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Truck Stop Smother


The following story was penned as a join collaboration between myself and a good friend of mine whom has given his blessing to posting it here.


"How long is the wait for a shower?" she asked the young clerk as she signed the slip to pay for fuel.

"About an hour right now," he said apologetically. "We're remodeling down that hallway and half the showers are out of order right now."

She sighed. She was bone tired and just wanted to shower and get some rest. She'd been on the road for 3 days, stopping only for fuel and a quick snack, and she'd had to help unload at the last stop, so she'd gotten sweaty. But she didn't want to sit in the driver's lounge for an hour. The young clerk seemed to sense her dilemma.

"If you want to go lay down I can put you on the list and come tell you when it's close to your turn," he offered.

"Thank you. I need a couple of hours of sleep. Wait about an hour and put me on the list. Could you do that for me?" She smiled at him.

The young clerk saw a lot of lady truckers. Some of them could be considered attractive, but most really weren't. This one wasn't a beauty queen- probably in her early to mid-40's, a face that showed some years of hard living, a body with just a few extra pounds and sags, long dark hair flecked with gray, pulled back and tied at the nape of her neck. But when she smiled he actually thought of her as sexy. He'd always had a "thing" for older women, but to him women in their late 20's were older. He'd never really found himself attracted to a woman in her 40's, but suddenly he wanted to be nice to this woman, and he found himself looking forward to going to her truck to wake her later.

"Yes, ma'am, I'd be happy to do that for you," he smiled back. "That's right at the end of my shift, so I can come wake you on my way to my car."

"That would be great," she said. She gave him a description of her truck and turned to walk away.

"Oh, if you knock on the door and I don't answer, go ahead and open the door to wake me. I'll leave it unlocked. Sometimes I sleep pretty soundly."

"Ok, will do," he said as he turned to wait on the next customer.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The two hours passed with agonizing slowness for young John Doan. He had watched Marie, the name she signed on the credit slip, walk out the door, and noticed that even though her jeans were a bit baggy, she had a nice body, and one of his favorite characteristics- a nice, big butt. He always noticed women's butts first, then their breasts. One thing he loved about working at the truck stop was that the lady truckers who came in usually had big butts. They did, after all, spend a lot of time sitting on them! He had been lucky in the two years since he graduated from high school in that he'd found several lady truckers who were willing to let him feel and even kiss their butts before they laid back to let him fuck them. John knew the ladies talked. One of them had told him. Some knew about his fondness for a woman's ass, and his willingness to lick them, before they pulled into the truck stop. One lady had even told him she'd driven 20 miles out of her way to buy fuel and take a break where he worked. John thought it was because he was such a great fuck. He didn't know it was his oral skills they really wanted. Well, to be truthful, most of them appreciated his youthful exuberance, and the fact that he could "re-charge" in a matter of minutes.

He thought about the sexy smile Marie had given him and how she'd managed to arrange for him to come to her truck and wondered if she knew about him. He'd soon find out. Finally it was time to go wake her!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Marie did not know about John's fetish for her ass. As she stripped off her sweaty clothes and crawled into her sleeper she was thinking only of getting some rest. She would, she had decided, catch a nap, then a shower, get something to eat, then maybe walk to the little club she'd seen down the street from the truck stop and have a few drinks. She was scheduled to pick up another load tomorrow afternoon, so there was no rush. Within seconds after laying her head on her pillow she was quietly snoring.

She didn't hear the soft knock on the door two hours later. Of course, John didn't want her to hear it. He wanted an excuse to climb into her truck to wake her. In fact, he hoped she didn't wake up when he crawled in so he would have to actually reach into the sleeper to wake her. He was very quiet and careful as he opened the door and climbed into the cab of the big rig. He loved to look at them for a bit before he woke them. He found a sleeping woman to be a very erotic sight. This one didn't disappoint him.

He thought he heard a soft moan as he climbed into the cab. "Ma'am?" he called softly, just in case she was in the midst of doing something she didn't want him to see. He hoped she was in the midst of just that sort of thing, and that he would get a chance to see her. As he climbed into the driver's seat and looked back into the sleeper his jaw dropped open, and his cock began to stiffen immediately. She was masturbating, all right. But she was still sleeping! He'd heard of women doing that while having sexy dreams, but he'd never actually seen it.

