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Trucker's Unfaithful Wife


In a previous story I told you I've been a trucker for 20 years now and that sex is scarce when the little lady is thousands of miles away back home. I have always loved my wife (still do) and I've cheated on her with prostitutes on occasion, but truck stop whores don't really ring my bell, you know? I don't feel guilty because Cathy hasn't been faithful to me. I know she's had several affairs and an untold number of one-night stand lovers. In this story, I'll tell you how I found out about it.

Cathy and I got married after I got her pregnant in high school. She lost the baby, but I married her anyway. The marriage was never very intimate, and things quickly went cold. We bought a small older bungalow in the 'burbs but my early jobs driving a local delivery truck barely paid our bills. We never had any kids. Neither of us wanted any. We fought often, and sex was infrequent. And when we did have sex, it was pretty mechanical. As soon as I started any foreplay, she'd usually say she was too tired, or just lay there like a limp rag doll and let me do my thing.

When I had a chance to switch to long distance trucking, I jumped at it. The money was better which made her happy, and we spent a lot less time together, which made us both happy. My current schedule has me crisscrossing the country constantly, and I'm only home two weekends a month.

When my neighbor hinted one day that I ought to pay more attention to what my wife did when I was away, I wasn't totally shocked. I had suspected something was going on for a long time before he made me confront my suspicions. He was a retired widower with little else to do than watch what was happening on our quiet little street. Summer days, he sat on his tiny front porch from morning till dark, reading his paper, watching the neighborhood kids, and spying on his neighbors, especially Cathy. His house is almost directly across from ours, and if we don't close the shades, he can see right into our front windows.

Weekends I was home I almost always walked over and had a beer with him. He was a lonely guy (died last year), old enough to be my father. I often watched sports on TV over there because Cathy hates sports. A couple times, I slept on his couch after Cathy kicked me out after a fight.

Even though we got to be good friends, he didn't tell me what he saw until I pressed him for details after he dropped that big hint. Apparently my wife had become quite "friendly" with the two Mexican guys we had hired to mow our lawn. I was away from home too much to keep up with lawn mowing and when I did get home, mowing wasn't high on my list of to-do items. They worked cheap, but apparently liked the fringe benefits of the job.

I was always on the road when they came by to cut the lawn on Wednesdays. My neighbor told me they'd work for an hour or so, then they packed up their truck and walked around out of sight in the backyard for another hour or so.

"I don't know for sure what they do back there. Maybe they weed your garden?" he said to me.

"We don't have a garden."

"Well, maybe they just sit on your back patio and have some lemonade," he suggested unconvincingly.

"Yeah, I'm sure that's it," I said sarcastically.

From that day on, I thought about the situation at least a couple times every day. You don't have much else to do when you're on the road all day. I often thought about dropping by one afternoon and surprising them, but I think part of me preferred not to know. It was easier to love her and stay married to her when there was still some doubt.

But when a perfect opportunity presented itself I took it. My rig broke down near Kingvale and it had to be towed to a repair shop a good distance away. The repair was going to take awhile, so the company sent another driver to pick up my load and haul my trailer the rest of the way to Jersey. I was free to head home, so I hopped a bus and took a cab to the end of my block. Then I walked to my neighbor's house and crashed with him for the night. I told him I wanted to see for myself what happened on the hot hazy Wednesday afternoons of mid-July.

I slept late and shared a mid-morning coffee with the old guy, then took up station near his front window to watch the front of my house. He handed me some binoculars and a handheld-dish sound amplifier. This guy was a serious snoop.

Things were quiet until the pickup truck pulled up in front of my house around 1 pm. The two Mexican guys got out and began mowing and edging. They were two short guys but were quite muscular, with big shoulders and biceps. It must be all that physical labor. It was a hot afternoon and temps were in the mid-90's. They glistened with sweat and their sleeveless mesh shirts were soaked through.

Just like the old guy had said, they packed up their truck and disappeared behind my house. It was time to investigate. I walked up our driveway and went around the back and peeked around the corner. Nothing. They were obviously inside.

I cursed and tried to listen under a closed window, but our old clanky AC condenser unit drowned out any noises. So I moved around to the kitchen window and thought I heard some faint voices from deep inside. I slipped in the backdoor and walked quietly down the hall toward our bedroom.

