tagInterracial LoveTrue Blue Ch. 2

True Blue Ch. 2


Pardon me for not writing sooner, but a lot has been going on. To begin with let me give you a brief update, then I will describe what has most recently happened.

After Leesa's first encounter with Wily, her new black massage client I was eager to hear what she would tell Rocky. I was surprised she told him she had given her first black customer a massage. I was encouraged when she had failed to tell her husband she had seen Willy's huge black cock. Apparently she had related pretty much all of what had gone on except the parts where Willy was walking around with his black cock bouncing off his thighs. She had not mentioned how much Willy had paid for his first massage either.

I passed all this on to Willy plus I told him about the 2 way mirror. He freaked out at first but then he got a kick out of it. As I mentioned, both he and I were sick of hearing Rocky brag about his hot assed wife and how she would only be satisfied with a person like him.

I took two more sessions with Willy naked on the table and Rocky and I glued to the other side of the mirror before anything got out of control. Rocky would keep his nose pressed to the mirror and I would focus and zoom in on certain moves with my video camera. I was costing me some bucks, but I was getting off on it. I knew Willy was and although he never said anything, I suspect Rocky was a little excited as well.

Willy had managed to get Leesa to relax a little on the sheet covering technique and on more than one occasion his large black cock had become exposed during the massage. Leesa would generally cover it quickly with the sheet, but she was getting slower and slower at accomplishing that. I also noticed her eyes would immediately drop to Willy's cock every time it fell from under the sheet. Normally when he was rolling over or moving. He persisted in walking out naked from the changing room every time and finally Leesa had thrown her arms up in resignation.

Each session Willy would pay her the huge tip and reschedule for the next week. Like I said, this was running me some bucks to keep Willy in there. I would chide Rocky and ask if he was still sure his wife would stay true blue. He was just as cocky at first, but lately I thought I had noticed him weakening. As for Leesa not telling him she had seen Willy naked, he simply glossed over that and said he was certain she was embarrassed by it and he was certain that is why she had not mentioned it.

I think it was session number four when after Willy had walked out of the changing room with the sheet draped over his arm he asked, "why don't ya ever massage my whole body Leesa?"

"What do you mean, I do massage your whole body" Leesa replied. Willy nodded his head toward his cock and said, "you never massage this." Leesa's eyes immediately dropped to Willy's long black cock dangling between his thighs. I could see Leesa turn bright red. Rocky was practically flattened against the mirror.

"I am a professional massage therapist, and we do not massage that area of the body, it simply is not done," she responded emphatically. "Why not," Willy asked. "There is nothing therapeutic about massaging that area of the body, it would simply be a sexual thing. We do not engage in those kind of acts" Leesa said as she nodded toward the table indicating she wanted Willy to get up on it. "Well it would sure help me I know that fer sure. Sometimes I get real tied up inside and that always helps me relax. Isn't that what you helping me overcome." Willy's attempts seemed to be falling on deaf ears.

Willy was sitting on the edge of the table with his fat belly protruding and his legs spread apart and his long black cock was hanging over the edge between his spread legs. "I just know that I would really like ta feel really really relaxed, and if you would just rub this a little that would sure help me out." As Willy spoke he reached down and picked his cock up and was cradling it in his hand. Even when he had it cradled in his hand it hung down from the end of his hand a good 5 to 6 inches. Leesa was standing there dressed in her lightweight work out suit with her hot ass molded perfectly into it. She was staring in what looked like a state of disbelief this was happening to her. She was speechless for some time. She looked at Willy then back to his cock as he began shaking it up and down a little. I thought maybe Willy was trying to hypnotize her with it as it bounced up and down from his jostling it.

I knew full well that had Willy not been paying well over her asking price for her massage that she would have told him to leave this instant. I just sensed that would have been the case. I also sensed what I perceived as a smidgeon of weakening in Leesa's fortitude. Finally she spoke. "It would not be right for me to do that."

"That is the best you can come up with," I thought to myself. Rocky was like a zombie in a trance watching his wife not more than 5 feet away on the other side of the mirror staring at a huge black cock being bounced before her as Willy was giving it his best shot to get her to at least give him a hand job.

"Come on, lets begin, I have other customers scheduled after you" Leesa said. Rocky laid back and Leesa instructed him to roll over. He rolled over and asked, "could we at least do it without the sheet today, it's awful hot and I don't need no sheet over me." When Leesa gave in to that request I got a hard on. I thought I might have a chance to win this bet. I am not sure what gave me the hard on, the possibility of winning the bet, or the thought of watching Leesa jacking off Willy's horse cock. I suspect it was the latter.

Leesa gave Willy a workover rubbing his whole back side as well as his black ass (she had finally worked herself up to the point she could touch it.) and the backs of his thighs I knew this had to be affecting her with her hands that close to his cock. When she stood at the foot of the table and rubbed his legs upwardly I knew she was getting an eyeful of Willy's cock aiming back at her as well as his huge balls.

