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Trouser Snake


Alright, there's been complaints, so I must stress the point that all sexual participants in this story are over 18 years of age. Hayley is 18, it is mentioned in the text. No-one in this story is under 18 years of age. Everyone is over 18. The years of their age are over 18.



"Okay, Dad, I'll see if I can." Hayley said into her mobile and hung up. She was standing in the front playground of the Mrs Strictland Girl's College, with her friend Miranda.

"Dad can't pick me up today," She told her friend. "I guess I'll have to walk."

"Walk?" Miranda asked, alarmed. "Are you sure?"

"Mum's away on a Bible Study tour," She explained. "Plus Daddy's working so hard. I hope Jesus watches over him."

"Amen." Miranda said fervently.

"I know the way, but I've never walked home alone." She said.

"Maybe my Mum could give you a lift?" Miranda offered.

"No," Said Hayley. "I should walk. It'll do me good."

With her display of resolve, Hayley set her mind straight and said goodbye to Miranda before walking out the front gate in the direction of home. It was only three blocks through the leafy suburb, yet she had never done it before. Her mother was extremely strict about girls being alone, so that even though Hayley had turned eighteen the previous week, she was rarely unsupervised.

She was striding down the block, trying not to walk too fast so she looked braver. She was an impressive sight and turned heads in all the passing cars. She was about six feet tall, with a long flowing head of beautiful blonde hair. She was captain of the hockey team, the girl's football team and a tennis player, so that her demure uniform could not conceal her athletic figure. Her face was angelic, with tanned skin and bright blue eyes. Her young breasts pushed out her blazer, big even for her sporty frame.

Nearly halfway home, she was feeling good about the whole thing. The sun was shining, the school day was over and that weekend she was having a belated birthday party with her friends, as long as Mum approved the guest list Hayley had emailed her. She was smiling at nothing, giving every passing man all sorts of ideas.

A horn blared, startling her. She looked up and saw a dirty four-wheel drive next to her on the road, the driver staring down at her. He looked mean and dirty himself, with long lank hair and a face that appeared stuck in a permanent scowl.

"Hey sweetcheeks," He called out. "How about a ride?"

"No thank you." She said primly, walking on, forcing herself not to run. The car kept pace with her.

"C'mon, baby," The guy said. "You can sit on my lap."

He laughed harshly. Hayley didn't understand why he would want her to do this. She walked on silently.

"You can sit on my trouser snake, baby." He called.

This was entirely puzzling. She couldn't help but look up at his grinning face.

"Trouser snake? What's that?"

The guy stared for a moment, then laughed loudly and sped off up the street, leaving Hayley to walk home unenlightened.


Bernie was tired and horny and was extremely glad to get home. He pulled into the driveway and killed the engine before sitting, staring at the house for a few minutes. He knew that Hayley would already be home, probably sitting doing her homework or even reading the Bible in front of the window. No television or internet for Hayley. Her mother had seen to that, just as she had seen to Bernie's sex life.

Bernie's wife Freda had once been a fun-loving girl, but her inclusion in a local church had caused a rapid downslide in Bernie's life. Now all his wife wanted was to talk about the Bible, expound the problems of sin and totally control the development of her teen daughter. This had included sending her to Mrs Strictland College, a girls' school where the idea of sex-ed was heretical, no internet was allowed, no television or movies, and the teachers were basically hard-line fundamentalists.

He got his briefcase out of the car and made his way inside. Just as he expected, Hayley was sitting at the window with the Bible open. She looked up at him and smiled sweetly.

"Hello, Daddy," She beamed. "How was your day?"

"Same old, same old, honey."

He put down his stuff and looked at her. It was probably for the better she had a controlling mother. She had changed out of her uniform into shorts and a tight t-shirt, which gave the impression of miles of tanned legs and arms. If she was in a co-ed school she would be the sex symbol of the place, he knew. He could feel his own cock twitch, even though he knew it was so wrong.

"How about a hug?" He asked, spontaneously. He wanted to feel some contact other than the icy touch of his wife. His daughter beamed even more and bounced over into his arms, taller than him by two inches. Her big breasts squashed into his chest. Automatically he put one hand on her back and the other on one of her buttocks, quickly moving upward. Her ass had felt so firm, her body so perfect, that his cock was now properly hard.

