tagTransgender & CrossdressersTrouble with the T-Girl at School

Trouble with the T-Girl at School


I know it's been centuries since my last story. As always, I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing this story.


Colton's eyes fluttered open. He couldn't see anything through the sudden darkness he encountered. A heavy, soft weight against his face, he began to squirm. His shock waning, he started to remember what had happened. Or rather, what was still happening.

It was after the last class of the day when Colton hung out with some friends near the parking lot. Paul, one of his more outspoken friends, made a joke about Ivy when the group spotted her walking past. Ivy mostly kept to herself, her few friends being nerds. And everyone in the school knew she had a cock. Colton followed his friend's lead, cracking more jokes and taunting the t-girl. Ordinarily, she would have walked right past them without even blinking an eye.

As Colton lay there, the back of his head aching against the rough concrete sidewalk, he couldn't even remember what he'd said. Whatever it was, it had set Ivy off. He could picture her eyes blazing as she screamed at him. Ivy took Colton completely by surprise when she grabbed him and threw him to the ground. None of his friends so much as lifted a finger to help him as the disgruntled t-girl did the unthinkable. Dropping her pants, Ivy sat her large rear end down on his face.

Colton could only pick up bits and pieces of what was being said around him. He could hear the muffled sound of laughter coming from every direction. His initial shock now entirely worn off, Colton tried to wiggle and fight his way free from the big bottom. His fingers dug into the giving flesh of Ivy's ass as he desperately tried to push her off. Ivy lifted some of her weight off his face and used both hands to spread her bubbly butt cheeks. Then she sat back on his head, his face sliding further into the deep crevice of her ass.

The first words Colton could make out with any clarity were Ivy's. "Kiss my hole!" she demanded in a loud, angry tone. The laughter grew around him. Despite Colton's best efforts, her all-encompassing buttocks wouldn't budge. But Colton knew there was no way in hell he'd follow her command.

"Kiss it!" she insisted, angry and completely serious. "I'm not letting you up til you kiss my hole, you fucker!"

Colton's arms flailed desperately. Ivy easily kept him captive under her. She was a big girl. Nearly six feet tall and thick. The bulk of her extra pounds went to her large breasts and even larger ass. It was hard to breathe under her, his nose pressed snugly between her cheeks. The oxygen he did get was tainted by the smell of her ass crack. Colton refused to give in. A teacher had to come by and stop this. He couldn't understand why his friends hadn't done so already.

Ivy impatiently started to rock her hips, riding his face with her backside. The laughter around Colton became even more deafening. He could think of nothing more than getting this crazy girl off of him. Whatever it took, he frantically decided. Colton breathed in what little air he could and then pursed his lips; he reluctantly pushed his face further between her cheeks. He pressed his lips against the little opening of her asshole and kissed it.

Finally ending his humiliation, Ivy lifted her big butt off of him. Her large, low-hanging balls ran over his face as she stood up. "You should think twice about what you say to people, asshole, or you'll be kissing mine again," she told him, pulling her pants up. Colton choked and gasped for fresh air. He was mortified when he noticed almost the entire school surrounding him. The fact that they all had camera phones aimed at him made it that much worse.

Ivy walked off in the direction of her car. The crowd eventually dispersed, exchanging jokes about the incident. Colton realized Paul, who'd promised him a lift home, was nowhere in sight. He stood up on weak legs and walked home alone.


Colton ran upstairs when he got home. He went straight for the bathroom and washed his face over the sink, brushing his teeth afterward. In his bedroom now, Colton swore he could still smell her, her ass, on his face. He wiped his lips off again, remembering where Ivy had made him put them. Colton tried to forget it. He turned loud rock music on. Naively, he hoped this whole ordeal was over and done with.

Colton was horrified when he read his Facebook wall later that evening. The thing he wanted to forget seemed to be all anyone talked about. They were making fun of him, taunting him for what Ivy had done to him. Pictures and video of the incident were everywhere. He accidentally put the video on and turned it off immediately with a sick feeling in his stomach.

A knock at the door came not too long after. It was his mom asking him if there was something wrong and whether he'd be down for dinner. He lied and said there wasn't, but that he wouldn't. Colton spent the evening moping around his bedroom, not wanting to face his mother and too afraid of what else he might find online.

