tagIncest/TabooTroubled Youth

Troubled Youth


I had just finished High School, finally turning 18 and I stayed in trouble, while I had been in School, at home, fighting, stealing it didn’t matter to me. After my Dad left, I didn’t give a shit and Mom couldn’t stop me.

“You’re going to end up in jail if you don’t stop this behavior!” she told me.

“Like anyone gives a shit about me!” I screamed at her, stomping off to my room turning my stereo up so I couldn’t hear her yelling at me thru the door. I did hear her scream,

“That’s IT! I can’t take anymore!” I smiled thinking I had won this round of our daily arguments.

A couple of days later when I got home from School, (one of the few days I went) Grandpa was sitting in our living room.

“Hi, Grandpa, whatcha doing here?”

He looked at me sternly and told me

“Go pack your shit!”

“What? Why?”

“Your coming with me, Moving in our house!” he said.

I thought Yeah Right old man, eat shit and die, I’m not going anywhere. Mom got home about then with tears in her eyes said,

“I have had all I can take and I felt you need a mans firm hand to straighten you up!”

I’m not going anywhere!” I yelled.

“I’m sorry, but you have to go. You keep me upset and your little brother isn’t going to follow in your footsteps, you’ll just have to go!” then ran to her room.

“Fuck you Bitch!” I screamed at her.

Next thing I know I was on the floor, stars circling my head. Grandpa had slapped the Ever Loving Shit out of me. I sat there trying to get my bearings on which way was up as Grandpa said to me

“You EVER talk to your Mother like that again you little shit and I’ll beat your ass to death, Now GO PACK! You have 10 minutes!”

I stumbled into what WAS my room and packed all I could in the time given me.

We sat in silence for hours as he drove us to his house in the country, a nice wood frame house, 3 bedrooms, bath and a half. Sitting on 45 acres of tree filled woods. Gramma came outside smiling and giving me a hug, knowing I wasn’t happy to be here.

“It won’t be so bad, you’ll see, there are some kids your age a few miles up the road. It will be OK soon!”

Now here was a mixed pair of people, Grandpa was always a mean old bastard and Gramma was nice as could be. How they ever got married I’ll never know. He was 68 and she was 55.

I moped around for about a week, went and met the kids down the road. What a bunch of Inbred looking fuckers I thought to myself, as dumb as rocks, what losers, And Grandpa working my ass off, Idle hands, devils workshop, all that shit. One Saturday afternoon he let me off early around 3 saying he had things to do in town, I went back to the house seeing a note from Gramma.

“Gone to get groceries, be back later.”.

Good I thought, and went to my room. I got out a dirty book I had and started playing with my dick. I never heard Gramma come home, and just as I was going to cum. She opened my door! She looked at my dick in my hand as I was fisting it. Her eyes wide open, Not looking away, but Staring! I quickly covered up, my orgasm stuck in my balls. Telling her she could at least Knock!

“OH MY! I’m so sorry, I uh, uh, I only came in to put these clothes up, Oh My God, I’m Soooo sorry!”

And she shut my door quickly leaving. Well this is fucking great I thought, the ONE time I try this here and not in the shower, I get busted. By my Grand Mother, then it hit me, She’s going to tell Grandpa and he is going to beat the shit out of me. Well aint this just Great! I dressed and went in the kitchen to tell her.

“I am so sorry I had done that, I know it was wrong.”

And she was drinking a cup of coffee sitting at the table, an embarrassed smile on her face. Apologizing again to me for intruding on my privacy.

“It wasn’t your fault, I shouldn’t be doing that anyway.”

She offered me a cup of coffee, and asked, “Do you do that often? Touch yourself?”

Now I was embarrassed and answered her.

“Yes Maam, about once a day if I can!”

Why lie, I figured I was in enough trouble already without adding lying to it.

“Oh My, I had forgotten how a young man felt those urges so much! It must be nice to be young!”

Blushing as she said it. Now I felt bad about yelling at her when she came in my room unannounced, because she looked like she was upset about it. I went over and hugged her telling her

“It’s OK Gramma, but sometimes it isn’t so easy being young. At least you have someone to do that stuff for you!”

She smiled at me sadly then said.

“No, Grandpa and I haven’t done that for a few years, not since he had his Heart Attack, his Medicine.”