This was nothing new. Bernie had secretly lusted after his daughter for a while, in fact just before she left on her latest tour his wife had almost caught him wanking over Hayley's newest set of school photos. He didn't understand where his daughter got her genes from. He himself was short, balding and rotund, not an attractive man at all. So now he got a bit of a fix hugging his gorgeous daughter's body at every opportunity.

"Daddy?" She asked.

"Yes, hon?" He looked into that beautiful face.

"What's a trouser snake?"

He snorted laughter in surprise, releasing her. His boner had been close to poking her hip.

"What? Where'd you hear that, honey?"

"A man said it to me, this afternoon."

"Oh," Bernie's mind reeled. "Did this man do anything to you, Hayley?"

"No, he just drove past me on my way home. What did he mean, daddy? What's a trouser snake?"

"Oh, its, well," He looked at his daughter's innocent face. "Its nothing, hon. Boy stuff, don't you worry."

"Oh, okay." She gave him another hug, brushing his chest with hers, before bounding back to the Bible.

Holy shit, Bernie thought.

That afternoon, as he got changed and started making dinner for himself and his daughter, he kept thinking of the feel of her ass cheek under is hand, plus her innocent face as she had asked him about the trouser snake. His own trouser snake would not go away, he knew he was going to have a long session with the school photos later on.

They sat down to dinner, Hayley tying her hair back in a cute double ponytail. Bernie made her sit quite close to him. He asked her a bunch of usual questions about school, silently mortified by what they were putting into that pretty head.

"I've figured it out." She said suddenly.

"Figured what out, honey?"

"What a trouser snake is."

Oh dear, he thought. I'm not ready to have this talk with a girl so unprepared.

"It's a snake that lives in men's trousers, isn't it?" She asked, obviously convinced of her own cunning. "Isn't it?"

"Yes honey, you're right." Phew, dodged that one.

"Are they dangerous, daddy?"

His imagination raced to come up with something.

"Only to men," He said. "Little girls don't have to worry about them."

"Have you ever seen one?" She asked, her chicken forgotten, bright blue eyes staring at him.

"Oh yes," He tried. "Every man has one. Every man keeps one in his trousers."

"Wow," She breathed. "There's one in your pants right now?"

"Yes, of course," Oh God, why had he said all this? "It keeps my pants safe."

"What if it bites you?"

"Oh, its well trained." He assured her.

"Can I see it?" She asked.


What was he going to do now? His trouser snake was certainly awake, it was rock hard in his pants. Part of his mind wanted to take it out, to show his daughter the erection she had given him. Her beautiful eighteen year old face was leaning towards him, pink lips slightly open in her amazement at this new information she was hearing.

"I'm afraid you can't see it, honey," He croaked. "Girls aren't allowed to see them."

"Oh," Her face fell. "Okay."

"Would you like to touch it?" He surprised himself by saying. His heart lurched and started beating very quickly, where was he going with this?

"Won't it bite me?" She cried.

"No, no, its trained. And it can't hurt you anyway. You're a girl."

"Oh," She smiled nervously. "Okay, Daddy. I'll pet it."

"Close your eyes."

Hayley closed them, now smiling. Bernie put down his fork and reached under the edge of the tablecloth. He slowly unzipped his pants and pushed down his boxers, freeing his erection. His cock was quite long, about nine inches, stiffening out completely now that it was free. He looked his daughter all over, from her brown thighs to the shirt stretched over her unbelievably firm breasts. This was the last chance to back out.

"I'll put your hand on it." He said.

"Okay Daddy." She answered, obviously excited. He picked up her warm hand and guided it under the table cloth, biting his lip as he moved it towards his cock. Her fingers bumped the shaft, making her gasp.

"Close your hand around it," He told her, moving her fingers. "Like this. Keep your eyes closed."

The delicate fist gripped his shaft tenderly. He released a sigh, trying to keep it silent. No woman had touched his cock for over a year.

"That's it, keep your eyes closed," He told her. "Now you can pet it. Just slide your hand up and down like this."

He held her wrist with one hand, her fingers with his other and guided her to stroke his shaft, up and down. She was holding quite lightly, obviously nervous about the snake.

"It feels so hot." She giggled, eyes still closed.

"Yes, it will." Bernie was struggling to keep his voice level as his daughter gave him a long, slow wank. Her face was close to his, so that he could see the moistness of her full, pink lips. He wished he could get his penis in there.

"Should I keep going?" She asked.

