tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTrudy: Day at the Office

Trudy: Day at the Office

byRichard Janice©

Trudy swung open the door with "FRANK ALLISON C.P.A." stenciled in large, black letters on the frosted glass. "Good morning, Mr. Allison." Trudy sang as she let the door swing closed and walked toward her desk in the large reception office. Her desk was toward the back of the reception office, which was divided by a single step up to a highly polished wooden floor. The desk was in the center of this area with file cabinets lining the walls.

She arrived at her desk and looking to her right, she could see Mr. Allison sitting at his desk, through the open office door next to the reception area. On the lower, carpeted level of the large room were cushioned chairs, separated by small tables for clients to sit while waiting for their appointments.

"Good morning, Trudy." Mr. Allison answered as he looked up from his desk to Trudy, standing at her desk in the next room.

"Oh, man, what a dish" Mr. Allison thought, as he took in the petite blond, wearing the little, yellow mini-skirt and yellow silk blouse. "Did you have a nice weekend?" he asked.

"Yes sir, I did." she said, walking to the open office doorway.

Mr. Allison looked at the tantalizing figure standing in the doorway and was surprised at how quickly he was responding to her long, soft legs standing in high heel shoes and the very short, ruffled skirt suspended at the tops of her delectable thighs.

Her yellow blouse clinging around her large breasts revealed their soft fullness. The gentle, upward slope of her tits was visible, as the thin silk rested on her fleshy mounds. The yellow blouse was open to her breasts, exposing the edges of her full, ripe titties.

"Trudy, we have a nine o'clock appointment with Mr. Wilson, and I need his file." Mr. Allison said, gazing at her thighs and wondering what color panties she might have on. "Would you get it for me, please." he added, his cock beginning to stir now.

"Sure, Mr. Allison, I'll get it out in a minute." Trudy sang and turned toward her desk.

Mr. Allison watched her walk towards her desk as her yellow ruffled skirt rocked, to and fro across her soft, tanned thighs. His eyes fixated on her legs as he watched her step up on the raised floor near her desk, gaping at the exposed soft, white skin of her inner thigh as she lifted her leg.

His cock getting hard now, Mr. Allison continued watching Trudy as she went across the room to the file cabinet. Her long legs reflected in the polished, wood floor as she bent down slightly to the drawer containing the "W's". He watched lecherously and saw her fluffy skirt rise up to her little ass, exposing the soft crease at the top of her long legs and the slope of her tight, bare cheeks.

Trudy reached into the open drawer and pulled out the manila folder labeled, "Wilson, George". Then turning, her high heels clicked loudly as she headed back across the shiny wooden floor to Mr. Allison's desk.

"Here is Mr. Wilson's file." Trudy said as she stood in front of Mr. Allison's desk.

Mr. Allison's cock jerked as he looked at Trudy standing in front of his desk. Her slim, tanned thighs a vision as he looked across the desk at her. The hem of her little skirt hung to just below her pussy and staring, past the hem of her little, flared skirt, he could see the shadowed skin in between her soft thighs.

"Will that be all, Mr. Allison?" she asked, aware that he was staring at her legs. She shifted her weight, causing her firm breasts to jiggle under the clingy, silk blouse.

"Yes, thank you, Trudy." he said, as he looked up past her full breasts to her face.

Her blond hair hung across her shoulders, framing the soft, small features of her face. Her full, pouting lips tinted pink with lipstick and her eyes, like blue gems in the dark, sultry borders of her eye liner, sparkled as she looked at him. His cock had become hard as he fantasized about what it would be like to kiss her full lips and make love to this sexy, little body.

Trudy turned towards the open door as her flared skirt swung out and flashed her little white ass. She left the office, and again, Mr. Allison watched the little blond nymph walk across the reflective floor to her desk.

Reaching down to rub his hardened penis through his pants, he watched the full length of her legs reflected on the shiny surface, moving towards her desk. Arriving at the desk, she rolled the small, typist chair out and maneuvered herself onto the cushioned seat.

Trudy was enjoying the way Mr. Allison looked at her. He has looked at her that way since she began working for him. Trudy felt that he was a perfect boss because he frequently gave her a bonus when things went well and he was generous with paid time off.

As she sat at her desk typing a memo, her thoughts drifted the strange man on the bus and how good his cock felt throbbing in her pussy. As she thought about how his hands felt under her ruffled skirt on her bare behind, she noticed her pussy becoming damp. She shifted on the chair, crossing her legs under the shelf holding the typewriter. Suddenly, she looked up and standing in front of her was a gray haired man with a white mustache.

