tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTrue Confessions Heard by a Priest Ch. 04

True Confessions Heard by a Priest Ch. 04


As I have sat here and typed many of the tales from my days hearing stories of erotic tales in the confessional and inside my own office I have found myself drawn into a tale more so than I had ever experienced before. One day not too long ago, typing another installment for my readers I watched as two young girls walked into my office. I do admit that I have on occasion watched television but these, as it is one of the few real enjoyments I've had. I knew immediately that I had seen these young beauties before but it wouldn't come to me right then who they were.

"Father, we are on a little road trip and yet we need to find a place for confession you see we've been driving on our way to college and stopped off a few times and each time something less than pure has happened," the cute one with curls said.

"Well to be honest father, we are a bit famous and it seems we attract all the wrong kind of attention. Please allow us to confess before we travel any farther today," the twin said to me.

"Ladies, this is highly unusual but since I have a relatively good idea who you both are I won't force you to go out and into the confessional and since you seem to have been together through this whole ordeal and probably shared your sins equally I'll allow a joint confession here, just let me lock the door so we aren't disturbed."

Standing up I went to lock the door glancing behind me and seeing the two petite young girls holding hands and smiling to each other. I knew that this was going to be a hefty confession but I supposed that I would be able to stand the torture of hearing their sins. If they were famous there was no telling how disturbed their confession could be, I had heard stories of young stars before when they got out on their own, the wild tales of sex, drugs and mischief, I could only hope that this one might be as interesting as it had the prospects of being.

"All right ladies, I am prepared to hear your confession," I said as I sat down behind my mahogany desk, anticipating a lewd tale.

"Father we don't even know where to begin but I should suppose it should be with our birthday recently. You see we just turned eighteen and there are several radio shows and TV personalities that were primed for our birthday, not to mention magazines and adults that would love certain abilities now that we were legal young women."

"Yes," her sister chimed in, "you see we have grown up in the public eye and now it appears since we've turned legal age of consent the men and boys are going wild and while we used to hate the thought of what all this would entail we recently decided to embrace it and enjoy it to the fullest. I mean who wouldn't want to allow themselves to enjoy certain carnal pleasures that everyone has suggested for the past few years."

"Father, what Mary-Kate means is that in all this time we have had each other but never another man, woman or group. Our first kiss was experimental with each other and of course we had figured out that our bodies and the thought of twins would be interesting to men, and perhaps some women but we had no idea how significant our bodies would be later. So as we started out on this journey Mary-Kate and I decided to have no holds barred and experiment to the fullest."

I noticed then that the girls were exchanging smiles and watching me carefully, I would be a liar if I said that I hadn't looked online at these two in hopes that they would follow one of two paths as they had their birthday that made them legal for fornication. I had hoped that they would first follow the righteous path and not be lead into temptation, as I have wished for all young people of the world and inside my own congregation. But also I wished that they would pose for that magazine for men's entertainment called "Playboy" and/or make one of those naughty videos as that silly Hilton wench had. But now as I sat here with them across from me inside my locked office I began to let my mind wander. If they were indeed displaying there needs for sexual pleasure and experimenting to the fullest, I wasn't sure if at this point I could hold out. I had slipped a few times during my years as a priest a few of which you have read about by now I'm sure. But also as a man, who could turn these two down if the opportunity arose. Not I, I thought as I sat there starting to hope that they would make comments or show a bit more skin as so many others had trying to entice a man of the cloth.

"Ashley and I have played with many others over the last few weeks father, we have been in many combinations of trysts and that is what brought us here today. You see we feel a bit dirty and need cleansing, our bodies are great but our minds and souls need a good scrubbing and we figured that coming to confess our sins would help purify us before we head back out onto that open road and drive toward college. We may leave here and never have wild sex again and settle down or we could go back to the way we were before we entered your little town and church today."

"So let me get this straight you need to tell me of all your sins so that you can either stay on the path of the straight and narrow or be clean to add up a few more sins before you head to college and try again to find that path."

"Exactly father," they chimed in together and began to giggle.