"Sure, it likes you," Bernie gasped. "Just try holding a little tighter. That's right, now move your hand a bit quicker. Yes, that's good."

It was hard to stop his voice from slurring with pleasure, or sounding too nervous. In truth, he was very nervous. How had he gotten himself in this situation? How had he, a respectable boring person, ended up getting masturbated by his own beautiful daughter? It was certainly going to end up in disgrace, he should stop it right now and hope no-one ever found out! His wife would have him crucified!

Her hand was too warm, too delicious as it slid on his rod. Her mouth had fallen open a little, so that he could see her perfect white teeth and pink tongue. All he could think of now was putting his cock between those lips, of how wonderful it would be to pull her blonde head into his lap and let her suck out all his cum.

He realized that he was about to cum anyway. It would need some explanation.

"Okay, keep your eyes closed," He managed to wheeze out. "My snake's going to spit out something, but you can't look, okay?"

"Oka-ay." She said nervously, her jerking slowing down.

"Its alright, honey, just keep doing that petting. You're very good at it."

Still with her eyes shut, she beamed at him and her hand sped up its strokes, squeezing a bit harder with her new enthusiasm. Bernie was having trouble staying completely still as his orgasm approached, he wanted to pump his hips up into her fist. He had to avoid any sudden movement or noise in case it made her open her eyes and see herself jerking off his engorged cock.

"Okay, it'll happen now, don't look honey." His voice was strained. He was cumming, his dick spasming in his daughter's hand, Hayley still stroking as the cum pumped up his shaft and spurted out. It hit the underside of the table and splattered the floor, as he kept on exploding she continued her petting, jerking more of the load out of him.

"Keep your eyes closed, honey," He gasped as the orgasm passed. "Just let go now."

"Okay, Daddy," She smiled. "Its going all squishy now! Is it okay?"

"Its fine, honey, just tired." He pried her hand away, wiping his cock on the tablecloth before stuffing it back in his pants. He noticed Hayley's hand was covered in his sperm, but there was nothing he could think to do about it.

"You can look now, honey." She opened her eyes, still smiling.

"That was fun!" She said, then looked at her gooey hand. "What is this stuff?"

"Well, um," He tried. "It can't hurt you, but its trouser snake venom, honey. Remember it can't hurt girls."

She peered at it closely, bringing it up to her face.

"It smells funny."

"Yes, it does."

"Weird," Bernie stared as his daughter licked her hand, getting a big blob of cum into her mouth. "Ur, doesn't taste too good, but. Are you alright, Daddy?"

"I'm fine honey."

"You're just all red in the face, and you're breathing heaps hard."

"I'm okay honey, maybe I'll just go wash my face."

"Okay Daddy," She looked at the mess on the floor. "Do you want me to clean this up?"

"Yes, please, Hayley."

He went to the bathroom and closed the door, leaning against it. Had he really just been jerked off by his daughter? Was his daughter really cleaning up his cum off the dining room floor?


Bernie lay in the big double bed alone, on his back due to the rock hard boner he had that would not go away. Never before had he been so turned on so soon after an orgasm. For the rest of the night he had still been turned on, watching Hayley read her Bible, watching her help him wash the dishes, getting a kiss good night from her, looking in on her saying her prayers kneeling next to her bed in her pink nightdress.

All the time he thought of her hand on his dick, the pinkness of her open lips.

Bernie got up and carefully walked out of his room. He wore only boxer shorts to bed, now their silky material was pushed out in front by his erection. He tip-toed out into the hallway and down to the doorway of Hayley's bedroom. She never closed her door, it was one of her mother's rules. Inside he could see Hayley's bed with her sleeping figure covered by the sheet.

What was he doing? What could he do? In his mind he had a crazy idea, one which was keeping his cock so stiff. He realized that for the first time in his life he had started thinking with his dick, normally he always controlled himself. Now he knew what he wanted, exactly what he wanted to do.

Taking a deep breath, Bernie moved into Hayley's room and flicked on the light. She stirred and sat up, the sheet falling away from her body, showing the flimsy nightdress clinging to her big firm tits. Her tousled appearance made her look even better in his eyes. Her eyes were alarmed.

"Daddy, what's wrong?" She cried.

"Honey, I need your help," He started, using his nervousness to make his voice sound strained. "I've been bitten!"

"Bitten? What do you mean?"

"My trouser snake bit me," He explained. "I think its 'cos we got it excited earlier. Now it's bit me!"

