tagLesbian SexTrue Life Pt. 03

True Life Pt. 03


Overall they left me alone most of the next week. Heather seemed to spend all of her time with Cat and Tammy spent her time with Gina. It was strange to be all by myself, I felt so alone. By the next weekend however they were all hanging out in my room. Heather and Tammy had changed a lot in that week; they had embraced their new lesbian lifestyle and taken the walk. They both wore pride jewelry on the bodies now given to them by their girlfriends. Heather had a rainbow necklace that Cat had given her and Tammy had a similar bracelet. It was strange to look at them so prideful of their new lives.

"Come on let us set you up on a date. We can even double date I won't let anyone take advantage of you." Tammy said, almost out of the blue, smiling.

"Or triple date." Heather added also smiling.

"No." I replied.

"Well tell me this, what type of men do you think, you like?" Gina asked.

"I don't know," I said truthfully after a slight pause.

Cat smiled adding, "Maybe that is because you don't like men."

They sat me down and made me take a couple of online compatibility tests.

The first test was what sort of Lesbian are you? I thought it was pretty stupid considering I was not a lesbian to begin with. It was sort of fun though. Some of the questions were sort of silly.

The second was what type of women was I attracted to which was a lot harder test to take. I did my best to play along.

"It says I'm a Gay Gamer Girl that likes Latina Women," I said at the end of both tests.

"Hum, you are sort of a like that." Gina said.

"But I don't really play video games." I said.

"Candy Crush?" Heather said laughing. I had to admit I did like online games but that is different than real video games.

"I know exactly who we should set her up with," Gina said, "Maria."

"Who is Maria?" I asked.

"She is wonderful and very pretty," Heather added, "I met her at the party last week."

I stopped them, "Like I said I don't want to go on a date with another woman, I don't want to go on a date with anyone, the entire reason I came here was not to be distracted with meaningless relationships."

"Oh come on how do you know unless you try?" Tammy asked.

"Trust us," Gina added, "it won't be meaningless."

I paused and then to my own surprised I said, "Ok I'll go out for coffee, as a friend, to meet her, and to shut you up, but that is it."

I told myself it was just to shut them up but deep down I was not sure. This was basically what happened to Heather. She went on a date with Cat and after a couple weeks she was Cat's girlfriend. I didn't want to fall into the same trap, and yet I found myself shaving my arm pits, legs and plucking my eyebrows before the date. When I put on a cute dress, I knew I must be crazy.

My friends set up everything, the time the place, everything. It was kind of a relief, not having to worry about the details. I came to the coffee shop early and took a seat. This was all so stupid, but I told myself that in a couple of hours it would be all over.

When she walked in I immediately knew it had to be her. She was in a word beautiful. I felt my heart skip a beat.

"You must be Erica." She said coming over to me and smiling.

I blurted out not thinking, "Wow you are really pretty."

"Thanks," She said smiling and blushing a bit, I looked at her again. She had long black hair and a round cute face. Her body was curvy but fit. She was wearing a flower print top and tight jeans, she was not what I pictured when I agreed to a date with a lesbian.

"So you're really gay?" I said staggering and staring at her, "I mean there must be lots of guys that are crazy about you."

She looked at me with a cute smile. "Sometimes I forget how sheltered girls are before getting to college. Just because a woman is a lesbian does not mean she can't dress sexy or look feminine. You don't have to cut your hair and wear boots to be sexually attracted to other women. I'm glad you think I'm pretty though, that is a very good place to start."

We ordered some ice coffee and found a table in a corner to sit at. Even when I tried she insisted on paying for both the ice coffees.

"So my friends tell me you are curious about lesbians." She said smiling at me.

"No," I said a little mad at them, "Two of my friends are lesbians now and I agreed to this date to sort of shut them up."

"I see, well it does not mean we can't be friends," she said, "but I think you might be selling yourself short."

"What do you mean?" I said, the second those words came from my lips I thought I might regret it.

"When I was in high school I took theater, my mother is a seamstress so I'm good at sewing. Senior year right before college I came in early to work on a costume for the last performance of the year.

When I got into the prop room I could hear moaning coming from the back of the shop. I slowly walked to the back corner and peeked around a rack of clothing. What I saw changed my life. There were two seniors having sex. One was on her knees between the other ones legs while the other one had her dress hiked up and her legs spread apart. The woman on her knees I knew was a lesbian but I was very surprised at who she was with. The other woman in the dress was very popular and was always played the lead in school performances. She seemed so normal and I would have never guessed at the time that she would be the one letting one of the lesbians between her legs. I watched the two and I felt something I'd never felt before. Their pleasure awoke a need deep inside of me. They were so beautiful and the lesbian seemed to know exactly what the popular one needed. They both seemed to be in heaven.

Well after that I must of started looking at women differently because a couple of weeks later this woman at the coffee shop in my home town noticed the way I looked at her from the corner of the shop. I knew she was a lesbian by the rainbow bracelet she wore around her wrist. I could not help but stare in her direction. Anyway she eventually asked me out on a date." Maria reached out and touched my hand softly, "I was so curious and the truth was that by then I had secretly begun to fantasize about other women. On my first date with her I let her kiss me, on the second I made out with her a long time in the back of her car and by the third I let her between my legs. She opened up the world for me."

I pulled my hand away from her. After that she backed off a little and we just talked about ourselves and college.

