Trouser Snake


She started the shower and after the water heated up, got in under the spray and closed the glass shower door. Hayley liked a morning shower. She also liked her long blonde hair, because neither of her parents were blonde, so it made her special. She didn't know anyone with blonde hair like hers. The hot water ran in sluices down her body, over the long muscles she'd built up playing all sorts of sports.

She was about to launch into another verse when there was a bump from the doorway. She looked up, startled, through the glass of the stall door. She squealed and covered herself with her arms when she saw her father standing there, looking very distressed and red in the face.

"Daddy! What's wrong?!" She cried.

"Sorry, sorry, uh," He garbled, eyes wide and staring. "Sorry, its, uh."

He had one hand on his shorts. She saw that his penis was very swollen again, so that it pushed out his shorts heaps.

"Oh, Daddy, are you sick again?"

"Guh, uh, yeah," He mumbled. "Um, uh, honey."

"Oh no," She said. "Wait and I'll get out and help you."

"Uh, no time!" He said suddenly. She stumbled back against the wall tiles as her father grabbed the shower door and opened it. Was he going to get in with her? He was!

Her father lumbered into the shower, the water instantly wetting his shirt and boxer shorts. She could see his big swollen penis completely defined in the wet material. He closed the door behind him and stood there, gazing at her. She was concerned about him as his eyes were wandering everywhere, not looking her in the face. He had to be really ill.

"Daddy, I'm showering. I've got no clothes."

"It's alright, honey," He said slowly, his voice funny. "I've seen you before. I gave you a bath when you were a baby."

"I, I guess so." She said.

"Its okay, don't be shy," He mumbled. "I'm your father, Hayley."

Hayley smiled. She was being silly. She dropped her arms and stood up straight. Her father was very close, filling the shower stall, his eyes looking all over.

"Daddy, you're all wet, silly." She giggled.

"Uh," He groaned. "I guess so."

He slowly pulled his wet shirt over his head, then pushed down his boxers and kicked them into the corner in a sodden pile. Hayley had never seen her father naked before, but now she felt alright about it. They were family, after all. Her father wasn't very healthy though, she saw now. His stomach was pretty big and his chest muscles were droopy.

His penis, however, was rigid and red. She could see it pulsing.

"Here, turn around, Daddy." She turned him around so the spray was hitting his back. He was totally pliant, staring vacantly at her body. When he was turned around she squatted in front of him on her powerful legs, the engorged penis looking very big from closer up. She could see a strange bag of skin hanging under the base of the penis.

"Now we'll get that nasty stuff out." She said. Her father moaned feebly. Hayley held on to her father's thighs and moved her lips to the end of the penis, letting the whole end bit of it slide into her mouth. He moaned again, louder this time. She moved her head a little, encouraging him to move his hips. She smiled around his penis, looking up at him as he started to move.

Bernie felt like he was in heaven. The hot water splashed his back, his daughter's hot mouth encased his cock, her hot body was crouched before him, totally bare. She didn't have any fat on her anywhere, her body was tawny muscle and firm flesh everywhere, her bare breasts barely jiggled as he pumped her mouth.

As though in a trance, he reached down around her bobbing head and let his hands grasp her breasts, so firm that they barely moved as his fingers sank into the warm young flesh. He squeezed them repeatedly as she sucked on his cock, loving the feeling of her lips sliding on his thick shaft. Over her shoulder he could see the beautiful curves of her ass sticking out, glistening wet like the rest of her body.

"Uh, honey," He groaned. "Oh, that's it."

"Hmmm." She gargled around his cock. Bernie released her breasts and took hold of his daughter's head, so that he could fuck her face again. Hayley braced herself against the walls as Bernie started pumping his hips and pushing his cock right to the back of his daughter's throat. He could feel the head slipping against the wall of her throat, how was she not choking? She was a natural cocksucker, he thought.

Bernie fucked her face until he felt like he was going to cum, then he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Hayley looked up at him questioningly.

"Daddy? What's wrong?"

"Are you okay, Hayley?"

"Yes, of course," She said. "I just tasted a bit of venom, was that all there is?"

"No, there's more," He gasped, enjoying the sight of his cock twitching in her face, bumping her cheek. "Do you like sucking my penis, honey?"

She looked at it. "I guess so. I just want to help you out, Daddy, its okay. I'll suck it whenever I have to."