The door was partly open and as I got closer, I heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. It sounded fake like a cheap porn movie, but when I peeked around and looked inside, I could see that the sex was very real. I had long suspected my wife had multiple affairs, but I was surprised to actually find her fucking two guys at the same time. But there she was, my quiet little mousy wife totally naked and fucking the help like a wanton hooker. I stared, mesmerized, then backed away and stood with my back against the wall wondering what to do next.

I had rehearsed what I would say many times during my long segments on the road. But now that the event was upon me, my heart was pounding and I was suddenly tongue-tied. For some reason, I wasn't angry. In fact, it was sort of arousing in a kinky kind of way. I decided to watch between the narrow crack of the door hinges for awhile.

Cathy was on all fours across the center of our bed. One of the Mexicans was on the left behind her, fucking her doggy style. The other one had his head thrown back and eyes closed, and his cock was sliding in and out of my wife's mouth.

I had seen double-fucking in porn movies and Internet sites, but I had never actually seen it live and in person. And I certainly had never seen Cathy fucking another man, let alone two at the same time. I watched silently. All three were really into in and making so much noise they were totally unaware I was watching from just outside the door. The guy fucking her cunt began thrusting faster and harder. When he screamed I knew he had cum. He pulled out of her, ripped off his condom and dropped it in the wastebasket next to our nightstand. Then he sat on the bed and watched the other guy face-fuck my wife. Moments later he too came in loud deep grunts and hip thrusts. He held Cathy's head on both sides and pumped his load into her small mouth. She must have swallowed a lot of it, but a long string of cum and saliva dribbled from her chin and onto the bedspread. He pulled out and wiped his dick across her cheeks, then collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily.

They hadn't seen me, so I stepped back into the hall just out of sight. Cathy spoke to them in Spanish. I didn't even know she spoke Spanish. I didn't understand the words, but the tone of their voices made it clear they were telling each other how great the sex had been. The three of them lay on the bed with my wife in the middle and their arms around her. The one on the right was feeling up her tit, and the other one was stroking his crotch.

I waited and listened for several long minutes while they chatted, groped and kissed her. I heard some laughter and more talk in Spanish, then the rustling of bed covers and the squeaking of bed springs that told me they were moving. A quick peek through the narrow door opening confirmed they had switched positions and were starting up again. For a better look, I watched them through the partly-open doorway. They were far too busy to notice me.

This time Cathy was laying on her back sideways across our bed with her head and neck on one side of the bed. One guy was inserting his dick into her slit from the missionary position. As soon as he started fucking away at her cunt, the other one dangled his half-erect penis on top of her face. Her head fell backward and her mouth opened wide. She reached up with both hands and grasped his dick and fed it into her stretched lips. As soon as she tightened her lips around it, he began rocking his hips forward and back slightly. I stood there mesmerized, watching while they fucked her from both ends. I am embarrassed to say this, but my dick stirred at the sight of it.

Had they looked over, they would have seen me, but they were too busy banging Cathy to notice me until after the guy came inside my wife's cunt. He rolled off the bed and removed his condom. Then he looked in my direction and saw me standing there. He said something I didn't understand in Spanish and froze, staring at me, and holding the dangling sac of cum-filled latex in front of him. The other guy removed his cock from Cathy's mouth and she rolled over to look at me. Soon all three were staring at me with looks of panic on their faces.

I stared back at them for a few long seconds, then looked at the guy holding the used condom and snarled "Get the fuck out of here."

I was surprised they didn't rush. They calmly put their pants back on and picked up their sweaty shirts and brushed past me warily. I waited until I heard the screen door close before I said anything to my horrified and guilty-looking spouse.

"Not just one, but two" I said flatly. "This is how we pay our landscapers?"

"Look, honey, I... I ..." she stammered for a few seconds, then gave up. She climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom. I sat on the bed and waited for a few minutes for her to come out. The smell of sex permeated the room, and there were obvious wet spots made by a cocktail of Cathy's saliva and her Mexican boyfriends' semen.

I got angry that she was hiding out in the bathroom and finally yelled at her to get the fuck out here. She opened the door cautiously expecting me to be a raving lunatic ready to beat her to a pulp. She was wearing my bathrobe and there were tears in her eyes. I hadn't planned to hit her, but her tears helped assure I didn't lose my composure.