The doorbell rang just before seven. A couple minutes later, there was another knock at his door. "Colton, there's someone here for you," his mother told him.

"Tell them to go away," he replied, not wanting to see anyone.

"It's a girl. You sure?" his mom asked him through the door.

Colton perked up a little bit. It could be Lindsey. He'd completely forgotten the date they'd made for that night. Maybe she'd been trying to reach him. His mother told the visitor he'd be right down as he slunk down the stairs. His mother went back into another room. Colton opened the slightly ajar door. He found Ivy behind it instead of Lindsey.

His face soured. He wondered if she was there to stick her dick up his ass and make the humiliation complete. She was the last person he wanted to see tonight. "Here to finish the job or just to gloat about ruining my life?" he asked her somberly.

With a soft sincerity in her voice, "I'm here to apologize," she informed him. Her body language couldn't have been more different from when he'd seen her last. Ivy nibbled on her bottom lip and told him, "I'm really sorry."

"Oh," he responded. Needless to say he hadn't expected an apology.

She ground her heel into the bottom of her shoe and continued, "I shouldn't have done what I did. I lost my temper."

"Uh-huh," Colton replied in a subdued manner. He sighed, "It's all over the internet. I'm a huge freaking joke."

"Yeah," she said remorsefully, "I saw that." Neither of them knew what to say. A few seconds passed before Ivy followed up her last sentence. She said, almost to cheer him up, "They're making fun of me, too."

"But they always do that."

Ivy frowned at his insensitive remark. "Doesn't help that they have my private parts on video now to poke fun at."

"Oh yeah, I saw those comments." Colton unexpectedly smirked, "I guess you could be called worse things than horse cock girl." He couldn't believe after he'd said it that he was actually making light of the situation.

"True," Ivy giggled. "Well, I told my mom I'd be home by now. See you at school. And again, I'm really sorry," she stressed.

Ivy turned and walked back to her car. Colton's eyes were somehow drawn to the sway of her hips as she walked. Her bubbly t-girl butt bounced seductively in time with her steps. He shook it off.


Colton was already regretting his decision to go to school the next day by first period. Yesterday's incident was on the tip of everyone's tongue. They made fun of him behind his back, and even right to his face. It seemed to make no difference. Considering the plethora of video evidence in existence of his humiliation, you'd think they'd actually get what happened straight! Colton heard jokes at the beginning of the day about how Ivy had smothered him with her great big butt until he'd passed out. Some other kids were passing it around school that Ivy made him lick her ass and then jerked off on his face. In short, their vicious taunts spared him no humiliation.

Colton spent the day like a pariah. When lunch rolled around, he found himself shunned by his friends and forced to eat at a table all by himself. He stayed that way until Ivy, who usually ate outside with her small group of unpopular friends, sat down across from him at the previously empty table with her lunch tray.

"What do you want?" he grumbled.

"Okay, I wasn't going to say anything... but I'd take your dessert if you don't want it," she replied cheerfully.

"Take it," Colton told her. He waved it away with his hand.

"Sweet." Ivy took the extra large chocolate chip cookie from his tray and picked off some of the chocolate chips, popping them into her mouth. She sat there so happily. Colton, on the other hand, had become more embittered after enduring insults all day from his classmates.

"Looks like she's taken Colton as her bitch!" someone called out. Colton looked behind him and saw an entire table was making fun of him. "He's gotta give her his dessert or she'll sit on his face again!" another one cackled.

Colton's eyes shot back to Ivy's. He expected to find her just as embarrassed. Instead, she seemed unaffected. "This doesn't bother you?" he asked her with bewilderment.

"I don't let it." Ivy took a sip from of her soda. "Morons say what they think they're supposed to say. And this school is full of those."

"I can't believe I'm getting advice on not letting this bother me from the girl who shoved my face in her butt crack," he bellyached.

"You're right, you are! That's funny." Ivy chuckled, her plush lips curving into a grin.

Her upbeat attitude became a little infectious. Colton tried to block it out. Then he asked her something he'd been wondering. "You know, with everything that happened yesterday, I couldn't even remember what I said to you that started all this. What was it?"

"You called me fat," Ivy told him, face suddenly gloomy.

"What?" Colton was close to spitting out his food at her revelation. "That's it?" he asked in disbelief. "I mean, people are always making fun of you for having... well, uh, you know the body part I mean."

