tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTropical Forest Rape

Tropical Forest Rape

byRonnie 1946©

I was feeling pretty chirpy with myself. It had been a good week on the road. I had picked up excellent orders and was now 60% above budget. It would be a good bonus next month. What’s more it was only 1.30pm and I only had another 3 hours drive to home in Cairns.

It had been raining on and off, as is the want here in the tropics, and it was still very overcast and quite dark for the time of day. It was also still quite wet. Speaking of which, I thought to myself, I will be too unless I can stop for a pee. It was over 50kms to the next town so I started to look out for somewhere to pull over off the road. As is usual you can never find anywhere to stop when you’re desperate to go. At last I spotted an area, looked like a 4 wheel drive off track into the rainforest, and pulled off the road. Better not park across the track, I thought, as I pulled up past the entry, and then chuckled to myself, “You haven’t even seen a car in the last hour dopey”. Besides which, the track looked like it hadn’t been used in quite a while.

As I hastily alighted from my car I felt a little trickle of pee escape from my pussy and wet the crutch of my G string. “Bugger. I’m going to piss myself if I don’t hurry” I thought. I ran down the track a little ways into the rainforest and found a spot behind a large tree. I removed my wet panties and squatted, feeling that wonderful sense of relief as the pee gushed forth from my pussy, and I must confess, the cool rainforest air felt lovely on my naked mound

Just as the last of the water was leaving me, the heavens opened up above, and rain thundered down drenching my clothes, and me, almost instantly. This is the tropics, as I said, and you get used to these sudden downpours. The rain isn’t cold, just wet. So I just finished peeing, stood up, put my G string in the pocket of my wet dress and made my way cautiously back up the track. The rain made my little summer dress stick to me like a second skin but now, with no underwear on, I wasn’t wearing a bra today, and the cool air on my bald pussy, it felt quite sexy and I noticed my nipples hardening. I’m in pretty good shape for someone in their early thirties. Never married, so no kids. I work out a lot so my bodies well toned and firm. It’s not that I don’t like sex that I’m not married. I love it! Just not ready to settle down to house and kids etc yet.

I reached the top of the track and froze.

There was a 4 wheel drive ute parked about 10 metres back from my car. Quickly I noticed there was two guys standing, leaning on either door, plus there were two guys sitting in the front.

The rain was stopping.

I pretended not to notice them and, without appearing to be too hasty, walked to my car. As I opened the door one of the men spoke “I wouldn’t drive off if I were you lady. You’ve got a flat.”

I looked down at the rear tyre and sure enough, to my dismay, it was flat.

“We could change it for ya. For a price.” One of the men said.

I looked over at them. They were a very rough looking group. Unshaven, dirty, unkempt, looked like they’d been working in the forest or perhaps one of the mines. None of them looked particularly friendly.

I smiled at the one that looked the least threatening.

“I’d happily pay for you to change my tyre.” I smiled, and reached in the car for my purse, knowing I didn’t have a lot of cash on me. “Would $20 be enough?”

The one that had spoken smiled back and walked towards me, one of his mates following. As he reached me his hand shot out and snatched the purse from my hand. He upended my purse and the few dollars and change in coins fell to the muddy ground, along with the $20 note.

“That should buy us a couple of beers afterwards” he sneered.

“The price you’re gunna have to pay little slag, is with ya cunt and by the way that dress is stickin to ya, it looks like a hot little cunt. Just the type we like. Doan we boys?”

“Please. Please don’t hurt me,” I pleaded, “I’ve got money in the bank. We can go to an ATM in town and I’ll get you money”.

“We doan wan you money bitch. We jus wan sum hot cunt! An’ yore sum hot cunt!”

He grabbed me under the arms and lifted me off the ground easily. His mate grabbed my legs and they carried me, as I kicked and screamed, to the ute.

“Scream all ya like bitch. There ain’ no ‘ouse or anybody for miles aroun’ ‘ere.” With that he grabbed one of my breasts and squeezed it hard causing me to gasp with pain.

“No bra eh! You’re quite the li’l slag arn ya. See if the slag’s got any nickers on Pete?”

His mate shoved his hand up my dress and felt my bare pussy.

“Na Mac! No nickers an’ a bald cunt.” Pete said.

