tagFetishTrue Confessions

True Confessions

bySean Renaud©

"You wananother drink while I'm up?" Karen asked. She was wearing a transparent red nightie with faux feather trim. Her red thong was partially riding up between her legs forcing her to adjust it as she walked. Red was a good color for the tan fleshed woman. Even though she was in her own house and it made more sense to be barefoot she was wearing a pair of fuzzy red heels.

Nikki rolled onto her back staring up at the ceiling. The girls had the lights dimmed so the glow in-the-dark stars could be seen. "Is this thing actually accurate?" Nikki asked. She was about the same shade of cinnamon brown that Karen was but she was probably fifty pounds lighter. She was topless. Only a pair of black boy shorts covered her most intimate parts, the rest of her was bared for the world to see. "And I'll take a beer."

"Yes it's accurate. It's the summer sky in the northern hemisphere. All the constellations. Anybody else want anything?" Karen answered.

"You are such a fucking nerd. It's a miracle you ever got laid." A lightly bronzed blonde said. She had a perfect hourglass figure that could easily have gotten her a job as a model. Being a model was way too much work for her though. It meant she had to drive places and be on time. It was easier just to keep a collection of sugar daddies around to pay her bills and take her out for dinner. All she had to do for that was smile. Her white bra and panties combination came complete with garters that came up to her thighs. "A margarita would be nice." She added at the end.

"I am good." Kelly replied. The Asian had straight black hair that ended half way down her back which was farther than her cut off blue tee shirt went. That only went halfway down her smallish breasts. Kelly sat up and crossed her legs running her fingers along the band of her bubblegum pink thong.

"One of those Smirnoffs if we've got any left." Christie was standing the corner looking at her own reflection in the mirror. The cream skinned Latina had a pair of yellow trimmed black panties on. The top half of her outfit was a spaghetti strap shirt at least a size too small. It was black with the Batman logo stretched across her impressive cleavage.

"Ok I'll be back in a minute." Karen said and then walked out of the bedroom where the girls were all gathered. The trashcan was half filled with beer cans and bottles was tucked in the corner of the room.

"So what are going to do next?" Nikki asked as soon as Karen reentered the room and started distributing drinks. "We've already finished modeling all our new lingerie."

"I think it's time for true confessions." Jessica said almost sneering the words out.

"What is true confession?" Kelly asked turning towards the blond.

"We each take turns talking about what was the nastiest thing we ever let a man do to us. The winner is the one who tells the nastiest story." Jessica answered. "I'll start."

"Wait wait. Nasty as in slutty or nasty as in gross?" Karen asked. She sat down on the corner of the bed.

"Whatever blows your skirt up hon." Nikki answered then walked over to the door and shut it. "Okay well my story is about my second boyfriend, you know the sailor?" She got a couple grunts of recognition. "Well I didn't know this at the time but the reason he'd joined the Navy was to get out of some criminal charges. He was a gambler-"

"I know sailors are all fags but he wasn't ugly enough to qualify as you doing something nasty." Jessica interrupted and all the girls laughed in response.

"Shut up. I'm telling the story and you have to know a bit about him or else you'll just think I'm a slut." Nikki said.

"You are a slut though. We all are." Karen laughed and sipped at her tequila. "Least I am."

"Anyway. When he came home he got back in with his old crew and got in a bit of trouble about six grand worth of trouble. Not only were they threatening to hurt him but they were also going to press charged against him, since he was in the military it would have basically gotten him fired and a dishonorable discharge looks real bad. He would never have gotten another job and I was gonna marry that man. So it was up to me to get him out of trouble."

"So did you volunteer or did he make you do it?" Jessica asked.

"A little of both. He didn't ask me if that's what you mean. He just called me crying and explained what was happening. I had to help him. So I went to his meeting instead of him. It was this old abandoned warehouse down off Fourth and Main. There were like twelve of them cus they were supposed to beat the shit out of him." Nikki explained. "Well when I got there I told them that I was there and I would do whatever it took to get him out of trouble cus I loved him. You know how in all the porn movies and trashy stories the gang members think that some pussy is worth six thousand dollars and that it's no big deal to loose that money if they get to fuck you. In real life it's not quite like that. Turns out my pussy isn't worth six grand. They took me out to Luther Street and put my ass to work as a prostitute."

"No you fucking didn't. Stop lying." Karen sneered.

"I kid you not. I almost got arrested. Anyway most of the guys were just lonely pathetic guys. They mostly wanted blow jobs, a few wanted to fuck. There was one guy though who I'll never forget. He was the ugliest mother fucker I've ever seen. When he was a little kid he reached up on the stove and spilled a pan of burning grease on his face. You know who he looks like? He looks like what Two Face would look like if he was real, it's almost exactly down the center of his face. Well I guess when you're that ugly on the outside eventually it just leaks into your soul. He was a fucking freak." Nikki's hips squirmed slightly as the memory started to play back in her head.

"Well don't stop, we wanna know what happened!" Jessica squealed.