He groaned and grabbed her head again, Hayley instantly opened wide and let his cock get back inside her mouth. Totally lost in the warmth of her mouth, Bernie started fucking her face, laughing with pleasure. He could feel Hayley laughing with him, vibrating his erection in her throat. She was so good, her throat so wonderful as it accepted his cock.

"Uh, yes. What a good girl. Here it comes!"

Bernie pushed his daughter's head down on his member as he started cumming, orgasming onto the back of her tongue. Hayley was making thick gulping sounds, clutching his thighs with effort. After what seemed like ages, his dick stopped blowing sperm and he released her.

"Keep sucking a bit longer, honey." He said, smiling down at his daughter as she continued bobbing her head on his length. He could feel it softening a bit, until he had to get her to stop when it got too sensitive. Hayley wiped her mouth and stood up, he nakedness still glorious to him.

"Daddy, that was heaps," She said seriously. "Maybe you're getting worse."

"Sorry, honey," He said. "Do you mind sucking it out, when I need you to?"

"Of course not, Daddy," She said. "I want you to get better."

Bernie hugged his daughter. She seemed to have forgotten they were both naked and hugged him back, his semi-erect cock poking her in her blonde pubes, her gorgeous tits squashed into his chest. Jesus, he thought, I could almost go again.

Hayley hugged her Dad for a long time until he released her, stumbling out of the shower. She finished washing herself, rushing so she wouldn't be late. Now that she'd helped Dad, her mind returned to thoughts of her party tomorrow night. She dried off and went into her room, getting dressed in her school uniform. At least it was Friday, she thought, though she liked school anyway.

Hayley went into the kitchen. Her father was sitting at the table in his work clothes.

"Daddy, I'm ready."

Her father looked up her.

"Sorry honey," He said, reaching for his zipper. "I'll need you again before we go."


Hayley was waiting for her father just outside the school gate. Miranda had needed to go early today and she was all alone. She rubbed her jaw, which hurt a little bit from having to suck on her Dad's penis so much that morning. She felt like she could still taste the venom.

She was looking up at the sky when a shadow fell over her.

"Hey, what's your name?"

She looked and saw a boy, who looked about her age. Hayley didn't talk to boys, her mother kept her well away. She didn't know why she'd want to talk to a boy anyway, especially one as rough and ugly as this one.

"Hey, won't you talk to me?" He said.

"No thankyou," She said. "I don't talk to strangers."

"I don't have to be a stranger," He grinned. "I'm Cody."

She looked away, biting her lip. When would her father turn up?

"Geez, you private school ho's are all the same," He laughed harshly. "How 'bout a kiss, baby?"

She stepped back quickly, alarmed. "No!"

The boy grabbed her shoulders and planted a kiss on her face, mashing her lips and cheek. She shrieked and reflexively drove her knee up into him, hitting him somewhere on his thighs. The boy started saying all sorts of words, like nonsense, whilst collapsing to the concrete.

Just then she saw her father's car coming up the street. She ran off and jumped in as soon as he stopped.


Bernie had gotten a nasty scare when he saw his daughter running towards the car, obviously upset. Was she running away from police, desperate to save her from a degenerate father that she wouldn't understand? It had taken the whole trip home to get the story out, which he had to stop himself from laughing about. It sounded like she'd kneed that prick right in the balls!

They went inside and sat down at the kitchen table. God, she was so beautiful, he thought, even when she was upset. He was missing all she was saying, thinking about her body in the shower that morning and the feeling of her suckling on his cock after he'd cum.

"Will I be, Daddy?" She was wailing. "Will I be?"

"Will you be what, honey?"

"Pregnant!" She cried.

"Huh? Why would you be pregnant, we haven't-"

"Because he kissed me!" She almost shrieked. "That gross boy kissed me!"

"Oh well, um."

"Tania told me that's how babies are made. Maybe I'm pregnant now! What will Mummy say?"

"Calm down, honey," He said. Bernie had suddenly had an idea, but he wasn't sure he wanted to go so far. "I can help you."

"You can?" She said, calming a bit.

"Yes. Just like you help me, you know?"

"Yes Daddy."

"I can do a pregnancy test and see if you're pregnant, honey. Do you want to?"

"Yes! Yes please, Daddy."

"Okay," He took a deep breath. "Stand up, Hayley."

She stood up.

"You'll need to take off all your clothes, honey."

"Oh," Hayley said. "Okay."

