tagInterracial LoveTrue Desires Unleashed Pt. 02

True Desires Unleashed Pt. 02


Robert was standing behind my wife rubbing the lotion in firmly. Her legs were spread with her feet set about a foot apart. Her white thong was not visible as it was buried deep between her curvy cheeks. The micro bikini became visible where the top of her crotch started. Although it covered most of the entrance to her welcoming hole, it was so small both lips where outside of the material.

Robert stared at her prized pussy intently and confidently as rubbed the lotion in, continuing up her calfs and moving above the knee. When he reached the hamstring he shifted to stand on her left side. His strong hands where rubbing the inside of her thighs and he moved them skillfully to the outside of her leg. He moved up the leg pinching the excess flesh of Alice's milky white inner thighs. She began to moan softly with each stroke.

At this point I sat in a chair by the bed and shifted my eyes between my wife's eyes and Robert's hands. I decided something in this moment. I was going to subtlety let my wife know I was enjoying this and give off signals that I want it to be more than a sunblock applying body rub. That I'm hoping to see her bounce up and down on that big black cock! So I began to rub my little cock over my shorts. I also started to bite my lower lip.

He moved to her other side. At the top of her right leg, right below my favorite part of Alice, the fleshy fold where her ass meets her leg, is a brilliantly colored tattoo of a pink lily. Robert had reached this part and after the lotion was applied, he stopped and asked her to roll over. He then went down the front of her leg as masterfully as he did the back. He reversed, starting with the top of her leg and working his way down to the ankle.

As he began to apply the sunblock to her upper thigh he was really squeezing her flesh and working the inside of her thigh. He seemed to be respecting the agreement not to touch her flower but it was hard to tell. Alice was moaning louder. This could have been because his pinky was gently coming in contact with her clit. But her inner thigh is very sensitive so it could have been that as well.

Down her left thigh is a green, red and yellow dragon tattoo that goes past the knee and wraps around onto her calf. He slowly rubbed lotion on every inch of her right leg and made eye contact with me and smiled tauntingly. This was not the first wife to which he applied sunblock. He told Alice to turn over again. She complied and was back on her stomach with her bubble butt in the air.

Robert then grabbed the lotion and straddled Alice. She was lying prone on her belly. Robert had one knee on each side of her hips and shifted his crotch comfortably to fit right at the base of Alice's ass. He leaned forward and began applying the sunblock to her shoulders and arms.

Alice had her hands under her face. Her arms were bent at the elbows. She had her eyes closed but would open them occasionally to look at me. Although he was so tall and Alice was short, he needed to lean forward to reach all of her arms. As he leaned forward, he took the opportunity to slowly grind his pants-protruding cock into her soft fleshy ass. His pants were really straining and the outline of the ridge on the tip of his penis was now visible through them. And god, the head was huge and really far down his pant leg.

After working his way down her back, stopping at the beautiful gypsy woman tattoo just above her waistline as agreed, he moved back away from her ass. I caught a great view of her pressed ass rounding out again the moment his crotch lost contact with it. He put his hands on her waist and powerfully turned her around. She looked at him with a face I never saw her make before. A face of desire I maybe never saw anyone make before.

Her legs were on either side of him as he knelt on the bed, Alice on her back. He grabbed her legs and yanked her forward. Powerless in his grasp, her body flew forward and slid up his legs stopping abruptly when her barely covered twat hit the protruding bulge in his pants. I guess this was in compliance with the agreement but it was clearly moving towards something more.

He grabbed the bottle and squeezed a generous portion of the lotion on her belly. As he leaned over to rub it in, Alice started writhing and grinding his cock. Robert humped back as he worked the lotion into her stomach. Alice is not fat at all as I said but just fleshy enough to look great and be soft to the touch. Robert moved around the underside of her breasts and then to the side of them. He looked over at me as if to say I'm respecting the agreement, but not for long.

When he got above Alice's breasts, he put both hands around her neck as if he were ready to choke her. He began to squeeze harder and harder applying lotion but really engaging in sexual choking. Alice's moans had been growing louder but now were audible to passers by of our open first floor patio door. Luckily the curtain was drawn so they could not witness the embarrassment I was about to suffer.