"Good morning, Mr. Wilson. We have been expecting you." Trudy smiled maintaining her professional composure.

"Please have a seat and Mr. Allison will be with you in a moment" Trudy said, indicating the chairs across the room.

As the gray haired man turned toward the chairs, Trudy got up to announce the client to Mr. Allison. Her high heels clicked loudly across the wooden floor as she walked.

"Mr. Wilson is here, Mr. Allison" Trudy said, standing at the open doorway.

Mr. Wilson took a seat in the center of the row of chairs and sitting down he saw Trudy standing at the door of Mr. Allison's office. Her little, yellow mini-skirt flared out and he could see, from his lower position, her legs as they ended at her little butt. The shadowed skin of her rounded buttocks was barely hidden by her ruffled hem.

Picking up a magazine, Mr. Wilson leafed through the pages. Holding the issue in front of his face, he peered over the top of the magazine and watched Trudy walk back to her desk. Titillated at the sight of her titties wiggling under the clinging blouse she wore, he began to fantasize about this young woman. As Trudy sat on the chair at her desk with her knees held tightly together, he watched her swing her legs under the shelf and began typing.

"He's trying to look up my skirt." Trudy said to herself as she looked up and caught the older man looking at her over the raised magazine.

"That dirty old man," Trudy flushed, remembering she hadn't worn panties.

"Well, I'll just give him something to look at." She thought as she slowly lifted her long legs to cross them.

Then she pushed her chair away from her desk and stood up. Turning her back to Mr. Wilson, she pressed the sides of her yellow ruffled skirt to her hips causing the back of the mini-skirt to rise in the center, exposing the dark crease dividing the cheeks of her soft, white ass.

As Mr. Wilson peered over the magazine, he became sexually aroused at the site of this young blond in the mini-skirt standing at her desk. His cock stirred as he watched her turn around and smooth her skirt. She had pushed up the back when she pressed the flared hem to her legs and he ogled at the appearance of her little, fleshy cheeks peeking at him under the raised hem.

Trudy slowly walked to a file cabinet and stooped down to the bottom drawer. Then, after taking a paper out of the drawer, she rose, bending at the waist to a standing position.

Mr. Wilson felt his heart skip as he watched this little blond in a mini-skirt bent over the file cabinet. Her little girlish ass peeked out lewdly at him as her skirt rose up high across her ripe, firm cheeks. He could faintly make out the folds of her blond-haired pussy as she lingered, bending over the file.

Then, she turned and looked directly at Mr. Wilson as she walked back to her desk. Sitting again in her chair, she swung her long, bare legs around and under the shelf holding her typewriter.

Trudy typed busily as the man lowered his magazine to gaze at her legs displayed under the typing table. Laying the magazine on his lap to cover his mounting erection, he peered up her skirt to the top of her legs. Then he watched her as Trudy slowly spread her legs apart, showing him, from under the shelf, all of her light blond-haired pussy. The swollen, glistening lips opened slightly, exposing to the aroused man, the wet, pink skin of her entrance.

"Come in Mr. Wilson." Said Mr. Allison as he stepped out of his office and motioned the startled man to his office.

Trudy smiled at him, as Mr. Wilson slowly got up, adjusted his pants and walked past Trudy's desk to the adjoining office.

After about fifteen minutes Mr. Allison's office door opened. Mr. Wilson walked out again and went to Trudy's desk.

"Miss, could you please make a copy of this for me?" Mr. Wilson asked as he extended a folder of papers to her.

"Oh, no problem, sir. I'll have them for you in a minute." Trudy answered, looking up from her typewriter, smiling.

Trudy took the papers and pushed her chair away from her desk, her little ruffled skirt lay loosely across her lap, a yellow border at the tops of her soft, slim thighs. She got up from the chair, standing very close to the graying man. Lingering there briefly, she turned toward the copy machine and laid the paper on the feeder. Pressing a button, she waited as the machine began making a humming noise.

Mr. Wilson watched her as she waited, studying the trim, little blond girl in the brief mini-skirt. The back of her legs were deliciously exposed as the skirt draped over her little round ass, stopping abruptly at he tops of her thighs. His cock became erect as he thought about her little pink pussy, naked underneath the yellow ruffles of the abbreviated mini-skirt.

As Trudy waited, the copy machine pulled the papers through. Then, the humming stopped and Trudy, looking back at the older man, smiled. Bending over to retrieve the copies from the container at the bottom of the machine she raised one leg behind her, lifting the little skirt away from her bared, little behind as she extended her high heel covered foot toward him.