She guessed she'd already been naked with her father in the shower this morning. She stripped off her school uniform, putting each garment neatly on the table. Her father watched as she took off her underwear as well and put them on the pile. She stood before him, making herself leave her body uncovered. He looked her over.

"Now I'll start checking." He said thickly. He stood up and took one of her breasts in each hand, kneading them softly. Hayley was surprised when he ducked his head and started sucking on one of her nipples, rubbing it with his tongue. He squeezed them more as he moved his mouth to the other nipple, sucking on it in the same way. She stood there and let him keep doing this for a long time, until he was breathing hard, obviously with the effort of checking.

"Now, I have to get undressed as well." She nodded as her father took off his work clothes, dropping them in an untidy pile on the floor. Soon he was naked in front of her, his penis swaying out in front of him, once again hard and red.

"Oh Daddy," She said. "It looks bad again."

"Actually, uh, honey," He gasped. "It's a blessing in disguise. Now I can give you a pregnancy check."

"Oh. Okay. How?"

"Well," He seemed to think for a second. "The venom can tell me if your pregnant. I'll put some venom in you and we'll see the results. Okay?"

"Okay, I guess so."

"Okay, but you'll have to suck the venom to the surface first."

"Okay Daddy, I'll do it." Hayley got down in front of her father and started sucking his penis again, even though her jaw was sore from that morning. He wasn't moving his hips at all, instead letting her slide her mouth up and down on it. She felt like she was getting better at putting the penis further and further back behind her mouth, so that now she could get her face right down in the hairs.

Bernie looked down at his daughter sucking his cock on the kitchen floor, squatting like she did in the shower. He knew what his plan was, but he didn't know if he could go through with it. He had come very far, still he didn't know if he could go that far.

"Okay, stop now honey." He said.

"I just tasted some venom, Daddy."

"Yes, honey," He was breathing hard. "I've got to use the venom for the test."


"Stand up honey. Come over here. Bend over a bit and put your hands on the table. Scoot your butt out a bit, honey."

Bernie stood and looked at his work. His athletic daughter was bent over, her hands on the kitchen table, her butt facing him. He could see the pink slit of her vagina, the object of his plan. It was totally available, he knew. He could deflower his daughter right here and nothing would stop him.

"Stay there, honey." He said. He went to the bathroom and found the old jar of Vaseline in the cabinet. When he came back she was in the same position, looking around at him. Without explanation he opened the jar and slathered Vaseline all over his penis.

"Is it okay, Daddy?" She asked nervously.

"Yes, honey. Stay right there."

He moved up behind her. His slick cock was in his hand. The head was right outside her pussy, almost touching the pink slit, pink like her lips were.

"I'll start the test now, honey," He said, fighting to keep his voice level. "It might hurt a little bit."

"Okay, Daddy. I'm ready."

He moved forward. The head of his cock touched her labia, he could feel their heat. She flinched a bit at the touch. Could he really deflower her, could he really take his daughter's virginity?

No, he couldn't. Standing there with his penis touching her pussy, he realized he couldn't. As much as he wanted to fuck her, he was not going to be able to. It was too far even for him. Sadly he looked at her pussy, her hard buttocks, her little bud of an asshole.

Asshole. Oh God.

"Here we go, honey," He said. "It'll feel pretty weird. Just hold on."

Bernie moved his cockhead carefully from her pussy lips before placing it against his daughter's anus. She flinched again at the touch. He held her ass with one hand, his cock with the other and started pushing forward. Hayley let out a gasp and a moan. He'd put so much Vaseline on his cock, it was actually getting inside.

His daughter's asshole was very tight, he'd expected tightness but this was something totally new. Bernie had never fucked a woman in the ass before, he'd only seen it on porno films. She was gasping and moaning as he pushed harder, trying not to bend his cock as it slid in, a tiny little bit at a time. The head was inside, there was still eight inches of his erection outside. There was no way the whole thing would get inside of her.

Hayley was trying to hold on. She had been shocked when she had felt her father's penis touch her female area, she was sure he was going to make it go in there somehow. Then he had started shoving it into her bottom, where she pooped from. It felt huge, much bigger than when she put it in her mouth, like it was stretching out her whole body. She had to push back against him, even as she wanted him to stop.

"Uh, damn, honey, uh." He was mumbling, the sort of sounds he made before the venom came out in her mouth. She realized that the test was going to involve the venom coming out in her bottom, that he was going to use her bottom to draw out the venom and somehow it would tell if she was pregnant.

