over to the side Ariel was sitting and watching, this was the only time that she'd be sitting in, because she'd be needed for today. Kneeling in front of Carrie, the Prince inspected her shaved mound, spreading her pussy lips with his fingers. Biting her lip to keep from crying at this complete lack of modesty, she thought her face was going to explode from her blushes as he pressed a finger into her virgin hole, searching for the barrier. Running his hands over the smooth skin of her legs, he squeezed her upper thighs, massaging the backs of them just under her buttocks.

Walking around behind her he pushed her over and squeezed her buttocks, kneading the flesh with his fingers. Carrie let out a little sob and immediately Ariel got up and came over, kneeling in front of her and holding her face in her hands. Prince Luke ignored the other girl as she whispered to Carrie.

"It's going to get worse in a moment, he has to check your bumhole too." Carrie stared at Ariel in horror as she felt a greasy finger pressing against that puckered hole, "Men like strange things when it comes to sexual pleasures, and our bumholes are tight and warm for them... it will hurt a little bit, and it will hurt when he takes you there and even more when the troll king does, but don't worry about that yet. That's for later this week and by then you'll be more used to it."

Ariel continued to hold Carrie's face as tears began to run down her cheeks as the slick finger pushed its way into her body. There was no barrier there to stop it. Although it was extremely uncomfortable and slightly painful, that wasn't why she was crying. It was just so dirty and wrong, that wasn't a hole that she'd ever thought anyone would want to put anything in - why would they? It obviously wasn't a place to go. As his finger moved deeper she grimaced through her silent tears, her stomach cramping as the digit invaded her body. She felt completely violated.

"Nice and tight." It was the first thing the Prince had said that day, and she felt her chest heave in a sob. Looking up at her pale face, Ariel was filled with pity, and she lifted her lips to Carrie's for a reassuring kiss.

For her part, Carrie was shocked to be kissed by another girl, but there really was something warm and comforting about it and it was something she could deal with better than the finger wiggling inside her ass. So she kissed Ariel back, almost desperately, as Prince Luke pumped his finger back and forth a few times.

Finally the Prince took his finger away and smacked her buttocks so that she jumped up straight again, pulling away from Ariel's comforting kiss. He walked around to the front of her, observing her tear-streaked face. Even though his finger had been removed from her ass, the little hole still felt uncomfortable, as if something was still inside it. She shifted as he watched her, Ariel remaining kneeling.

"We're going to learn about women today," he told her, "Which is why Ariel's here, she's going to be helping us." Carrie wondered what on earth he meant by learning about women. After all, she WAS a woman - and he wasn't! But he continued and she realized to her horror what he meant, "You will be required to perform with another woman on occasion for entertainment, so you need to know what is pleasing to a woman. We're going to practice with Ariel today."

Carrie had heard about women who made love with other woman, and she certainly knew that women slaves had to pleasure the troll females... but she'd hoped to escape that strangeness when she'd been bought for the king. Taking a deep breath she glanced at Ariel. Well, at least she wasn't a troll.

Stepping in front of her, the Prince got her immediate attention as he hefted her breasts again, squeezing the globes gently with his entire hands, "A woman's breasts are particularly sensitive to touch, if you squeeze them firmly and massage them with your hands you'll almost definitely get a response. Also, a woman's nipples are even more receptive," And she almost gasped as he began pinching the tender buds, making her insides quiver with anticipation. He showed her the different ways to play with a woman's nipples, twisting, pinching, tugging and rubbing. Then he did something that made her want to faint with pleasure, he took one of them in his mouth and sucked on it while continuing to play with her other breast.

It was over all too quickly as he pulled away and waved a hand at Ariel, who immediately came forward and took his place at Carrie's breasts. Even though it was a girl doing it to her now, that didn't stop the pleasure. Her nipple felt swollen and tingly as Ariel sucked on it, her other nipple being pinched and twisted pleasurably.

"You can suck on a nipple," he told her, "Or you can bite down gently and use your tongue on it." Ariel bit down on the tender nub and Carrie felt her knees go weak. Eyeing her, the Prince said, "That's enough Ariel, she needs to try it on you now."

Butterflies filled Carrie's stomach as Ariel pulled away, as she looked at the other girls breasts. Hesitantly she reached out towards them and the Prince smacked her on the ass hard, "Hurry up now, we haven't got all day."

They were soft but firm, feeling much like her own. She squeezed them like the Prince had, using her fingers to massage the flesh and then work over to Ariel's nipples. The other girl closed her eyes, smiling in pleasure and Carrie wondered if she had looked like that. Seeing the Prince tapping his foot impatiently, Carrie leaned forward and took one of Ariel's nipples between her teeth. It felt strange to be sucking on another woman's nipple, but she liked the way that Ariel responded; it gave her a strange rush of power... or something. The interesting feeling in her belly had in no way dissipated either.

