tagIncest/TabooTrue Confessions True Confessions Heard by a Priest Ch. 03

True Confessions True Confessions Heard by a Priest Ch. 03


First I would like to thank you all for the encouragement and words you have shared with me as I reveal this story. A few have even given a few lewd tales to me themselves about their wanton lust for a priest. Please keep up the feedback and I will continue with the tale. Either way feedback or not these stories must be told as my time here is coming to an end.

I noticed that the women seemed to come in with their erotic confessions about every two weeks, sometimes of course they would come in for three straight weeks or even double up and have two come in during one weeks time. I nearly gave in a few times and left the cloth over some of these tales but I knew that I was helping them by allowing them to come and tell me their sins behind anonymity.

It was shortly after the young Kimberly came to visit me that I knew something was amiss in the little town I resided in. But I wouldn't discover the true meaning for nearly a year. Let me not get sidetracked though, the next tale is one of incest that I must say was one of the hardest for me to sit through and listen to.

The morning was starting to shape up beautifully and it was bearing down on warmer weather. The young women's skirts were getting shorter and the it never seemed to dawn on them that they were coming to confession not parade themselves in front of a man that could never touch them. I looked up from behind my desk one Saturday morning when Alacia walked in.

Let me tell you about Alacia, she was a little over five foot, not much if any at all, her hair was flowing curly locks of gold and her breast while not enormous were big for her frame. Her hips had a flare to them that for nearly five years had declared that this petite girl was ripe and on the verge of her womanhood. Little did I know the truth behind it. I had watched her grow up over the last half decade and she was now eighteen. Her eyes were hazel and yet so alluring that with a wink and smile I was sure she could convince any man to do her bidding.

"Father, I have come for a confession, I would prefer to do it in the privacy of your office since you already know for sure now that it would be me behind the confessional grate. Please father I beg of you to give me council and the ear of god to tell the tale to you right now and here before I lose my mind over my sins," Alacia began.

Normally under no circumstances would I even begin to fathom holding confession inside my office but the pleading eyes of this girl and the conviction with which she spoke made me give in and I offered her a chair as I stood up and went to close the door and lock it to my office.

"Would you like some water to drink young one," I asked her.

"Father put your respectability and adult thoughts behind you and pour me a good stiff drink of that scotch you have on your desk."

"Alacia, you know I can't do that it would be contributing to the delinquency of a minor as well as going against all that I believe."

She smiled up at me again and pleaded with those beautiful eyes of hers. I shrugged and took a glass from the counter and walked back dropping ice into the glass right before I poured her a small sampling of the spirits inside the bottle. "Thank you father, I really need something strong to have the courage to get started here."

As I handed the glass over with a little hesitation she took it in her hand and sucked down the entire contents and sat the glass back on my desk, I figured I might refill her glass but that wouldn't be until later, I didn't want her getting drunk while she was in my care.

"All right then my child let's start at the beginning, when was your last confession."

"Father please forgive me for I have sinned," she said as she knelt at my desk as if it were the alter inside the church, "it's been three months since my last confession and I have well...I have committed incest with a member of my family."

I watched and although I had expected a few tears I would have sworn that I saw a wicked smile, "Father it all started right on my eighteenth birthday which was exactly three months ago. My brother Patrick was home from university and he was out by the lake getting ready to go for a swim. He thought he was all alone as he pulled off his shorts and jumped into the water with no clothes on. I watched his muscular ass as he jumped off the side of the dock and into the water and was shocked when as he was flying through the air in his dive I could see the length of his manhood flopping beneath him."

"This alone is not bad my child we are all curious about the other sexes body parts and often gain an insight by catching siblings in various stages of undress."

"Father it didn't stop there, I watched him glide through the water and as he did I could see his muscles ripple with each breast stroke, I could suddenly feel myself getting damp between the legs. Now I will already confess right now I have touched myself many a night and masturbated to keep the sexual frustration at a minimum." She paused for a moment giving me a playful smile as she continued, "I reached down and began to rub my fingers over my wet little slit and watched my brother intently from behind a tree as he dried himself off. I watched with intense interest as he pull on his manhood a few time and then shocked as he lied back on the grass and began to stroke himself until he was hard."

"Alacia, you know that you shouldn't have been watching this or touching yourself as you saw him doing the same to himself." I said chastising her a bit.

" I know father but I couldn't help it. His hard penis was huge and throbbing as I rubbed my clit faster I watched his hand slide over his hard cock faster and faster and then I heard him groan and shoot a glob of cum all over his chest and belly. Oh god father it was so intense I immediately plunged three fingers inside my wet pussy and got myself off, not caring if he heard me and actually hoping he would and come to investigate."

"And did he my child, did Patrick hear you and come find you?" I asked nervously and almost with hope despite the fact that I should be feeling horror and revulsion at the thought.

"Yes, father he did and without my knowing it, you see I had my eyes closed and was rubbing myself growing near my orgasm he slipped up behind me and swatted my bottom," Alacia said with a look of lust on her face.