"I get what you mean," Ivy replied. "It's just that any girl like me who chooses to live this way knows she's going to encounter a lot of people who have a problem with 'it' and her. Like I told you, I chalk those comments up to idiocy." The pretty t-girl put her napkin down over her food and bit her lower lip. "So yeah," she said thoughtfully.

Colton was already kicking himself for what he was about to say. This was the girl after all who'd placed him in this predicament. He couldn't stop himself. "I'm sorry I called you that," the apology came out of his mouth.

"That actually means a lot. Anyway, I have a class to get to. If you're still eating lunch alone tomorrow, I hope you'll let me eat with you again." She touched his hand with hers.

"My friends won't even be seen with me," he lamented.

Ivy stood up and winked at him. "You know what they say about friends who bail on you. Not really friends..." she grabbed her tray and left. Once again, Colton's eye tracked her shapely behind as it swayed. Somehow the taunts he heard didn't seem quite as loud anymore.


The next few school days went about the same way for Colton. His friends, and the school at large had ostracized him, but Ivy ate lunch with him every day. They were actually starting to become good friends. It was on the day after their third lunch that she offered to drive him home. Colton accepted. Neither he nor Ivy paid any attention to what was being snickered about around them when he got into her car.

Their ride back to his house was a pleasant one. They talked about school and music, movies, and a lot of things in between. Colton spent nearly the entire ride looking over at her. He'd been unable to force his eyes off of her sizable cleavage the last two times they'd had lunch. His eyes focused in on her pretty face, then lowered to her chest and even at her butt. Because she was sitting, her shirt rode up her lower back. It left just enough of her skin exposed to allow Colton a glimpse down the back of her jeans to her shapely posterior.

Ivy parked next to the tree lawn in front of his house and turned to Colton, noticing the goofy expression on his face as he stared at her. "What?"

"Hmm...?" he responded coyly.

"What's that face for?" she inquired.

"No... nothing," he replied unconvincingly.

"I believe that," Ivy grinned slyly. "So I'll see you tomorrow. And save me your dessert!" she demanded playfully.

"Sure thing," he smiled back at her.

Colton was starting to get out when she called to him, "Hey..." he turned back around and she lunged at him. Ivy pressed her wet lips to his and kissed him, softly at first, then more passionately. He found himself kissing her back with matched intensity, his arms instinctively wrapping around her. The kiss broke and they both laughed nervously. "See you," she winked at him, licking her lips.

Colton stepped out of the car. He was relieved to find his legs still worked properly.


Colton didn't mind his predicament as much anymore. More surprisingly, things started to improve at school. Classmates weren't laughing behind his back as much. He went into the weekend feeling a lot of better about everything. Colton and Ivy communicated online almost nonstop that weekend.

Colton's Monday morning classes passed quickly. Later on, he walked with his lunch through the cafeteria to an empty table. The familiar voice of his friend Paul yelled out to him, "Sit over here, Colton." He spun around to where Paul sat at a table with a lot of their friends. Colton finally decided with a little more insistence from his old friends that he'd sit with them only until Ivy showed up.

"Sure is a lot better than having lunch with you know who," Paul laughed. The rest of the table broke out into laughter with their own little jabs. Colton laughed too, mostly out of discomfort. He watched the doors for Ivy throughout the entire lunch period. When he didn't see her, Colton was disappointed, but he decided she must have just ended up eating lunch outside.

Colton went through his afternoon classes still wondering exactly why Ivy hadn't showed up for lunch. He realized something he'd been slowly discovering, that he liked talking with and being with her more than with his old friends. It wasn't until the end of the day that he ran into her.

Colton walked faster to catch up with her and said, "Hey, I didn't see you today."

In a snippy tone she replied, "Didn't look very hard either."

"What's wrong?" he grabbed her arm in an attempt to stop her from walking away.

She pulled her arm free and told him, "I saw you eating with Paul and the rest of them. Guess they'll finally be seen with you."

"It wasn't my decision to eat with them," he tried to defend himself. "Well, I mean it was, but..."

Ivy told him coldly, "I get it. Things go back to normal. You can have your old life back. Good for you." She seemed more agitated when she added, "I saw you guys laughing together. Were you sharing all the things I've told you about me with them? They'll be able to make fun of me much more efficiently from now on! At least help them come up with some new jokes. I already know my ass is big enough to have its own license plate."