As Robert tightened his grip, Alice was clenching the sheets tightly and pulling herself forward to rub her now soaking pussy on his throbbing mound of meat. Her bikini bottom was soaked and her juices were visible on Robert's pants. Robert had finished applying the lotion as agreed, but he was not finished.

Robert turned to me, with my wife rubbing her cunt up and down on his pants, looked me in the eye and said "I'm going to fuck dis yellow bitch, boy." I said nothing, I nodded, I was so excited. The shame had subsided and I was just feeling the ecstasy of my inhibitions subsiding. I was finally going to see Alice fucked by a huge black cock. Robert of course didn't need an answer from me, he was going to fuck her.

With that, Robert took his left hand off of Alice's neck and moved the right one under her head. He grabbed the back of her hair and pulled her up towards his open mouth and jammed his tongue into my wife's mouth. Alice was now straddling him, her legs bent, her arms around his thick shoulders holding on and kissing him. They passionately kissed as she grinded his crotch in a back and forth motion. The only time she wasn't moaning was when their tongues were too intertwined for it to be possible.

Robert then grabbed her inner thigh. His fingers must have been 6 inches long. Everything about this stud was built to please a hot little Asian slut. Robert shifted my wife a little to achieve a good angle and then inserted his right middle and ring finger into her pussy. Alice screamed in pleasure. I could see the outline of a woman passing by outside through the semi-translucent curtain stop and look in startled. But she moved on as it was obvious they were sex screams, common at an adult resort.

Her soaking flower easily accepted every inch of his fingers. It was so wet and the inch or so of fabric from her bikini bottom was clearly not much of an obstacle. Robert's fingers slid in and out of my wife's accepting hole. He pulled her forward by her cunt and varied the speed. He made a "come here motion" and Alice helped herself as she slid up and down. I cocked my neck to see what was happening and saw white cream drip out of Alice and down Robert's hand. I had never made Alice produce any fluids.

As Robert continued to finger blast her, the noises she was making indicated the level of pleasure she was experiencing. She would moan and scream. She would repeat "o god" over and over in a gasping-for-air voice. When the orgasm happened it started with a scream that could be heard at the front desk, which is about 300 yards away. It continued in an echoing high pitched groan that is common amongst Asian porn stars.

There was a gushing amount of lady juice pouring out of her pussy. It came in three streams, but I estimate the first one lasted about 8 seconds. It squirted all over Robert's hand and pants. It poured onto our comforter.

Robert slowly pulled his fingers out of Alice. He grabbed her hair with his left hand, and without letting her catch her breath he began to rise from his kneeling position on the bed and pulled Alice with him by her hair. She stumbled a bit and then they were both standing right before me, about a foot in front of me. Robert's 6'5" frame towered over my tiny Alice. Robert said "get on your knees bitch."

This had gone on for about 20-30 minutes but now was the part I anticipated the most. As Alice quickly obliged and dropped to her knees, I knew this cock was seconds away from hitting her tonsils! Robert motioned to her to open his pants and unleash that black monster.

Alice unbuttoned Robert's pants and slowly unzipped them. He was not wearing underwear and his pubic area was shaved. We could see the top of his cock and the indent were it was attached to his body made by the strain of this humongous organ being restricted by tight pants. Alice put her hands on the side of his pants and attempted to pull them down.

Alice strained as the pants were tight and his penis was not making it easier. She shifted her weight to get some leverage and finally yanked them down. As his pants fell an 8-9 inch black anaconda sprung into the air and began bouncing up and down. It hit Alice in the face in fact. The thickness of it was mesmerizing. I am not sure that it could fit through a woman's bracelet.

Alice was both excited and scared. The thought of getting fucked by this natural wonder of a dick but remember that she is a small girl with a tight Asian pussy. I love my wife but there was no doubt I wanted to see this thing tear her up! Alice cupped his balls and began to feel it, a look of wonderment on her face.

When she was ready to accept this beast in her mouth, she grabbed the base firmly. Her hand made it only about half way around his cock. Alice opened her mouth and Robert stopped her. We were both surprised but quickly learned why. He looked at me and said "get your faggot ass over here."

