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Truckers Get A Bird's Eye View


I don't know about you, but there are a couple story types that I often read about but believe they could never happen to me.

Like meeting a girl in a bar and taking her outside to my car and banging her in the back seat soon after meeting her. A great fantasy, but in reality, not very possible.

I've often wondered about those stories of the poker parties where the guy bets his wife and then loses the can't miss hand. He then has to watch her perform, happily in these stories, in a wide array of sexual acts with all his friends. I don't know about you, but if that happened to me the first thing my wife would do is kick my ass then kick my buddies asses too for suggesting it.

Or the girl using her charms to get out of a ticket. On this variety of stories there is some realism, because I was friends with a girl named Kristine who admits she had gotten out of tickets by crying, lifting her mauve pleated skirt "accidentally" or allowing the gendarme to feel her 36D boobs. I have no reason to disbelieve her, so I guess those stories could be true.

But for the most part I know the stories we read on Literotica are eight parts fantasy and two parts reality. At least most of them. Every once in a while there is a true serendipitous liaison that is undoubtedly true. I have to admit that all of my stories have at least some bit of reality. Some a lot, maybe even more than fifty percent, of truth to the story.

Which brings me to my last two weekends. I had to write about them, because for me it was reality, so very hot, and I think something that happens more than I originally thought.

My wife Carrie is normally a reserved person, who takes care of the kids and works a part-time job as we make ends meet. She's bright and articulate, always fun at family get-togethers and parties with friends.

Carrie has always had a cute ass, one that is delightful to hold whenever I get the chance. I'd often slip my hand down her jeans when we were walking in a store, and many times I'd gotten little smiles from other guys who saw me playing with my wife's behind. She also had luscious lips, normally with bright red lipstick, which helped highlight her rounded face.

The reason I bring up those lips is she used them in the bedroom to bedazzle and excite me to no end. Yes, I had a winner in Carrie.

Every Saturday night we make love, and sometimes we do the deed spontaneously during the week when the kids are in bed. I can't complain about our love life, because Carrie is very amorous and imaginative. Years ago, for my birthday, she asked me to put together a wish list of "sexy things" I wanted to do, and over the next year she made those wishes come true.

I watched her masterbate with vibrator one Saturday afternoon. We went to a party on another day ---- she wore a skirt with no panties. Knowing that fact, she showed me during the party, was a fantastic turn on. And one Friday night we went to a movie then she directed me to a local "make out" spot where we used to go before getting married. I got a sensuous blow job in the front seat of our car that night, finishing right before a local policeman caught us in the act.

It's a good thing he didn't check me for red lipstick, because when I got home I realized my boxers and cock had more lipstick on them than my wife had on her lips.

Yes, Carrie can be quite imaginative.

We were at a party at Greg's house, a little get together where the guys start talking about football in the living room while the girls get together and talk about girl things in another room. Just a normal little party.

That night, on the way home, Carrie mentioned there was an interesting conversation among the ladies, centering on truck drivers and what they see in the vehicles they pass.

Apparently Ashley, Greg's wife, was talking about her cousin Michael, a long-distance truck driver. Michael apparently told Greg that, yes, he's many times had girls bare their breasts for him along the Interstate.

"She said he even saw a girl giving her guy a blow job in the car!" explained Carrie. "We couldn't believe it. Ashley said he was serious, that he actually claimed to have witnessed the couple in the car driving down the road! She was kneeling on the front seat and her head was bobbing up and down! What a slut."

I said it was probably made up, but Carrie insisted that Ashley was convinced it happened.

I'd only heard of such things in men's magazines, never believing that such things happened. But I did remember seeing several 18-wheelers drive by with saying like "Honk for Tits" or 'Show us your boobie" hand-written in the dirt and grime on the back panels. Usually these sayings were on trucks that had license plates from somewhere far away in the South, but clearly not from around our home. I just surmised someone was being a wise guy or something.

In any event that Saturday night Carrie was in a playful mood, and we played out a little fantasy where she was in the passenger seat showing off her wares to a variety of truck drivers who were passing our car. It was quite hot, especially since I didn't really have to concentrate on driving while we were in our playful mood in the bedroom. Of course, it was a fantasy, because she wasn't doing anything but sitting there, but I knew she was wondering what it would be like.