She was on her back. The thin blanket covering her had slipped down enough to expose both of her big tits. They sagged to the side a bit, and were crowned by big, brown areola with the biggest nipples he'd ever seen. They weren't sagging very much at the moment, though, because both her hands were under the covers, from what he could tell between her legs, so her biceps were supporting her tits. He could tell her hands were moving, not frantically, but slowly, gently, and her hips were undulating ever so slightly. He knew he shouldn't, but as another soft moan escaped her lips he quietly unzipped his pants and reached in to touch his now fully hard cock.

He wanted to climb in the sleeper with her, to move her hands out of the way and put his tongue where here fingers were, to give her more pleasure than she was getting in her troubled, sexy sleep. And at the same time he didn't want to do that. He knew she hadn't yet showered. The smell of old sweat and old urine filled the cab. As much as he loved to lick the lady truckers who came in, he wanted them to shower first, so that when they bent over and let him spread their big, round ass cheeks and lick their tight puckered holes they smelled fresh and clean.

'She's really horny,' he thought to himself. 'Maybe if I wake her now before she cums I can offer to help her with that after her shower!'

But he never got a chance to do that. Suddenly her eyes opened, and she turned and looked at him, her eyes wide with surprise, catching him by surprise. She couldn't see that he now had his cock out of his pants, had been actively jacking it. She pulled her hands from her crotch and pulled the blanket up over her bare tits.

"Um, it's been two hours, ma'am," he stammered.

"How long have you been sitting there staring at me?" she asked. She could remember her dream vividly. In her dream she had gone to the club down the street. There she had met a man, a man with a familiar face. They had danced and had drinks and laughed, and then he had offered her a drink at his place, just a few blocks away, and they had gone there, and he had kissed her and slowly stripped her naked, and she had slowly stripped him naked, and he had licked every erotic inch of her body, and she had licked every erotic inch of his body, and then he had laid on top of her and entered her, and his cock was so big and hard and filled her, and as he stroked in and out of her his pubis had rubbed on her big, hard clit, and she had been so, so, so, so, close to the best orgasm of her life... and then in her dream they were back in the bar and people were watching them... she could feel their eyes on her... it was both embarrassing and erotic at the same time.. and then she opened her eyes and saw the young clerk from the truck stop staring at her, and slowly her world came back into focus and she realized that she had been dreaming, and playing with herself in her dream, and he had been watching her.

Damn! She was so horny! She hadn't had sex with another person since... when? Atlanta, four months ago, when she and another trucker, a male, had shared a 12-pack and a pizza in the sleeper of his truck. Damn he was good! He had made her cum hard and often. His was the familiar face in her dream. And now she looked up and saw this kid, young enough to be her son, staring at her, and knew he'd seen what she was doing.

"I, uh, not staring, ma'am. Honest. I just got in here. I didn't see anything," he said quickly.

"Yeah, right.. Stand up between the seats." Her voice was firm, even harsh. "Now."

John didn't know what to do. There was no way he could tuck his cock, which was still jutting straight out of his jeans, away without her knowing what he was doing. He didn't want her to see him this way. He knew she would know he had been looking at her, and even playing with himself while he looked. Maybe she would like his cock and want to touch it, suck it, fuck it. After her shower, he hoped. But then again, maybe she would be angry with him and say something to his boss.

"I said now," she said evenly. "You crawl over the seat and stand where I can see you or I go talk to your boss right now."

That left him no choice. If she was angry, she would talk to his boss. But if he didn't do as she asked, she would talk to his boss, anyway. Either way he was screwed. He slowly swung his legs over into the open area between the seats and stood where she could see him. Amazingly his young cock was still jutting straight out, even angling a bit towards the ceiling of the sleeper!

Closer to the sleeper the scent of her sweat was even stronger, and joined by the musk, old urine and lubricating juices of her very horny pussy. John, who liked to lick women fresh from the shower, women emanating the aroma of exotic flowers or Hollywood-star fragrances, felt the stiffness in his cock begin to wane just a bit... but not too much. She was still a sexy older woman. He didn't want to spend a lot of time licking her, especially her ass, but at that moment if she spread her legs and demanded that he fuck her, he would be up to the task.

