tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTrouble at Work Ch. 01

Trouble at Work Ch. 01


What is it about some people that makes them just plain stupid? Alison thought to herself as she slammed the file cabinet shut. I mean were they born that way or had some alien abducted them when they were younger and wiped all the knowledge out of their brains. "Arghh!" she screamed to the empty room. This day at work had been more frustrating than it was worth. It almost made her want to quit.

It started the moment she had walked in that morning. As always Alison was early, she hated to be late so she always ended up twenty minutes to a half an hour early. The moment she walked in the door her good for nothing boss called her into his office. She had not even had the chance to clock in and he was already going to make her life miserable Alison thought to herself as she marched into his office.

"Come in and close the door," Mr. Cuppa said. Alison did just that. What could he possibly want from already this morning, she had not even gotten to her desk and been able to read her e-mails so he hopefully did not have any questions about something any of them. "I bet you are wondering why I called you in here this morning."

"Yes truthfully I was wondering exactly that Mr. Cuppa," Alison asked with a quizzical look on her face. There was a slight feeling of dread that came over her. Had she messed something up and was he calling her in to fire her? Alison's head was spinning.

Mr. Cuppa must have seen the fear in her eyes because he then assured her. "There is nothing to fear Alison. I have no plans on firing you . You are doing a wonderful job here. On the other hand, I did discover some discrepancies that I would like your help investigating. They are not in any of the tasks that you have been completing for the company but they are in tasks that other members of your department have done. I need you to find out who it is that has been messing them up and report back to me as soon as you have any information."

"How will I know what I am looking for? Those files can be pretty complicated and I have been on the job a lot less time than many of the other people in my department sir."

"If you have questions about what you are looking at come to me and I will help you."

"One other thing sir."

"What is it Alison?"

"There is a section of the files that is password protected. I do not have a password for this section because I have never been authorized access to it before."

"Well we will have to fix that immediately. Come around the other side of my desk and I will set you up with a password." Alison went to the other side of Mr. Cuppa's desk. "Let me get you to the screen that we need to be on to set up a new account and password for you so that you have access to the more private part of this company's website and filing system." With a few clicks of the mouse, they were on the correct page. "Now you can set up your user name and password. I promise I won't look."

"Can I sit down in the chair for a moment it would make it easier to access the keyboard than if I was just leaning over and around you?"

"Of course you can," Mr. Cuppa slid out of his chair and let Alison sit down . As they passed each other, Alison's ass brushed lightly against his crotch. Now as he stood behind the chair with Alison sitting it, Mr. Cuppa could clearly see right down Alison's blouse to her perfect shaped breasts. "Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?"he asked.

Alison blushed. "Mr. Cuppa, are you hitting on me?" she asked. She felt a tiny bit uncomfortable now especially knowing that the door was locked and that she could not easily get out. Alison quickly tried to get up from the chair but suddenly Mr. Cuppa's hands were on her shoulders pushing her down into the chair. Now she was truly scared. "Sir what are you doing? You are scaring me really bad. Please just let me go. I promise I won't tell anyone about what just happened . It will be between you and me."

"I am giving you exactly what you deserve young lady."

" What are you talking about?"

"You walk in here every day and tease every guy in this office and you don't think you are asking for this." He turned the chair around and Alison came face to face with his raging erection.

"Mr. Cuppa, please don't make me do this. I will not say anything to anyone about what has already happened in this office and I promise you that I will do anything else you want just please don't make me give you a blow job. I will spy on anyone. I will help you with any project no matter how late I have to stay but please don't make me give you a blow job."

"That is right Alison, you will do anything I want you to do. I mean anything . No exceptions not even this." He punctuated that point by shoving her face down onto his cock. Alison began to choke on his huge member. "Take it down that throat of yours. You know you like it. You know that this is what you want every time you come into this office dressed like a little tramp."

Alison gasped for air. " Please stop Mr. Cuppa . I don't want this. Please don't do this."

Mr. Cuppa shoved his cock back down her throat. "Oh god that feels so freaking good. You suck like a pro. I bet you like the taste too."

Those words made Alison want throw up. She absolutely hated the taste of cum. She had never swallowed any of her boyfriend's cum as she was growing up. She could not believe her boss was going to force her to swallow his load.

"You are such a little tramp. I bet if I touched those little panties of yours you would be soaking wet." He popped his still hard member out of her mouth. He then reached forward into her lap and underneath her short black skirt. " I was right. Your mouth may be protesting but your pussy is wet and ready to go."

Alison could not believe that her own body had betrayed. She could not believe that this harassment was actually exciting her.

"I can't have you walking around in panties all day. We might as well get you out of them right now." He then crouched before her and slid the panties off her body. "Oh my, you do have a sexy little pussy my darling. You slut you even shave it bare." He ran his middle finger up and down her slit.

Alison moaned a little. She pushed elevated herself off the chair trying to get more of his finger on her wet lips.

"No no. I am not ready to let you cum yet. There is another part of me that I want to feel how good that sweet little pussy of yours feels. Get up, bend over and put your hands on the desk."Alison did exactly what she was being told. "Good girl." He slowly slid his hard cock into her. "Oh god you are so tight. It feels like a vice around my cock.

"Please fuck me more Sir. You feel so good inside me." Alison began pushing back against him. "Please give me all of your hard cock, Mr. Cuppa. I need to feel you fill me up."

"I love the way you beg Alison. I love hearing you talk about how much you want all of me inside that tight little pussy of yours. So I will give you exactly what you are begging me for." With that he shoved the full length of his hard cock inside of her.

Alison screamed with pleasure and pain. It was as if she could feel his cock puncturing her stomach. "Oh god, so good."

Mr. Cuppa reached and started to gentle tease her clit. " When I cum I want you too. I want to feel your cum rush over my cock as I cum within you. Are you ready my little slut?"

"Yes sir." With that he slammed into her a few more times while furiously rubbing her clit. They both exploded simultaneously. " That was truly amazing. "

"Best orgasm I think I ever had. We must make this a regular occurrence."

"May I have my underwear back now Mr. Cuppa? I really must be getting to work on the files."

"I thought I told you early that I can not allow you to walk around the office with wet panties. The answer is no you may not have your underwear back. I also have another conditions to your new job description, you are not allowed to wear underwear any more in this office. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," Alison said.

"You may go Alison. I expect to see you in my office every morning from now on."

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