He then roughly shoved a finger into me. I screamed with the pain.

“Fuck she can scream”, Mac said. Then to me he said “We’re gunna luv hearin’ ya scream as we all fuck ya”, and he squeezed one of my breasts again, but more viciously this time. I screamed again.

“Shut up slag,” Mac said and slapped me hard across the face.

He and Pete through me into the back of the ute, amongst toolboxes, axes, chainsaws, tools and old ropes. I landed heavily, bruising my hip as I hit the floor. Pete and Mac jumped in as the ute started up and headed down the track into the rainforest.

“Mays well not waste any time eh Pete?” and he ripped my dress from my body and threw it out of the ute. “Fuck! She’s got a horny bod ain’ she?”

They both kneeled beside me, staring at my naked body. I tried to cover myself with my hands as best I could but they both just pulled them away.

Pete leaned right over me, his face just inches from mine. He grabbed my hair and lifted my mouth to his and tried to force his tongue into my mouth. I gritted my teeth shut. His hand shot viciously between my legs, his fingers jabbing into my pussy. I gasped and his tongue shot into my mouth.

I bit as hard as I could on his tongue and tasted blood as he yelled. “You dirty fuckin’ slag. I’ll fix you!” His hand closed into a fist. I tried to twist away as I saw his fist coming. Too late. It slammed into the side of my head.


When I came too they had me tied across one of the toolboxes on the ground so my back and pelvic area were clear of the ground. My head was hanging down over the end of the box and my arms and legs were tied apart to some trees and a couple of stakes they’d drive into the ground. I was spreadeagled, a waiting receptacle for their enjoyment.

“You’re awake bitch eh? Let’s get the rules straight ‘ere slag. We’re in charge. We’re all gunna fuck ya ‘til we’re tired of it. If ya behave we woan kill ya. Unnerstan?” Mac asked.

I could see there was no point pleading. I just nodded dumbly.

“Good. So who’s goin’ first?”

Pete came over and dropped between my spread thighs. “Me,” he said, “I wanna eat her cunt.”

His head went done to my pussy. I felt his unshaven face between my thighs then, surprisingly gently, I felt his tongue lapping at my pussy lips. I involuntary shuddered, hoping nobody would notice. They didn’t.

Next I felt a hand turning my face side on, it squeezed my mouth open and a large cock forced its way into my mouth, to the back of my throat.

“Suck this slag, or I’ll jam it down your throat,” someone said.

I started gently sucking on this man meat.

“I said suck cunt or I’ll ram it down ya throat.”

I sucked harder as he pushed his cock to the back of my throat. Fortunately I’m a fairly experienced cocksucker and I took him easily into my throat.

“Fuck. The slag can deep throat. That’s it baby, suck my meat.”

Meanwhile, Pete was really getting into sucking and licking my pussy. He started to apply pressure to my clitty and, in spite of my situation; I could feel an orgasm building. Involuntarily I started to jerk my hips on Pete’s lashing tongue and sucked harder on the cock swelling in mouth.

“She’s a hot little slut. Look at her go.”

The voice came from alongside the owner of the cock in my mouth. I glanced in his direction and nearly fainted. He had his trousers off and was stroking the biggest cock I’d ever seen. It must have been 10-12” long and his hand couldn’t wrap around it.

He must have seen the look of fear in my eyes ‘cause he laughed and said “Doan worry lady. I allas go last so ya nice an’ slippery. It’s easier to stuff me meat in ya!”

I felt the cock in my mouth stiffen, then his cum erupted down my throat. I was about to spit it out and I heard him say “Swallow ya little cunt. Swallow it!”

I did my best to concentrate on swallowing it all but Pete was attacking my clitty with renewed enthusiasm and I felt my body beginning to tremble. I unconsciously pushed my pussy hard against Pete’s mouth as my first orgasm swept over me. Then his mouth was gone! For a brief moment I thought my little bit of pleasure was over then I felt a cock slam onto my pussy. Pete had replaced his mouth with his cock.

My orgasm continued.

The cock in my mouth was withdrawn and Pete had complete control of me now. He hammered his cock in and out of me like a piston and my hips rose up to meet his every thrust. I could feel another orgasm building very quickly and I started to scream as it erupted. Pete stiffened, then thrust as hard as he could up into my pussy, and I felt his cock explode his spunk into my wet and waiting cunt.

