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Trophy Wife

byNo Panty Girl©

We were very well off. My husband Ang owned a successful Italian restaurant, which was patronized by several members of the mob.

We had a seventeen-room house in the affluent suburb of town and our neighbors were doctors and business executives. Seventeen-foot cathedral ceilings in the living room and entrance with windows rising all the way to the top. A large master bedroom complete with an en suite bathroom with a whirlpool tub and his and hers sinks.

My husband drove a black Mercedes SL roadster and I had a Lincoln Town Car at my disposal. Unfortunately I had never learned to drive so Angelo employed a live in grounds keeper and chauffer to drive me wherever I desired to go.

Tyrone was a mid-forties black man who was married to our maid Maxine. Tyrone and Maxine lived in the apartment over the garage.

I was Ang's trophy wife. Twenty-eight, five foot six, blonde hair and a figure that turned men's heads. We had met when I worked as a waitress in his restaurant and became involved and eventually married.

I had quickly adapted to being a kept woman.

The only down side was Ang was not exactly any Romeo. He was considerably overweight and as hairy as a bear. Even though he was a big guy his dick was kind of on the short side and he always come before me and left me unsatisfied.

We fucked almost every night but I still felt unfulfilled.

Having a maid and not needing to work myself I tried to keep myself busy doing volunteer work in the local St Vincent de Paul store operated by the church. The store sold donated second hand goods, clothing, furniture, etc.

I would get Tyrone to drive me to the store and drop me off. He would return and the end of my shift and drive me back home. I worked in the store two days a week. This still left me a lot of idle time.

Ang didn't like me hanging around the restaurant, he liked hitting on the waitresses and my being around cramped his style.

It was a hot afternoon in July and I was feeling restless. I called Tyrone and asked him if he would drive me.

I got into the Lincoln at the front door dressed in only a halter-top and pair of shorts. The air conditioning was belching out frigid air and my nipples instantly turned into bullets under my top.

"Where to?" Tyrone asked.

"Just drive out into the country Tyrone." I asked.

Tyrone headed the big black Lincoln down Sulphur Spring Road into the countryside.

Tyrone's conversations with me were always respectful and subservient. He was the hired help and he knew it.

"Is there someplace to swim around here?" I asked Tyrone.

"There's Crystal Lake about five miles from here but you wouldn't want to go there." Tyrone announced.

"Why not?" I curiously asked.

"Some of the fellows swim nude there." Tyrone informed me.

"Let's go there!" I beamed.

Surprised, Tyrone looked at me in the rear view mirror, smiled and accelerated the car.

Tyrone turned off onto a gravel road that disappeared into the Cedar woods and after about five minutes turned into a private laneway that was only two tire tracks into the trees.

After jostling a few hundred feet along the rough path the trees opened into a clearing. On the left side was an ancient log cabin with a completely nude guy lying in a lounge chair out front.

The gatekeeper was a wizened up old guy with a great bush beard and moustache. He looked like someone out of the Charles Manson tribe.

He sauntered over to Tyrone's window and inspected the occupants of the car.

"Twenty bucks." He said satisfied we were no threat to his operation.

"I passed a twenty over to Tyrone which he gave the gatekeeper and we continued into the swimming hole.

Crystal Lake was an old abandoned stone quarry about five hundred feet across and surrounded by a grass border. The water was sparkling blue in the midday sun and looked seductively inviting.

There were about a dozen swimmers already there when we arrived, all were men and like Tyrone warned all were naked.

All eyes were on us as Tyrone guided the car to a spot a discreet distance from the closest swimmer. Tyrone stopped the car and I got out.

The warm sun felt good after the chill of the air-conditioned car. I knew all eyes were on me as I reached behind my back and unfastened my top. I brought the top forward allowing my bare breasts to spill out into Tyrone's and all the strangers' view.

I could see Tyrone was a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable with my partial nudity, after all he had a daughter almost as old as me. Being topless was no big deal, women had chosen to bare their breasts in public for quite some time now and it was pretty well accepted, besides the sun felt so good on my naked boobs.

Tyrone got a blanket from the car trunk and I brought the bottle of chardonnay I had brought along with us. We found ourselves a grassy spot close to the water's edge.

Tyrone spread the blanket and I offered him a plastic cup filled with wine.

It was a glorious day, the sun was shining brightly near its azimuth and the temperature was climbing into the eighties.

"I'm going in the water for a dip!" I informed Tyrone. "Are you coming with me to protect me against the sharks?" I laughed.

I had arisen Tyrone's protective instincts and he suspected the "sharks" I was referring to were the other swimmers.

"I didn't bring any swim suit." Tyrone explained.

"Your underwear is good enough for me." I offered.

Casually I removed my denim shorts leaving me wearing a very skimpy pair of white silk panties.

Tyrone reluctantly stripped down to his briefs. I could not tell how aroused my nudity had caused but the significant bulge of his "package" was impressive.

I only paused momentarily at the water's edge before I dove in. The cool clear water enveloped my body instantly refreshing me. As I surfaced I saw Tyrone diving into to join me.

Tyrone surfaced a few feet from me.

"The water's nice." I said to him.

"Yes." He agreed, I noticed he was staring at the water beaded on my bare bosom.

"You think I got nice tits Tyrone?" I brazenly asked cupping them in my hands and lifting them for his appraisal.

"They are pretty Mam." He offered.

