I found myself in a place I had ne'er been. I stood, solemn, before myself in the floor length mirror, covered, more or less, in bruises. The sight of them aroused me. Perhaps it was more the reveries which led them to me which tightened my nipples, and made a quick, delicious pull within my womb.

I saw his face in my mind a gleeful smile came to my lips. I couldn't help myself. He was delicious. Everything about him turned me on.

"Thank you, may I have another." He said to me.

I repeated him.

"Louder," He commanded.

I complied.

He punished me with bites and spankings and delayed orgasms. He treated me with delayed orgasms and more bites and more spankings.

He devoured my nipples until I was sure they might bleed. My clitoris is swollen now, and painful, still but I reach for it anyway. I rub it anyway. Hard. Harder. I playback the memory of his assault.

"Do you like that?" He had asked as he slammed into me from behind, my hair wrapped around his hand at least twice. The weight of my upper body pulling my hair, as I struggled to stay upright in the wake of his force, sent waves of delight through me. Goose flesh covered my torso and limbs.

I didn't respond quickly enough and he struck me harder than he had before. I cried out, bucked under the delivery of the next several thrusts, deep and hard, and deliberate. He asked me again.

"DO. YOU. LIKE. THAT?" He plunged in harder and smacked me, harder with each word. I cried out, unable to form speech.

"Yes, Yes. Yes. Yes..."I finally managed, and repeated it with each deep, hard thrust.

I pulled the computer chair out from the desk, and over in front of the mirror. I spread my legs wide, draping each of them over the arms of the chair. I looked at the bruises his mouth had made around my lips and thighs. I saw how much my wetness glistened in the light of the room.

"Do you like that?" He asked moments later, as he was sucking on my clit.

"Yes," I answered, clearly.

"Do you want more?" He asked.

"Please, yes, yes." I answered and he complied.

"Ask me to suck your pussy harder," He said and went back to sucking and chewing on my clit. I ached to have him fill me. I wanted to ask for that too, but ground my pelvis into his face, and pushed down on the back of his head as he bit into me, instead.

"Harder," I said loudly. "Fucking chew harder," I demanded. I lifted my hips harder and swirled my pelvis. He increased his suckle and slid two fingers into me. I cried out and locked my fingers into his hair. He was jerking himself off, and fingering me, hard. I was watching him. He was so fucking beautiful.

"Fucking harder," I said, more because I needed this to be fierce. I needed to expel some emotions. I needed him to do as I asked him. He kept sucking and chewing on my cunt. He kept finger fucking me. It felt so amazingly good. I reached to play with, twist and tug on my nipples. He groaned loudly as I bucked under his mouth. I felt wild.

He lifted himself up and jerked my legs as wide apart as they would go. "Hold them here." He demanded.

I obeyed and he filled me again quickly. He pumped into me several times, then pulled out, refilling me with his fingers. He never let up the rhythm or the strength behind it.

"Oh fuck, yes!" I cried out as he bit my breasts, again and again. Sucking and tugging on my nipples as he fingered me.

"Harder?" He asked as he pulled out his fingers and slipped his thick, hard cock into me again. I was cumming within seconds of being inside of me. He was lifted up high, my legs were still spread wide. He reached to rub my clit and I was instantly plunged into a whole new place.

Remembering the sheer length and girth of him, still feeling him all over me, and all through me; seeing the vision of my wet, red and swollen pussy in combination with all of the little trophies earned through his bites and swats, I felt the fluid inside of me mount up, my toes curled. I held my breath and clenched my pussy tighter as I rubbed harder on my aching clit.

My head dropped back on the chair and my eyes instantly slammed shut. I felt every inch of my body go taught, then the eruption occurred. I opened my eyes in time to see the shiny clear liquid gushing out of me. I rubbed my clit harder, forcing my body to spasm, deepening the effects.

"You are simply amazing" He said as he watched from the office doorway. I smiled, a little embarrassed, but a little exhilarated by the discovery that he was watching me.

"Stand up and bend over the desk. Spread your ass wide for me," He ordered, as he walked in, pulling his trousers down as he approached me. I got up and he immediately guided me down gently to my knees.

"Suck," He said, caressing my face and hair softly. I looked into his eyes before I took him into my mouth and all I saw was love.

So I opened my mouth, taking him in completely to the back of my throat; eyes still fixed on his.

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