I was surprised but he was forceful and authoritative. I jumped from seat and took a half step forward. I secretly was hoping he was going to force us both to suck it but also thought that may be a little too much exposing of my desires for our first time. My wife was on her knees, holding his massive meat and I was standing next to her on her right side. Robert said, "take you little white boy dicky out, let this bitch see both of dem and choose," he said with a confident smile.

This, and more, was always part of my fantasy but as I said no one close to me knew this. And I was glad I did not have to throat a black cock in front Alice, yet....

This was clearly where I wanted this week to progress to but it's natural to go one step at a time. To this point I had always been a man in front of Alice and this was happening fast. Although I was embarrassed and confused I was going to unleash my 4 incher. You don't disobey an imposing man such as Robert.

I unbuttoned my shorts and let them drop to the floor. I was also not wearing underwear. My dick however did not cause any issue with getting my shorts off and it did not spring out of my pants quite as dramatically as Robert's.

My cock is smaller than average. Not a micro penis but on the small side. It is thin, if I wrap my index finger and thumb around it I can touch the middle of my index finger. My sack and balls are not very big either and I'm in okay shape and active but have a dad body. To further assert his dominance, Robert told me to take off my shirt.

As I stood there naked the contrast was incredible. Here was this chiseled black stud with a 6 pack (he took his shirt off when I did) and a nine inch massively thick cock standing straight out an inch from my wife's face. And I was standing there with a thin, hard 4 inch cock pointing up towards my spare tire. Robert was laughing and said to Alice "so bitch, time to choose, which dick you gonna suck." He laughed. Alice obviously tightened her grip on Robert's dark ebony rod and began to lick the tip gently while staring up at him with the sexiest fuck me eyes.

With that Robert put his hand on my chest and pushed me with one hand. I flew back into my chair. He grabbed the back of Alice's head and jammed that big black cock down her throat. Robert had been sensual the whole time but that part was over. He was goin to fuck Alice like the Asian black cock whore she longed to be.

He fucked her face hard for about a minute. Thrusting violently in and out. Alice gagged and drooled. Her eyes were closed tightly and she gasped for air. Her saliva dripped down his shaft and onto the floor as he continued to thrust in and out of my wife's mouth.

Robert looked down at Alice and said "you like it rough bitch? I know you ain't gettin no hard fucking from dis tiny dicked white boy." Alice nodded kind of and made some positive consent noise as she was still getting fucked in the mouth. Robert then pulled out to give her a break.

Alice caught her breath but never let go of he jet black huge penis. She was looking at it in wonder, her pussy still dripping wet from the fingering. She looked so sexy gazing at his dick, moving it up to see the underside. Licking the shaft. Cupping and licking his shaved smooth sack with 2 balls that were probably the size of golf balls. Robert let her admire and caress, kiss and suck his cock at her own pace for about 3 minutes. But then he took control and went back to the brutal face fucking before grabbing her by the hair. He pulled her up from the floor. He was so strong it was like lifting a bag of groceries.

Alice looked a bit disheveled. Her mascara was running and she had drool on her chin from the brutal face fucking she just took. She was a little out of breath still as it had only been a few moments since that earth shattering orgasm Robert gave her. Robert told her to "take off dem panties and get on the bed now." Alice turned and slipped off her bikini bottoms and complied.

Alice looked amazing lying on the bed, her legs spread and her now open flower visible to me and waiting to accept Robert's cock. She looked nervous though. Robert walked over to her lying on bed and grabbed her calfs and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Just as he was about to finally enter my wife he noticed something, and he paused and laughed. He was looking at the tattoo that is on Alice's pussy, that gets covered by pubes when it is not there.

Robert turned to me and said "how many dem black boys dis bitch been fuckin" and laughed hard. I was confused. Alice and I had not talked about it much. Like I said, I had inhibitions. I wanted to know how many and hear all the details because I wanted to be a BBC cuckold. And she would take opportunities to make sure I knew she had black cock, often mentioning that the guy right before me was black and they worked together at a bar. She also said one day that she always figured she would date a basketball player. She would fish but I would not take the bait. I would ask but not in a I'm turned on and want to know way. So she would just answer I don't know the number.