Then she stopped realizing she was talking about her sex life with her Grandson. Then blushed as red as anyone I’ve ever seen.

“We shouldn’t be talking this way, it wasn’t right.”

“Well if I don’t learn about sex at home (the first time I had called this place home) where WOULD I learn about it? On the streets?”

She thought about a minute.

“No, you shouldn’t have to learn it there!”

“ How come you and Grandpa can’t do that?”

She went on explaining that “Grandpa can’t get an erection because his Medicine made him impotent, that now he just can’t get an erection.”

“So what do you do then? Without? That’s not right!”

She went on saying that she did sometimes she would do “That”

I cornered her not letting her wiggle out if this conversation,

“That?” I asked, “What’s, That?”

Her eyes looked at the floor and softly told me.

“Touch myself, you know, down there.”

I was shocked!

“Really Gramma? You do that too?” then grinning “Do you do that often? Touch yourself?”

She smiled “Now your being Facetious, you little smarty!”

She was relaxing as we talked, her hand laid on her big tit, her finger running circles around her nipple as she spoke, I don’t think she even realized she was doing it. But it was making me hard again.

“Would you get me another cup of coffee?”

And I forgot I had a hard on, when I stood up my dick was right across from her face. Her eyes locked on my dick and she licked her lips dreamily, her mind somewhere else.

“Why do you have an erection?”

I replied nervously “Uh, Gramma, look at your hand!”

Then she noticed it was rubbing her nipple.

“Oh MY, I never knew I was doing that!”

Removing her hand. I stared at her thick nipple poking out of her summer dress my eyes bugged out.

I figured she had to be horny if she was doing that right in front of me and not even knowing it.

“Does that feel good to you when you rub them like that?” I asked her

“Yes it does, I didn’t mean to do that!”

“That looks sexy watching you do it.”

Her eyes widened “It did? But I’m an old woman, and I know I’m not pretty anymore.”

“I could watch that all day Gramma, anytime you need an audience, You just let me know!” winking at her.

I wondered what she was thinking when she said.

“OK, and started unbuttoning the top of her summer dress.

My mouth dropped open as her huge tits popped out, she didn’t have a bra on and her nipples were sticking out about an inch. My hand went to my dick and I started rubbing it unconsciously, she took my hand away replacing it with hers, gently rubbing it.

“It got me excited when I saw you touching yourself, and I was going to go touch myself as soon as I could.”

“I’ll touch it for you, if you want Gramma!”

She stood up and dropped her dress the rest of the way off, right there in the kitchen. She took off her big old ladies panties, standing there naked as the day she was born. I stared at her hairy bush as she smiled said

“Now let me see you again.”

Man, I thought, this is unreal, Gramma is standing here naked and wants to see my dick. How wierd is that? I took my pants off, my proud dick standing out its full length, throbbing as it bounced from the blood pumping in it, her eyes glued to it, her mouth slightly opened.

“Come here!”

Putting my dick in her hand, admiring how hard it was, as she jacked me off. Her hand was so soft, she then leaned down and licked the bit of pre-cum off it. OH SHIT! Was she going to, her mouth swallowed it, Yep, she was going to,

“Suck it Gramma, Suck my dick for me Gramma!”

She sucked it so good, her mouth drooling on it as her head bounced against my belly. So this is what it’s like getting a blowjob, I loved it, and I didn’t care if it WAS my Gramma, this was great! Her mouth was so fucking HOT, as she slurped and moaned, I watched her hand drop to her pussy and finger it. I couldn’t take anymore and shot my huge wad in her mouth her swallowing my hot young cum as fast as it came out, Playing with my balls, sucking me until I had stopped spurting my thick load.

She sat back still fingering her pussy,

“I want you to eat my pussy, I want you to make Gramma cum on your face!”

I dropped to my knees.

“I am not sure what to do!”

She grabbed my head then shoved it in her hairy gash and said

“Fucking Lick IT!”

HOLY SHIT, Gramma said fucking, This old bitch WAS horny, I licked her wet slit thinking it was going to be gross, It wasn’t smelly but had a deep musky odor and was wet, I liked it. Her hips bucked as I licked her,

“Suck my clit baby, Suck Gramma’s Clit!”

Stunned, I said “Where is it?”

She pointed to it “THERE, now Suck it, NOW!”

