tagIncest/TabooTropical Joys Ch. 05

Tropical Joys Ch. 05

byRed Hugh©

David liked young looking women. One of the reasons that he liked to fuck Helen was that even at 36 she could pass for someone much younger. Sam and Charlotte were of course young. They were however far from innocent and the hole in David's bank account was testimony of their professional status.

What he wanted was someone who could feed his fantasies without the knowledge that she was either older than she appeared or for hire. All of this had been communicated to Caroline by observation and in her conversations with Sam and Charlotte.

Caroline knew exactly what she was going to do.

David would be back at the weekend. She made an appointment with her mother's enema specialist specialist and arranged for some cotton undergarments to be sent to her. Things like plain white and pink bras and panties. She already had a selection of these but wanted fresh examples to tempt David with. She sent for her winter uniform from school and left it unaltered. She bought some black woollen schoolgirl pantihose from the local haberdasher. Every day she spread hair removal cream over her privates and then oiled herself before masturbating with a dildo the girls had given her. Sam and Charlotte had departed and on the morning of David's return Helen's enema spacialist called to cleanse her.

Caroline was in love. She felt happy to have found a man to love while just a teenager. She didn't care about the age difference, her mother being his lover, his obvious whoring or anything. There was nothing she wouldn't do to please this man she had worshiped since she was a mere girl. It had nearly killed her to wait until she was old enough not to get him into trouble. When she was old enough to throw herself at him the size of him had nearly driven her mad with pain. Yet the sweet man had sat there holding her as she sat with him inside her. He'd been so good about everything. God, he could do what he wanted with her. There was no debasement she wouldn't suffer for him.

This was love, it had started as puppy love but she could see herself thirty years from now sucking his cock to show her love and even if he weren't hard enough to satisfy her it would be no bother. She was in a lather of sexual desire and love.

David returned to this intoxicating combination. He opened the door to be greeted with an enthusiastic "Hello"

A pig-tailed youngster threw her arms about his neck and kissed him.

David was a little taken aback as he'd not expected to see Caroline waiting for him. This was going to be an interesting evening. Caroline for her part had only one real ambition and that was to have normal penetrative sex with David. After all that she had experienced with and without him in the last week her simple fantasy was to be able to pull her little cotton panties off and for his lovely cock to enter her and fuck her till she saw stars.

She wore a pale pink t-shirt which was tight on her and sat just above a pair of shorts with loose legs so that if she were in the right position David would be able to see her panties. They too were a pail pink, brief and very plain cotton. They were a snug fit so her pubic mound was clearly visible in outline to anyone who cared to look.

Caroline told David why she was there, as if it were not obvious, and of her ambition to have him fuck her properly and fill her with what sperm she hadn't already sucked from him by the time they got to bed. With that as David sat in an armchair Caroline who had been curled in his lap slithered to the floor and unzipped his cotton pants. David wore no underwear so his cock was within easy reach. He was starting to expand. Caroline took him in her mouth and sucked gently until he spent himself in her mouth. He offered to reciprocate but she declined. Cleaning all his juices from his spent cock she stood up and went to fetch him a drink.

The evening progressed and they went to bed where Caroline was able to lie back open her legs without any fear and take David until his balls tickled her anus. David's wakeup call was her mouth at his cock and a finger massaging his prostate. He had barely an eye open before he came. Caroline's effort was by way of an apology, as she had to return home early to await her cousin Nicki who was coming to stay. They were as near to sisters as was possible given both had been to boarding school together and shared a birthday. Their mothers had gone into labour coincidentally within hours of each other. Caroline pushed yesterdays panties to David's nose gave a kiss to his cockhead and bid him farewell with an invitation to come over for dinner and meet Nicki that evening.

Nicki arrived at the little local airport and hugged and kissed her cousin. The pair then set off up to the secluded little enclave that was Caroline's home. Nicki and Caroline didn't look anything alike. Nicki was dark haired with very white skin and where Caroline still had adolescent gangle Nicki had the perfect proportions and curves of a woman but was incredibly petite. When the girls went down to the beach the differences were obvious. Caroline wore a sarong and a smile. Nicki had brought a white one piece. It was possible not only to see Nicki's small nipples through the material of the suit but also the outline of her sex as the suit bulged slightly over her mound and then clung into her feminine crease. It was hard to say who was the sexier. Nicki sat under a beach umbrella and Caroline unwrapping herself stretched out beside her, but in the sun.

