tagBDSMTruckers Slave Ch. 2

Truckers Slave Ch. 2


When we left our satiated couple, she had just asked him if he meant what he said about maybe sharing her with others.

I glanced down at her wax and sweat covered body and said, " You want me to get on the radio and see if anyone else is ready to come over here and fuck you?"

"Yes," she replies. "I want to be fucked by as many men as will have me here in this truck stop."

I thought about that for a minute and then he looked at her again and said, " If that is what you want, remember what the Chinese say, "Be careful what you wish for, for you may get it." He then turned his back to her and ducked through the curtain out into the cab. Reaching for the CB mic, I notice a lady in the truck directly across the aisle from mine. She is sitting there staring directly at me. She motions to her CB mic and holds up 7 fingers, meaning she wants me to turn my radio to channel 7. I do so and I hear her voice asking me if I want to see something really cool. I reply sure. and she looks both ways and then flashes her tits to me. I key up my mic and tell her that was nice, thank you. She comes back to me and says, " I saw you and your lady walking out to the truck a while ago. I was just wondering, with the grip you had on her arm, is she your slave?"

"Yes," I tell her and proceed to explain the rest of the situation about my lady wanting to be gangbanged.

"Too cool," she replies. "Think I could have a shot there before you get her some guys?"

"Get yourself over here and fast," I tell her. Before I can even hang up the mic, this lady is out of her truck and headed my way. In her late 20's, wavy brown hair and a very nice shape, she heads for my passenger door and knocks softly. I open the door to let her in and she stops and stares for a second since I had not bothered to get dressed before stepping out to the cab.

"Very nice," she coo's as she finds her voice and closes the door behind her. She reaches out her hand and takes my hardening cock in it and looking into my eyes, she says,

"May I taste it please, sir?" Suddenly I realize, I have not one, but two submissive's in my truck now. From the back, I can hear my lady as she frigs herself with her fingers, moaning loudly.

"Get your sweet ass over here then and taste it," I tell her. She immediately drops to her knees and sucks the whole 6" into her mouth, stopping only when her nose touches my crotch. My hands go directly to her head and my fingers bury themselves in her hair as she sucks lovingly at my cock.

I let her suck and lick at me for a while, but not wanting to cum again just yet, I pull her off her knees and tell her to get her clothes off and step into the back. Taking up the mic for the radio again, I put out a call on ch. 19 to see if anyone saw what has been going on so far. All I said on the radio was anyone wants to get laid, go to double Harley (Ch 11). When I flipped the radio to ch 11, there were all kinds of guys there wanting to know what the deal was. I told them if they wanted to fuck two HOT women, to line up outside my truck and I would see to it that they got laid. Several wanted to know how much it was gonna cost and I told them this was gonna be a freebie, but everyone had to supply their own condoms, or they weren't getting any of what the ladies had to offer. With that, I hung up the mic and headed back into the bunk area. My eyes got a nice view of the two ladies in a 69, eating each other with a passion. All I could do was stand there and watch them eat each others pussy like two starved souls.

It was then that I heard a knock at the door of the cab. I looked out and saw maybe 15 guys lined up, with packages of condoms in their hands. I told the ladies that it looked like it was showtime and they would need to pull their mouths off each others pussies. With great reluctance, they did and our new friend, Cassie, asked me if I was going to let all those nasty men fuck her as well as my lady friend, Barbara. I told her that I most definitely was going to let all those nasty men fuck her and Barbara at the same time. You could almost see the look of horror in her eyes, but at the same time, you could see her nipples harden with the lust of the moment. "Ready to let the first group in ladies?" I asked? Whether or not they were ready was irrelevant to me anyway, but it sounded good.

I opened the door of the truck and told the guys standing out there, there were a few ground rules. 1) CONDOMS would be worn. 2) No kissing on the mouth at all. 3) No "love bites" 4) Anyone violating any of the rules would catch a tire thumper upside their head and be tossed out on their ass. "Anyone got a problem with any of the rules?" I asked. Not one man had a problem with them, so I stepped aside and told the first 3 or 4 to climb on up and have a good time.

As I listened to the moans and groans coming from the back, I knew these two ladies were getting the sexual workout of their lives. I sat there in the drivers seat of my cab as man after man went past me to and from the back of my cab, fucking those two lovely women unmercifully. I wondered what it was that would let a woman service that many men at one time, but decided maybe I was better off not trying to figure them out and just enjoy what they had to offer. As the last man climbed out of the cab, he turned and thanked me for letting all or them enjoy the women. He said it sure beat the hell out of paying for a lot lizard. I told him it wasn't me he should be thanking, but the ladies. I told him that if he really wanted to thank them, he should get with some of the others that were still standing around between the trucks and take up a collection and buy the ladies something nice. That said, he climbed on down from the cab, leaving me to listen to the soft moans still coming from the sleeper. I went back and looked down on the two most sated women I had ever laid eyes on in my life. Barbara looked like she was passed out and Cassie was humping her pussy to the sky even though there was nothing in it at the time. I covered the two near comatose women with a blanket, got myself dressed and went inside to have something to drink. As I sat there drinking a cup of coffee in the restaurant, the last guy that had left the truck approached me and asked me how the ladies were holding up. I told him they were passed out out in my truck sleeping off the effects of the 30 or 40 men they had just fucked. He said he wasn't surprised at that, but he asked me to come with him. I left some money on the counter to pay for my coffee and got up and followed him. He took me out to the parking lot and we walked towards my truck. There, on the ground next to my truck were two brand new big screen TVs with home theater sound systems. I asked him how they were able to collect that much money, considering there weren't that many guys really. He said one of the drivers had just delivered a load of these to a store here in town ad these two weren't on the bills. The only payment he wanted was a chance at one or both of the girls, since he got here after all the action was over. I told him to bring this driver over and I would talk to him. The driver came over about 45 minutes later and asked if he was going to get a turn. I told him that the ladies were still sleeping. He said he had to get going well before daylight and he really wanted a piece of ass or he was gonna take the TV's back. I told him if he wanted to fuck a sleeping woman, then he could grab a piece. He said no problem, he was used to getting that at home. I told him to go ahead and pick whichever one he wanted and to knock himself out. We climbed up into the cab and he chose Barbara, since she was the closest to him. As he dropped his pants, Barbara opened her eyes and looked up at him with a look of resignation. She spread her legs wide and told him to climb on after he put a condom on. He did both and she proceeded to fuck his brains out even though she was pretty well used up. Cassie even got into the act after she came to and saw what was going on. She started to lick this guys balls and ass as he pounded his cock in and out of Barbara. This only made the man move all that much faster and he came in a matter of seconds. He jumped off and said Thanks ladies, that was great but now, I have got to be going. He pulled his clothes on, brushed past me and said they more then earned those TVs.

Barbara looked at me and asked what TVs. I told her that he had given both her and Cassie a present for their services this afternoon and evening. They both looked at each other and giggled saying they really hadn't expected anything at all and were glad to have had the chance to live this fantasy out under my watchful eye.

Both ladies then patted the bunk between them and said now, "Come here and let us thank YOU."

What else could I do but to oblige the ladies?

Do you folks here want to see the continuing adventures of our hero? Should he and Cassie team up and drive all over the country together? Let me know what you think with your feedback and ideas.

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