tagLesbian SexTrue Life Pt. 01

True Life Pt. 01


I was very happy when I got into an all-girls college. The boys on campus in high school had always been a distraction, always hitting on the girls and trying to get them into bed. It seemed like all they wanted was what was between our legs.

I had fallen for someone in high school and given him my virginity but in the end of the school year he just dumped me for another prettier girl. The way I figured an all-girls school would allow me to focus on my studies for four years and not be distracted by relationships that end nowhere.

What I had not expected was the lesbian influence on campus. I knew that all women's schools had a large percent of lesbians, after all it made sense for a lesbian to want to go to an all-women's school. I was still surprised at the number of lesbians and that they were so open about their lesbian relationships.

It seemed like every other girl was a lesbian. I knew that was not the case but it seemed that way when you walked around campus. There were lots of openly gay couples holding hands and kissing each other on campus. They also held rallies and had special events regularly. There were even clubs and athletic teams that seemed to have an all lesbian membership and they all flew pride flags around campus.

What was more troubling then that was the inclination of upper-class lesbians to pressure members of the freshman class to go out on dates with them. Even during orientation week they seemed to be asking freshman girls and transfer students out on dates in droves.

What troubled me even more was the enthusiasm of many of the girls to accept their invitations, by the beginning of the first week of school there was already one girl in my dorm that was in a relationship with an upper-class lesbian.

The rumor was that her new girlfriend had brought her to a party full of upper-class lesbians and seduced her, but no one could say how exactly or what took place. The first day of school she went on "the walk" where she walked around the Quad holding her new girlfriends hand. I had heard that was the tradition around campus, that when a girl came out of the closet she walked around the quad to the cheers of the other lesbians on campus. The worst part was that the girl seemed so happy with her older girlfriend and always talked about how wonderful the woman was. She even went as far as suggesting that other girls should try a date with a lesbian just in case they were really gay and just did not know it.

She was not the only woman to come out the first week of school, I figured all these girls were already gay and now had a comfortable place to be themselves, but as the weeks went on and the numbers of women coming out as lesbians increased and I was not so sure what to think.

My roommates name was Heather. She was a dirty blond girl from the Midwest and very nice. We were both eighteen. This was the furthest from home she had even been and she too had been excited to come here, we quickly became good friends.

Late one night a couple of weeks into school, I was picking up our mail and noticed a package slip, when I went to pick it up the girl in the mail room smiled, "You got flowers," she said. When I read the card I noticed they were for Heather.

"Who are they from? Is it your girlfriend?" The girl asked smiling at me.

"I'm not gay." I said; looks like they are for my roommate anyway.

"That is too bad; tell you what if you ever want to hang out just give me a call."

She handed me a yellow stick note with her name and number. I threw it out on the way up to my room.

When I got up to our room I gave her the flowers. She looked over the card carefully.

"Are they from your parents?" I asked

"No they are from this girl named Cat."

"Cat?" I said in shock.

"Her real name is Cathy, I think she has a pretty big crush on me."

"Oh that is weird." I said

"Yeah I guess I should be flattered but she is way to forward about it. She is in my American History class and she always sits right next to me. I should have known the first day when she looked at me the way she did. She looks at me with this half smile and her eyes seem to look right though me. She keeps asking me out too. Every day this week it is something. Sometimes she says it is to study or to go somewhere in a group but I know she wants to be more then friends."

"What are you going to do?" I asked

"I don't know I really don't want to piss her off because she seems really nice, and she is good at history so she could be a good study buddy but I don't want her to think I'm going to be her girlfriend either. The card invites me to some party."

"Are you going to go?" I asked

"No, I've heard that these parties are basically just excuses to get you to go on your first a date with another woman and from what I heard girls that date always ends up with more dates and sooner or later you end up in bed with them. Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure" I said

"Have you been hit on by a lesbian yet?"

"No. Well the mail room girl did a little, and I've caught a couple of girls checking me out I think it is hard to tell. I'm not used to women looking at me like this. It is hard to tell when it is the regular looking and a lesbian checking me out." I said.

