tagLoving WivesTruckers Get A Bird's Eye View Ch. 02

Truckers Get A Bird's Eye View Ch. 02


Looking at the clock, I realized that in the last half hour more men (two) had seen my wife's pussy and ass that had since we'd been married.

Only one of her doctors was a man, so only one guy besides me had seen her most intimate parts. And nobody had seen her go down on a cock like she had on our trip on the interstate. Time rolled on as we kept things quiet between us, soaking in that had happened.

The long erotic ride on the Interstate discussed in Chapter I was an unbelievable, almost fantasy come true occurrence.

As we moved ahead of our truck driver voyeurs, keeping steady about 5 miles-per-hour over the speed limit, Carrie snuggled close to me. "That was so intense, so very hot."

It's funny how, as we left the truckers in the distance, we spoke of our little morning escapade. Sort of like those talking heads on television after the big game. Heck, it was a little bit of our own version of the big game.

"Do you think they saw, uh, everything?" asked my wife. "I mean, they were driving and all.'

"Oh yes, honey, they had a marvelous view. The first guy was having trouble keeping his rig on the road. A couple times he hit the warning strips on the right as he veered a little to the side."

A worried look crossed her face. "That was very dangerous, we could have been in an accident."

Nodding my head, I assured her it was indeed dangerous.

"Honey, I was in complete control, well, maybe mostly complete control," was my reply. "It was hard, but I was watching ahead, the side, and behind."

Carrie smiled. "It was hard, alright, it was very hard."

"You are incorrigible."

The banter went on for the next 15 minutes. We spoke mostly about how hot it was someone watched us, but also about the intense feelings that each of us had. Carrie admitted she hadn't cum, but from the hosing I gave her mouth she knew I had.

We drove along, listening to tunes on the satellite radio.

Then, to cap a morning of surprises, Carrie surprised me once more.

"There's a rest area, pull off," my wife directed more than asked. .

Figuring she had to answer Nature's call, I carefully exited the Interstate and drove in to the massive lot. A bevy of automobiles were toward the front of the rest area, while trucks, recreational and other large vehicles were pointed toward the rear. I aimed for an open slot near the bathrooms so we wouldn't have much walking to do.

Carrie had other ideas. "No, pull to the right, all the way in the back," said my wife.

"But that's the truck area."

"This is America, we still have some rights. Go all the way in the back, see if there is a secluded place where no trucks or cars are parked," said my wife, reaching under her skirt and sliding those pretty black panties down her legs. "I need you to fuck me, hard and very, very fast. And this is as good a place as any."

Her wish was my command. I sped into a back corner, separated by other vehicles by 50 yards or so. There were a couple of random trucks closest, but one had shades closing the cab to the rest of the word. I parked, and Carrie slipped out of the front seat and into the back. There she lay back and spread her thighs. "Come on, honey, hurry. I need you bad, I need you inside of me."

Oh yes! I jumped out of the front seat and ran around the car to the passenger side back. The visual of her lying inside the car was beautiful. Carrie was all the way against the door, legs spread wide. I glanced around the lot, nothing moving, and unzipped my pants. Inside the car, I kissed my wife and began rubbing my dick on her wet pussy.

It reminded me of a time near Lancaster, on a farmer's dirt road, where we had pulled off the main road. This was before we were married, and struggling to find places to make love. The wallet didn't allow but for a few times to a No Tell Motel so we'd make love in the car away from prying eyes.

It was on that drive, or a drive like it, that Carrie got into the back seat and lifted her skirt, offering me a private view of her neatly trimmed pussy in a semi-public setting. We had driven around the farmer's field and saw nobody around, and when the little dirt road behind the trees presented itself we snuck back there for some privacy.

Both of us knew it would be a quickie, we'd been playing with each other's private parts for miles. I remember slipping on a condom (Carrie wasn't on the pill in those days) while kissing her pussy. Soon I slipped my dick inside her and began plunging in and out of her hot wet hole.

Back then, like now, she would let me know what she liked and didn't, so our coupling reached a quick climax. We went at it for a couple minutes, and soon Carrie was cooing approval. Once she put her legs around my backside I knew she was ready to cum, and that gave me the authority to bang away at her slimy cunt.

