tagFetishTropical Vacation Ch. 06

Tropical Vacation Ch. 06


Since arriving at the resort on Friday, Chloe cannot believe the non stop fuck fest she has been a party to. Friday she was with Jeff and Randy the bar tender then spent the night with Jeff. Saturday she had Kelly, the young masseur, and then sucked and fucked Jeff on the beach while watching another couple having sex. Sunday she woke to a nice breakfast then an all day sexual spectacular with Jeff, Kelly and Tina (Kelly's girl friend). It was one hell of a weekend and she still had six more days to go on her holiday. Fortunately she and Jeff decided to take it easy all day long Monday. They cuddled and talked, walked on the beach and laid in the shade. It was a completely relaxing day. They enjoyed each others company and accept for a blow job Chloe gave Jeff in the morning and Jeff sucking Chloe's pussy for a half hour or so in the afternoon, it was a sex free day. At dinner Jeff and Chloe discussed what they had planned for Tuesday.

"Randy has set me up to go fishing with him tomorrow. It looks like we are going to be gone all day. Do you want to go with us? There will be plenty of room. There's only two other people on the boat plus the Captain and deck hand," Jeff explained.

"I don't think that's for me. The only woman on the boat with six guys? Sounds like trouble," Chloe replied smiling.

"If you don't want to fish you could lay around naked and get a tan."

"Ha! I don't think so. I'd be red as a lobster in no time."

"I just figured having six guys to tease would be right up your alley."

"Although that is tempting I think I'll be going shopping in town instead."

"OK, but don't say I didn't try," Jeff said sullenly.


When Chloe awoke she didn't feel Jeff's warm body spooned next to her. She rolled over in the empty bed. Jeff had left early to meet Randy on the dock and must not have wanted to wake her to say goodbye. A smile spread across Chloe's lips as she thought, 'He would have been very late if I had my way.' She got dressed and headed to the café by the beach for breakfast. She wore a light weight blue cotton sun dress with a floral print, strappy 3" sandal heels and sheer to waist nude pantyhose.

After breakfast she caught one of the many shuttle buses to the near by town. She scanned the people on the bus and noticed most were tourists from the local resorts with a few passengers that looked like locals. At the next stop a beautiful woman in her thirties got on and looked for a seat. Chloe was taken by her bronze skin and the exotic features of her 5'-8" frame. She had long black wavy hair that fell to her waist. Her high cheek bones and almond eyes gave her a cat like appearance. She wore a loose fitting halter top that barely contained her 34 C breasts and exposed her flat stomach. The way the nipples were standing out under her top, Chloe knew she didn't have a bra on. Her narrow waist was exposed above the short, knee length skirt she wore. As the woman approached, Chloe moved over to allow her to sit.

"Thank you," the woman said in a very sexy voice.

Chloe then noticed she was wearing very sheer hose with her low heel sandals. This was the first woman Chloe had seen in nylons since she arrived on the island, except Tina of course.

"Is there something wrong?" the woman asked, snapping Chloe back to the present.

Chloe realized she had been staring at the woman's legs.

"Oh...No nothing is wrong. I just haven't seen any women here that wear pantyhose other than me. I'm sorry if I was staring."

"That's ok, I've got to admit I was admiring your legs too. My name's Mia, what's yours?"

"Chloe...Nice to meet you Mia. Are you here on holiday?"

"No...I was born here and I'm back visiting relatives. I live in the states right now and I'll be leaving tomorrow to go back," Mia said, still looking at Chloe's silky legs, "I just thought I'd do some shopping."

"It's my first time here and I was going to do some shopping too. I could use a guide if you wouldn't mind hanging around with a tourist?" Chloe said feeling a tingling in her loins; something about this woman was making her horny.

"I'd love some company!" Mia said excitedly.

The two women disembarked near the local street market. Mia led the way to the far end of the market.

"We missed all the stalls up front," Chloe said concerned she might pass a bargain.

"Those are all very high priced that most tourists go to and pay way too much. I'll show you where the good deals start."

"That's why I need a guide like you Mia," Chloe laughed.

The two women spent the rest of the morning trying on clothes, hats and jewelry and browsing for trinkets and other treasures. They got lots of attention from men in the market, young and old, tourist and local alike. The morning seemed to fly by with them flirting as much as shopping.

