tagInterracial LoveTrue Desires Unleashed Pt. 03

True Desires Unleashed Pt. 03


When Robert left I wanted to talk to Alice. That had been the most exhilarating experience of my life but I wanted to make sure she was okay. I mean Jamaican gangsters are on their way to possibly take her anal virginity and she just her insides torn apart by Robert's huge cock. We had so much to talk about but she was smiling and seemed okay, and all she said to me was "you heard Robert." With that she rolled over and spread her legs exposing her still wet cum dripping gape. Little did I know she knew more than me about our current situation and she would soon let me in on it.

At this point there was no need to talk as she seemed okay. I mean I'm about to live my greatest fantasy and lick black cum out of my beautiful wife's pussy. I started to crawl towards her as she lied on the bed on my hands and knees and leaned into kiss her. She put her hand on my face, pushed forcefully and asked what I was doing.

I said kissing you. She said that's not what Robert said. She said he told you to clean me up and go get some more money. Alice told me that she would consider kissing me when I had a mouthful of that black jizz sloshing around in her pussy, but that we can't tell Robert if that happens.

Running with this fantasy didn't bother me at all. So I crawled backwards a little and slid my arms under her legs. My chest was in a pool of squirt, lady cum and Robert's cum. It was amazing! You could see the white cum pooled in her fuck hole, which was still a little gaped from being fucked by a cock almost as thick as a baseball bat. The smell was so potent as well, I couldn't wait to taste it. Still not ready to tell Alice any secrets and share all my fantasies, I said I never had cum in my mouth before, I told her I don't know if I like this.

Alice laughed and said yeah sure, I guess it doesn't count if it's done in Philadelphia. My stomach dropped, I had been face fucked by a tranny there last year and in fact, her friend fucked my ass. She only got in 10 pumps though before I came so she stopped. I wasn't sure she knew, It could be coincidence. I travel there 4 or 5 times a year, but she looked like she knew.

I asked what she meant and she said we will talk later. Alice reminded me "if those guys get here and there is cum in my pussy and no money they will cut your dick off." This made me nervous. These may be rough guys coming and I also wanted to suck every bit of negro juice out of Alice. So I put the worry out of my mind.

With my arms under her legs, I bent my elbows and spread her cunt. There was a viscous pool of spooge. I dove right in and started slurping it up. Some slipped down my throat but I was mindful of sharing Robert's gift with my wife. She didn't moan or express pleasure. I wondered if she's been faking it with me? I didn't care much though cause now we likely have what we both want, a cuck relationship. While I was gathering it she reminded me to hold it in my mouth and don't swallow. I was excited that we were about to make out and swap cum sprayed from a big black hose.

When my mouth was full of jizz, I couldn't speak. I looked up at her and indicated I had a mouth full of man juice. She smiled and said come up here sissy. My dick, already hard, got a little harder when she called me a sissy. I figured now we would make out and swap/share Robert's cum. I slowly crawled up, sliding my arms out from under her ass, slinking forward towards her beautiful face and went to kiss her. She put her hand up motioning to stop.

We were face to face and my tiny dick was touching her pussy. She said there are two problems. She does not want my dick to touch her pussy, at least this week and possibly for good. She also said that she will not kiss me. She decided Robert would be pissed, even if it was to share his nectar. With that she pushed me off her.

She asked me to just slowly spit half the cum in my mouth into hers. This was getting hotter. She opened her mouth and I puckered my lips, aligned my mouth with hers. I slowly poured about half of the thick cream into her mouth in a small stream through my pursed lips. She accepted it happily and There was so much her mouth was visibly filling up with Robert's white nectar. She then smiled and indicated when we should swallow it together.

The cum was so salty and warm. It was a mix of Robert's masculine must and my wife's sweet tasting flower juice, and of course her squirt which I never tasted before. She then laughed and said I guess that's the first time you ever swallowed cum in a sarcastic tone. I immediately got butterflies because I have swallowed cum, sucked cock and been fucked in the ass, mostly by trannies, but this was something I definitely was not ready to share with Alice. I was again a bit annoyed and said yes it is my first time just like it is my first time to even taste it. She responded that I should be a cum swallowing sissy from now on that swallows cum, she said she is done swallowing mine. So many crazy thoughts were running through my head. This was happening fast. But I was too excited to be mad and still had more to clean. I attempted to go back down and dive back into the cum pool in her cunt.