I thought of that day near Lancaster because on this one Carrie had the same look. She was leaning back, legs akimbo, and her words gave me the knowledge of what she really wanted. A hot fuck, hard and fast.

The door was still open, but only woods were behind us. As I slid inside my wife I leaned on my elbows to ensure I'd be able to look around the lot in search of spying eyes.

"Fuck me, fuck me," said my wife.

I did. I slid my dick all the way into my wife's core. There was no foreplay, no making out. This was going to be beyond a quickie, it was an Uber-quickie. Her pussy felt, as if it was possible, like very before.

It was soaking wet and I easily slid all the way in, as deep as my dick would allow. Holding myself inside, luxuriating in the sensuality, Carrie wrapped her legs around me. For an instant I worried that others might easily see those legs in the air, but in a second I forgot about it. I just wanted to fuck her.

"Oh, yes, do it to me, bang me hard honey," was Carrie's lustful cry.

How could I not. I began doing exactly what she prescribed, thrusting in and out of her hot wet pussy. Carrie thrust back at me and together we rocked in the rest area parking lot. I remembered to keep glancing around, and that fact probably kept me from immediately shooting my load.

It was like I was a teenager again. Back then my first girlfriend, Betty Ann, complained that I shot off too fast. She didn't just complain too me, but also to several of her girlfriends. I couldn't last inside her pussy for more than a couple minutes.

When we broke up she said it was because I was insensitive, but her friend Anna said it was because I had a hair-quick trigger. How embarrassing is that?

My brother, trying to console me, said break-ups are normal. But when I told him it was my fault, he began to laugh. "You were banging Betty Ann? You stud. I had no idea!"

When the whole hair-quick trigger came up, he offered sound advice: "Look stud, do what I do. Girls don't like real quickies, they don't get off. So when you are doing it just think about something you don't like, Geometry, an ugly girl, whatever. That will hold you off."

So in the back seat of our car I began thinking of work, and how I hated my boss. How the workload was increasing while the pay wasn't. And somehow that helped me hold back my orgasm.

Carrie loved it, whatever was happening, as she cried out she was cumming.

'Cum in me, fuck me hard, cum in me,' she cried.

That gave me the authority to blast my load, and I did, fucking the bottom out of my wife and leaving a no-deposit, no-return series of dollops of red hot man sauce deep in her slimy hole. After I came Carrie continued to spasm below be, and somehow worked her pussy on my dick, wringing out the final drops of cum.

It was then I noticed a dark red truck had pulled in between the one with the shades on the windows and our car. Quickly I jumped back, pulling my pants up and telling Carrie we had a witness to our backseat action.

A Keystone Cop moment ensued, as my pants got caught on the door somehow, ripping apart a pocket. Carrie slithered to a sitting position, sliding down her skirt. I started around to the driver's side when I realized it was one of the truckers from the road.

He was laughing his ass off at our comedic activities after being caught in the act. He sort of held his hands open, moving them up and down as if to say, slow down, it's okay, slow down. I did, waving at him.

He waved me toward his rig. I didn't know if that was a good idea, but as Carrie exited the back seat and made her way toward the passenger seat I walked closer to his truck.

"Don't worry, I don't bite," said the man. "I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the show. You guys are awesome, you made my trip."

I didn't know what to say.

"I was just getting ready to hit the horn, but I was afraid the state trooper over there might hear," said the trucker, pointing to the cruiser slowly driving in front of the rest area. "I heard on the CB he was on the prowl, so I decided to stop and get some coffee. Why tempt fate? Then when I saw your car I got worried you might get caught doing something you weren't supposed to be doing!"

I thanked the man, and asked if we could buy him that coffee he had stopped for. Of course, I had to nearly drag Carrie along, as she was terribly embarrassed being with a man who had just seen her nearly naked and clearly in a compromising set of positions.

Carrie, the Trucker and I spent the next half hour talking over coffee. I swear she had a red, blushing face throughout. He told us stories about seeing bare breasts and lifted skirts, but we were the first to have oral sex in front of him.

"That was an amazing effort, I hope to catch up with you guys again."

It was the first of many exhibitionist shows along the interstate for Carrie and me.

It struck me that, with this little performance and the promise of others, I didn't have any problem driving to visit Carrie's parents any more.

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