"Ok," said the Prince, tapping Carrie on her shoulder. She released Ariel's nipples and the other girl sighed happily, her pink nipples swollen on the firm globes of her chest, "Now lie down."

Feeling quite a bit of trepidation she lay on the thick carpet, her belly fluttering as the Prince put his foot between her thighs and nudged them further apart. As he nodded to Ariel she got onto her knees in between Carrie's legs and started licking at the outer edges of her pussy. Surprised, Carrie's hips lifted and she let out a cry, not knowing what was going on.

"One of the best ways to pleasure a woman," said the Prince as if she hadn't made any noise at all, "Is to lick her. You can lick along her thighs, the outsides of her pussy, and then when you get to the inside that's when it feels the best." Ariel was doing everything as he said it, and Carrie could feel that burning need swiftly growing inside her, especially as Ariel's tongue made its way into that wet slit. "You can lick her bumhole..." Carrie gasped, it felt surprisingly good as Ariel's tongue swiped over her little rosebud, "You can stick your tongue inside her pussy. And on every woman there is a little nub at the top of her pussy that likes to be licked, this is a very sensitive spot. Rather like a nipple on her pussy, but much more sensitive." Carrie was going crazy as Ariel continued to lick that little button, the Prince continued, "This button can be rubbed, licked, and sucked on. You can even bite down on it like it is a nipple."

When Ariel's teeth gently closed over that excited organ, Carrie screamed aloud as pleasure washed over her in sudden waves of ecstacy, her body jerking and thrashing as Ariel continued to suck on the nubbin. Standing over them, the Prince watched as Carrie sobbed, that yearning need in her belly finally fulfilled. It had been fantastic. Opening her eyes, she saw him looking down at her, something strange in his expression. Just as quickly it was gone and he was looking at her with his usual impassive expression.

"You just had what we call an orgasm," he informed her, "It is the pleasurable end to sexual encounters. Women don't always have them, and as the Troll King's concubine it will be your duty to make sure that he has his pleasure... you may always get your pleasure later with your servants." Ariel smiled at her from between her legs, a slightly shiny sheen on her lips. "Now it's your turn to try this with Ariel."

Smiling reassuringly at Carrie, Ariel got onto her back, spreading her own legs. Slowly Carrie got between them, looking at that spread pink pussy. It seemed rather strange really. Leaning forward she licked along the outside of the girl's slit, the part that wasn't wet or pink. Even though it wasn't the pink sensitive part, Ariel moaned and lifted her hips. Carrie realized that even though she was very hesitant about all of this, she wanted to do the best she could for Ariel... after all, Ariel had been nothing but kind to her and she had also just sated the hunger that had been raging in Carrie's own pussy.

Looking at that spread pinkness, she saw the little nubbin that Prince Luke had been talking about... but remembering the pleasure of the buildup she decided not to go for that right away. She wasn't feeling brave enough to lick at Ariel's crinkled hole, but she did start licking up and down the girl's slit, tasting the juices gathered there. They were slightly sweet, although a little musky and heavy on her tongue; she liked the way it made Ariel moan though. Licking with more and more enthusiasm she found the hole there that the Prince had spoken of; stiffening her tongue she pressed it into Ariel, wiggling it a little as the girl gasped and moaned.

Watching, the Prince told her, "Since she's not a virgin, you can put your fingers in there too. You have small fingers so I would suggest at least two of them."

Carrie glanced up at him and then looked back at Ariel's flushed face. Taking two of her fingers she pressed them into the hole, feeling the soft, warm, wet squishiness of the inside of her body. It pulsed around her fingers, feeling strange.

"There's a small ridged spot on one of the walls," the Prince continued, "If you rub that it will feel really good for her. As good as sucking on her nubbin." Searching a little, Carrie knew she found it when Ariel gasped and her hips lifted involuntarily. The Prince smiled.

Excited now, at this new knowledge, Carrie rubbed that inner spot, lowering her mouth to continue licking at Ariel's wetness. Feeling the girl's insides tense around her fingers, she finally went for the little nubbin, sucking it into her mouth and nibbling on it. Ariel jerked and convulsed, her pussy spasming around Carrie's questing fingers as she came. Throughout it all, Carrie's eyes glowed with excitement... this was an awful lot of fun for her.

That day when they left the Prince, she thought she saw the same look in his eyes that she had earlier right after she'd orgasmed. But then the door closed and she couldn't see him anymore. His final instructions had been to practice with her servants tomorrow, something that she looked forward to greatly... she wondered if being with Nadine and Kylia would be different than Ariel. At the very least, she was going to get more orgasms of her own, and that excited her. In the back of her head she knew that this was all in preparation for the troll King, but she ignored that in the excitement of the day.

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