"I ask because I've heard a lot of other freshmen girls say that they have been hit on several times and...well Cat is hitting on me." Heather replied.

"Well we do go to an all-girls school, and there were rumors even before we got here." I said.

"Yeah but I did not think I'd be hit on like this. I mean I heard that lots of the upper class lesbians are asking freshman girls out openly on campus. They come up to you in a group when you're alone and the one girl that likes you asks you out. Then the rest of the girls use peer pressure to make you say yes."

"They also make out in front of you on campus too." I said,

"Yeah I think they do that on purpose. It is creepy. Before my Econ class there was this red head girl kissing one of my classmates outside of class. She is a freshman like us too and I had assumed she was straight. The worst part was that that she seemed to really like it. When she came into class her cheeks were all red and she had this faraway look in her eyes. Some of the girls teased her about it. One of the lesbians even asked her if she had sex with her yet."

"That is horrible." I said.

"When she said no, they started telling her all the things the other girl could do to her if only she would let her. Like eating her out and stuff. They said to would feel so good that she would never go back to boys."

"Then what happened?" I said feeling very strange.

"Well that was it because the class started but the red head girl was waiting outside after class. I walked away before I could see what happened but I'm sure they we going out. I don't want to end up like her so I'm definitely not going to their party." Heather said.

"Well let's stay in and watch a movie, just because other girls go out and get drunk and hook up with lesbians doesn't mean we have to." I said.

"OK sounds good," she said, "I'm happy you're my roommate and not some lesbian."

"Me too." I said feeling relieved.

The next couple of Friday and Saturday nights we stayed in watching TV and movies. It seemed that those were the two days that all the parties and dates happened. We heard about several other girls on our floor coming out, but overall we just tried to keep to ourselves. Late one night there was a knock on our door. It was Rebecca who lived across the hall. Her body was shaking.

"Can I stay in here?" She asked.

"Sure what happened?" I replied

"I came home tonight and Tammy... she was... having sex." Tammy was her roommate a conservative blonde girl. Tammy had openly spoken out against all the lesbian relationships the first week of school, but I had not seen much of her after that.

"Oh did she sneak in a boy?" Heather said looking at her. "What did he look like?"

"No... no... you don't understand, it was Angie." Rebecca said in almost a whisper.

We all looked at each other shocked a bit. I knew Angie had asked Tammy out but I thought that was where it ended. Angie was a junior and openly gay. She had short hair and tattoos. Some of the lesbians on campus you couldn't tell were gay by the way they looked but Angie looked more the way I thought a lesbian should. I had a hard time believing that Tammy would fall for her advances. Tammy had been so open about her opinion that lesbians were disgusting and the act was unnatural and immoral.

"When I left for class they were just studying but now. Well... they are not studying anymore. I was only gone for a couple of hours and now..." Rebecca said almost crying.

"It is ok," Heather said coming up to her. "I have a sleeping bag and an extra pillow you can sleep on the floor if you want."

"The worst part is she seemed to like it. How can this happen? Tammy was my friend and she said she didn't like girls, we talked about it last week, but somehow Angie..."

"Maybe you saw wrong," I said, "maybe they were just sleeping."

"NO!" Rebecca screamed, "I know what I saw, Tammy was naked from her waist down and between her legs was Angie's hand. Tammy was moaning as Angie's fingers went inside of her. God she was moaning so loud. You don't understand she really liked it... she liked it so much... It must have felt really good. To be fucked like that."

"It is ok," I said "don't worry about it. You're safe in here."

"Am I? You did not see it; Tammy was in so much pleasure, she looked so happy. How can I live with a lesbian roommate? What if they want to have sex every night?" Rebecca looked like she was about to cry again.

"You can come here as much as you want." Heather said.

"Thank you." Rebecca said.

Once Rebecca calmed down I went down to the commons to get us all sodas out of the vending machine.

This girl was looking at me funny and after a couple of moments she came up to me.

"Hey my name is Mary what is yours?"