“She’s one hot li’l piece a cunt, this one. Who’s next?”

“Please wait,” I pleaded. “You can see I can’t get away, nor would I try. I know it would be futile. But this tool box is digging into my back and the ropes are cutting into my arms and legs. I promise I won’t try to get away but could you please untie me?”

I watched Pete look at Mac, then they both nodded at the other two.

“You’re a red hot root bitch, an’ we aint gunna let ya go ‘til we’re all satisfied. So try ta run an’ yer dead. OK?”

I nodded and felt hands untying my arms and legs. I was hauled roughly to my feet and then pushed face down over the tailgate of the ute. I felt a cock pushing at my pussy lips from behind, it felt bigger than the previous one, then it slid into my depths.

“I love it doggy,” I heard a voice say. “Fuck she’s hot an’ wet.”

“Ya greedy prick. ‘Ow can we get at ‘er mouth when you’ve got ‘er over the bloody tailgate? Ya bloody moron.”

I was lifted effortlessly, off the back of the ute, by the owner of the cock still impaled inside me. He just carried me, draped over his arm, his cock still hard up inside me.

“Put another box on top of that toolbox.” I heard him say.

This was done and I was forced to lay, face down, over the stacked boxes.

The owner of the cock, still inside me, started his methodical assault on my cunt again, his hands grasping my breasts and squeezing them whilst his fingers pinched and pulled at my nipples.

I grimaced with the pain and looked ahead. There was a body with a stiff cock right at my face level. I looked up and saw Mac grinning down at me.

“Start suckin’ baby.” And he pushed his cock into my mouth.

I slid my lips over Mac’s cock and took him ‘til my nose was buried in his pubic hair. Before I could slide my mouth back up the shaft, Mac grabbed hold of my head, with both hands, and started to methodically fuck my face. He held my head steady and pounded his cock in and out of my mouth.

“Suck hard ya little cunt.” I heard him say. “Wrap those lips tight aroun’ it and SUCK.”

I did as I was told and sucked as hard as I could. My head was buzzing and I was feeling very dazed from the assault on both my pussy and mouth. The cock raping my pussy was quickening in tempo, viciously pounding my depths. I felt him stiffen and roar as he unleashed a torrent of spunk in my cunt, his fingers clutching my breasts and his nails cruelly digging into my flesh.

Mac continued his fucking of my face and I felt his cock swell in my throat, then he too unleashed a torrent of spunk down my throat. I struggled to try to swallow it all, fearful of his reaction if I didn’t succeed. I managed to swallow most of it with just a little trickle escaping and dribbling down my chin.

I was left hanging, in a semi dazed state, over the boxes when I heard a voice say; “Now it’s my turn. Put ‘er on ‘er back guys.”

“OK Johnno. This I gotta see,” Pete said.

As I was lifted to my feet I saw the owner of the voice with his huge erection in his hand.

“Oh no! Please don’t try and fuck me with that thing! It’ll rip me in half!”

“Well it’ll jus’ ‘ave ta rips ya in ‘alf then, cause ya gunna git it right up that li’l hot cunt of yours,” Johnno snarled.

“Please. Please don’t!”

“Shut the fuck up or I’ll knock ya out an’ still fuck ya anyway!”

“Oh please. If you must do it, can I please ease it into me? I promise you’ll still enjoy it, maybe even more.” I pleaded.

He looked at me and begrudgingly said, “OK. But this better be good or you’ll wish ya had’n been born.”

“It will be. Trust me. Just lie down on your back please.”

Johnno got an old blanket from the ute, spread it out and lay down on his back, his cock sticking straight up and pointing to the sky.

I walked over to where he was laying, put my feet either side of his body and lowered myself to his cock. I could hear the others lewd comments as my pussy got closer to his weapon.

“The slag’ll neva fit it in.”

“Not many ‘av.” I heard another say. “’Cept that ‘hore from Cairns an she squealed like a stuffed pig when she did.”

Raucous laughter all ‘round!