With the sun high over head in the tropical sky, Mia took Chloe to a small mom and pop restaurant for lunch. She ordered for them both knowing the best things on the menu. As they sat and talked, drinking sangria and eating some of the best 'home made' food Chloe had in a long time, she felt Mia's velvety leg occasionally brushing against her own. Eventually Mia's hand came to rest on Chloe's knee and moved up and down over her silky thigh. When Chloe looked over at Mia, she removed her hand and began to apologize.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to feel your lovely hose. They look so soft and silky and your legs look so beautiful in them that I couldn't help myself. I didn't mean to...," Mia was cut off by Chloe placing a finger against Mia's lips.

"It's OK...I don't mind," Chloe said taking Mia's hand and placing it back on her thigh.

"I've always loved pantyhose; the way they look, the way they feel and how sexy I feel when I wear them," Mia confessed leaning closer to Chloe and lowering her voice.

"I know what you mean. I especially like how they drive men crazy!"

Both women giggled as they shared their naughty secrets about their love of pantyhose. Mia's hand moved farther up Chloe's thigh until her fingers brushed Chloe's throbbing clit, causing her to gasp.

"You're very wet...did I do that to you?" Mia asked.

"Not totally but you sure helped...mmmmmmmm," Chloe moaned softly as Mia's fingers brushed her clit again.

"Would you like to go back to my place where it's more private? My hotel isn't far from here. We can walk," Mia asked in a sultry voice.

Chloe replied by kissing her full on the lips which caught Mia by surprise. They both smiled and Chloe took Mia's hand and helped her out of the booth. They left the restaurant hand in hand and walked the couple of blocks to Mia's hotel. It wasn't anything too fancy but it was clean. They rode the elevator to the third floor and went to Mia's room. It was a simple two room suite. Chloe could see that her friend had been packing. She walked to the balcony to see the view from the room. The hotel wasn't close to the ocean but she could see it through the gaps between the other buildings.

Chloe jumped when she felt Mia's hands came to rest on her waist. They slowly moved up her sides and around to her firm breasts. Mia squeezed Chloe's tits and pinched her hard nipples making the tiny woman groan. She turned and faced Mia bringing her hands to Mia's round breasts. Her nipples were as hard as Chloe's. They briefly kissed then Mia led Chloe to the bed room.

Standing by the bed, Chloe watched as Mia bent at the waist and grabbed the hem of Chloe's dress, pulling it up and over her head in one swift move then began to lick and suck Chloe's inflamed nipples, sending shivers through her whole body.

"Oooohhhhh...that feels wonderful," she cooed.

Mia's free hand went to Chloe's sopping pussy. She rubbed Chloe's clit through the damp nylon. Chloe shuddered and her knees threatened to buckle. Mia had her lay down as she removed her own top, exposing her dark brown nipples standing erect on her firm bronze breasts. She knelt on the bed between Chloe's glossy legs just looking at her, drinking in her beauty. Mia spread Chloe's legs and buried her face between her hot velvety thighs. She sucked and licked and nibbled on the cotton panel of Chloe's hose drawing as much of Chloe's nectar from it as she could. Chloe squirmed on the bed as Mia attempted to devour her.

"Oh Yes! Suck my pussy...mmmmmmmmm...That's it...more...more," she cried.

Chloe was squeezing her tits and pinching her hard nipples as she continued to writhe on the bed. She released her boobs long enough to reach down and tear open the crotch of her hose, giving Mia total access to her dripping pussy. Mia's tongue ran up and down the moist cleft of Chloe's womanhood, flicking her clit then stabbing deep into her clasping hole. Chloe's first climax was building in the core of her being as Mia's tongue worked its magic. Just as Chloe was about to cum, Mia removed her mouth from her pussy and began kissing her warm thigh. Chloe groaned in frustration as her orgasm slipped away. When she began to relax though, Mia attacked her pussy again with the same wonderful technique, bringing her to the brink then letting her down before she went over the edge. It was maddening for Chloe. Finally Mia plunged two fingers deep into the fiery embrace of Chloe's clenching pussy while sucking on her sensitive clit. That was all it took. Chloe went stiff as her orgasm crashed into her like a runaway freight train. She convulsed and thrashed about on the bed crying out in total pleasure.

"OH GOD...YES...YES...Suck my pussy...AAAAHHHHHH!"

Mia kept Chloe cumming for several minutes then relented, allowing Chloe to come down from her euphoric ride.

"That was...amazing...I needed...that so bad...," Chloe said between gasps for air.