Bernie stared bug-eyed at his daughter's ass. The skin was stretched tight around his shaft, about three inches of his cock buried in her tight hole. It was so tight, as though she was squeezing his boner in her fist. Somehow he knew that he wasn't going to get anymore of it inside her, so he slid it about two inches out again, before pushing it back in. She was letting out long moans as he slowly slid the end of his erection in and out of her ass.

"Are you, uh, okay, honey?" He asked.

""Yes," She moaned. "I'm okay, Daddy. Uh, ooooh. Can you tell yet?"

"Tell?" He asked stupidly.

"If I'm, ah, ooh, uh, if I'm pregnant?"

"Oh, not yet. Uh, so tight, I mean, just a bit more testing."

Her ass felt like a socket for his cock now, though he couldn't get any deeper, it felt as though he was fucking a perfect glove, molded to his erection. His daughter's anal passage was slick with Vaseline and very hot, so tight he could feel the walls of the orifice on every side, squeezing him. It was like her asshole was sucking on his cock, as hard as her mouth ever had.

God it was good. He was glad now that he'd chickened out of breaking her hymen, because her ass was like nothing he'd ever dreamed could exist. It was the perfect state of pleasure, he wished his cock could stay in there forever.

"Look back at me, honey." He said. Hayley turned her beautiful face to him, looking up at him. She was moaning, her mouth open, her eyes wet.

"Are you okay honey?"

"Yes, Daddy, oooh. Keep going, keep going."

Hayley looked up at her father's face. He was very red, covered in sweat, his eyes seemed to start out from his skull. He was evidently feverish. His penis felt really big and hard, pushing into her bottom and then sliding back out, over and over. His hands were gripping her butt cheeks like handles, using them to pull and push himself inside of her. She hoped the venom was coming soon, it was a bit better now she was used to it, but still not very nice.

Bernie could feel the orgasm building, he mauled his daughter's buttocks, then he wanted her tits and reached around her in a frenzy, squeezing the naked firm breasts, gasping and moaning. She was looking at him as he lost all control, fucking his only child's ass with his mouth open, spit dripping off his chin onto her back.

"Oooh, Daddy," She squealed. "Ooooh, its so hard."

"You're so good," He gargled, drooling on her even more. "Its coming, uh, I'm cumming!"

"Oooh, its so hard in my bottom!"

"Take it, take it!" He shouted, pumping her ass as he started making wordless moans, thrashing his head about. His cock was spurting, cum shooting up his shaft red hot.

Hayley cried out as she felt the venom explode inside her, she could feel the force of the jets of it shooting out inside her and filled up her bottom. It felt like she needed to poop, as the stuff came out of her father's penis into her.

Her father slumped over her back, still gripping her chest, his penis still buried inside her where everything felt hot and wet. She could feel venom running down her thighs from her bottom.

"Uh, Daddy," She said carefully. "You're really heavy."

He groaned and straightened up, staggering away. He slumped into the kitchen chair, his messy penis hanging limply, his face drawn and pale. Hayley felt even more stuff running out of her bottom now that her father's penis was no longer plugging the hole. She straightened up, almost enjoying the sensation of it trickling out of her, though she felt a bit stiff and sore.

"Did it work?" She asked.

Her father didn't answer her. He was gasping, head thrown back, a weird smile on his face.


"Huh? Honey?"

"Did it work?"


"The pregnancy test," She said. "Am I pregnant?"

Her father straightened up and looked at her. She was struck by how unwell he looked, fat and sweaty, even though he was smiling. She would have to look after him very well.

"No, honey, you're fine."

She breathed a long sigh of relief. "Great, that's great! Thankyou, Daddy, thank you!"

"Come here, honey."

Her father pulled her onto his knee. He didn't seem to mind the mess running out of her, even though her bottom and thighs were wet on his bare thighs.

"But we'll need a plan, honey." He said, suddenly serious.

"A plan, Daddy?"

"Yes. At least once a day, you'll have to suck the venom from my penis, okay, honey?"

"Okay, Daddy." She said, even though she wasn't looking forward to it.

"And at least once a week," He went on. "I'll have to give you a pregnancy test. Just to make sure."

"Oh," She swallowed. "Okay. If you think so."

"I do."


"Yes honey?"

"Did Mummy answer my email? About the slumber party?"

"Oh," He smiled. "Yes she did. You can have the girls around tomorrow night that you wanted, honey. But no boys, she said that special."

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