"Oh no!" She wailed, her hands going to her face. "Should I call an ambulance?"

"No, you can't," He said. "They won't treat me. And there's no time. You'll need to help me."

"Me? What can I do?"

"Well," He looked down into his daughter's pretty face. "You'll have to suck out the poison. It can't hurt you, remember?"

"Oh," She looked bewildered. "Okay, if we have to. Where did it bite you?"

"It's a bit embarrassing, Hayley. Its on my penis, you see."

"Your what?"

Jesus, he thought, she didn't know what it was. He knew she wouldn't know any of the slang terms either. That school was as sheltered as a nunnery.

"It's a part of the body only men have, Hayley. I'll show you."

Standing next to her bed, he lifted the waistband of his boxers and lowered them over his erection. It was at its full nine inches, the totally wasted big dick he was always proud of, which his wife didn't even want to know about now. Hayley's big blue eyes looked at it without embarrassment, just with bright interest.

"Oh wow," She said. "Do all men have one of these?"

"Yes, honey."

"Wow," She breathed. "Where did it bite you?"

"Right here, on the end," He said, tapping the tip. "The bite is too small to see, but its there. Daddy needs you to suck the venom out, Hayley."

"Okay," She said. "I'll do it."

"Come here and sit here." He said, directing her to sit on the edge of the mattress, noticing her brown thighs barely covered by the nightdress. His teen daughter was sitting in front of his bare cock, just inches from her face, looking it over shamelessly. He could see down the front of her nightie, see the smooth, fair curves of her cleavage. God, he wanted her so much he could barely speak.

"Now suck on it, Hayley. Suck out the venom."

Timidly Hayley leaned forward and took hold of his dick with one hand. She aimed it at her mouth and brought her head down on to it. Bernie couldn't believe it as his daughter's lips closed around the head of his penis, the warmth and wetness was amazing, better than he ever could have imagined. His whole body seemed to buzz with joy as she started sucking hard.

"Oh, yes," He moaned, before realizing he had to act as though he was being saved. "Yes, that's pretty good, honey. That will certainly draw out the venom."

Hayley hadn't closed her eyes, she was looking up at his face as though to make sure she was doing okay. His own eyes felt riveted to her pink lips, where they sealed around the veiny shaft. She was sucking, but not moving her head at all -- it felt great, but Bernie wanted his daughter to blow him.

"Can you try something honey? Try moving your head and sucking at the same time."

She released his dick from her mouth, puzzled. "How do you mean, Daddy?" She asked, her lips bumping his tip as she spoke.

"Here, I'll show you. Put it in your mouth again." Her lips closed over the head of his dick once more. He put a hand on the top of Hayley's blonde head.

"Now just stay still and suck like you were before."

He pushed his dick another inch into Hayley's sucking mouth, then out again, the shaft glistening with his daughter's spit. She looked up at him with wide, innocent blue eyes as he did this several times, fucking her mouth gently. It was so hot and wet, he felt close to cumming already.

"Oh yeah, that's gonna get out the venom, honey. Yeah, you're doing great."

She hummed gladly around his length as he penetrated a bit deeper, not wanting to rush her even though he wanted to jam it to the back of her throat.

"Yeah, you're gonna save my life, honey. You're such a good girl."

Bernie had to slow down his strokes, he didn't want to blow his load so soon as there was surely no way he would get to do this again. Imagine if Freda saw them now! She would burn him at the stake if she saw his cock plunging in and out of their coddled daughter's face like it was now.

There was no way to stop it, he was gong to cum soon.

"Okay, honey, the stuff's coming now. Remember it can't hurt you, you've got to swallow it all so no-one else gets poisoned, okay? Can you do it Hayley?"

She murmured assent through her full mouth, her eyes smiling up at him. He took hold of her head with both hands and increased the pace, still controlling himself and not going too deep. Her mouth was so beautiful, so wet, he couldn't keep it in any longer.

"Oh yeah!" He grunted. "Oh, I'm cu-, I mean the venom's coming! Its coming! Its coming!"

Bernie felt contractions stronger than ever before, he could almost hear the force of the cum shooting from his tip into Hayley's mouth. She gripped his legs in surprise, gulping desperately as her father emptied his balls into her, the venom thick and chunky as she forced it down her throat. Bernie had stopped thrusting, staring at his little girl's face with protruding eyes as she sucked down the huge load.

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