I sucked like a calf on its mamas tit. She held my face tightly, pushing it hard against her gaping gash as her wetness seeped out on my face.

“Oh FUCK Oh FUCK, that’s right Suck my pussy baby!” gasping as she said it. Then she cried out

“I’m fucking CUMMINNNGGG eat my cunt, Don’t you dare stop, fucking EAT ME!”

Her hips shook, and her tits bounced as my tongue flicked her clit furiously as she loosened her death grip on my hair.

She pulled me close to her breasts, she told me how wonderful I had made her feel, and that she hadn’t had an orgasm like that in years. I laughed saying that Grandpa would “Whup her Ass”, if he heard her say what she had said! She blushed and hugged me again.

“Is that all we are going to do?”

She laughed

“You want more?”

I looked at her like that had to be the stupidest thing I had ever heard.

“Of Course I do!”

I followed her to my bed room leaving the door open in our rush to get at each other and I jumped on my bed, my hard dick pointing at the ceiling, she got between my legs and kissed it, licking my balls then moving up to sit on me. She rubbed her hairy wet pussy all over my dick, sliding it up and back down getting it soaking wet from her pussy juice. Then she reached under her and poked my dick inside it. HOLY SHIT, she was dripping and so hot. I thought pussy was supposed to be tight but hers was kind of loose, but it still felt fantastic.

She bounced on me like a jumping jack, her pussy making squishing noises as she did. I slammed her pussy with my dick making her start to scream at me.

“Fuck Me, Fuck Grammas cunt for her baby, use your dick on me, Do it, Do it good baby!”

Slamming her juicy pussy me so hard I thought she would break my hips. Her voice raising an octave or two as she cried out

“YES, Yes Fuck me now, do me hard, I’m Cumming, Now Oh it’s so good, Comon baby, give me your hot spunk, CUM with Gramma, make me feel good.”

That was all it took to make me cum, I filled her pussy up with all the cum I had left in me, her pussy making the squishing noise as I pumped her pussy feeling it contracting and relaxing over and over. Like it was sucking my sperm out of me.

She fell off me sweating and completely exhausted, and I was not ready to run any marathons myself. Her hand on my sticky dick, gently squeezing it lightly to watch the last remaining drops of my spunk oozing out. Wiping it off with her fingertip, she licked it off, a sexy look in her eyes. When I heard a noise at my door, OH FUCK, it was Grandpa!

He had been watching us as I had fucked Gramma, and he had his dick out in his hand jacking it off. And it was HARD! He rushed over to Gramma throwing her over on her belly and Jammed his cock inside her fresh fucked cunt,

“Do me you slut, Take my hard cock and fuck me!”

No wonder her cunt was not tight, His cock had to be 10 inches long and thick as my wrist. He was fucking her so hard her body was rising off the bed about 6 inches, she was screaming at him to feed her pussy his monster cock. She started Cumming as soon as he stuck it in her pussy I just sat back and watched as my dick was getting hard again. She looked around at me and told me

“Come here and screw Grammas mouth! Let me suck your hot cock!”

I looked at Grandpa and he nodded his head for me to go ahead. I slid up, stuck my cock in her mouth and fucked her as deep as I could. Grandpa told her

“Suck his young cock you nasty whore, Make him Spurt his Cum in your nasty face!”

Now I knew where Gramma learned that talk from, smiling as I humped her mouth. Then Grandpa cried out.

“I’m Cumming you whore, I’m Cumming in you slut!”

And he pulled his cock out Cumming on her back the biggest load I’ve ever seen, it shot up to her shoulder blades all the way down to her ass cheeks. I had to cum then as Gramma sucked it down.

“That’s right Bitch, Make that Boy Cum, suck it down, milk those balls!”

Grandpa screamed at her loudly.

After we had cleaned up at sat at the supper table, I asked Grandpa,

“I thought you couldn’t get a hard on anymore!”

Looking me in the eye he said,

“I haven’t had one in years boy, but when I saw your gramma on top of you with your cock sticking in her pussy, I shore got one, didn’t I Old Woman!”

Gramma smiled “Yes, hon, you sure did!

And if we need to do it again for you to get hard, then I guess me and the boy will just have to do it!”

As she reached under the table squeezing my dick, with a smile!

Authors Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened, it was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only! I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not! If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about. Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-) Thanks, mustanger7up

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