"Well, while I cannot condone you leaving here to be lewd and carnal, I can help absolve your past indiscretions."

"Thank you father," Ashley said, "I know that this won't be easy but I'm going to tell you what has happened briefly so far. You see the first town we stopped in was not actually a stop but a destination, we had always wanted to go back to Hawaii and visit since we were little and now we were old and rich enough to go spend a week or so on the beach. We met a nice older man who was in his late twenties that was just relaxing on the beach one day. He approached us as many others had with a pen and paper and a coy smile. He explained he was sorry for the intrusion but that he would love to get an autograph and then leave us alone to tan."

"Well father," Mary-Kate joined in taking over the telling of the story, "he actually stayed and talked with us for a while asking us about our vacation and telling us that he had a party that he was holding that night with his wife but he would love for us to drop in. He did assure us that the guests would not fawn over us and we could have a little fun, but the last thing he said stopped us dead in our tracks, he said that there would be no drinking and driving and that unless we had a chauffer we would be required to surrender our keys at the door if we would be drinking."

"So father," Ashley once again took over, "we talked about it as he left and decided it might be fun to cut loose and if he was certain we wouldn't be disturbed more than usual and no one would be taking pictures of us drinking or playing around it would be nice. We headed back to our hotel and showered quickly and dressed for our outing. Once we got to the man's house we surrendered our keys and grabbed a few drinks, now neither of us drink much but with our tiny frames a drink or two puts us on our asses father. So as we drank and flittered to the small group of people who didn't overwhelm us by the way, they acted as if we were just friends of the host not celebrities for a change we decided to have a little more fun."

"Oh and what fun we had father," Mary-Kate said, taking over, "the group was largely men and being a bit tipsy already we decided to see how they would react to every man's fantasy of seeing us together in a few innocent poses and kisses. Father the way they leered and whooped and even took pictures it was such a turn on for us both. We hadn't known any of them for that long but now it seemed as if they were old friends and we were just playing to the crowd. The men eventually tried to get us to pair off with a few of them but more than light touching and kissing we refused. That is when things got really interesting the man who was throwing the party invited us into the rear bedroom area and his wife joined us as the rest of the group called taxis. It was not planned we don't think just a spontaneous act of lust."

"Father," Ashley whispered, "the man's wife was beautiful on her own and when she shut the door behind her and nudged us toward their large bed we went willingly, Mary-Kate began to kiss me like she had when we had been alone playing before and her body caressed mine. Suddenly I felt a small pair of hands on my hips sliding my skirt and panties down as I writhed over Mary-Kate. While normally I would have protested slightly the woman then placed a kiss on my tight little ass cheeks as they became exposed and as soon as my panties had slipped down to mid-thigh I felt her tongue run up my wet pussy from behind as her fingers spread me open."

"Ladies, we don't have to continue if this makes you feel uneasy," I said as I watched them squirm.

"No father, it isn't uncomfortable talk about, only that it makes us both horny to think about, doesn't it sweetie?" Mary-Kate said to both Ashley and I.

"Yes, Mary-Kate," Ashley cooed as she leaned over and kissed her sister and reached out to tease her nipple through the opening in the top of her sister's blouse, "do continue babydoll."

"Mmm, it's so hard to continue when you tease me though but I'll try," Mary-Kate said as she leaned into her sister's hand. "So father, we let nature take it's course, the wife began to tongue Ashley as her husband leaned over and kissed us both and reached down and began to undo our blouses. He was so gentle and taking his time that neither of us protested, we just wanted to see where this would go. He whispered to us between kisses and fondling that at anytime we could say no and they would stop and let us go to the guest bedroom. That was more than enough to make us feel safe and it just made us want them even more. Neither of us were strangers to female touching but this woman was incredible, imagine when we finished that night and she told us that it was her first time with another woman let alone two women."

I watched as Mary-Kate continued to struggle as her sister slipped her hand under her skirt and pulled her panties to the side, Ashley slid out of her chair and knelt before her sister and then began to run her tongue over the girl's slit as I watched in horny agony.