Mia kissed her way up Chloe's trembling body and began to gently lick her breasts. Chloe moaned quietly as Mia's tongue circled her erect nipple, while her hands massaged the resilient flesh it sat upon.

"Before we go any farther, there is some thing you should know," Mia said as she continued to devour Chloe's breasts.

"Oh I don't care, just do that again. You have an amazing tongue," Chloe replied in a post orgasmic haze.

Mia reached between their bodies and Chloe heard the sound of nylon tearing, imagining Mia fingering her own pussy as she molested Chloe's boobs. Then she felt something warm and hard pressing against the folds of her pussy lips. Mia thrust her hips forward and drove seven inches of hard throbbing cock deep into Chloe's pussy. The sudden intrusion into her pussy caused Chloe to gasp. She was in shock as well. Instinctively her legs closed around Mia's waist but why didn't she try to push Mia off her? She wasn't who Chloe thought she was or at least WHAT she thought she was. Mia's hips continued to thrust forward, driving her curved cock into Chloe and rubbing its head against her g-spot.

"Uuhh...uuhh...uuhh," Chloe grunted with each impalement.

Chloe's mind struggled to make sense of the situation. Thoughts, emotions and feelings created turmoil. Shewas with a transsexual who she thought was a woman; a cock was pounding into her where there should be a pussy, but the pleasure she was receiving was overriding all the shock and fear. That's when Chloe's orgasm wiped the slate clean. Her legs clamped tight around Mia as her hips met her thrusts with equal force. Chloe's spasming pussy pulled at the cock inside her, trying to get more of it into her quivering hole.

"Oh God fuck me! Fuck me hard! Yes...yes...YES!" Chloe cried; her mind clear on one thing...Pleasure trumps all!

Chloe bucked wildly under Mia as her orgasm rolled on. The impossible curve of her cock was dragging over Chloe's g-spot like it was meant to do just that. She quaked at the slightest movement of her cock, sending more pleasure signals flooding to Chloe's brain. She was cumming non stop it seemed. Her breathing was fast and ragged and the pressure of Mia's body on her wasn't helping. She needed to do something to catch her breath as she felt light headed from all that was happening. Chloe twisted suddenly, throwing Mia off balance, rollin her onto her back. Now Chloe was on top and in control. She held Mia's wrists against the bed and stared into her dark brown eyes.

"Why didn't you say something earlier? Why did you let me think you were a woman when you're...," Chloe's words trailed off.

"Would you have 'hung out' with me if I had told you on the bus or while we shopped or at lunch? I doubt it. People like me are considered freaks by people like you. I was enjoying feeling like a normal person. Is that wrong?" Mia said as tears ran down her cheeks.

"No, it's not wrong and I'm a very open minded person. I would have still spent the day with you. I've had lots of fun and you're not a freak! Well maybe in bed but I like that kind of freak," Chloe said with a big mischievous smile.

"Are you sure?"

"Definitely!" Chloe assured her grinding her hips in a circle on Mia's cock.

They kissed briefly then Chloe felt a new orgasm rushing to overtake her.

"I'm gonna cum again...AAAAAHHHHHH YES!"

Chloe's feverish grinding and contracting pussy was bringing Mia ever closer to her own orgasm. She thrust up at Chloe as best she could and making her orgasm even more intense. Chloe leaned forward and sucked hard on Mia's left breast while squeezing the right. That was all Mia needed to send her over the edge. Her body stiffened and she shot her cum into Chloe's hot clenching pussy.

"Ooohhh...Yes...I'm cumming too...mmmmmmmmm," Mia cried as she filled Chloe with her cum.

Chloe collapsed on top of Mia when her orgasm subsided. Both were panting from the exertion and intensity of their respective climaxes. Mia's rapidly shrinking cock slipped from the velvety grip of Chloe's pussy allowing their combined fluids to escape. The two women lay together for several minutes, enjoying the feel of each others bodies and the silky softness of their hose clad legs rubbing together.

"Your legs feel amazing rubbing against mine. I've never been with a woman in hose before," Mia said as she moved her legs against Chloe's.

"It does feel delicious doesn't it?" Chloe replied increasing the friction of her own legs on Mia's.

Chloe slide down Mia's body until she was able to suck her flaccid cock into her mouth, tickling Mia's hairless balls with her manicured nails.

"Ooooohhhhh," Mia moaned from Chloe's multiple stimulations of her groin.