"Erica" I said pumping quarters into the machine.

"You want to come to a party Erica?" She said trying to hand me a flyer.

"No thank you."

"You sure?" She said looking into my eyes, "It is going to be lots of fun and I have free tickets."

"No thank you I'm hanging out with my friends." I said.

"They can come too." She countered.

"I'm not interested." I said turning and walking away.

"Wait." She said and I felt a hand on my butt. I felt her tuck the flyer into my back pocket. Then she patted my butt. "Please change your mind." She said, "Trust me you won't regret it."

As I walked away I could feel my heart racing, I never told anyone about the girl but when she patted me on the butt I felt a shock of excitement go through me in a way I had never felt before.

Another week of school passed and more girls came out to take "the walk". One of them was in my Women Studies class. Her name was Anna and she sat usually in the desk behind me. After she came out she started to sit next to the other lesbians in class. There were quite a few in that class because the professor was gay too. Professor Keller was her name and she was in her early 30's. She never said much about herself being gay but everyone said she was. Before class on Friday Anna was talking to one of the other lesbians before class.

"I'm sure you've been asked before, but I was sick last week. So how was it, with Wendy?" One woman asked. "I heard last weekend you hooked up with her."

"Yes..." Anna said softly.

"So how was it? I heard she was fingering you on the dance floor before she took you home with her." There was silence for a while. "It is ok we are all lesbians here you can be honest with us. I'm trying to date a girl that thinks she is straight so I want to know how she got into your pants so quickly."

"Wow your forward... she was... Good. I don't know it just felt good." Anna whimpered.

"Why did you let her in so quickly? I heard it was your first date." The woman asked.

"No, that is not really true; we had gone out several times for coffee and stuff. I don't know just the way she looked at me made me feel. Before the first time we went out I did not think of her that way, but something changed as we got to know each other. At the party I just started to want it so bad. I never thought I was gay before the other night but everything felt so natural and wonderful that I could not help but let her..." Anna broke off as she realized other women in the class were listening.

"What about you? Did you?... Between her legs, or did you just let her go down on you." The woman asked.

"Wow that is sort of personal." Anna said.

"Well, I'm just curious... Please don't feel embarrassed. Like I said I'm trying to date a girl... and you thought you were straight so I just want to know. Maybe it will be the same for her."

"Yes I did things... between her legs." Anna said her cheeks getting bright red.

"Good that was only fair... and how was it, did you like it?"

Anna paused for a second then said in a whisper, "Yes I liked it, giving her pleasure and she tasted... good."

"That is wonderful sweetheart, so you feel you're a lesbian now? I heard you took the walk alone."

"Yes, it is still a little strange to say it out loud but, yes." Anna said.

"That was very brave, are you going out with Wendy? Or was it just a one night stand."

"I think it just was a one night thing." Anna said softly.

"Ahhh, well her loss, so tell me... you think the girl over there is cute?"

Looking over to the side of the classroom sat a shorthaired girl.

"Well I...yes," than a long pause. "I think she is beautiful,"

"Good, I think I've seen you walk towards the dorms from here, this your last class of the day?"

"Yes," Wendy said. "Is it hers?" She said in almost a whisper.

"Yes," The other girl said walking over, "My name is Zina do you want to do something after class maybe go for a walk or get something to eat?"

"That sounds nice." Wendy said looking up at Zina. "I'd love to."

"Oh god you fucking femmes." One of the other women said. "One good fuck from a dyke and another little lesbian cunt blooms into the world. In a couple of days you'll be holding this one's hand all around school. Kissing her in front of all these straight bitches and at night you'll be fucking each other like good little dykes and for the rest of you it is only a matter of time before you will let one of us between your legs." The woman said looking around the room.

I looked back at the group. There were 5 of them, and a couple of them looked somewhat butch, one of the short haired women snickered at me and said.

"What are you looking at Breeder? Your cunt will be like this one's soon enough. You'll fit into our world nicely. You heard what she said, she thought she was straight till one of us took her and changed her mind. I bet by the end of the semester there is not a girl in here that does not eat at the Y."