Mr. Wilson's cock throbbed as he watched Trudy bend over the copy machine, her skirt rising like a yellow curtain over the white, arched cheeks of her uncovered little ass. The pink furrows of soft flesh peeked out from behind the thin, blond hairs surrounding her little slit as he looked up the extended leg past the raised hem of her skirt. The delectable sight brought a gasping sound from the mesmerized Mr. Wilson.

Trudy heard the man gasp, and turning around, she could see that he was very aroused and walked over to him, handing him the copied papers.

"I saw you looking up my skirt, Mr. Wilson." She whispered to him, clasping her hands behind her back.

"You know, it excites me when you look at me that way and well----maybe we could get together sometime." she added softly, as her eyes looked down, bashfully. Her little ruffles brushed against the bulge in his trousers as she lightly swayed her body, left and right against him.

"That would be nice, Miss ------ehh." the graying man replied, not knowing her name and hypnotized by the soft blond features of her face. His cock strained with the light brushing of her ruffled skirt rubbing against him. Her large, firm nipples protruded erotically from the clinging, silk blouse. He could see the pillow-like tops of her full, fleshy tits past the gaping opening of her soft, silky blouse.

"Trudy. Please call me Trudy, Mr. Wilson." She exclaimed as she turned and leaned over her desk. Taking a piece of scrap paper, she wrote down her phone number.

Mr. Wilson's heart skipped again as he watched the tantalizing, little blond girl shamelessly bent over her desk. Her pretty ass displayed in the frame formed by the raised hem of the ruffled mini-skirt. His cock was now very hard as he watched the lewd vision before him. Trudy turned and handed the flustered Mr. Wilson the paper and smiled. Now leaning on her butt, half sitting against the top of the desk with her long legs stretched out to the shiny floor, the ruffled front of her skirt pushed out. The magnificent beauty showed him a glimpse of her bared pussy under the patch of light, blond hair. She folded her arms in front of her, pushing up her full breasts. The fleshy cleavage spilled out of the gaping opening of her silky blouse as Mr. Wilson ogled at the splendid display of her soft upturned nipples, outlined explicitly against the thin, yellow fabric.

Meanwhile Mr. Allison could see Trudy and Mr. Wilson through the open door of his office from his desk. He watched as Trudy made the copies and saw her little naked ass bent over the copy machine. Feeling his cock getting hard he reached down and rubbed the engorged member through his slacks. He unzipped his pants and withdrawing his hardened cock, he began to softly stroke the hard shaft while watching the tantalizing little blond lean over her desk. He watched as her yellow ruffles rose halfway up her lewdly displayed ass.

Mr. Allison was vigorously pumping his cock as he watched Mr. Wilson leave and saw the leggy, blond secretary sit back at her typewriter. Her little skirt rested suggestively on her slim thighs as she looked over a page of a contract she had been working on. Rubbing the hard cock softly now, he closed his eyes, and fantasized about her gorgeous little ass pushing against his swollen member.

Trudy looked at the document in her hand and couldn't decide on the wording of a particular phrase. She got up and went to Mr. Allison's office for a clarification when, as she rounded his desk, she saw him with his eyes closed, slowly pumping his long hard cock.

"Mr. Allison!" she screeched in surprise, as she looked at the purplish head of his swollen cock, held tightly in his hand.

The startled Mr. Allison opened his eyes to see Trudy standing in front of him in her opened, silky blouse and revealing short skirt.

"Trudy," Mr. Allison gulped, obviously surprised to see her standing there. "You surprised me." He added nervously as he attempted to cover his large, engorged penis under his hand.

Trudy turned her back to him as he returned the erect cock back into his trousers. Then he got up and closed the office door, turning the lock.
Returning to Trudy, he looked into her blue eyes and said, "I'm sorry about that, Trudy. It's that you are so sexy, dressed like this. I couldn't help myself." He placed his hand on her breast and squeezed the soft, full flesh gently through the thin, silky blouse. He could feel her warm nipple hardening under the palm of his hand.

"Mr. Wilson, you shouldn't do that!" Trudy said, her voice rising as she pushed his hand away and stepped back. Her swollen breasts jiggled wantonly under the thin silk.

"Please, Trudy, just let me look at them for a minute." he said as he reached for her bobbing breast again.

"No! Well------ maybe for just a minute." Trudy answered seductively, stepping back again.

" But, just for a minute, Mr. Allison." She added quickly as she slowly unbuttoned the loose blouse to her waist, watching Mr. Allison's face redden with excitement.