She told me to stop. I looked up. She said I just told you that I don't want your cock touching me, possibly ever again. I smiled and said okay I'll be careful. She said no I want to be sure. You have to cover it.

She told me to go to her bag, and I did. She said there is a bag with underwear in it, find it. I took out the bag and she said there is a pink bra and thong panty set in there, find it and put it on. Fuck I thought that turns me on but I again had to protest.

I made an outwardly disappointed face and half heartedly said to Alice "baby, we may be taking this too far, I'm your husband." She again laughed and told me that she knows for a fact I want to put those panties on, so shut up and put them on. I asked again what she meant because the unnerving feeling of what she knew was distracting. She said finish cleaning this cum off me and we will talk afterwards. The butterflies were back. I thought my perverse proclivities were a secret and it was becoming more apparent they were not. But I was so turned on I figured we would deal with it later.

I slipped on the panties, pointing my hard little cock downward and even my small member protruded out of the skimpy panties creating, an albeit small, pink tent. The bra strained but I got it on as well. The lingerie felt silky and made me even more excited. Now I don't like good in a pink thong, but the purpose is of course to degrade me, and they served that purpose.

Before I finished cleaning Alice's cunt she wanted me to lick the cum and lady juice off the comforter and semi-dried crusty flakes on the rest of her body. While licking her inner thighs, belly, ass crack (including making sure I got deep in her asshole with my tongue since cum slipped out of her pussy and may have entered her ass), Alice expressed no signs of pleasure. She just directed me in my cleaning efforts. When she was relatively clean, I finishing draining her pussy. I could not believe how much spooge Robert produced. I was sticking my fingers in and scooping it out into my mouth. I had two more mouthfuls to share with Alice before I was done.

Done with my first task, I wanted to talk. Alice said no, go get that money. The Jamaicans will be here soon. I said just a few minutes. I want to talk about what we are involved in here. She said there is no time. She said that it is a long conversation but trust her, don't worry. They may be rough but she assured me there was no danger. I persisted and she said please go get the money. That's when Robert came in.

Robert came in and I was on my knees in my wife's panties and bra. She was still wearing just the tiny white bikini top, although I had moved the triangles off the nipples to clean them so it really was just strings outlining her breasts. We were both a little shocked and I went to get up. He walked over, not even surprised I was in lingerie, put his hand on my shoulders and pushed me back down on my knees.

He said that he doesn't see me cleaning Alice so she better be clean and I better have the money. I said I'm so sorry. I cleaned every inch and I just need to put some clothes on and will go to the atm in the lobby. Robert was pissed. He said "no time for clothes mon. Go on get dat money. They be 10 minutes away." This had gone too far. It was an anything goes resort and everyone was a stranger, but I wasn't ready to go to a hotel lobby in women's lingerie.

I refused. That was a mistake. Robert pulled me up by hair and grabbed my arm. He twisted it behind me and forced me across the room, pinning me over the desk. He called Alice to come over and asked her to get the marker out of his pocket, which she did. He told her to write "my wife is fucking 3 black cocks" on my back. I couldn't believe it, Alice laughed and a few seconds later I felt the cold edge of the marker on my back.

I'm not sure how I felt at that moment. It was not exactly upset. I mean I craved this degradation but it's moving a bit fast. Robert pulled me up and spun me around. He grabbed my throat, not a death grip but I felt his power, and asked me if I was going to get the money. I had no choice. As if this wasn't bad enough, he had one more order. He made me move my new panties to the side and expose my now soft cock.

My cock is small, but when soft, it is really small. It doesn't even hang down, it's basically a small tip pointing forward with the smallest amount of wrinkled flesh behind it. I'd be surprised if it's an inch and the diameter is about 3/4 of an inch. I'd like to say I'm a grower not a shower but when grown its way below average. But I had no choice here so I did it. But that wasn't it. He told Alice to draw and arrow pointing to my very little guy and write "can you find my tiny cock?" Robert told me go now and I better hurry.