"Why you little pervert," she said, her voice low and hard. "You not only watched me, you were playing with yourself. Step closer. Let me see what you've got." She held her hand out to him. Her other hand still clutched the thin blanket over her big, bare breasts. When he stepped closer to her outstretched hand she reached out to grip his now only semi-hard shaft. "Were you about to cum?" she asked, almost giggling, mocking him. "Were you about to make a mess watching me have a wet dream?"

"I'm sorry, ma'am," he said.

She squeezed his cock hard. "You didn't answer me. Tell me! Were you about to cum watching me?"

He looked up at the ceiling, gritting his teeth. "Yes, ma'am." And he wasn't lying. He had been very near shooting his cum all over her seat back when she opened her eyes.

She loosened her grip on his cock and started to slowly stroke it. "Do you want to cum in my big rig?" she asked him. He hoped when she said "big rig" she meant her pussy!

"Yes, ma'am," he answered truthfully. "Very much."

He'd met some lady truckers who liked to play the Domme role, who liked for him to act like a scared little boy who had been caught jacking off. He hoped Maria was one of those.

"And so you shall," she said, a smile forming on her face. She gave his cock another few strokes. "It's not much, but I can work with it. But me first. Strip."

She released her grip on his cock. John started to unbutton his jeans. He hoped he could push them and his underwear down at the same time so she wouldn't notice that he was wearing a pair of his older sister's silky panties. He often wore her panties under his jeans. They felt so much better than the white cotton ones his mother bought for him! He often wondered why they didn't make men's briefs in soft nylon like the panties. He quickly shoved the jeans and panties down past his knees and tried to step out of them and his shoes at the same time.

"Oh, my, a little panty pervert," Marie giggled softly. John's face burned. "Pull the panties back up, girlie-boy," she said. "I want you to show me how cute you are in them."

John slowly pulled the pink nylon panties back up his legs, then kicked his shoes and jeans off. He pulled his shirt over his head and stood, his face burning in embarrassment, in front of the smelly older woman with his youthful cock making a very noticeable bulge in the front of the dainty panties.

"I'll bet you'd like to rub your panties on mine, wouldn't you?" she asked, leering at him. "Tell me you want to rub panties with me." She flung the blanket to the side and turned to lean on the rear wall of the sleeper, and John got his first good look at her body. As he had expected, it was a nice one for a woman her age- a little flab, but not much, with big, saggy tits. She was still wearing her panties, white cotton ones, full briefs. John could see a noticeable wet spot in the crotch of her panties. What also shocked him was seeing thick dark curly hair visible all along the elastic leg openings of her panties, he realized she must have an incredibly hairy pussy and it made him shiver. He could also see tufts of dark hair in the crease where her arms met her shoulders, and long, dark hair on her white legs between her armpits and her pussy, John felt she was more hairy then most guys he knew.

With the blanket removed, her strong musky scent filled the cab, almost overriding the smell of sweat with the smell of pussy.

"Tell me!" she said again, her voice harsh as she noticed Johns attention wandering.

"Yes, ma'am, I'd like to rub panties with you," he said quietly, his eyes glued to her wet hairy crotch. 'But please, please don't make me lick that pussy,' he thought to himself.

She held her arms out, indicating she wanted him to join her. He stepped closer to her and she grabbed his hands and pulled him on top of her. She wrapped her hairy legs around him and pulled his crotch to hers as she raised her left arm over her head and pulled his head to her sagging left breast. Instinctively he started to hunch his hard, panty-clad cock against her pubis as he took her huge nipple into his mouth.

He tasted a salty taste, sweat, he knew, on her nipple, and the raw scent of her hairy underarm assaulted his nostrils, and his cock began to soften even more. Oh, how he wanted her to go shower and shave and then invite her back to service his needs. But she seemed intent on being serviced now, and somehow he knew she would never agree to shave. She was grinding her pussy up against him. He could feel the heat and wetness even through the two layers of panties separating them.