It didn't take long for life to stir in Mia's rubbery member. As it stiffened her moans grew louder and her cock took on its unusual curve. Chloe bobbed up and down on her now fully erect penis, sucking and licking with increased ferocity. Once she was satisfied it was ready for action, Chloe got on her hands and knees facing away from Mia.

"I'm ready for some more," Chloe said wiggling her luscious hosed ass at Mia.

Mia sat up and crawled behind Chloe who wiggled her ass more when she felt Mia's hands on her hips. Mia leaned over and kissed Chloe's back and shoulder as she made ready to impale her with her cock. Chloe bounced her butt up and down causing Mia's cock to rub against her nylon covered ass. Her movements made it clear Chloe's lust and desire were at a fevered pitch, with her pussy drooling with anticipation. Mia didn't make her wait long; slipping her throbbing cock into the folds of her wet folds.

"Aaaaahhhhhhh...That's it...fuck me good," Chloe cried driving her hips back into Mia.

Mia's hands moved over Chloe's velvety legs and ass as she drove her hard cock deep into the depths of her tight pussy. Her well lubed vagina gripped Mia's cock as if it was the last one it would ever feel. Both women moaned and groaned as Mia's tempo increased. She was thrusting into Chloe hard and fast making loud wet slapping sounds as their bodies came together.

"Yes...yes...fuck me...fuck me...mmmmmmm...YES! You're gonna make me cum again...oohh...oohh...OOOHHH...YES!" Chloe screamed with the pleasure of another orgasm.

Chloe's hips were bucking up and down as her body trembled in ecstasy. Her spasming pussy pulled at Mia's cock like a disembodied hand. Mia was in a frenzy. She couldn't believe the incredible sensations she was feeling in Chloe's talented pussy and she wanted more. Mia rocked her hips side to side as she pounded the tiny climaxing woman in front of her. The increased friction was bringing Mia close to climax herself. Her balls tightened and her cock started to swell signaling there was no turning back.

"AAAAHHHH...I'm cumming!"

"OH Yes...pump me full of your cum...mmmmmm...aaaahhhhh!"

Mia's cum erupted from her cock buried deep in Chloe's pussy. The force of the first blast of cum triggered another orgasm in Chloe. Mia held Chloe's hips tight to her own and convulsed as she shot load after load into her quivering partner.

"Mmmmmmmm...I can feel you filling me up!" Chloe purred.

Mia reached forward and pulled Chloe up and back into her. She fondled Chloe's beautiful breasts as she kissed her neck. Chloe was still moving her hips, trying to keep Mia's cock hard for as long as she could. Tremors ran through her body as the last remnants of Chloe's orgasm faded. Mia's cock soon shrank away and slipped from Chloe's tight pussy. Mia tipped over sideways taking Chloe with her. The two women laughed then kissed then lay in each others arms for many long minutes. Finally Mia kissed Chloe on the lips. It was a long deep sensuous kiss; that's when Chloe noticed Mia's tears.

"Why are you crying? Is everything alright?"

"I'm fine...It's just that I'm very happy right now. You made my last experience so wonderful," Mia replied wiping the tears away.

"Last experience...What do you mean?" Chloe had a concerned look on her face.

Mia chuckled then said, "It's not anything bad. When I return home I will be getting my operation to become a true woman. That's why I'm visiting family now since they can't afford to come and visit me when it's done. You've made my last 'experience' with a cock very memorable. Thank you!"

Chloe was caught off guard by this. She didn't know what to say. She decided to kiss Mia rather then stumble around trying to find the right words. They lay together touching, kissing running their legs over each other for the better part of an hour not saying much during that time. Mia finally sat up and looked Chloe in the eye.

"Can we stay in touch...once we've gone our separate ways I mean? You make me feel very comfortable and I would like to have a woman who knew me like I am now to talk to after my operation. Would that be ok?"

"Sure...it would be my pleasure," Chloe said with a big smile.


Chloe smiled as she left Mia's hotel in the late afternoon. She had made a new friend that gave her more than a unique sexual experience but a new way look at things in the world. Maybe that's why she stopped in front of an adult oriented shop and decided she needed a few things. It didn't take long to find what she wanted and pay for it.

The shuttle bus ride back to the resort went by quickly as Chloe replayed the events of the day in her mind. That familiar tingle was returning and she hoped Jeff would be back at the bungalow when she returned. They had plans for dinner but she had some plans of her own for later...

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