The change in Caroline was obvious so Nicki asked her about why she was bald. Caroline told her all about David and how she felt having no hair down below. She admitted that even the gentle breeze of the sea was arousing her and opened her legs to show Nicki her moisture building. Being at boarding school together Caroline knew that Nicki had a pubic patch that was the envy of all the girls. Her hair never really amounted to much. It was short straight and, Nicki claimed, very soft. It just started with a little straight fringe across her mound and grew pointing down in a vee shape toward the top of her cleft. It continued for about a centimetre or two beyond along her lips and then just ended. She had never had to shave her legs or for a bikini. In fact her periods had even been irregular so a doctor had put her on the pill to normalise her cycle some time ago.

Perhaps because she was staggeringly beautiful she had always had trouble with boys. They stayed away in droves. "Intimidated by your beauty", her mother had suggested. With few chances to meet boys given her schooling anyone whom she met was also usually a fumbling virgin scared with the demand that he perform on the first date. While a fantasy for most boys, in reality performance anxiety had ensured that technically, she remained at 18, a few minutes older than Caroline and a virgin with some experience of cocksucking gained recently. She was technically a virgin because no penis had ever been inside her, however a painful accident with a tampon had actually taken care of her hymen. All of this was part of the conversation along with giggled descriptions of David's cock.

Nicki didn't want to get a tan but in the shade of the umbrella rolled her top down so that she was essentially wearing a small white bikini bottom. Caroline stirred in the sun and staggered up to go for a swim. Nicki lay back and awaited her cousin's return. As Caroline came back up the beach Nicki was on her back with her legs drawn up and where the cleft of her pussy was clearly visible so was a little patch of discoloured material.

Nicki noticed her staring and giggled that she might have to go and wash herself as she'd been dreaming about getting a hold of a cock like David's. Caroline suggested they head up to the house and shower. This they did and soon as in boarding school they were together in the shower. Stepping out afterwards Nicki watched with interest as Caroline went through her hair removal routine and then rinsed in the Bidet. In turn Caroline had watched Nicki wash her pubic hair with shampoo and moisturiser. Nicki explained that she was proud of her soft pubes and this was how she looked after them since leaving school.

They discussed how the evening would go. Caroline told her that David would stay over so they could sleep together. She hoped that Nicki would feel left out. Nicki just shrugged and said she had her fingers. Caroline took her hand and pulled her to her bedroom. There she handed her a dildo. Nicki gasped. She couldn't believe its size. Caroline told her about how thick David was and how this had been her salvation.

Nicki giggled and said how she'd like to see the real thing. Without batting an eye Caroline told her that if that's what she wanted she could. She explained that she and David were hardly faithful so that if she wanted to watch or join in she could.

David arrived for dinner and was obviously taken with Nicki who was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She filled them perfectly. Caroline was wearing a little skirt and top. She wasn't wearing underwear but Nicki had put on panties. Nicki didn't have panties like Caroline's. She liked fancier, more womanly knickers and bras. Tonight she wore a pair of white silk panties with a see through front which showed her hair trail smoothly to her sex.

Dinner went well and after a few drinks Caroline was curled up on David's knee. Her skirt wasn't hiding much and one of David's hands was on her bottom. Caroline stirred and suggested she might like to go to bed. Nicki got up and bidding them good night set off. Before she got far Caroline asked if she had forgotten about her offer. Nicki hesitated and asked David if he'd mind. David was naturally happy and excited. Nicki was nervous. Sex for her was fumbling discomfort the occasional mouthful of sperm and nothing else.

David and Caroline were soon naked and Nicki had removed her jeans leaving her tight top and a pair of lacy little white knickers to cover her modesty. Her cleft was clearly visible as she lay down beside the lovers.