Carrie was really into the fantasy, and I mentioned it to her early in the week when we were making out... "Yes, little lady, I watched you and your husband the other night on Route 80, great job."

Carrie laughed at my attempt at humor. "In your dreams, bucko!"

Still it got a good laugh and I wondered what it would be like to have my lovely wife give an exotic show to a trucker or two if the opportunity presented itself. It would sure make the long drives to her parent's home a lot quicker.

A couple times I suggested it as we drove the Blue Route, but she tossed away the idea like a used paper napkin. She suggested I was just a pervert. But I was really excited thinking about it.

When my birthday approached I gave a "list" to Carrie of a few things I'd like. First was a blow job in an unusual place, like a stairwell or under some bleachers or something. Second was for her to ware a short skirt and low cut blouse out shopping with me. I mentioned it could be far away from home, maybe on a trip to her parents or something, so nobody would know her. But the third and final request was the big one. To bare her breasts to some truckers on a long-distance ride.

Carrie intently read my list, smiling early on then gasping when she got to the second and third requests. She shook her head, smiled, and called me a pervert. After years of marriage, she had me pegged.

But she didn't say much more, tucking the note into her purse where I assumed it was going to be tossed away at some point. Carrie didn't mention the note again, and I surely didn't, even when my birthday presents consisted of two shirts, a packet of socks and a new fountain pen.

That night we made passionate love as I fantasized that she was fucking me in the back seat of our car as opposed to the basement television room couch.

Things did get a little different on our long drives. Her conversation changed as she'd say things she never had before.

Whenever we'd be driving along the highway Carrie would look at the cabins of the trucks we'd pass and make comments. She's say "he's old" or "he's cute" or "he's gross" as we'd pass by. Sometimes she's mentioned the truck driver was actually a lady.

"There are actually a lot of husband and wife truckers," said Carrie one day as we drover to her parents house. We had stopped at a rest stop along the way and apparently she engaged in conversation with a woman in the ladies room. The woman said she shared the driving with her husband, a couple of long-distance drivers who happened to be married.

"Did you ask her if she ever saw anything unusual in the cars going by?"

Carrie blushed. "Yes, I did. She said she'd been in the truck several times when girls would pull along side and flash their boobs to her husband in return for a few toots on the air horn. I must have looked amazed, because she volunteered that, yes, girls often showed their boobs to truckers. She asked if I ever did it, and of course I said no."

Carrie relayed that the woman was at first jealous that her husband was enjoying the peep show, but then realized he was just a guy who liked looking and that after seeing a few girls show their tits he'd often pull into a rest stop and get a quickie. So she knew it was really just a little innocent, exciting foreplay for him!

I couldn't believe the conversation, but I knew it was turning Carrie on. When we got to her parents we exchanged our normal pleasantries before Carrie said she was going to take a quick nap. I started down with her dad to the basement to watch some football, but quickly detoured upstairs to see if she was okay. She was happy to see me.

"We've only got a minute, give it to me," said my lovely wife, who hurried things along by unzipping my pants. "Keep very quiet and just do me."

She sucked me for a little bit with those luscious then told me to get on top and put my throbbing cock into her hot, wet snatch. Who was I to refuse the needs of my wife? She was soaking wet, and I slid right in and began rocking in and out of her hot wet pussy. Soon we had to move from the bed to the floor because it would have been obvious what we were doing.

'Cum in me, fast," Carrie ordered as we were screwing on the floor. I quickly complied, as her pussy was so hot and her movements were perfect. Soon I was shooting into her slot as we fucked like teenagers.

Probably 10 minutes after leaving her dad I was back with him, a big smile on my face. Carrie wasn't normally so hot to trot, so I had to believe that talk with the trucker's wife had something to do with her horny behavior.

Northing else was said about the discussions with the trucker's wife. It was a pleasant visit, and despite my asking (begging) we didn't make love again at her parents. She'd say she was embarrassed they'd hear.