As I was leaving he told me he was going to inspect Alice and if she had a drop of cum on her there would be consequences. He asked me if I had cum and I told him no. He said if I was lying and he got my faggot cum on him during the inspection there would be a problem.

I went to open the door to the hallway and Robert said "no boy, true da pool and courtyard." I wasn't excited about this. And I knew I wasn't allowed in the lobby like this so I would have to figure something out. As I walked through the pool I clearly attracted laughs and attention. I tried to smile and play it off that I'm a true lifestyler. But it was hard because all my perversions came from trolling the web and were acted upon behind close doors.

I knew I would have to ask someone I trust to get me the money. But I was too embarrassed to ask other guests because, well it's obvious! I was in panties and had embarrassing things written on me like the first kid to pass out in high school! I needed to get through the pool area as quick as possible.

I got through the courtyard and the pool area and found a semi-private place by the lobby to think. Then, luckily, a nice, apparently non-judgemental older gentleman walked by and struck up a conversation.

The man stopped in front of me and said "hello, how goes it?" I looked at him, smiled and shook my head a bit and responded "eh". He said, "wow, you really get into the lifestyle, you must be a pro!" I laughed and told him that I'm really enjoying this place but at his very moment I'm in a spot.

The man was about 55-60 and in good shape. Pleasant enough looking, clearly gay or at least bi. He was dressed very normally in a pair of red shorts and an island appropriate colorful patterned shirt. He was definitely interested in more than talking to me. He couldn't read the message on my back but probably figured out I was a cuck from what was written on my chest. He was stealing glimpses of my soft little cock that fell to the side like a wilted flower as I sat there.

The man sat next to me, he seemed kind. He intentionally sat very close and with his bare left leg touched and slightly rubbed my right one. He looked at me and said I think your cock is adorable! And asked what was wrong in a way to indicate he would genuinely help. I told him my situation and he kindly agreed to get 2000 dollars from the atm, no quid pro quo. He took my card and went to the lobby.

When he returned he handed me the money and the card with a smile. I thanked him profusely and said we are around for the week if he needed a favor returned. He said can I just ask you before you go, "do you like me? Because you are really my type." I told him Gently i didn't, that my sexual preference is not easily describable but I'm typically not attracted to masculine looking men, which saddened him. He seemed like a normal person that came here for excitement that he wasn't finding. I felt terrible so I made him an offer because he was so kind.

I said why don't you come back to my room and watch my wife get fucked. She's beautiful and there are black studs about to pleasure her. He didn't seem intrigued. He smiled and thanked me but declined. Women are wonderful he indicated but they don't sexually excite him and he is not into multiples. So that attempt failed but I realized there was one other painless way to return this favor.

I said "you were so kind and I'm in a hurry, but I'll tell you what. I saw you glancing at my penis. Would you like to fondle it for a few minutes?" His face lite up and he thanked me profusely.

Without hesitation he took a step toward me and put his right hand between my legs. This guy was sex starved! I wasn't looking forward to this and was looking down with my eyes closed but I wanted him to enjoy it. I'm sure there have been people who did the same for me in the past!

It was sweaty down there as it was hot as hell. The pink string was soaked and now this strange man was running his fingers along it. At first I moved my feet apart to let him rub it but he got a little handsy! He started running his hands the wrong way and began to poke my asshole with his finger, his palm ran from the bottom of my sack along my taint and connected with his fingers that were trying to move the thong out of the way and get in there. I gently grabbed his wrist and pulled it slowly back away from my puckered asshole.

I was not attracted to the man but this was pretty non invasive. Especially after everything i had been through today. I guided his hand, palm flat back up to my cock and began guiding it over it gently back and forth. The man was getting excited and unbuttoned his pants and slipped his left hand down them.

I was trying to determine what would be a fair amount of time for the favor he did me, and to generally be polite. My dick was not getting hard. The man did not take his cock out but he had a good hold on it in his pants and was jerking it profusely as I guided his open palm back and forth along mine. He was getting very excited and asked if he could suck my dick.