Caroline had David's cock in her hand and was sucking gently on the tip as it expanded in her mouth. There was no foreplay on her part as she had wanted his cock all day. Nicki's blowjobs had been rushed clandestine affairs so she was very interested to se how another couple managed the task. David's cock being circumcised gave her a new perspective as well. It was the biggest cock Nicki had seen. It wasn't too long but it was very thick and she wondered how her cousin fitted it inside her.

Nobody who has lain beside a couple making love can resist feelings of arousal and Nicki was no different. She discretely squeezed her thighs together as Caroline snaked her tongue around David's tip. She was so close she was breathing on his hip. Soon David raised and spread his legs. Nicki was caught unaware and her face brushed his thigh. Caroline smiled at her as she kissed his tip goodbye and made her way down his shaft to tongue his balls and gently nibble all around his sack. The little bites on the area where his inner thigh joined his body elicited moans of pleasure. To Nicki's surprise Caroline headed further south. Nibbling and caressing his buttocks and ultimately tonguing her way back up the centre to the area just above his anus. There she paused and biting and licking the skin just above it pressed a finger into him.

Nicki gasped watching Caroline's slender little digit disappear into David. He gave a sigh and bore down upon her hand. Only then did Caroline's mouth go back over the top of his cock. Her finger was gently massaging within him and Nicki could see him twitch inside her cousin's mouth. His back was arched and he was breathing heavily. Caroline now had a finger inside him, her mouth on him vacuuming and her other hand pumping his shaft. No man could stand this for long and indeed with a yell he began to empty his fluids into Caroline's waiting mouth. He hadn't had sex or masturbated during his absence and this load was thick and voluminous. Caroline struggled with it but drank it down as David fell back sweating.

Nobody had noticed Nicki's hand inside her panties. Caroline let David's cock fall from her lips and her gaze was caught by a rhythmic movement beside her. Nicki was quietly masturbating. As she realised David and Caroline were watching she stopped and blushed with embarrassment. They tried to encourage her to continue and after some coaxing she reached inside her panties again and began to abuse herself.

David was the first to make a move. He reached over and began to gently rub her inner thighs. Soon as the involuntary thrill of doing something so illicit in front of other people took over and her hand began a frenzied rubbing. Nicki was a vocal person and her rubbing produced the usual convulsions along with a series of little grunts which as she came closer to orgasm and actually began to fuck her fingers got louder and louder. There was no pretence or modesty now. Her hand had forced her panties down and anyone present could see what was happening. However David and Caroline had lifted her T-shirt and were at each of her breasts sucking on a little nipple. David also had an arm under her bottom cradling her and as she came and she convulsed into a foetal position with a long guttural scream. He held her as Caroline continued to suckle.

David was of course hard again and his cock was up against Nicki who nestled in his arms. It was a big moment for her. She had never had an orgasm with another present let alone two nor had she ever displayed herself so. The thought that she had lost herself in front of people whom she had watched in their most intimate behaviour was at once frightening and thrilling. It had certainly contributed to an orgasm that had nearly caused her to faint.

She felt her panties being pulled down her legs and didn't resist when her t-shirt was removed. She did feel very naked which indeed she was, but she felt exposed and on display which was a stronger emotion. It was caused by her not knowing what might happen next. She wasn't sure what she wanted to happen. Her legs were neither closed nor open. She was in the arms of a man she had barely met and his big cock was digging her in the side. Her cousin, HER COUSIN! Had just sucked it and then had been sucking her breast. Her eyes half open her insides all gooey with pleasure from her orgasm and her emotions spinning she felt something at her feet.

Caroline was at her big toe and slowly fellating it. The sensation ran strait to her groin. David kissed her forehead and as she closed her eyes each eyelid. The darts of erotic sensation ran up and down her legs.

Nicki reached between her legs but David brushed her hand away and put his there. She bent her knees to open for him and a finger entered her. She sighed and gave in. Her head back she began to reach slowly for another climax. Each time Caroline went down on her toe it came closer. David was no longer just inside her, she was humping his finger. As her sex enveloped him she felt a sudden absence at her foot. Where was Caroline? A kiss on her belly button answered that. Looking down her eyes met Caroline's as she began to nibble her way south.

