tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTrucker's Surprise Ch. 02

Trucker's Surprise Ch. 02


It was an innocuous, innocent e-mail which started the dialogue after my Trucker's Surprise story was published on Literotica.

About a week after it appeared I received an e-mail complimenting me on the story, and, as is the case with the majority of e-mailed I receive, I responded that it was always nice to hear from readers...especially those with constructive criticism or complements. This one had a little of both, and I hit the send button on my response and promptly forgot about it.

That is, until two weeks later when I saw a second e-mail.

"Thanks for your response to our earlier e-mail. I have to ask you, was the Trucker's Surprise a true story? I mean, we were wondering if it really happened. It seemed so, well, real. If so, how did you maintain control of your truck? And, do you see things like this often."

For those of you who didn't read the original story, you might want to head over to the Exhibitionist section and give it a look, but it's not required. Basically, I wrote of a recent "sighting" in my rig along Route 15 south of Harrisburg, Pa. On that special day I watched a woman in the passenger seat get fingered by her driver/boyfriend, an experience which got them hot and led to the woman giving the guy head while driving alongside my truck.

During that part of the ride --- about a 20 minutes or so --- I got to see her pretty bare ass getting fondled, spanked and stroked. I viewed the guy fingering the girl's pussy and actually opening it a bit for me to view in all its glory. All while the guy was getting his cock polished by the wanton girl.

"Yes, Mike and Judy, it was a story based mostly on experience. That it, it really did happen along Route 15, and only a little bit of editorial freedom was added to spice it up a little...not that the story needed spicing up. It was a very hot, voyeuristic, experience. No, I haven't seen a lot of activities like that, although I have been flashed a few times and of course have seen the long legs of women in short shorts or skirts. Sometimes I've caught a glimpse of silky stocking tops or even panties which have ridden up a girl's thighs. But that day, on that trip, it was an unbelievable view. It was, I have to admit, hard to keep the rig on the highway."

I hit the send button and forgot about it, figuring it was just some guy jerking my chain or something. But the e-mails continued and we began a regular dialogue. They wanted to know other things I might have seen, how difficult it was to drive all day, and so forth. I was cautious at first --- I had this thought it might be an ICC agent checking into my driving habits or something --- but after while I began to think it was basically someone with an interest. So I asked.

"You seem to have a real interest here...what gives?"

A day later I received an answer. "My wife is turned on to no end by your story, and I think, deep down, would have liked to be the woman in your story. But she just doesn't have the guts to drop her panties in front of a stranger. She thinks it was so very hot you got to see what you did. I think she fantasizes of being that girl."

Hum, a closest exhibitionist. I asked whether they'd ever fooled around "outside" and if they liked such a thing.

"Well, a little," was the reply, as the man wrote about parking with his now wife down by a lake in their dating days, and a real hot bout of oral sex in the back seat of their car in the parking lot after a wedding. "It's very hot knowing you probably won't be seen, but maybe you might. I think that's what turns her on. We made out one time in a parking garage stairwell and were caught by a couple kids who laughed and told us to get a room. She was embarrassed but I think deep down that turned her on. I know that it was a fantasy of hers for a while."

We became regular e-mail pals, sharing this and that about our jobs, friends, problems...you name it. Then came the bombshell.

"How would you like it if we were like that couple in the car you wrote about? Would you like to watch us like you did them?"

I read the e-mail over and over before typing my reply. Was he putting me on? Who wouldn't want to be a voyeur?

"Well, if this isn't some sort of a setup, and if you are serious, you bet I would," was my simple answer. "Just name the time and place."

The next e-mail gave some ground rules. They wouldn't promise anything, and the wife might back out at the last minute. They didn't want to be in any real danger, and didn't want to be in traffic or open to the prying eyes of others. They weren't sure how long or even how much they might "show" and they surely weren't looking to hook up with me in any way other than my eyes.

I replied I was harmless, and if they wanted to put on a show I would love to see it. We discussed timing and made a date, Saturday a week along that same stretch of Route 15, where, apparently, they had driven a couple times over the last week to get the lay of the land and feel of the road.