"Never mind the "Mam", you can call me Michelle." I said splashing a handful of water in his direction.

Tyrone accepted my playful challenge and retaliated with a wave of spray in my direction. The horseplay begins as the others watched the young blonde and the black man frolicking in the water.

Our first physical contact was nonchalant, just a casual brushing of Tyrone's arm against my bare breast. As I did not protest Tyrone became more bold in handling my exposed tits. It was not long before he was openly groping them.

Our intimate contact had now definitely aroused Tyrone. I could feel his swollen member brushing against my thigh through his briefs.

"Let's go ashore." I suggested.

As I made my way out of the water I realized my wet panties were now virtually transparent. My pussy was as visible as if I were completely naked.

Tyrone followed me I saw his wet briefs did little to conceal his arousal. His erect cock stood as a mini baseball bat protruding through he wet cotton.

"You look like you are glad to see me?" I joked.

When I said, "see me", I peeled my wet panties down my legs becoming completely naked. I realized the rest of the onlookers were also studying my nudity.

"Want to warm that up?" I invited looking at the tent in his underwear.

"What do you mean Michelle?" he asked not sure of what I was proposing.

"I know a nice warm place you can put that." I suggested.

I had never had a black lover before but had heard all the tales from women who had. "Once you go black you will never go back!" was the popular cry. Judging by what I could see of Tyrone's cock I suspected I knew why.

"I want you to fuck me Tyrone." I brazenly asked.

"Right here Mam?" Tyrone asked unbelievingly.

"Right here in front of all these guys!" I confirmed.

I figured if I was going to be fucked by a black man I might as well make a performance of it.

It was totally out of character for me, I was usually quite conservative. Very few men had seen me naked and no one had watched me getting fucked, let alone by a black man old enough to be my father! Nevertheless here I was inviting my black chauffeur to mount me in public.

Tyrone was still in disbelief but he didn't want to pass up the opportunity to screw me. I figured I better get on with it before one of us backed out.

I took my place on the blanket sitting with my legs open so Tyrone and the others had a clear view of my waiting pussy.

Slowly Tyrone pulled down his wet briefs until is erection sprung out into view. He was standing about five feet away from me but his cock was monstrous. I guessed it was at least eight inches in length and as thick as my forearm. I knew I was in for a new experience.

"I do not have a condom Mam." Tyrone apologized.

"That won't be necessary." I advised him.

I was on the pill so I would not have to explain a black baby to Ang and I knew Tyrone had probably not screwed and woman but his wife Maxine for many years.

I lay back on the blanket and opened my legs even wider.

Tyrone's enormous body blocked out the sun as he crouched over me. I closed my eyes and prepared to receive my lover.

I felt it touch my labia, the smooth cockhead of his black invader. He quickly found my entrance and his huge cock spread my vagina walls as he begin to penetrate me.

There was pain, but it was a sweet kind of pain as he stretched me to new limits.

"Oh God, you're so big!" I cried.

"Am I hurting you?" Tyrone asked.

"It is O.K., I want all of it." I greedily replied.

I never realized a cock could feel so big in me. Inch after sweet inch Tyrone fed his black snake into me until I thought he was going to come out of my mouth!

Finally I felt his ball sack kissing my pussy lips, he was fully in me!

My legs encircled his ebony hips and I clamped myself to him like a leach waiting to suck out his bodily fluid. I gyrated in an effort to excite his cock buried deep in my wetness.

My actions triggered his passion, unable to control his primal instincts any longer he begin to fuck me like the slut I was.

I was totally unconcerned of the audience of strangers watching us as my body writhed like a wildcat under my massive black lover. The inside of my pussy was getting wetter than the perspiration in the valley between my breasts.

"Oh fuck me Tyrone". I cried loud enough for our neighbors to hear as my pelvic muscle contracted on his cock.

Tyrone came down hard driving me into the blanket.

"You like the black cock slut?" Tyrone became the aggressor.

"Oh yes Tyrone, make me come." I submitted to his power over me.

It was the most intense fuck of my life; I was a slave to his black cock.

My vagina walls were so stretched Tyrone's cock almost pulled me inside out on the withdrawing stroked. My hips had to sync with his movements to control the strong awareness of the massiveness of the cock in me.

There was a stench of sex in the air; I was a bitch in heat.

My orgasm hit me like a tornado, lifting me and flinging me into an upward spire of sheer ecstasy unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

"Oh my God Tyrone!" was all I was able to cry as my world spun out of control.

The last sensation I felt was the tsunami of Tyrone's sperm gushing into my throbbing pussy.

I lay exhausted savoring the fullness of Tyrone's cock soaking in the juices of our sex.

Eventually Tyrone withdrew his dripping cock from within me and I bent over him to clean our juices from his cock with my tongue.

I was not aware of the stranger approaching me from the rear. My soaked pussy offered no resistance as he slid into my recently vacated cunt. I was being fucked by and unknown cock whilst I licked clean my black lover's.

I don't know how many cocks used me; it could have been six or seven, each depositing their sperm in the jism soup in my belly. Cocks were offered to my mouth that I greedily accepted.

We were silent on the drive home. I sat in the rear seat of the Lincoln once more the dutiful wife of Angelo Castiglione.

Somehow I knew the relationship between Tyrone and me would never be the same again. We had tasted each other's passion and Tyrone knew now what a slut I was at heart.

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