On our way home I decided to test my theory on her becoming excited by the words of the trucker's wife. We'd pass a truck and I 'd ask her if the guy was looking at her.

Most of the time she'd say the driver was on the phone, the CB radio, or focused on the road in front of him. Every once in a while she'd say the guy smiled at her. Once she said a woman was driving, and I wondered how many women actually drove rigs in comparison to men.

It was a low traffic day, and I switched the radio between stations while Carrie read a book.

Along a stretch of I-81 I saw a sign saying next exit 12 miles. That was etched in my head when I noticed a dark red truck ahead of us. The truck once boasted of the name of a popular trucking company, but that name was now painted over. It now merely said Long Distance Trucking from somewhere in Arkansas.

As I pulled aside the 18-wheeler, I asked if the guy was looking at her, and Carrie replied yes. "He is giving me a big smile. He's a little scruffy, but he's like some of the guys we see on weekends at the diner."

I looked in the rear view. Nothing in sight, the coast was clear. It was now or never.

"Point to your breasts, honey. Ask if he wants to see them."

Carrie looked aghast.

Then she smiled. And cupped her breasts as is offering them to the trucker.

"At first he looked surprised, but now he's nodding his head up and down, he wants to see them."

My wife looked at me, blushing. She didn't ask, but I knew she wanted my approval.

"Honey, why don't you lift up your shirt and show him your bra?" was my request. "Go ahead, make his day for him."

It was if she was relieved of any responsibility for her actions. She looked around, as if some farmer on a tractor might be watching, and then gazed at the cab of the truck. She glanced at me, I nodded, and up came her shirt. Underneath a frilly black bra covered her kissable breasts.

"He's clapping, he's clapping," said my surprised wife. "He has this big shit-eating grin and is clapping. He loves the view I think."

Deciding to go for broke, I quietly gave her a command. "I know what he'd really like. Go ahead, pull up your bra," was my reply. "Show him your tits."

She looked at me, then the trucker. Slowly she lifted the black bra over her melons. The breasts were displayed in all their glory to a man she did not know. A man who was not her husband, and yet I was euphoric.

"Play with them for him, play with those beauties."

She did, rubbing her breasts and playing with her nipples.

"He's smiling and clapping, he's giving licking signals with his tongue," said my wife. "I think he likes them!"

I couldn't see him, but I am sure he did. Here, at 60 miles-per-hour, my wife's breasts were displayed and she was getting an ovation from above.

Reaching over, I cupped her left breast, playing with the lovely mound I loved to kiss.

"He's giving the thumbs up," said my wife.

If he liked that, he'd love my next idea. My hand slipped down to her thighs, and I slowly worked her leg above her knee as my wife continued to play with her tits. Slowly my hand slipped up my wife's bare legs, slipping under her skirt and sliding higher. More leg was revealed and my wife gave a little gasp.

"What are you doing, he can see."

"I know, and I bet he loves it. I guarantee he won't complain."

My hand continued to travel up the thigh until her panties were peaking out from under her skirt. I slipped a finger inside the elastic of her panties and slid it up and down her slit.

She was wet.

Carrie's head slid back against the head rest as I played with her pussy. With her head back I made sure her skirt was above her panties, showing the black silky nothings to the guy beside us.

HONK, HONK went the trucker's air horn.

That brought Carrie back to the present, a big smile on her face.

"I can't believe I am showing my underwear and more to this guy, this is so wrong," said my wife, but the wetness between her thighs said anything but that. "But it is also so hot. He's starting at me. He's loving it."

I glanced in the rear view, and saw we were still in the clear although one solo vehicle was approaching a quarter mile behind.

"He's wants to see me play with you, he's jerking his hand up and down and pointing. I guess, I think, well, can I do it?"

Unzipping my pants, I replied that was not a good idea but a great one. Reaching inside my boxers I pulled out my cock, hard as a rock.

Carrie slipped her hand around my dick and began stroking me, alternating looks at my cock and the trucker. It was almost as if she was stroking his cock, at least that's what I thought the guy must have been thinking.