"Oh, yeah, that's right," she groaned. "Yeah, girlie-boy, act like you're fucking me. Oh, I'll bet that feels good in those panties, doesn't it?" She grabbed his hair and pulled his face away from her big tit, made him look at her. "Tell me how good those panties feel on your cock, panty-boy!"

"They feel good," he said softly, trying to breath as little as possible.

"Damn, you're not very good at talking sexy," she said. "Let's just get to the good stuff. I need a good fucking." She reached down and pulled his only slightly stiff cock out of the panties, then pulled her own panties to the side. "Fuck me," she hissed as she pulled his head back to her left tit.

John was surprised by the heat and wetness the head of his cock encountered when she again used her hairy legs to pull him to her. He was even more surprised that his cock began to react almost immediately, stiffening enough to slide into her. He was surprised by how tight her hole was. He had figured that a woman this openly sexual, this openly nasty about sex would be well used, stretched out. Suddenly he was concentrating on the glorious feeling of her hot, slick walls caressing his now fully hard shaft instead of the musky scent emanating from her hairy armpit. He didn't even mind when, as he was licking her nipple, their bucking motions bounced his head up so that he licked her sweaty armpit.

"Oh, yeah, that's right, fuck that cum-bucket," she moaned as they rocked together. That was the term her ex-husband had used for her- cum-bucket. He used to laughingly refer to her as his little cum-bucket when he shared her with his friends. He would "force" her to strip for them, act sexy for them, and then beg them to fill her cum-bucket.

The first time he had done it she had been humiliated. But she had done it because she knew he was drinking and could be very mean, even abusive, if she didn't comply. As time passed, so did the humiliation. Most of the men complimented her on her hard, sexy body and her hot, tight pussy. They made her feel pretty and sexy while he degraded her. In time she came to look forward to the nights when he would invite his friends over to "fuck his cum-bucket", as he would tell them on the phone. "Come on over tonight," he'd tell them. "The cum-bucket is being a little bitchy. I think she needs a good fucking to calm her down." And they would come over, and she would entertain them with a sexy strip, sometimes even lay in the floor and play with herself for a while, and then they would take turns fucking her pussy, her mouth, sometimes even her tight asshole. The only thing she really didn't like was when they would want to fuck her mouth after they fucked her ass, but she got used to even that. She got used to being a slut, and then began to enjoy being a slut. She was almost glad when her husband ran off with his secretary and she could be a slut on her own terms.

The sexy talk was more than young John could take. The combination of her hot, wet pussy, so tight that he could actually feel her inner muscles gripping him when he pulled back and her hot talk sent him over the top.

"No, no, no, not yet!" she cried out when she felt him tense. "I need more! Don't you dare cum in me yet!" But it was too late. She felt his shaft throb and knew he was emptying his balls deep in her still wanting pussy. She flexed her inner muscles, an act she had worked on, perfected, for the men who made her feel special and sexy, an act she was very proud of. She would show this little girly-boy! She literally milked his cock with her hairy cunt, wanting to make sure he left all his cum there. Then she would flex again and force it back out into his mouth as he licked her to the orgasm she so badly needed.

"Ah, damn, I'm sorry, ma'am," he moaned. "It just feels too good!"

She cradled his head on her bosom and let him relax for a moment, her legs still wrapped around his panty-clad ass. "That's okay, panty-boy," she said softly. "You can still take care of me. You can still give me what I need." And that's when she unwrapped her legs from his ass and pushed down on his shoulders.

John froze. Surely she didn't expect him to go down there and lick her! Not now, right after he had dumped such a big load in her cum-bucket! But her insistent pushing on his shoulders told him she did, in face, expect just that!

"No, please," he stammered.

"Do it," she said firmly. "Or not only will your boss know about you spying on me earlier, he will also know that you're a panty-wearing girly-boy!"

John stared up at her; afraid he was going to cry. He had gotten used to the strong scent of her sweaty armpit, but he couldn't bear to think about what her greasy hairy pussy would smell like, especially now that he'd fucked it. And his cum was in there! What if some of it got in his mouth? Only queers and sluts wanted to taste cum, and he was neither.

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