"Father I'm going to tell you the rest as fast as possible because my sister here is driving me wild," Mary-Kate said through glazed eyes. "Ashley eventually rolled off of me that evening and when she did the woman began to attack her pussy with renewed lust as her husband began to remove my panties and ripped off my blouse and bra and tossed them aside as he worked to get off my remaining garments. Soon I was laying there buck naked next to my sister as the man and woman tongue fucked the both of us as Ash is doing to me now. Soon enough the man slipped his hard cock into my hand and I began to stroke him with interest as I kissed Ash. Their fingers and tongues worked us both into a frenzy before he finally mounted me and began to slide the head of his cock against my tight virgin pussy. Father I grabbed Ash's head and pulled her lips to mine as I reached down and grabbed his tight ass and pulled him to me. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer begging him to make me a woman and fuck me for the first time."

Now it was my turn to watch again as Ashley slid from between her sisters legs leaving her bare cunt open to view as she helped her sister up and then sat down in her chair. The next thing I knew Mary-Kate had her back to me with her skirt thrown up over her cute ass and her pussy was exposed from my angle as her head disappeared between her sister's legs.

"Ladies this is hardly appropriate," I told them almost outraged that they would seek absolution and then eat each other out inside my office while confessing. But not nearly enough to be forceful with my statement to make them stop.

"Father please let me finish the story for my sister," Ashley began, "So I watched as the man took my sister's virginity and hoped I would be next but I was nervous as I watched his big cock slide in and out of her tight little pussy that had known nothing more than my fingers and tongue or her own fingers thus far in our lives. The man began to pump wildly into her and she suddenly begged him not to cum inside her but on us. He quickly complied and pulling out he stood over us and stroked his cock as it glistened with Mary-Kate's juices. As he came I began to lick the cum from her body never thinking it was disgusting as she began to slide over me and return the favor. Suddenly the wife began to join her and she went down on Mary-Kate and began to lick her pussy as the husband slid over me. Now father this is were our tale takes a twisted turn. The thought of losing my virginity was driving me crazy but I hadn't conquered that fear as my sister had. Oh god MK that pussy licking you are doing is so good please don't stop," she begged her sister.

"So father, wow this is great, I offered him my tiny puckered hole instead still fearful but wanting to try something that Mary-Kate hadn't yet. The man got a tube of lube from his bathroom and began to kiss and lick my ass and tight little hole as he slipped a lube-covered finger around the hole. Finally I relaxed enough to let him in and as he began to work on my ass with his fingers I felt that pierced tongue of his slide up and down over my clit. Oh father it was amazing but nothing like when he slid the head of his cock against that tiny opening and nearly split me in half. Yes, that 's right father I let this complete stranger butt fuck me after he had fucked my sister."

"Ladies I don't think I can take much more let me give you your penance and you can take your leave from here before someone decides to walk in here and sees this."

"Father," Ashley said with a smile, "don't you think that my sister need a proper spanking for being so bad, can't that be part of her penance. To feel you spank her and let the holy hand of god do his bidding through you?"

"No ladies I can't do that," I said almost too quickly. I watched as Mary-Kate pulled her skirt down over her hips and pushed her panties along with them.

"Or perhaps father you want to know something else that would entice you even more," Ashley said again with a wry smile, "That night and every time since then we've been with someone or others, no one has fucked my virgin pussy," she said as she spread her legs wide and pushed her sister away. "I've been waiting for the right man and considering you can't tell the world that you've fucked the Olsen twins you are a safe bet for us."

I stood up knowing that all was lost that I would leave the church for sure after today, but the temptation was to great, I had to know what that virgin hole and her sister were like. I slowly rounded my desk and pealed off my robe and knelt between the girl's widespread legs. Looking up into her eyes, I told her defiantly, "Besides little lady the valid point you made, to report this you would have to tell some one you let an old priest like me fuck you and your sister, think of the humiliation and tarnish it would cast to your nearly perfect personas."

"Shut up and fuck me father or eat me first I don't care I just need a hard cock soon inside me."

