tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTropical Storm Ch. 01

Tropical Storm Ch. 01

byAurora Black©

Schloss Ritter - Two Weeks Earlier

Gabriel sat in his favorite armchair in the Schattenjager library, reading the newspaper. It was a few minutes past noon when Grace entered the room, her hips swaying confidently as she walked towards him. She was dressed in her best business suit, having just returned from a second interview for a position in the highly renowned doctorate program at the University of Munich.

Behind the paper, he heard her approach, her high heels clicking on the parquet floor. He lowered the newspaper to greet her with a warm smile. His voice was intimate and tender as he gazed lovingly at his wife when she stood before him.

"Hello, Mrs. Knight."

Grace beamed at his words. "Hello yourself, Mr. Knight."

"How did the interview go, Doc?"

She smiled enigmatically as she lowered her briefcase and purse onto the nearby coffee table.

"It's difficult to tell how it went at this point."

He neatly folded up the newspaper before putting it aside, concern on his rugged features.

"Why? Did something go wrong?"

She slowly unbuttoned her suit jacket before removing it, launching into a full account of the event.

"Well, you know how nervous I was about it. I was tossing and turning all night last night."

Gabriel smiled wolfishly.

"Not all night, baby. I seem to recall finding a way to soothe your nerves, several times."

Grace blushed slightly as she kicked off her shoes and untucked her silk blouse from the waistband of her skirt. "Indeed we did, but once I was on the road to the city my worries kicked in again. I just hope I didn't sound like a buffoon as a result."

She bent down to remove her stockings, and Gabriel was transfixed by the sight of his wife's shapely legs as she raised her skirt to peel away the clingy nylon that went up to mid-thigh. He felt a familiar warmth building in his abdomen, which only intensified as he saw Grace's eyes flash with desire. Licking his lips, he forced himself to reply.

"I'm sure you did great, sweetheart. Really..."

Gabriel trailed off as Grace began to unbutton her blouse, walking seductively towards him.

"I was on campus and in the interview room right on time, but there were a few jerks who pointedly looked at their watches as I came in, as if I was supposed to come earlier to impress them. To kiss their asses, more like."

She stood directly before him with a look of pure mischief as she continued her strip show for Gabriel. She was deliberately making small talk to keep him somewhat unaware of her intentions until the moment when she would jump him and ride him into the sunset.

She felt herself grow wet in anticipation as she watched him shift uncomfortably in his chair.

This is going to be so good.

Even though Gabriel felt himself growing achingly hard against his confining jeans, he genuinely wanted to hear about his wife's day. He tried in vain to keep his passion in check.

"Those snotty bastards. What happened next?"

Toying with the tails of her opened blouse, she continued.

"Well, as I walked further into the room, I was shocked at the number of judges present. There had to have been ten of them, while I was expecting only two or three. I got a little intimidated, actually. Seems like an unfair ratio, all of them against little ol' me."

At this she slid off the blouse to reveal her full breasts, lushly displayed in a red lace bra. Gabriel groaned aloud at the sight, and his hands itched to cup them in his hands.

"You're definitely not little, darlin'."

His penis twitched inside a pair of jeans that were getting tighter with each passing moment. He wanted to pull her to him, open his pants and thrust inside her satiny heat.

His voice croaked. "And then what?"

Grace grinned wickedly as she hitched up her skirt again, hooked her dainty fingers into the waistband of the matching lace panties and trailed them down her legs until she could step out of them.

"I used my allotted time wisely and I tried my best to convince them of my ability and of the many assets I possess and would contribute to the program."

Gabriel couldn't take anymore. The removal of her panties was the last straw, and he was literally throbbing.

"Christ, Gracie. If you don't come here and show me your assets right now, I'll explode!"

Grace laughed lustily. "Poor baby! Of course, we wouldn't want that to happen. Yet."

He opened his arms and she climbed on top of him, straddling his lean hips. They both sighed in relief as they kissed passionately, tongues dueling and caressing.