"I know I know I'm getting to it. He took me in this back alley, just tossed me down on a pile of trash and pulled his pants down. I thought he wanted me to give him a blow job. And he did, but that wasn't where he wanted me to start. He made me start by giving him a rim job. He slammed my head back against the brick wall and basically pinned me with his ass. I had to pry his ass cheeks open just to breath and then he made me lick it. I don't think that man had showered yet and he certainly didn't shave. I can't begin to tell you how nasty it is to get ass hairs stuck on your tongue. He wouldn't let me stop until I'd cleaned his colon with my tongue. I didn't have a choice so I went to work jamming my tongue in his ass. Then I gave him a reach around. When he felt like I'd done a good enough job he let me blow him. I never thought I'd be happy to let a man spit in my mouth but at least it helped wash the taste of his ass out of mouth. He pushed me down face down in the trash. There was something rotten in there too and he fucked me in the ass. Fortunately he wasn't too big so it didn't hurt much. It was more that I was getting muck on me than anything else at that point. Well he dumps his cum in my ass and I think I'm done right?"

"What he do to you?" Kelly asked.

"He reached into the garbage and found a half eaten sandwich and told me I needed to shit out his cum onto it. I knew he was some kind of freak but I did it anyway you know? I mean the worst part was done, it had to be. Well it wasn't. He told me to eat it."

"No way. Gross." Karen gasped. "You know I loved Kris but if it came down to me eating dumpster cum sandwiches or him sleeping with the fish. Motherfucker best say hi to Flipper for me is all I'm sayin."

"I didn't love that boy that much either. I tried to run. The guy tackles me though zip ties me to the fucking fire escape and beats me with a wire hanger until I beg him to feed me the sandwich." Nikki walked over to the bed and turned around point to her shoulder where a triangle of flesh is lighter than the rest. "I still have a few scars from it. Trust me bologna and cum is not a good flavor." It took me three weeks to earn the money for that man. "So who's next."

"I go next." Kelly volunteered. "This is story from when I young and still lived in Vietnam with uncle and brothers. Aunt had was taken by police and I was only woman in house. Uncle and brothers use me as sex slave. They take turns trying to hurt me. Uncle decides to treat me like dog. Made me wear dog collar and stay on leash. Even go to bathroom outside and he clean with hose. Then one day he tie me down with legs spread and let entire village use. When day stop so much cum in ass and pussy they fill plate!"

"Wow. I guess that makes it my turn to tell a story of degradation." Jessica said standing up and smiling. "Well it would be humiliating for any of you. Me I loved it, every single second. Hell if I got the chance to do it again I would. See it was about five years ago so I was just turning twenty one and I was a little older than the rest of my friends so I was the one going out on liquor runs. It was just me and a bunch of guys, three of them were brothers anyway they were at Mike's house cus his parents were out of town and we got fucking thrashed. I man like epic fucking trashed."

"You're always epic trashed Jessica." Nikki teased slapping the white girl on her thigh.

"I'm not epic trashed right now." Jessica retorted.

"Not yet." Nikki teased pointing to the trashcan filled with bottles. "But you're working on it."

"Yes I am. It makes it easier to look at your ugly ass." Jessica stuck her tongue out. "Now how bout we let me finish. I was already a fucking slut, I mean most of the guys there had already had me. Well one thing started leading to another, kissing petting before I know what's going on all the guys are running a train on me. It must have been about three hours of just cock."

"So what else is new don't you do that every Friday?" Karen asked.

"Actually it's the first and third Friday of every month. Thing is I was a slut back then but not that kind of slut. I wasn't a gangbang girl back then so after you know the third guy pounding away at my pussy I was starting to get sore but they wanted to keep at it either that or I need to show them something they had never seen before. So they the guys got the idea that they wanted to piss in a beer bottle and then pour it in my ass. Boys right?" Jessica shrugged as if this was something at most omen went through at least once. "Well they did."

"No fucking way." Karen gasped.

"Yes fucking way. I let six boys piss in a beer bottle then shove in my ass and pour it into my shithole. It took a bottle and a half before they couldn't any more in me. Then they made me waddle to the bathroom and squat in the bathtub so they could all watch their piss come back out of me." Jessica grinned. It was special smile that only she was really capable of. She wasn't ashamed of what she'd done. Something in Jessica was getting excited just remembering that night. "That leaves you Karen what have you done?"

"You remember my first boyfriend and fiancée. Kris? The Marine?" The girls one by one nodded that they remembered him. "Yeah well he his favorite game was to make me drink piss and vodka." There were several grunts and groans. "Yeah yeah you think it's not that big a deal because I didn't eat a rotten cum sandwich or get a piss enema. What he did didn't just happen to me. When we had our coming out party, when we first started telling people we were engaged. He served piss and vodka to everybody without anybody but me knowing. I mean everybody. His parents, my parents his older sister. Everybody who was of drinking age." Karen watched as Nikki's fast twisted in disgust. "Yeah you were there that night too."

"Gross." She whispered. "I had a couple that night."

"You had three."

"You know I remember thinking there was something different about theme." Nikki commented trying to remember the flavor. "How bout you mix us up some. I think I win as far as nastiest story but this will be something we can share." She turned to Jessica.

"I'm down if Kelly is." Jessica said smiling.

"I will do this." Kelly answered looking to Karen who had just finished her drink.

"You all are serious?" Karen asked looking around at the other three girls at her lingerie party.


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