My pussy lips touched the huge knob and I wrapped my hand around it as best I could, trying to lubricate the head with the cum oozing out of me. I slid the huge head backwards and forwards over my cunt lips, squatting lower to ease the monster into me.

Just as I started to ease myself down onto it, the head beginning to spread my cunt lips, Johnno’s hands grabbed me by the waist and slammed me down onto his monster cock.

It ripped up into me, the pain excruciating!

I screamed with the agony. My head began to spin, spots appearing before my eyes. I kept screaming as I felt myself beginning to lose consciousness.

I could feel myself begin to fall sideways off this huge thing penetrating my body, the agony increasing as he tried to move it in me. Other hands grabbed me and held me upright on the monster and he started to move up and down in me.

Unbelievably, the pain started to subside as he worked his huge thing in and out of me. I could feel it was all the way up me now, my cunt lips touching his pubic hairs with each thrust. In spite of the pain, now lessening with each stroke, I could feel my body responding. I stopped trying to move off it and actually began to meet each upward stroke with a downward stroke of my own.

“Oh yeah! That’s it baby! Ride that meat of mine. Slam that hot li’l cunt o’ yours down on me monster cock.”

My pussy walls were stretched to the limit, the huge cock right up into me, filling me like I’ve never been filled before, or ever likely to again. I was almost incoherent, as I struggled with the lust developing inside me, in spite of the fact I was being raped.

“Fuck me! Fuck me with that monster cock!” I orgasmed like I’ve never orgasmed before. My body shuddering and shaking all over, nearly fainting from the pleasure.

By now I was laying, stretched out along Johnno’s body, muttering incoherent obscenities, still slamming my cunt down to meet his every upward thrust. So lust driven was I, I didn’t notice the other activity going on around me ‘til I felt something nudging at my anus. It was a finger probing at my puckered ring. I instinctively clenched my bum cheeks, which of course tightened my cunt lips.

“Oh yeah baby.” I heard Johnno mutter. “Fuck you’re good!”

The finger persisted and eventually forced its way into my arse. It felt good as it was worked back and forth and I responded by lifting with each upward thrust of Johnno’s cock. The finger withdrew and was replaced by something much larger. A cock!

Again I clenched.

Again Johnno moaned.

The cock persisted and forced its way into my anus. I tried to struggle but only feebly. The pleasure I was getting from Johnno’s monster cock outweighed anything else that could possibly happen to me.

My arse relaxed a little, and the owner of the cock fucking my arse started to get into rhythm with Johnno, and I drifted into a state of lustful bliss as both my holes were fucked and fucked and fucked!

I marvelled at the fact this assault on me had been going on for ages and yet Johnno still hadn’t cum!

I lost count of how many times I orgasmed. They just came one after another. Incessantly.

I just kept screaming obscenities, “Fuck me you bastards! Fuck my arse! Fuck my cunt! Ram that monster cock up my cunt! Spurt your juice up my arse! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MMMEEE!”

I felt the cock in my arse start to stiffen, and then I felt the warmth of his spunk pumping into my rear passage. That must have been the trigger for Johnno and he let out an almighty roar and shot his load, his cock spewing torrent after torrent of thick spunk into my waiting cunt.

I screamed out with pleasure as my own super intensive orgasm took hold of me. My head began to spin, dizziness took hold of me, shaking and sobbing incoherently, I blacked out!

I could only have been out of it for a few seconds but as I came to I could feel drops hitting my back, bum and thighs. I looked up to see Mac and Pete, who had obviously not been part of the action, furiously stroking their erect cocks and spewing their cum out all over me. I rolled off Johnno’s wilting cock, onto my back, as a few more droplets of their cum hit my face. Unconsciously I licked at those that landed near my mouth, savouring the taste of spunk on my tongue.

“Yor one hot fuck baby,” Mac said. “Did’n think ya’d take Johnno’s monster, but you fucked ‘im dry. Ain’ seen that ‘appen before, ever!”

They were all standing around me, looking down at me. My body was bruised, battered and scratched. I had cum on my face, breasts, belly and thighs. It was leaking out of my anus, trickling out of my cunt and down my bum and legs.

I was a mess.

“We better go fix ya flat tyre,” Pete said.

They gently lifted my naked body into the front of the ute, wrapped me in the dirty old blanket and drove me back to my car.

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