I did not want that and had to go. On top of this, a hot young couple who I saw at the pool were now about 20 feet away staring and laughing. I didn't want them to see me get a gay blow job while in pink panties. Even worse, and I wouldn't find out until later, Jonathan, the other bell boy Alice was flirting with at check in was watching and listening. He was around the corner, basically spying.

But I had a selfish quid pro quo idea. I said, give me your room number. I knew that Alice and Robert would not help me wash the marker off my back. I said if you like, you can help me wash this off later in the shower, or the ocean if no one is there, and we can see what happens after. Although there is no circumstances where I want this guy to blow me I suffered so many indignities why would I give a fuck? It's a good price to get this marker off my back.

The man's face lite up. He was so excited. He said he was in 336, his name was Ted and he would be waiting in anticipation to help. With that, he released my cock and I was on my way back to the room.

I walked briskly through the courtyard, it was still light enough out for people to see my little cock hanging out of my pink panties and to make out the phrases written on my body. There were audible laughs and some people took cell phone pictures. I frankly didn't care and I was looking forward to watching Alice take two black cocks.

I reached the patio and saw the outline through the curtain of bodies, one kneeling, presumably my negro fucking wife, and the others standing. I couldn't make out how many until I opened the screen and walked in to a shockingly hot scene.

Robert was not there but three other dreadlocked rough looking men were. Alice was of course the one on her knees. She had no clothes on now. The rough men were still clothed but all three of there pants were down and all three cocks were out. One was behind her holding her arms by the wrist behind her head. He was forcefully pushing her head forward onto the cock of another by basically slamming her hands into the back of her head. The third was standing next to the man who's cock was in my wife's mouth stroking his dick and waiting his turn. Saliva and drool was pouring out of Alice's mouth while she gagged.

When I came in they stopped and turned. The man holding Alice pushed her to the floor. They all looked at me with mean faces for a minute, but then burst out laughing. "Look at dis faggot" one said. He looked at Alice and I think asked how she could marry someone like this. His accent was hard to understand. I was embarrassed but really wanted to watch the show. I told the men that if they don't mind, I will just sit in my chair and watch them plow my wife.

"Fuck dat mon," the hard to understand spokesman said. He had the smallest cock of the three. Almost normal sized. Not my normal but 6 or 7 inches and a regular, comfortable thickness. The other two were not Robert big, but big.

I said "I'm sorry, where would you like me to stand?" I didn't understand much of his reply but I got the gist. They were pissed I wasn't there with the money when they got there and I had to pay interest now. The price was not surprisingly whatever I had and that it better be enough.

As I was in nothing but a bra and panties, there was nowhere to hide the cash I had. The boss had one of the guys get the money, the one waiting his turn to face fuck my wife when I came in as opposed to the one who's dick was actually in her mouth. He took the money and smiled at the boss holding up two fingers. "You may be a faggot but you done good white boy," the boss said. "We be all set but you wife got to tell you something."

Alice told me that Robert found some dried cum on her face when she was supposed to be clean and he's pissed at you. In vein I tried to argue that she wouldn't let me near her face and the cum he found was probably her fault, it probably dripped from your mouth when I poured it in so we could swallow together (one of the Jamaicans looked at me in disgust as I said this). The boss chimed in to the effect that I better shut the fuck up. Alice began again and said don't worry, it's not that bad. While he was fucking me again he determined your punishment.

I must be really sick. It turned me on to learn that Robert fucked my wife while I was suffering the embarrassment of a lifetime walking through the pool. But that aside, the punishment was fucking crazy. Alice told me that I have to get on my knees and she has to kick me in the balls as hard as she can. She said if these three determine it's not as hard as I can, then all of them are to kick you in the balls. The three men laughed.

I couldn't believe it. One thing that doesn't turn me on is pain. But fuck it, I'm not sure what these guys are capable of and I knew this was serious since as soon as she was finished the two henchmen came towards me, grabbed my arms and forced me to my knees.

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