Saturday I made my way south from Scranton on Route 81 before switching over to 15 South near Harrisburg. I stopped for lunch at a greasy spoon diner before heading out at 1 with an eye out for a Honda Element with an excited couple in the front seat.

Sure enough, along the road at a pullout I spied the green SUV, giving the pre-determined three blasts of my air horn as I slowed near their parking spot. As I passed I noticed the car blink its headlights several times to confirm I had "met" my mates.

The road was relatively quiet, a few vehicles but nothing out of the ordinary. I had been listening on the CB and there hadn't been a smokey bear report in ages, so all things seemed clear. The SUV didn't though, come into my rearview and after a bit I began to wonder if it was all just a tease or something

Keeping a steady 50 on the speedometer I frequently glanced back to no avail. At least not until several minutes past when I noticed a green vehicle appear. It had to be them, I hoped it was them.

As it got closer I noticed the woman in the passenger seat, and I swear she wore a big grimace, like she had tasted something foul. As the car pulled alongside I noticed she was wearing a skirt that showed some leg above her knees and a cute brown top. She gave a little wave, smiled and then looked at the driver. He must have given her some direction, or prodded her in some way, because she looked down, reached down to the hem of her skirt then reluctantly lifted the hem to her waist.

Ta da, her pretty pink panties were on display I could tell she was totally embarrassed because her head was turned to the side away from me.

It was a wonderful site. I kept glancing between the road in front of me and the girl's silky panties, and every so often she'd give me a different view. She lifted her top, showing her bra encased tits, rubbed her panties, and wiggled around like she was dancing in her seat.

She was a woman of late 40s, early 50s, a short-cropped blonde. Good looking, not a beauty, but pretty. She wore a baseball cap which shaded some of her face, undoubtedly allowing her to preserve a little bit of dignity while baring some of her charms.

Several cars came from behind and the guy speeded up and pulled in ahead of me. When the coast cleared I passed the car, glancing over and noticing the guy had a fully erect cock protruding from his pants. I pulled ahead and when the coast was clear the car once again pulled alongside.

This time the girl was laying in the front seat, her head resting on the guys cock, her knees lightly bent and her legs spread open for me. She wasn't sucking him, only lying against his dick. Her flimsy pink panties --- most likely a thong given the amount of fabric --- were halfway down by her knees and her trimmed brownish bush was being massaged by the guy's right hand. He alternated one and two fingers into her honey pot as I realized she was not a natural blonde. His cock was huge against the side of her face, but she made no attempt to lick it. It was as if it was one big exclamation point near her head.

He slowly fingered his wife as we drove down the road at 50, and I could tell by the girl's face she was half-embarrassed and half turned on. It took some skill, I have to admit, to keep to the middle of the lane and at the same pace as the other vehicle. The incentive of seeing this girl's goodies was more than enough to spark the best of my driving skills.

I watched as the guy played under her panties with the pretty pussy for a while before he dropped back and pulled in behind me as several cars were coming into view. I slowed to 45 until the coast was again clear.

The Honda again pulled out and came alongside my rig, and again I was treated to the erotic scene to my left. The girl had her hand lifted by her head, where she was stroking the guy's cock while he was stroking her now bare pussy. Just when I thought things couldn't get any better I saw the guy move his hand away from her cunt and reach down between the seats.

Out came a bright yellow banana which he promptly began sliding up and down the girls soaked slit. She was a bit surprised, as she reached down to feel the fruity dildo, which the guy made no move to remove. Apparently she enjoyed the fruit on her cunt, as she began rocking against it. Soon the guy angled it away from her pussy, and then inserted it into her sloppy wet cunt.

I had seen such action in porno, but never in real life. My wife doesn't believe in dildos, and surely wouldn't use a fruit or vegetable in her pussy. I thought I'd blow my load, but could only grimace as I watched the erotic scene while keeping one hand on the steering wheel and the other stroking my rock hard cock.