I began to lap at her pussy, taking long swipes up and down the length of her slit as I slipped two fingers inside her as far as they would go without breaking her hymen. Suddenly she squealed as I found her clit and g-spot at the same time. As she held my head between her tiny little legs I began to feel Mary-Kate's tongue lapping at my balls and twirling around my cock. She grabbed my hard tool and stroked it before pulling it down into her open mouth below me.

I didn't want to cum in her sister's mouth, at least not yet so I pulled away and grabbed the lithe Ashley and laid her back on my desk. As I opened her legs wide I slid between them as I stood behind my desk. I could see the pink insides peeking out of her aroused pussy as I rubbed her clit with the head of my cock. Much to my amazement Mary-Kate stepped over Ashley's face as it hung over the desk and she spread her sexy bald labia and allowed Ashley to probe it with her tongue and fingers. I looked at Mary-Kate who nodded her approval and pushed the head of my cock just inside her sister. At once I knew I was lost to the wicked lewd lusts of these two debutantes but I could have cared less at that moment all I really wanted was to sink my shaft in to the hilt and deflower this virgin twin before I pounded her sister as well. Nudging the head of my cock forward I felt Ashley's legs wrap around me and I began to thrust inside once and for all. I felt the membrane tear and give way as she moaned between her sister's thighs as she felt me take her.

"Good lord almighty," I moaned as her tight cunt surrounded my cock, "this is definitely worth losing the priesthood for."

"Ashley doesn't it feel good?" Mary-Kate asked, it was a rhetoric question I was sure but all the same her grunts and moans in reply made me pound her harder and faster as she adjusted to the cock inside her.

I slipped back and began to thrust forward once again, taking her to higher levels of enjoyment, I reached down and rubbed her clit as she lapped at her sister's pussy and I swear that right then it was enough to make me climax if I had not tried so hard to hold back.

"You know after you're done with that tight pussy of my beautiful sister, I still have one virgin hole that needs fucked as well you old stud," Mary-Kate cooed.

I held onto Ashley's hips and buried my cock to the hilt as I began to feel the cum rising in my shaft. I knew the orgasm was going to be an explosive on and after hearing them tell of the coupling with the wife and husband I knew that they wouldn't mind being exploded upon. I quickly pulled out as Ashley's tight quivering pussy began to leak copious amounts of juice as she came forcefully, stroking my shaft I watched amazed as Mary-Kate leaned over her sister and lapped at her clit in an incestuous 69. The first blast hit Ashley's clit and suddenly Mary-Kate grabbed my cock and pulled me close as she slipped three tiny fingers in her sister's wet pussy and began to suck my cock and drain me of my cum.

"Now my ass," she whispered as she continued to stroke my quickly regaining strength cock.

I watched as she bent over my desk and Ashley sat up legs still spread wide and needing a little more tongue fucking. I reached inside my desk for the lube I kept there for when I masturbated after a long day of listening to tales of erotic confession and began to lube up Mary-Kate's winking hole. Ashley surprised me as she leaned over her sister's back and began to rub the lube in with her fingers and suddenly she pushed her two little petite fingers inside Mary-Kate's tight back door. She was preparing her sister for me and I more than ready for a crack at her ass.

I let Ashley hold my cock as I heard a muffled cry from between her legs as Mary-Kate felt the hard cock head slip into her anal ring. It was one of the tightest wildest sensations I had ever felt as I stuffed my cock up inside the girl's tight asshole. It was utterly amazing as she moaned and I waited for her to relax and signal she was ready to get fucked good and hard in her ass. Much to my pleasure I soon felt her pushing her ass back against my cock forcing me into her even deeper. I held her hips and swatted her ass hard.

"You nasty little sluts should both spend the next three weeks saying Hail Mary's but I fear I would be right along side of you both right now. So much for the angelic look you always go for has been shot in my eyes at least now. I will no longer be able to see you on the television without seeing this picture in my mind, knowing that I took Ashley's virginity and then I buttfucked her tight assed sister as she got her pussy eaten."

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