I sped up and pulled in front of the trucker, watching as an SUV closed the gap. As he went by I made sure my arm was high, blocking the goings on in the front seat. Carrie had lowered her top, covering her breasts, but her skirt was still high as my hand played with her pussy.

After the SUV passed I asked Carrie to lower her panties a little, hoping to give the trucker a better view when he had the chance. She moved them to the top of her thighs and I renewed my assault on her wet pussy.

The truck pulled into the passing lane and moved just ahead of us. I noticed the rear view mirror moving as he attempted to get a better view from his cab. It was quite hot knowing he could see my hand playing with her pussy while hers was jerking me off.

The trucker watched a bit then pulled ahead.

Again I pulled out, up, and aside the trucker. Again, Carrie said his eyes were alternating between the road and the show to his left.

"He wants me to suck you off," said Carrie, relaying the message from the truck cab above. "He's moving his fist toward his mouth."

"You're kidding!"

"Nope, he's clearly asking to watch."


There was a delay, as if it was taking time for my words to be translated in her brain, followed by a low: "Yes."

I slowed a bit as Carrie maneuvered onto the front seat. She knelt on her side, putting her hands in a way she could lean on them. I sped up aside the trucker just as she took my cock into her mouth.

HONK HONK went the air horn. I presumed he liked what he was seeing. I opened the moon roof screen and could see he was really enjoying the action.

My wife loved to slowly suck from the tip of my cock down as far as she could, then repeat the route on the upward stroke. I preferred when she jerked the base and worked her mouth magic on the tip. On this day she did a little of each for a few minutes before switching tactics.

Carrie lost all inhibitions as she was sucking my dick with fervor, bobbing her head up and down my dick. I reached back and slowly lifted her skirt, and soon her bare ass with panties slipped down to her thighs was displayed to another man.

I couldn't help myself. I envisioned myself in the truck looking down and observing the action in the front seat, and once I did that I had to slip my finger up and down her ass crack before reaching all the way around to touch her pussy.

Carrie moaned as I fingered her cunt. I looked over and noticed the trucker on the CB, then restarted his looking at the action in our compartment. In the distance I noticed the back of another truck, this one a green one, something we continued to gain on over the next couple minutes.

I moved my fingers from Carrie's pussy back to her ass. I pried open her ass cheeks to give the trucker a better view of her dark hole. Then I lifted my fingers and gave a light spanking to my wife. The trucker really liked that!

The trucker pointed at the other trucker as we approached, giving the "Okay" sign. I took that to mean the second trucker wanted a look, and I thought what Carrie didn't know wouldn't hurt her.

I sped up and pulled alongside the second truck. This guy was also enamored by my wife's ass and her sucking of my cock. Carrie was in another world, sucking my knob and enjoying my fingers on her ass and pussy. It was as if she thought we were in our bedroom, with nobody around.

But that obviously wasn't the case. We were on the interstate, and performing in front of not one but two truckers. That knowledge sent me over the top, and I shot a huge load of cum into her willing mouth. Carrie struggled to take it all into her mouth, and fingered the dollop that slipped onto her cheek back into her mouth.

"Hold it in your mouth, honey, he wants to see."

She did, sucking until I was done cumming. With that she moved to her side, looked at the truck, opened her mouth to show the cum and let out a gasp.

She swallowed and cried out that it was a different trucker!

I slowed the car and allowed the original trucker to pull aside us. He must have already heard from the other trucker that I'd shot my load. Still he was very interested in what had happened. That sparked Carrie to open her mouth and stick out her tongue again.

The man gave a naughty sign with his hands, smiling at us as we drove along side him. He started clapping then showed us a slate board with the works, "Gr8 Job" written on it. Carrie was embarrassed, but in a way proud of her erotic display. "I feel like a girl in a strip club must feel."

"Honey, girls in strip clubs don't suck cock!" was my reply.

Carrie bushed again.

"He's still clapping; he has a big smile on his face."

Glancing through the moon roof, I saw. He gave me the thumbs up again.

With that I gave the trucker a wage and sped up and drove past the second truck, who also clapped at our little show. As I sped off I heard a serenade of air horns coming from our rear.

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