Her blouse opened to the waist; she pulled the wispy material aside to expose her full, suspended breasts. The brown nipples stood out hard and inviting on the pillows of soft, white titties. She placed each hand under a breast and pushed them together, forming a sensuously deep valley in between the buoyant, fleshy orbs.

"Do you like my titties, Mr. Allison?" she sang softly and pouted, as she looked down at her fleshy tits and lifted them slowly, one at a time, pressing it seductively against the other.

"Oh! Trudy, yes." he answered breathlessly, stepping forward and covering both of her soft tits in his hands.

"Oh! No, Mr. Allison." She teased, pushing him back. Trudy pulled the silk material over her swollen breasts as her soft, long blond hair shook about her face.

"You said look, not touch." She sang girlishly, as she again pulled the open blouse apart, allowing her fleshy titties to spring past the smooth material and bounce freely.

"Please Trudy, I'll give you anything." He begged breathlessly, his engorged cock aching for release.

"Why, Mr. Allison," she scolded. "What kind of girl do you think I am?" Trudy teased, as she pulled on her hard, brown nipples.

"I'll give you a hundred dollars, if you let me kiss your breasts." He said hurriedly, as he reached in his pocket and withdrew a one hundred dollar bill. He offered it to her.

"Well, maybe just a little." she said shyly, taking the bill in her hand. "But, just a little bit." she added, giggling softly.

Mr. Allison stepped up to her and bent over as she lifted a generous tit to his face. He sucked on the hardened nipple and pulled the warm, fleshy breast deep into his mouth. Then, reaching around her waist, he lifted the back of her little ruffled skirt and squeezed the warm fleshy globes of her naked ass, pulling her close into his body, tightly against his throbbing, erect cock.

Trudy moaned softly, becoming overwhelmed, as she felt his stiff cock pressed hard against her little pussy along with the wet sucking on her sensitive breast.

Trudy dropped down to her knees and unzipped his pants and opening his trousers, she pulled them down to his knees. Taking his erect cock and full balls in her hands she began licking the bulbous head with loving abandon, gently rubbing the two sacks of cum that swung gently below the base of his cock.

With a long wet lick, Trudy ran her tongue to the base of his monstrous organ. Trudy could feel his heart beat as it pulsed in his hard rod. With new interest, Trudy began polishing his cock with her own saliva. When it was good and soaked with her own saliva Trudy kissed its head once, twice and on the third time Trudy allowed it to penetrate her flaming pink lips. Slowly, Trudy swallowed the fleshy post until she could feel it press against the back of her throat. By working her head, a little sideways, and swallowing, Trudy allowed the cock to slide down her throat. Mr. Allison's uncontrolled moans told her that he liked every second of this as much as Trudy liked every inch of this hard cock. Trudy pulled away, kissed it again, and re-swallowed it (just to prove she could). Within seconds, Trudy was repeatedly swallowing his cock then pulling away looking at it.

Continuously hungry for variety, Trudy gently squeezed the base of his penis adding a rough lumpy surface to it as its veins bulged in response. Then Trudy slipped her other hand between his hairy legs and slowly worked her fingers between the cheeks of his ass. Trudy found his tight asshole and slowly began to penetrate it with her fingers, wiggling them to add excitement to the situation. Instantly his cock grew very rigid and the veins on it raked delightfully on the walls of her throat.

Only seconds had passed since Trudy had penetrated his asshole when his cock stood at attention and pulsed. Trudy knew what was next. She pulled away and jacked his throbbing tool. Trudy twisted and squeezed it around its purple head. To Trudy it seemed like an eternity before the second pulse. At the end of the second pulse, his wad of cum was just beginning to ooze from the end of his huge cock. Its white beauty was just poised there, waiting to be lunged her way. Trudy pulled far away and then zoomed in for a quick wet suck on the ample head of his cock. The third pulse came just as the head exited her pink lips, making the cock jump wildly and hit her nose. Trudy pulled away as fast as she could, to savor the view of his cum in flight. Still, seemingly in slow motion, Trudy saw his come begin to leave the hole in the end of his cock. A never-ending string of white cum ejected from his cock. It strung for a foot or more before landing on her waiting face. The slippery cum was hot and satisfying. A fourth pulse sent a huge wad into her opened mouth. A fifth and sixth pulse also painted her face and hair. A few faint pulses ended the glorious cum carnival. Trudy then rubbed his cum all over her face with his still rigid cock, then lovingly licked it clean.

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