Looking ahead I noticed the sign stating we were approaching one of the very few stop lights on this stretch of road. It's blinking yellow lights informed that the light would most likely be red when we arrived, so I removed my hand from my rod and downshifted to help slow the big rig.

Coming to a stop at the light I watched as the guy really went at the soaking wet pussy with his banana, and I could see the girl's legs sort of quiver and I surmised she'd reached orgasm. Her hand was no longer on his cock and her only movement was a sort of gently rolling midsection filled with artificial cock. The light changed and he quickly pulled ahead.

The Honda pulled away from me, followed by several cars, as I slowly started speeding up the truck. It took a while to get some speed, and I assumed the couple was done their show. In the distance I noticed them pull onto an off ramp.

Thinking of their little show, I wanted to clap in appreciation but they'd never know. I made myself a mental note to send them an e-mail congratulating them on their erotic display. Just as I was grabbing the phone to tell my wife when I would arrive, and ask if she might want a little nookie, I heard a toot of the Japanese horn.

The couple must have cut back onto the on ramp and followed my rig. They were again aside me, but this time I had a different view. The woman was kneeling on the passenger side seat, ass high in the air, undies back on but halfway down her thighs. It was a view similar to the one I wrote about in the other story --- I think they were replaying it for me!

The banana was gone, but her pretty pussy was in plain view below a fantastic ass. She wiggled her butt at me and once again I sprouted a massive hard on. The guy was gently spanking her ass, as she continued to wiggle. As I watched the spanking turned to stroking, first the ass and then the pussy.

The girl rose from her kneeling spot and sat in the passenger seat, shyly smiling over at me. The guy motioned toward a sign announcing an upcoming rest stop, pointing for me to pull over. Why not?

I pulled into the stop, pulling past the rest rooms and into the far end of the parking lot. The guy pulled two spaces away, which allowed me a great view into the vehicle.

Through his open window he yelled over to me. "Wanna watch us? It's okay if you keep a lookout. Just stay in your truck."

Nodding, I looked around. Nobody was around, it seemed. The couple got into the back seat, and I watched as she removed her panties, laid back and spread her legs. The guy lowered his pants and climbed on top of the girl. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit and then slowly inserted it into the wet hole.

The guy looked over his shoulder at me then back at his woman, starting to quickly fuck her. There was no foreplay, that had apparently happened in the car, and the guy rammed the girl with a mission. In and out he bounced, and while I couldn't hear them I could see her mouth moaning in pleasure. She thrust up against him as he banged her snatch.

I looked around and spied a car coming into the lot, yelling over while not knowing if they could hear me. Yet they must have, as the guy pulled out and sat on the seat. The girl scurried around and lowered her head into his lap, and I watched as she began sucking his dick.

Forgetting the possible intruder I pulled out my dick and began stroking the highly erotic action in earnest. It was better than a porno. Her head was working his dick like a bobbing doll on a mission. The guy tensed up, throwing his head back, and soon I surmised he was shooting his sticky sauce into her wet, willing lips.

She continued bobbing her head on his cock well after his orgasm, swallowing his load then cleaning his cock.

I couldn't believe my luck, getting to watch an actual blowjob from less than 15 feet away. What a sight! It took me over the top and I shot my cum watching her work his dick.

Noticing a couple cars entering the lot I yelled over once again there were visitors, and the guy pulled up his pants while I zipped up my own. The girl emerged from the back seat, demurely smoothed down her skirt, took a step toward the front of the car before looking over at the truck.

Clapping my hands and smiling, then girl took a wide bow before slipping back into the front seat. The guy got into the driver's seat, waved, then started the car.

By the time I got onto the road they were nowhere to be found.

The next morning I checked my e-mail. There was a note from mikejudy103.

"Awesome. Simply awesome. Thank you so very much. Judy has been hotter than a firecracker since we performed for you! Can't slow her down. Thanks."

"No, thank you," I replied. "Anytime you want a replay, drop me an e-mail!"

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