"Is that anyway to talk to your classmate?" The professor walked in with a stern look on her face.

"Sorry professor." The woman said

"I want you to see me after class that is no way to talk to another woman." Professor Keller said before beginning the class.

After class Wendy did walk off with the other girl. The butch girl did not say anything in class the next couple of weeks but she was right by the next Friday the two were a couple they and soon they became inseparable.

One Friday night I came home to my roommate holding a pink piece of paper.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It is a letter from Cat." She said handing it to me.

I can love you with the seasons, with the winds, the rains,

with the stars in the sky, we as endless constellations

You and I tremble in secret, the needs of our bodies, as bees

Buzz round an closed bud: ready to become a beautiful flower

Our love could be perfect, and in me you can find yourself,

My goal, my intent is to open the book of your life to a new chapter,

To crack the shell of the lies of men and release your gentle spirit from conformity,

If I should fail your true life is forfeit and the future will be bleak and pale

but I pledge not to fail both of us and soon our bodies will embrace as one

As it was meant to be, as we are meant to be.

"Wow that is..." I hesitated feeling my heart pound in my chest.

"Erotic?" My roommate said.

"That is one word for it." I said.

"That is not all she sent me a vibrator."

"Really? Now that is Erotic."

"Yes it just says try it and think of me, and worse than that it is called the gal pal." Heather said pulling it out of the box.

"Really that is crazy." I felt a cringe in my chest. "Still you have to admit she is a good writer though."

"Yes... a little too good." Heather whimpered.

I never asked my roommate what the meant. I did not want to know.

A couple of days pasted and the vibrator went from my roommate's desk into a drawer but the poem stayed on her desk. To my surprise when she was gone I secretly read it over and over again. Something about the poem seemed so seductive, honest and wonderful. I did not even know Cat but she seemed to really deeply want Heather and not just for sex. I had never had someone write me something like that and it made me feel empty inside. It made me want to be loved.

One morning I was dreaming that I was back home, in my house alone. I was wandering around but could not find anyone. I kept looking everywhere and the house seemed to go on forever. Eventually I found my room back home. Heather was there lying on my bed. I watched her as she slept. When she woke up she simply said, "it won't be long."

I woke up in a daze.

I looked at my clock. It was 3 am. I had to pee so I went to the restrooms in the center of the floor.

After leaving the stall, I could hear gasping and moaning in the back of the showers. I was still in a daze and I wanted to make sure no one was hurt so I walked back to see what was going on.

I was shocked to see there were two girls naked in the shower together. They were roommates and lived down the hall but I could not recall their names. I thought they were both straight but here they were naked in the shower one rubbing the other between her legs. "I can't get enough of you." The dirty blond freshman said getting down on her knees.

"Me too baby, I'm so happy with you," said the black haired one. "It feels so good to be with you."

"AHHHH YES YES FUCK YES BABY YES." The woman screamed.

I started to walk away but her screams echoed, "AHHH AHHH AHHH DON'T STOP AHHHHH FUCK YES!!"

I listen as the woman came hard. I had never experienced anything that pleasurable.

"I love you." I heard one of them say after a couple of moments.

"I love you to baby," was the response.

When I woke up in the morning I thought it might all be a dream but when we went down to eat though the two girls I saw the night before were eating together in the cafeteria. They would feed each other and kiss.

"What is up with them?" I asked Heather.

"Annie and Laura are their names. They are roommates. I heard that they are an item now, that this upper-class lesbian named Sam seduced them both one night, taught them how to have sex with each other. I guess they liked it so much they stayed together." It was hard for me to look away.

The next day I went to see my Professor Ms. Keller. I knew she was a lesbian but there were no rumors of her seducing students and everyone seemed to respect and enjoy her classes.

"Well it is not me, I said I have not been hit on, but several of my friends have been... asked out. I'm not sure what they should do." I finally said.

"Take a seat." She said motioning to the couch in the corner of her office "Tell me what is happening."

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