When she had him roll over she reached for the sheet and I was happy Willy was able to plead with her and get her to forego the sheet while she did his front side. She worked her way all around his body until he was glistening from her oils. I noticed his cock had grown even longer during this process and I knew Leesa had noticed it too. Rocky had also noticed it and I could see him fidgiting around in his chair. I thought I caught a glimpse of a hardon on Rocky too, but could not be sure. Leesa had stayed well away from Willy's black cock, but she had looked at it regularly when she knew Willy was not watching her.

I was beginning to worry because Willy's time was nearly up and so far Leesa had certainly gotten her eyes full of Willy's black cock, but not her hands. Finally Willy spoke again, "sure would be loven it if ya would just rub this a little." He reached down again and pulled his cock up toward him and was again shaking it from side to side. "I just don't do that Willy," Leesa finally responded. I noticed she was blushing again. Or was it the heat she was feeling? Either way, Leesa was beet red. "Pleeeease, pretty pleeeeeease just a little." Willy implored. Leesa was standing on the other side of the table facing me and Rocky on the other side of the mirror. She was definitely weakening. She stood and stared down at Willy's long black cock. Willy knew she was weakening too because his cock began to grow again. It was visibly getting longer and harder at the anticipation of Leesa reaching over and closing her lovely hand around it.

"Will you stop bothering me about it if I do it just a little" Leesa asked in an overly tentative voice. "Oh ya, I promise I will be real quiet and I know I will feel a whole lot better too." Willy quickly responded. I had the camera focused and was ready to zoom in for the money shot. I noticed movement beside me and then I heard Leesa's cell phone ring. She carries her phone on one of those clippy things on her hip. Before she did anything, and after she jumped at the first ring nearly startling her to death, she snatched the phone from her hip and answered. It was then I noticed Rocky had grabbed the phone and was calling her. "That asshole" I thought to myself. I knew this could be trouble if he was successful in snapping Leesa out of it Willy and I may never get another chance like this.

"Hi honey" Rocky spoke into the phone. "Oh hi, is everything OK," Leesa asked? "Ahhh, well sure I a just wanted to call you and ahhh," Rocky stuttered his words realizing he should have come up with a reason to call before he actually called. "Where are you" Leesa asked? "Oh, well ahhh I am at the store and I was calling to ask if there was anything you needed. I thought while I was here I would check with ya and save myself from having make another trip." Rocky quickly replied.

As Leesa talked with her husband on the phone, Willy reached over and took her hand and pulled it toward his cock. Leesa was pulling her hand back and making gestures with her face and head and anything else she could gesture with, for Willy to stop it. "Just a minute honey," Leesa spoke into the phone. She cupped the mouthpiece and leaned toward Willy. "Will you stop it, I am talking to my husband on the phone" she said through gritted teeth. "Oh, I had to wipe my hands off dear I am with a customer right now." Leesa said. As soon as she spoke on the phone again, Willy again grabbed her hand and this time he succeeded in getting it over to his cock. Leesa drew a deep breath and in a rejected kind of way while giving him a angry look, she let Willy hold it on top of his rapidly hardening cock.

"I did not mean to interrupt you with a client, I thought you would be done by now" Rocky was speaking rapidly as he watched his wifes hand being drawn toward Willy's black cock and being placed on top of it. Willy started moving Leesa's hand up and down on top of his cock.

"Well, I am just about finished with the client right now dear." As Leesa spoke she was still trying to pull her hand back and at the same time her eyes were getting bigger as Willy's cock continued to grow under her hand. Finally as if she thought she could really finish up with Willy if she just got it over with, I zoomed in to catch Leesa close her hand around as much of Willy's cock as she could. Then in almost the same motion she began moving her hand up and down on his cock without any prompting from Willy. Soon she was rapidly pumping on his cock. "Well you never answered me if you needed anything from the store, I mean after all, I am here and like I said I did not want to have to make another trip." Rocky was speaking almost as fast as Leesa's hand was pumping on Willy's cock. "Oh, ahh well, ahhhhhh I don't know that I can think of anything right now ahhhhhh," Leesa stammered. Rocky was trying everything he could think of to get Leesa to stop or do something, anything.

I chuckled to myself because his little plan had backfired on him. Leesa may have not gone through with it although it looked like she was going to. But you never know. When the phone rang, and it was him on the other end, this was all the cover Willy needed to make his move. He knew she could not make too much of a fuss while she was on the phone.

Willy had laid back and no longer needing to keep Leesa's hand on his cock he had clapsed both his hand behind his head as he looked down at lovely Leesa jacking for all she was worth on his enormous black cock. All the while she held the phone to her ear as she talked to her husband trying to think of anything she needed at the store. Rocky was beside himself. It was as if he felt if he could get her to think about items from the store she would realize what she was doing with Willy's horse cock.

"I thought you mentioned we need luncheon meat or something" Rocky quickly spoke. "Ahhhh, well now I am not sure ahhhh," Leesa seemed to be at a loss of how to end the conversation with her husband, since her main focus seemed to be on Willy's cock. By now, Leesa was pumping Willy's cock straight up and down and he was spurting pre-cum all over. Leesa's hand glistened far more from Willy's pre-cum than from the oil she had been using when she was massageing him earlier.

