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Trolling For Sexy Talkers: Conclusion

byCaptain Midnight©

Rest in peace, Sexxxychat.

As the stroke of midnight began June 23, 2005 Eastern Standard Time, visitors to the Sexxxychat site got a simple message:

"This site is closed."

From postings elsewhere, I've been able to pick up what I think is the story. I know that Yahoo! has banned all sexual discussions from their chat rooms (apparently because children were being sexually solicited online and advertisers were pulling out, so Yahoo! closed the rooms unilaterally).

I wrote to an attorney who posts on Literotica, asking what he knew about the infamous USC 2257. He didn't know much, but referred me to a positing which summarized the points of the code. I'll get to that in a little bit, but I have a question. Did anyone really see this coming? I didn't. I know that the code gave 30 days warning to all the purveyors of nude pictures, but nobody told me and, as we will see, nobody told the people posing for the nude pictures. Not long after the ax fell, I wrote to a friend in St. Petersburg, Russia, who posed for sexxxychat.com herself and knew several other ladies who did likewise. She was at a total loss, trying to contact her Webmaster to find out what had happened.

What are the ramifications? There could be any answer to that. It's most unlikely we'll see sexxxychat.com again. Other sites, I don't know. It's very easy to browse the Web and see sites featuring women. Usually they are somewhat clothed on the main page, but once you go inside you're going to see a LOT of nudity and overt sex. Is this the doom of an untold number of sites? Only time will tell.

One thing that's hard to dispute is that minors certainly COULD access the sites. The various Big Brothers (Government, billing companies and watchdogs-for-hire) can pick up your IP address – the address assigned to your computer's Internet server – with no problem at all. In fact, until you formally joined Sexxxychat and got tokens (a free offer of 25, good for five minutes), your IP number was what showed up on the screen for everybody in the chat room to read. Gee, wouldn't that be great if Johnny Law came knocking on your door and told the householder: "Sorry, but this computer has been linked to 347 adult sites linking to 10,000 more, plus various other sites run by hatemongers, con artists, swindlers, or other folks with criminal agendas." Sure it could happen. All you need is someone accessing those sites.

But who was operating the computer? A grown-up male like me with no children in the household, or some kid just past puberty who sneaked onto the computer and started surfing for Websites? That part is impossible to answer. Anybody can click on a button saying he or she is at least 18 years old, and that's all the screening most of these places need. I suppose it would be possible to identify the individual user by asking him/her questions that fit the person's profile in some kind of database registry, but then it would be limited to the United States of America and to only certain people living there. And imagine what identity thieves would do to certain people: suppose someone stole your identity and used it to access (and post to) sites extolling al-Qaeda or bestiality or pedophilia or Scientology (a pet hate of mine) or heaven knows what else? The more we have to reveal, the more indelible the brand gets.

Another problem comes after you access the site. Are you ABSOLUTELY sure you're doing something legitimate? During several years of surfing Sexxxychat.com, I noticed that very few of the ladies were from the United States. At one point, Sexxxychat was hooked into the girls' rooms at a legal brothel in Nevada, so presumably the talkers were of age. Later, a studio in Las Vegas featured some ladies, probably professional dancers getting some extra money when they weren't on stage. There were a few other American ladies, usually working independently, scattered around the country.

But the vast majority of the women worked overseas: Eastern Europe was by far the most popular; South Asia was second; Brazil had a number of ladies; most recently Venezuela contributed some young ladies. You could look at their bio pages and read their ages. But quick, how many of you can tell a young woman's true age? Gotcha.

I never liked the age of 18 as a mandatory cutoff date for adulthood, especially when the legal drinking age was raised to 21. Not that this is a new feature. Every American war except possibly the ones in Iraq has featured soldiers even younger than that, looking old enough to pass and lying about their ages to go over and get shot. So what's to keep young ladies, especially Third World young ladies, from making a living by showing off their bodies and talking about sex? There might have been some scrupulous Webmasters and studio owners, but I have my doubts as to how many.

And they did show their bodies. Not every young lady showed off her everything, but quite a few showed their nether regions. Some just showed the pubic hair; others showed off their vulvas; a few even gave you a glimpse up inside themselves. This was especially common when a lady was just coming out of a private show, where she would masturbate for a customer. She might proclaim herself extremely horny and ask for another show right away so she could finish what she started.

And the ladies needed the private shows. Every one of them worked on commission. The viewers bought tokens at a minimum of 25 (for five minutes). The price of 25 tokens was $29.75. How much of that $29.75 did a lady keep? Don't know. Betting it wasn't much. And they all did shift work; 8, 10 or 12 hours at a time. The number of days they worked would vary, but it was quite possible that some of the less attractive (and/or blatant) ladies could work a whole day for absolutely nothing, or maybe 15-20 minutes in private. Meanwhile, the customer was out quite a lot of money for very little (the lady couldn't get off in five minutes, and the customer probably couldn't), and probably had Buyer's Remorse as soon as the show was over. If a customer liked a lot of ladies, as I did, he could jump from room to room looking for a lady he particularly liked, one who wasn't busy fending off 50 or so other guys.

Presumably, USC 2257 put Sexxxychat out of business forever. But the ladies didn't know it. I didn't know it. My gorge rises at the thought of the ladies being almost literally out on the street. Besides that, I had befriended some of the ladies (or told myself they were my friends, anyway), and now I can't say nice things to them.

Some people will applaud the demise of Sexxxychat.com. I know at least one person who will on moral grounds, and others will say it helps stop the exploitation of women. True, as far as it goes. But I don't know if it helps out the women all that much, and I really don't know if it will help people's morals that much.

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