"Oh my, what did you do then child?"

"Father I gave a scream and spun around falling on my backside as my panties were slightly around my hips and I couldn't immediately right myself. I saw the look of hunger and passion in Patrick's eyes, as he stood there still naked with his cock throbbing with new life and his hands coming close to me. Father he didn't wait or pause for my reaction he reached down and tugged my shorts and panties off and ran his finger over the wet slit between my legs, at first I panted and struggled and tried to free myself but Patrick had settled himself so he was straddling my thighs and I could feel his large balls rubbing my leg as he started to finger me. Oh father it felt so good yet so wrong, I struggled to imagine what I should do when I felt myself involuntarily open my legs a bit wider for my brother."

"Young Alacia, I believe I have heard enough, this confession need not go any further," I began.

"No father, I must give my full confession and you will hear it or I will cry out rape right here and now, you know that you have given me alcohol and heard the nature of my sexual confession, just imagine me turning it on you. I've been in this office for nearly thirty minutes and that's more than long enough for you to have touched me and done the things I would say you did."

I gave a gasp, "Alacia, you know that you are trying to blackmail a priest into listening to your confession that in itself is enough to have you removed from my chambers but the thought of even having to sort out this issue with the authorities makes me cringe so I will allow you to continue, but you don't have to be as descriptive as you were."

Alacia smiled, "Oh father, I haven't even begun the descriptive part yet, now sit there and listen like a good priest while I give you my confession."

I sat back smiling to myself knowing that I wanted to hear every delicious detail no matter how taboo and intrusive she was going to get and I could feel that familiar throbbing beneath my robe, I took time to sit back in my chair and beneath the desk began to fondle my own tool as she weaved her confession to me in delicate details and wanton words.

"So father, there I was, laying on the ground with my legs spread enough to give my brother the access he wanted to my inner pink flesh, not fettered by panties or that nasty pubic hair that I had long ago begun shaving off. I felt his big fingers begin to probe my pink depths and I decided then and there that if he was going to play with me turnabout was fair play. I reached down and took hold of his large throbbing penis and began to stroke it as I had many a night imagined. The precum leaking from the tip began to coat his full length making it slicker, then as I looked up I could see the smile on his face and he leaned down to kiss me."

"Alacia, Patrick had said, I need you, you're eighteen today and I want to make you a woman and teach you the ways of adulthood you sexy little slut sister of mine."

"I swear to you father I nearly climaxed right then, no one had ever spoken to me in such a manner and yet it felt so naughty and good at the same time it really did make me feel like a little slut and I already knew I would let him do to me whatever he chose it was just a matter of getting him to stop with the foreplay and get into it."

"Wait, Alacia are you telling me you didn't want or need the foreplay you just wanted him to slide his manhood inside you? By the way young lady you need to pull the hem of your skirt down and remove your fingers from your panties."

Alacia blushed then and did as I had asked, I doubted she had even realized she had slipped her hand into her panties and begun to finger herself but as I watched her stand up and smooth down her skirt another gleam sparkled in her eye and she rounded my desk. Tugging down her skirt and panties at once she bent over my desk to my right side and showed me the folds of her tight little hairless pussy from an advantage point so close that should I have stuck my tongue out I could have lapped at the juices that were covering her slit. I couldn't mumble a word only sit there and try to discreetly rub my cock as she went back to telling me her story.

"It's ok father, you can pull your cock and either stroke it or shove it in me, either way I don't mind," she whispered before going back to her story for the finale.

I listened as she told me about the size of her brother's cock and how she had pushed him onto his back and tentatively given him her first blowjob.

"Father his cock was delicious, covered with the cum that he had shot before and failed to cleanup and the precum this time that trickled out the head of his cock. I was ravenous, needing to taste all of him to the base, I didn't care that I had never had a cock in my mouth before; I wanted all of this one and the nectar inside at that moment. I began to hum as I pulled his cock out of my mouth almost completely and then ran my tongue over the head circling each ridge with my flat, wet, pink tongue and then would bob my head again for a few moments before switching techniques. I swear I held him on the verge for nearly an hour, sucking and licking his shaft as an ice cream cone and lapping at his balls, I would then pull him all the way out of my mouth and suck the underside portion of his cock into my mouth and run my tongue over the thick veins as he moaned and tried to get me to swing around so he could taste my pussy, much like you want to do right now."

I gasped again knowing that she was right but that I couldn't give in and taste her that would be the end of my calling if I gave in right now. While I desperately wanted to I wouldn't no matter how the sight of that tight pink pussy was calling me or the smell that wafted up and told me just how much I missed pussy. No, I resigned and chastised myself, I wouldn't give in. I would however sit there as I lifted my robe and jack off like there was no tomorrow as I imagined doing the things to her that she was sharing with me or the things that my mind could concur up should I have not been held by my vows.