I know Willy's cock was a good 10 to 12 inches long. Leesa's hand did not reach all the way around his cock but with her good grip from all the massages she has given she seemed to be coping rather well at holding on to it. With the height of the table and the length of Willy's cock it put the tip of his cock not too far away from Leesa's face. I began to wonder how far Willy would push this, or if he would push anything, like Leesa's head toward his cock. Willy would not have to push her far. On her upstrokes her hand was at the upper part of Leesa's small tits. And there was the head of Willy's black cock that made it even closer.

"How are we fixed for toilet paper," Rocky practically screamed into the phone. I worried Leesa would hear Rocky in the next room. I needn't have worried. Her mind was on other things. "We have enough," was Leesa's reply. Rocky began rattling off a grocery list of "how are we fixed for's" and Leesa dutifully replied to each selection.

Willy was getting close.I could see him begin to raise his ass off the table as Leesa kept pumping. His raising up like that made his cock closer still to her face. Leesa's eyes were the size of saucers and her hand was dripping with pre-cum. Willy cautiously reached up and gently laid his hand at the back of Leesa's head. Ever so slowly he began nudging her forward. I really don't think she realized what he was doing at first. By now, Rocky was working his way through the vegetable section of the grocery store list and Leesa was answering each inquirey with a "no" or a "nope." I was zooming in from time to time, and my cock was practically bursting through my pants.

The closer Leesa got to Willy's cock the wider her eyes got. He had worked her mouth to where his cock was only a couple of inches from the head of it. I could clearly see the stream of clear pre-cum pouring from the end of Willy's black cock. I was surprised Rocky did not think to ask Leesa what that smacking noise was in the backgound. With all the pre-cum pouring from Willy's cock, her hand was making that squishy smacking noise on each stroke. Every guy knows that sound. But Rocky was by now over to the cheese section working his way through those selections.

Then Willy's big black cock jerked and he shot a blast of cum right toward Leesa's mouth. Most of it went in and a large glob of it bounced off her upper lip and up the side of her cheek. When this happened, Rocky went silent in complete shock. When he went silent, Willy pulled Leesa forward and drove his cock into her mouth as far as he could. Leesa held on to the base of Willy's cock like she was trying to pull it back out of her mouth. She could not use her other hand to push him back because she was still clutching the phone. Willy's hip were jerking upward and he was pulling Leesa's head down on his cock. I could hear Leesa gagging through the wall as Willy pumped her mouth full of his cum. She began gulping the cum down. There was not much else she could do with it. He continued to pull her head farther down and jerk his hips farther up as pulse after pulse of cum shot into her mouth. Or by now it had to be shooting directly into her throat. I would swear he had the head and perhaps more buried in her throat. I could only see about 5 or maybe 6 inches of his glistening black cock outside of Leesa's mouth. That ment the rest had to be inside her mouth and partially down her throat.

This went on for what seemed like an eternity. Rocky was staring dumbfounded through the 2 way mirror with his mouth hanging wide open. I could see Leesa swallowing for all she was worth. Finally Willy eased his grip on the back of her head. He had changed his gentle hold on the back of her head for a full fledged grip when he was pushing his cock into her throat. Now that he had emptied his balls into her mouth he relaxed his grip and she began pulling her head up. I could swear I heard a pop when Willy's cock popped out of her throat. She staggered backwards from the table and kind of slumped in a chair. She was gasping for breath and began coughing. I zoomed in on her pretty face to show the ribbon of cum that went from just below her eye down across her cheek to her upper lip.

As she sat there, regaining herself she unconsciencely licked the cum off her upper lip. I got that on video. Then in a shock like she realized her husband was still on the phone, she quickly brought the phone to her mouth. She had let her arm drop to her side through this ordeal and had completely forgotten about Rocky on the other end. Seeing this, Rocky quickly brought the phone back to his mouth as well. He too had been dropped the receiver to his side. In utter shock at seeing his true blue wife ingest a gallon of cum from a huge black cock no doubt.

"Ahhh, where did you go, what happened," Rocky quickly asked? "I dropped the phone, ahhh, I told you I had a client I was finishing up with and the oil on my hands, well it was slippery and ahhh," Leesa said as she was trying to regain her breath. "Are you OK," Rocky asked? "Ya, I am fine, ahhh I am just tired, thats all it has been a long day." Leesa said. Rocky assured Leesa he would be home soon and he hung up.

Willy had raised up and had been watching Leesa finish up the conversation on the phone with her husband. His long black cock now dangling lifelessly over the edge of the table. When she clipped the phone back on her pants, he jumped down from the table facing her with his drained cock swinging from side to side. "Now THAT was a massage" he said as he sauntered past her to put his clothes back on.

Leesa continued to sit sprawled out in the chair. She was still huffing and puffing when he came out of the dressing room. "See ya next week" he said as he laid the usual payment on the desk. About all Leesa could manage to do was feebly wave her hand as Willy left.

I folded up my tripod and put my video camera in its bag and patted Rocky on the back as I walked by him. He was still sitting in the chair. I whispered that we could settle up later and that I too would see him next week. And I left.

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