Christ, what was she going to do? She wasn't scared, maybe a bit unnerved at the speed and direction of things. She had little time to think David lowered her to the bed and there she lay with his finger deep inside her and her cousin heading in a clitoral direction. Caroline hit her target and Oh God, it felt good. No tongue had ever flicked her clit, but at the same time David withdrew. She felt the emptiness fill again with a probing tongue and then everything went black or rather flesh coloured.

David straddled her face from above and reached forward. She thought to suck his cock but it was flicked away as he reached and took hold of her knees. These he lifted back and open. She was spread wide and Caroline ranged everywhere through her most secret places as David held her. She fretted that she wasn't fresh and clean everywhere, but suddenly she had other concerns David had settled back above her and his balls were at her lips. She opened and began to softly bathe them with her lips and tongue. Caroline's tongue was getting very personal. Because she was held so open not only was her sex on public display but much further below and this is where she felt a tongue snake its way.

It was only a cursory visit with a few little licks and probes around her pucker before a moist finger entered her and the tongue went back to lapping between her lips. Caroline put her nose to Nicki's clit and nuzzled gently as she tongue fucked her and slowly fingered her rear. Nicki of course couldn't move or really see. The restraint felt good as she was so obscenely tended to. Nicki's stomach gave the first sign as it began to ripple with each combined assault on her privates. Then an ache spread over her breasts and a fire spread out from her clitoris. Caroline felt Nicki's little ring tighten in her finger and a little gush of juice hit her face. David's balls felt the scream begin and he raised himself off her as Nicki let go such a shriek. She expelled Caroline from her openings and thrashed in a convulsive sob on the bed.

Not missing a beat David grabbed her and lifted her pleasure wracked body onto his. Lying on his back his cock in the air her lowered her onto him. Caroline took his cock and aimed it at Nicki's inflamed little sex. With the cockhead at her entrance Nicki felt a pressure on her buttocks as Caroline pushed her onto David. David's cock rose up out of his groin like a very thick tube almost strait and topped by the mushroom of the head which was now just inside Nicki. Her little pussy was wide open. Her mouth mirrored its condition. Her lips formed a big silent "ohh".

Caroline's hands meanwhile massaged her buttocks and Nicki began a slow corkscrew motion as she tried to accommodate David. Each little bit of progress brought a grunt from her. Her lips were stretched and she was feeling almost full to bursting but bit by bit she was sinking onto David. From behind she was wide open and the tightness of the fit was obvious. Caroline thought about entering her inviting little rear but the stretch was so great that she settled for trying to please her orally. Nicki certainly appreciated being rimmed by her cousin who kept a steady strum on her little back entrance for ten minutes or if measured by David's advance into Nicki two inches.

Caroline's tongue would also stray across David's shaft and balls and around the sexlips that were trying to engulf him. She noticed how Nicki began to squirm and almost hum as she moved from her pink ring to the tiny slender folds that were her inner sex lips. With three inches to go before he was fully inside her progress was agonisingly slow and Nicki began to cramp. She asked for another position and as David slowly with drew from her despite the stretching she had endured she felt a loss and wanted him back. Her sex remained deliciously open and her clit was erect and quite obvious at the top of her cleft. She instinctively reached for it and masturbated openly David was stroking his hard cock but there was no chance of his erection subsiding. He had come once that evening and once re-aroused would remain hard for a long time.

Caroline took control and directed Nicki onto her hands and knees. She then slithered under her cousin and spreading her own legs invited her to return the favours her tongue was doing between Nicki's legs.

David required no further bidding. He was around behind Nicki slowly feeding himself back into her. At first penetration Caroline felt Nicki move and adjust. By the time David was halfway back inside her Nicki was simply lying face down on Caroline's open sex breathing heavily. She was unable to lick her cousin as all her senses were concentrated on the steady kissing of her clit by Caroline and the slow steady push of David's cock up through her. She could feel the head move along inside her and with each little bit of progress she moaned into her cousin's folds.

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