tagNon-EroticTroubles Beyond Trouble Ch. 01

Troubles Beyond Trouble Ch. 01


Walking down the street clad in his signature Tax Collector gear Daniel scouts the parking lots for potential cars that could possibly take a sizeable chunk out of his debt to Mario. But this isn't where the story starts off; it begins with Daniels' childhood, the reasons he became what he is. Now sit down, spark a bowl and chill as I tell you this story of a young man with more troubles than a late eighties Thunderbird 5.0 and little time to deal with them.

That strange, pungent scent accompanied by thick white smoke which tentatively creeps out from under his parents' room door isn't an uncommon occurrence.

Lying down lazily on the front room sofa with the television blaring late night shows at him from no more than five feet away, Daniel enjoys the quiet life and only notes the odd scent for a moment.

Daniel doesn't quite know what the smell is but it is common enough he doesn't even think about it for more than two seconds before dismissing it. In these early years he had never seen a pipe or a bong since his parents are rather good at keeping such things out of his sight even while the relationship between them is degrading, as it had been ever since his father lost his job.

A loud crash rings out from the back room where his parents sleep and Daniel leaps to his feet with all the agility of a twelve year old accompanied by the speed of youth he is standing at the door within seconds.

As his small hand turns the door handle and he pushes it open a wall of thick sweet smelling smoke collides with his tiny form.

"Mom! Dad? Are you alright? What happened?" With the words barely off of his tongue something heavy and solid collides with his small jaw and he can feel the bones crunching under the impact as Daniel begins to black out and fall back.

Since puberty had begun to change him Daniel had felt something itching at the back of his mind, something that scares him even though he won't admit it. This something that he cannot describe seems to rush forward and already he can feel his body stretching and becoming distorted and the last thing he remembers before the "beast" takes control of his body is the sound of his mother screaming; "John! God please no John, please don't hurt him!"

Next, Daniel watches from behind eyes that don't seem to be his own and are instead showing everything as black and white with exceptional detail. The vision he sees through now almost makes him feel more alive but the following events dim any excitement he may have found in these new eyes.

John, Daniels' father is crouching over him throwing punch after punch almost unaware of what he is doing in his violent bout of rage. The red tinted images barely reach this full mans brain and prevents him from noticing the not-so-subtle physical changes occurring in his son.

Daniels' hair grows coarse and thick, his shattered jaw begins to mend and protrude out from his face. Arms and shoulders that were once so skinny and weak begin to broaden and become solid with muscle. The small nose in the center of his face also begins to broaden and lengthen, its tip turning a dark black as it becomes glossy with moisture. Teeth lengthen and turn the gray color of steel as they begin to glint in the dim light as they drip saliva. A deep guttural growl shakes the walls as Daniels' transformation begins to take root and his internal structure becomes more metal than bone, the long silvery and pointed cylinders which can be nothing besides nails prove that fact as the beast that once was Daniel begins to fight back against its father.

The once strong fist that was slamming repeatedly against his face shatters against the new indestructible skull hidden beneath its flesh and the large man that once overpowered the small child is thrown back with enough force to shatter the sheetrock concealed beneath the wall paper. Four deep gashes stain his chest red where the claws had caught flesh and bone rending open his ribs to reveal the heart beating beneath as it spits blood and sputters in his dying moments.

Daniel screams and yells, beats against the beast with arms that don't exist anymore. He fights against the thing that has taken his body but he only finds a solid wall between him and the control of his body.

Without a seconds hesitation the now seven foot beast which resembles a wolf in key characteristics leaps on top of the dying man and begins to tear in to his chest with terrifying ferocity.

Nancy, Daniels mother cowers in the corner for now, blood splattering against her face and leaving dripping trails of crimson crisscrossing her bruised body. She once protested spiritedly against her husbands beating of Daniel but now she fears for her own life. Nancy wants to run, she wants to put as much distance between herself and that... That thing as she can but, "is that my son?" she continuously repeats in her mind, trying to reason it out with her muscles frozen and her eyes locked on the horrible scene of that... That thing that couldn't be her son, her son couldn't do that to anyone, and so it couldn't be her loving and quiet son.

Before thinking she throws herself at the "thing" and lands hard against its solid shaggy body and begins to beat her small fists against it. "No! Stop! Please don't hurt him! Leave my son alone!" The words sound foreign to Nancy and she couldn't quite decide where they came from but she doesn't stop none-the-less. As she fights a futile fight and beats her useless fists against the beast she catches a glimpse of her husbands' lifeless corpse lying on the bed where he landed. The ribcage is gone and only the shattered edges of bone remain any of the vital organs that should have been found there are gone and his glossy eyes stare at the ceiling. Nancy freezes and her muscles seem to turn to jelly, her small fists pause against the beasts' coarse hair.

Daniel fights hysterically against the overwhelming presence that has control over his body. Daniel can feel the blood dripping from the lips which aren't his own. Daniel can feel the torn flesh lodged between his teeth and the scraps under his feet, but worst of all he can feel his mother beating against his back and trying with all her strength to save the abusive husband that is already dead.

The beast turns its attention toward Daniels mother and he screams inside its head, fighting even more fervently than he did for his own father.

It's too late though; the beast turns on Nancy and backhands her in the stomach letting her intestines free from their encasement of skin and flesh. With a horrified screech she is thrown back against the wall next to the door as the beast turns to look at her and wait for some kind of reaction which doesn't come. Nancy's eyes roll back until her pupils and irises disappear behind her eyelids and she squirms under the pain engulfing her mind.

With slow calculated steps the beast walks toward Nancy with every intention of devouring her just as it had Daniels father John but as it gets closer it stumbles as if tripping over its own feet.

Daniel, buried deep in the back of the beasts mind screams, kicks and fights with all of his mental strength to take control back from the beast that has murdered his parents. Hot tears burn at his cheeks as they run down what isn't there, this young man has encountered his worst nightmare, and it is himself.

The beast begins to recede to the back of Daniels mind from where it came, the physical changes happening more rapidly as the form of the young twelve year old Daniel emerges from that of the beast.

The clothes he had worn are now torn and only the remnants remain, yet this is the last thing on young Daniels mind as he crawls up between his mothers legs and curls up. Daniel looks as if he is nine years younger and wishing only for the comfort of his mommy. The bloodstained form of Daniel tells another story as he ignores the feel of his mothers intestines against his face as he seeks her warmth and comforting arms, but nothing happens, she doesn't lean down and pull him in to her embrace, she only lies there perfectly still and propped up against the cracked wall looking across the room in sheer horror.

This is where I come back and tell you the obvious; Daniel had a happy childhood up until this point. The cops came to Daniels' house over all the noise and screaming and walked in to find the dead parents and Daniel in the midst of it all without a scratch. With DNA testing they discovered an abnormality, making him a mutant and came to the conclusion that his parents death blame is to be laid on him.

The next several years Daniel spends in a specialized insane asylum for those with such "problems." These years Daniel spends doped up and unaware of where or who he is, that is until he begins to build up a resistance to the medicine they are shoving down his throat...

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