"Father, pay attention I'm going back to my story," she said as she wiggled her pert little ass a bit closer to my face. "You see I finally lowered my pussy down over Patrick's face and his tongue began to rub my clit as he fingered my slippery hole. His other hand found its way into my pussy as well and as he lubed up the fingers I began to feel him slipping his fingers around my little anal opening. He probed my asshole and rubbed it for a few minutes before he slipped a finger inside there. As soon as he did I went wild on his cock and bobbed my head until he began to moan and thrust his hips. I was soon rewarded twice, once with his mouth filling, ball draining cumshot, and secondly with my own orgasm ripping through me like never before. I don't know if it was the fact that I was swallowing cum or that my brother's fingers and tongue had come into sync and were driving me insane with lust or if I just loved all of it together."

I swear at this point I thought she was finished and I nearly blew my load onto her chest as her breasts dangled over me as she leaned over my chair, the only thing I could think of that moment was how I would like to cup my hand and spank this hot little slut before fucking her but once again I denied myself those earthly pleasures, praying that the lord would look favorably upon me in the afterlife and give me a harem to plunder in any way I sought fit. That had to be the reward for a priest who denies himself the pleasures of the flesh while serving his lord.

"Father after I came I reached down as I swung off him, like this," she said as she took firm grasp of my cock, I knew then I was in trouble but as long as she took it no further I would be saying hail Mary's all night and feel better tomorrow. "Then as I began to stroke his cock trying to not allow it to go limp I began to kiss it again, hoping that would keep him hard. As soon as my mouth closed around his shaft he gave a lurch and his prick swelled back up to its huge proportions. I slid my pussy over his cock and holding him still I wedged him inside the opening and then dropped my hips down taking him all the way in."

As Alacia said this she paused to run her tongue over my shaft, I pulled her head away as she sighed and still damning myself I allowed her to keep stroking me as I rubbed her ass with my hands. "Continue young lady before we find ourselves committing another sin that we would need confession for."

"Father it was great, feeling his massive cock pumping into me as I slid back and forth over him, my clit rubbed against his muscular abdomen as I slid faster and faster feeling him go deeper as he struggled to thrust up in me. Father that's when he began to call me a dirty slut and cum loving whore. He said that I was always going to be his slut of a sister and that he loved that. He also told me that if I were lucky by the end of my birthday I would have fucked daddy and mom as well. I had no idea what he meant by that but it set me off right then and there, I began to cum so hard that I screamed and reached down behind me to tug on his balls and coax another shot of jism from him. I was quickly rewarded as he slammed up inside me and flipped me over onto my stomach, no words were said and he gave my ass a quick swat and pounded into my quivering cunt with no remorse or abandon. I was being claimed as his whore and loving every minute of being on my hands and knees like a bitch in heat for him. Oh father when he finally came he pulled out of my pussy and shot two or three strong streams of cum across my ass and back. That just pushed me into my final orgasm for that session and I collapsed on the ground with my ass still in the air."

Alacia panted for a moment and then turning to look at me she knew I was close from the throbbing and leaking precum my cock was doing right then. She opened her mouth and leaned over my lap and began to stroke me faster as her lips closed around the head of my shaft. Fuck it I thought and shoved her head down and thrust my hips up filling her mouth with my prick, if this little slut wanted a mouthful of her priests cock then I was going to give it to her. I held her head down and felt her relaxed her throat as my cock slipped inside the wet mouth of this eighteen year old whore. I knew I had already broken my vow and decided to slip my finger into her pussy just to see what it felt like again.

Alacia gave a muffled cry as I probed her pink pussy and she bobbed her little head for all she was worth, I felt myself beginning to cum and I whispered to her, "Suck it all down you cocksucking incestuous whore."

Alacia rubbed my balls and began to hum as I filled her mouth and throat with cum, I felt her swallow several times and as I fingered her I swatted her ass, enjoying the physical contact once more in my life. I knew it was wrong and I might regret it for every day of the remainder of my life but for the moment it felt too damn good to stop.

Finally Alacia pulled her head off my cock and kissed the head as my shaft started to go flaccid, "Thank you father, I needed that as much as you did. By the way I think I will need to come back to confess the rest of my eighteenth birthday to you as I did have another encounter with member or members of my family."

As she said this Alacia had stood up and pulled back on her skirt and panties and was standing at the door smiling. Slowly she reached down and lifted her skirt up and looked into my eyes as she sunk her fingers into her pussy through her panties. Pulling her panties down and exposing herself to me once again she tossed the panties onto my desk and spun around and unlocked the door walking out with a twitch of her hips.

"God," I thought, "How am I ever going to remain good while the members of my congregation are all hot and horny women with husbands or relatives that like to share them." I knew that it was going to be a tough trial and I might stumble on the way but after today I suspected each trial would be a little less successful to refuse. But we'll just have to wait and see how all of this pans out now won't we.

Thanks for reading and please continue to vote and send feedback. MV

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