But why is he asking me this as he's about to split my wife in half? Then it hit me. The tattoo. I figured out what it meant. It was a capital Q. The lines of the Q were about a half inch thick and a perfect sideways rectangle with a fancy squiqily line completing it. In the middle was a jet black spade about 1 inch by 1 inch. I realized that queen of spades must be a term for girls that worship black cock.

I didn't answer. I just smiled embarrassingly and many thoughts were going through my head. Mostly excitement, I mean Alice must have fucked a ton of black dudes if she had that tat. I did though take my hand of my little cock and get up to get a better angle. A porn sized black cock was about to enter my wife and I wanted a good seat. So I got up and moved to the bed, about two feet from Alice.

As I moved to the bed Robert taunted me some more to the effect that my wife was about to experience a real cock. It was really turning me on but also embarrassing me a bit. I was just looking at my wife and the monster dick that was about to impale her. And she was not looking at me. She was getting ready. As I was getting settled, I moved to sit on my knees and watch so I could crank my dick, Robert warned me not to get my faggot cum anywhere near him and suggested that there may be consequences even if I cum.

Robert was standing at the edge of the bed, she was on her back. As I said he had pulled Alice to the edge, her legs were up in the air resting on his massive chest. Her ass was pressed against his thighs and his massive cock was laying in between her legs resting on her pelvis but went almost all the way up to her tits. There were three visible veins on his dick that made it more amazing. One was practically the thickness of my cock! I was mesmerized by this. She was still catching her breath.

Alice had enjoyed the orgasm and was practically dripping when she was gently stroking his big black cock and running her tongue along the underside of his shaft. However the face fucking, which did turn her on, was a little rough so this 2 minutes or so break Robert took to humiliate me was welcomed by her. Also she had to mentally prepare for this monster that was about to be inside her. I fixed my glance on Alice's face and wanted her to look at me, but she was staring at Robert's cock in anticipation.

She was nervous about accepting his massive member but she was so wet and turned on she couldn't wait. She all of a sudden screamed "Fuck me." With that, Robert moved his hips back, lined his cock up with my wife's wanting gape (there was no need to use his hands as his dick was so hard and her cunt so wet it slid right into place) and got ready to thrust. The massive head, a perfect mushroom shape was filled with blood and still growing as the impaling was about to begin.

I'll never forget that first thrust. Robert powered that big black cock into Alice's soaking pussy and she screamed in ecstasy. It was a scream that was definitely heard by the whole resort. It hurt a bit but she said later that it was more pleasure than pain. Not that he was considerate, it just couldn't all fit in her tiny chink cunt, but he did not go in all the way. I can't imagine that Alice was ever filled this much (although I came to learn she had; often). The first 6 or so strokes were an even pace and my wife started to scream at about the 8th pump. At pump 10 or 11 came the second gushing. It sprayed everywhere.

Robert then began thrusting with full force. His veiny cock pummeling my wife. Each time it came out, more of her thick white lady cum was on his shaft. The noise was driving me crazy. Both the slapping sound of his powerful thighs on her fleshy bubble butt and her dirty talk. She kept repeating "beat that pussy up", "tear that pussy up." Robert told me to lean forward and put my face close but be very careful not to touch his penis.

After slamming my wife's gaping twat for about five minutes he pulled out. He flipped her over on her stomach and put his hands on her hips. He pulled her ass up to his cock so was sitting doggy style on the end of the bed. He leaned over a bit and let some spit drop into her ass crack. He then took his thumb and started slowly pressing it into her ass.

As he moved his thumb further into her asshole Alice began to tremble. It felt good. Alice and I had been anal training her. But for my cock, not this outer worldly man meat. Robert noticed she liked it and looked at me and said, "I'm gonna fuck dis chink bitch in the ass now." Hearing that Alice sprung forward separating her ass from his thumb and said "NO."

At this point I got nervous. Alice did not want this massive cock in her ass but what could I do about it? Luckily, Robert didn't persist and Alice thought quick. She reached through her legs quickly and grabbed his cock, which is hard to miss, and quickly guided it into her cunt. Her soft pink front fuck hole quickly accepted and absorbed his cock.

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