"I guess I know now why you never want to have sex with me when I come home. Looks like you're getting plenty all on your own."

She stood silently looking down at my feet. I was glad she didn't try to lie or make stupid excuses.

"Why? I asked her.

"You're always gone. I get lonely. I know it's not right and I'm sorry, I really am."

"You didn't look like you were sorry a few minutes ago."

She just stared at the carpet silently.

"You been fuckin' the help every week?"

She didn't answer until I repeated the question, and then she gave a slight nod.

"What are we gonna do here?" I asked.

"Are you going to divorce me?" she asked.

"Maybe. Depends."

"On what?"

"Are you gonna keep fucking our landscapers and god knows who the hell else whenever I'm away?"

"No. I'll stop. I swear. I promise. But if you want a divorce, it's ok. I understand."

"I don't want a divorce, but I want you to come over here right now and suck my dick."

She screwed up her face. "What?"

"You heard me. Get over here and blow me. Blow me like the dirty whore you are."

She paused then began approaching me slowly. She grasped my partially erect cock from outside my jeans and knelt down. Then she opened my pants, pulled out my cock and gave me a half-hearted blowjob. I let her suck me for awhile and stopped her just before I blew my load down her throat.

I yanked her to her feet, shoved her onto the mattress onto her back and violently spread her legs apart. I climbed on top of her and took my dick in my hand and plunged it into her pussy with a hard thrust. Her body shook as I banged my whole body weight against her to ram my missile as far up her cunt as I could. I fucked her as hard as I have ever fucked anything in my life. She grimaced and grunted in pain and part of me felt good that my fucking was causing her such discomfort.

She turned her head away and wouldn't look at me. I knew she wanted to say stop, but didn't dare ask me to. So I slammed into her hard for another five minutes, gradually picking up speed. Finally, I climaxed and filled her cheating cunt with a week's worth of my built-up fluid.

I lay down on the bed next to her and spent the next half hour lecturing and scolding her for all the hurt she caused me by cheating on me, how I couldn't trust her, etc. etc. She gave me a tearful ten-minute apology with promises to never screw around on me again.

"Well, if you're really sorry, suck me again."

She acted surprised, but didn't hesitate long. She put her face in my crotch and began sucking my soft wet penis until it was rock hard again. It took awhile, but soon she had me on the edge again. I shoved her head away and ordered her to roll over on her stomach.

With a look of fear, she obeyed. I got some KY jelly from the drawer of my nightstand and slathered it on my erection. I grabbed hold of her legs and yanked her backward until her ass was almost off the edge of the bed and her legs dangled to the floor. I climbed onto and used my hand to jam my cock against her puckered asshole.

She had always said she hated the thought of anal sex and had never let me do it to her. I'm pretty sure she hadn't let her other lovers do it either because she freaked out when I began pushing myself into the super-tight opening.

She screamed for me not to do it, but I used all the strength in my legs to ram my cock up her ass until it was halfway inside. I tried to push in farther but she was too tight and it hurt like hell, so I froze in position with my member half buried inside.

A minute or two passed and her muscles relaxed enough that I could rock my cock an inch of so back and forth, but it hurt us both if I tried to do anything more. But I didn't need to. I had a quick mental flash of Cathy simultaneously fucking her Mexicans. I imagined one of them had his cock in her mouth, and I imagined I could feel the other man's cock in her pussy. A few seconds later, my cock began throbbing and I came inside her.

After I pulled out of her, I sat on the bed, while she lay there sobbing softly.

"That really hurt," she mumbled.

"Good. I wanted it to."

Then I got up and went to the bathroom to take a piss. When I came back out, she had re-wrapped herself in my robe but her tits were still visible above the loosely-tied kimono belt.

"You know, I never lost desire for you," I told her. "The problem is, you lost desire for me."

"I can be a good wife. I can, if you can forgive me."

"I'll forgive you, but on one condition."

"What? Anything."

"Don't fuck anyone else while I'm gone. Save it up for me until I get home."

"Yeah, sure. Ok. No more fucking anyone else."

"I didn't say THAT."


"You can fuck them, but only if I am there to join in. Two-way. Three-way. Hell, you can fuck a goddamn football team I don't care, as long as I get to put my dick in whatever hole I want."

She stared back at me in disbelief.

"Do we have a deal?" I asked.

There was a look of shock on her face as she shook her head yes.

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