"That's not true," he shook his head. "I didn't tell them anything. And your ass is perfect by the way," he admitted. "I was just biding my time for when you showed up. So I could eat with you. I didn't even touch my dessert because I was saving it for you, I swear," he told her sincerely.

She gave him a hard look, divining whether he was telling the truth or not. Her face softened and she said, "Oh," her expression saddened, "I overreacted. I just saw you with them and thought..." Colton grabbed her hand and squeezed it. He smiled and then they kissed, ignoring the people around them.

Their lips parted and Ivy asked him with a mischievous grin, "My mom won't be home for a couple hours. Wanna go back to my house?"

"Uh-huh," Colton answered breathlessly.

"Good," she ran her tongue over her soft lips and then kissed him again. Then she led him by the hand to her car.


Their lips mashed together on the couch in Ivy's living room. Colton could feel her nipples stiffen and poke against his chest. That wasn't the only thing which had stiffened and pressed against him, of course. Ivy moaned into his mouth while his tongue chased hers. Their joint desires fed a palpable sexual energy which filled the room. It was a natural progression that their hands would start to explore each other. The only time their lips untwisted was for the momentary capture of breath.

Both of Ivy's hands moved slowly down Colton's back. Meanwhile, he soon had one handful of her warm breast and the other feeling and massaging one of her butt cheeks. His cock was so hard that it began to throb. Ivy's had already drenched her panties in pre-cum. She traced with her lips from his jaw to his ear, "I've been bad. Jumping to conclusions about you I shouldn't have. I wanna make it up to you," she whispered huskily.

"Oh yeah?" he responded, hoping he could mask his excitement.

"Yeah," she swirled her tongue around his outer ear.

"Well, would you--" he started to ask.

"Would I bottom for you?" she said, giggling afterward.

A spasm of excitement rocked through Colton. "I was going to say let me see your boobs," he confessed quickly. "You, you'd let me put it in you?"

Ivy nodded her head with an ear to ear grin. "But there is a catch," she said quickly.

"A catch... huh, what catch?" His imagination ran wild with images of his penis pressed between the bubbly t-girl cheeks of her beautiful ass.

"You have to lick my hole first."

"Is that the rule?" he asked her with a smirk.

"The rule I made up right this second. Yes," she kissed him playfully.

"Oh, so it's official then," he joked.

"Yeah-huh! So is it a deal?" Ivy enticed him further by taking his hands and rubbing them all over her heart-shaped butt.

"Fuck yes."

Ivy put her hand in his lap and felt his throbbing prick. She teasingly squeezed it, causing him to exhale sharply. She smiled at him while she undid her jeans. She rolled them down her shapely thighs and then turned around on the couch, presenting her ass to him.

"Just don't tickle me," she warned with a girlish giggle. Colton admired her ass quietly. It was like a piece of artwork. Surely somebody's masterpiece. Round and inviting, both big cheeks made his mouth water. Then his eyes zeroed in on the deep, long crack of her ass. "What's taking so long?" Ivy asked him impatiently. "Second thoughts? You don't wanna do it anymore?"

Colton had lost track of time for a minute there, marveling over every beautiful inch. To answer her question, he shoved his face between her cushy butt cheeks. Then he licked, with his tongue starting nearly at her balls, all the way up the length of her crack. Ivy's body tensed. She developed goosebumps as Colton flicked his tongue in short strokes up and down her crack. He used two fingers to pry apart one of her globes and couldn't resist kissing the rose-colored skin on the inside of her cheeks. Colton soaked in her warmth, bringing his tongue ever closer to her tiny hole.

He spiraled his tongue and licked in circles over the smooth, soft flesh. Finally arriving at her asshole, he touched the tip of his tongue to the tiny opening. Ivy took in an anticipatory breath. Colton laid his tongue flat against her hole and gave it a long lick. She moaned as his tongue hardened against her entrance and gently eased its way inside.

"Mmm, I like this. You're hitting just the right spots. I like it a lot!" Ivy straightened her back.

Colton pressed his lips to her butthole and gave the wrinkled skin a kiss. Next he concentrated his tongue on her hole, fucking her with the stiff tip. Ivy's body dug into the couch as she tried to push him deeper into the tight orifice. Colton continued to munch gently on her opening, teasing it into allowing more of his tongue inside.

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