Her hands deftly unbuttoned his white oxford shirt to expose his mouth-watering chest. She broke the kiss to trail scorching kisses on her husband's throat, tantalizing him as she slowly worked her way down.

Gabriel groaned loudly as Grace gently caught a nipple between her even white teeth, circling it with her warm wet tongue. He could feel her woman's heat where he pressed against her, and he was going insane with need.

"Honey, this is starting to get painful..."

She raised her head, confusion on her face. She was about to ask him why when she felt his pulsing erection beneath her, trapped in unyielding denim.

Grace left his embrace and lowered herself to kneel on the floor before him. She unbuckled his belt and opened the button fly before tugging both jeans and boxers down to his ankles. He lifted his hips to help her, and after kicking them away he looked down at her as she caressed his thighs.

She feasted her eyes on his magnificent erection. "Someone's happy to see me."

Gabriel chuckled softly. "He's always delighted when you visit."

She gave him a wicked smile. "In that case, I should give him a special greeting kiss."

She wrapped her hand firmly around his penis as she lowered her mouth to him. Gabriel cried out as he felt her tongue swirl around the head, and when she moved to take him deeper inside the moist cavern of her mouth, his control snapped.

His voice was hoarse with lust. "Come here. Now."

She looked up at him, and the sight of her pouty, glistening lips made his entire body clench.

"Ride me, Gracie."

She mounted him, and they kissed deeply as she positioned him at her entrance and sensually slid down the rigid shaft. Gabriel moaned as their lips parted, his hands fumbling with the fastenings of Grace's sexy bra. "I don't think we need this, do you?"

Grace was enjoying the feel of him inside her as she moved. "Nope, it's only in the way."

He removed it and squeezed her breasts in his hands as she moved faster on him. He buried his face in them, inhaling the scent of her skin before latching onto the nearest nipple and gently sucking.

She gasped in pleasure, threading her fingers through his fiery hair as he alternated between breasts. His powerful hands grasped her bottom underneath her skirt, pumping her harder on him.

Grace leaned forward to lightly bite the side of his neck, her breathing ragged in his ear.

"Gabriel, yes! Oh, baby..."

He could tell she was getting close; so was he. He moved one of his hands from Grace's bottom to where their bodies met. After lubricating his thumb with the free-flowing juices that he found there, he positioned the digit on her clitoris and drew careful circles.

Trembling with passion, Grace arched her back as she contracted hard around him. Her moans of completion echoed in the room as she came. She leaned forward to kiss him, her tongue exciting him even further. She whispered softly in his ear.

"Mmm, sweetie. Now it's your turn."

She rotated her hips against him, making him cry out in surprise and pleasure. He grabbed her hips as he lifted his own, incredibly aroused by the soft sucking noises their joined bodies made with each movement.

Gabriel growled low in his throat as he reached for her, nuzzling her neck as he felt the searing heat begin to take over. "Christ! Oh, fuck..."

His body stiffened in her arms, and then stilled. Grace rested her head on his chest, a satisfied grin on her face. She felt as if she were a cat who was lucky enough to find a giant saucer of cream. She chuckled to herself at the double entendre.

She raised her head to watch her husband. His head was thrown back, his red hair fanned out against the brown leather of the armchair. His eyes were closed and his face was peaceful, as if he was sleeping. She knew better.

Moving carefully so he wouldn't slide out of her, she leaned forward to kiss his closed eyelids, his nose and cheeks before finally moving to kiss his full lips. He stirred and opened his eyes, smiling into her mouth.

"Jesus, woman. You're going to be the death of me."

Grace laughed, her midnight hair falling over his face.

"But what a way to go. How interesting. Was that a complaint, husband? I thought you enjoyed it. If that's the case, maybe I shouldn't seduce you again."

He thrust his hand into her hair and pulled her to him for a passionate kiss.

"God no, wife! Have your wicked way with me anytime you like. Don't ever stop."

She gently bit his lower lip, then soothed the mark with her tongue.

"I won't. I promise."

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