I was really surprised how naturally just talking to her was. I could tell she liked me by the way she looked at me, but she was not being disrespectful or pushing me too far. After talking for almost two hour I said I had some homework to do.

"Me too but I'd like to see you again." She said.

"Sure," I said not thinking about it.

"I'd also like to kiss you," Maria said moving towards me and looking deep into my eyes.

"I don't think so." I said looking away from her.

"You sure? Novia? It would be a nice way to end our date, I'm sure you will like it." I had heard those words before, and for a second I thought about the way Cat had made Heather feel. In the end I shook my head no.

"Ok sweetie I'll wait, but only because I think your special, and I think we could have something really wonderful. Just promise me you won't kiss any other woman."

"That I can promise," I said laughing a bit.

"Or men for that matter," she said smiling, "have a good night."

As I walked back to the dorms I felt strange. Part of me felt good, but another part felt sort of excited. I told myself it was nothing, that she and I could be just friends.

A couple of days passed and I talked to Maria online but did not see her in person. I really did feel a connection with her when we texted each other. I was hoping she and I could just be friends.

A couple of after that Heather was home with Cat and we were all talking.

"We are all going out to the club this Friday," Heather said, "Maria will be there," Cat said, "I think she is going to invite you just so you know."

"It is the lesbian club?" I asked.

"Yes." She said.

"The one that so many women are seduced at?" I asked.

"Maybe." Cat said, "You want to go?"

"NO!" I said a little too loudly. That was the end of the conversation.

The next day I saw Maria on campus.

"Hey you." She said, "I've been looking all over for you, I wanted to invite you out on Friday."

"I don't think so. Heather told me you were going to invite me to a lesbian club." I replied.

"Oh come on we can still go it will be fun. Plenty of straight women go there." She said smiling at me.

"I hear those places are crazy." I said feeling a shiver down my spine.

"They can be but I won't let anything happen to you, trust me." she reached out and held my hand, "I won't let any of them touch you."

I looked into her eyes and to my surprise I nodded. Her smile grew so big and I could see her wet tongue before she quickly licked her lips saying. "Great, Erica that's great. I'll text you all the info. I'm so happy your coming."

That night she walked to the dorms to come get me. Campus was a couple of miles from downtown so we got a cab to the club.

I was surprised by how crowded it was. At the door they check ID's and I got a different colored bracelet then she did. Looking at the bracelet I realized she was over 21.

"You alright?" Maria said placing her hand on my shoulder.

"There are just a lot of people here." I replied.

"Don't worry, you're my date." She said pulling me close and smiling.

She guided me to a booth with her name on it and we began to talk. After talking for a couple of minutes this woman came over.

"Hey Maria, who is this?" She asked.

The woman had short red hair and she looked at me like in the strangest way, like I was a puzzle that needed solved.

"Hey Keri this is Erica, she is my girlfriend." Maria said.

I started to speak up but I thought better of it, the way Keri looked at me made me feel strange.

"Girlfriend?" Keri said smiling at me.

"Sort of we have been dating." Maria said.

"Oh so she is curious is she? Or does she still think she is straight? She does I can see it in her eyes." Keri said.

She came closer and looked deep into my eyes.

"Deep down you still think this is wrong don't you? You came on a good night kiddo; there are several girls here that once thought as you do. They thought they were straight, but I think by Monday, they will be walking through the quad just like the rest of us."

"Keri I think you should leave." Maria said.

"Don't worry Maria I'm going to help you turn this one out. I can tell you want her. Kiddo why don't you look over there to the booth over there? The black haired girl's name is Bernadette and her date there is Carol. They have been going out for more than a month now and I just know that tonight is the night that Bernadette will finally give herself to Carol." Keri said with an almost wicked smile.

"How can you know that?" I asked before I could think. Keri looked back into my eyes. Those deep blue pools were almost intoxicating.

"I can see it in her eyes, the lust and the love, but mostly lust; you can see everything in a woman's eyes. Our emotions run deeper than men, but so do our desires, men just want to put their nasty cocks inside of you, there only desire is to fill your cunt with their seed, but after they are done that is it, their biological mission is done and that is it." Keri reached out and touched my hand.

"Women on the other hand can fuck each other all night, or make love to each other all night, or a little bit of both. We can make each other cum over and over again until both of us fall asleep in each other's arms. Only a woman can understand another woman, when you finally admit that to yourself will you finally be happy. Bernadette will tonight. I can feel it." I looked at Keri's hand and watched as Maria's brown hand pulled it away and then replaced it.

Keri continued to talk as I looked back into her eyes, "You know Bernadette had a boyfriend when Carol first started to date her, but she dumbed him a couple of weeks ago. I wonder why she would do that, unless she really wanted Carol more then him.

Of course Bernadette is not the only one here that is falling for another woman and she has it easy. She slowly fell for Carol and gradually accepted this life. That girl over there however never had a chance." I looked over at this young cute red head sitting next to a short blond haired woman.

"It is her first time here and her first date with another woman. Quinn though is not like Carol. She has done a lot of missionary work with cute little straight girl just like her. She knows exactly what to say, what to do to turn them out quickly. I bet later tonight she will be peeling that girl's panties off her confused little body."

The worst part was I could almost see it, the lesbian seducing her, the girl on her back on a bed looking up as this dyke peeled off her panties.

Keri winked at me, "It is building in you too my dear I can see it, it is not on the surface yet but deep inside of you need to be sexually satisfied just like the rest of it. If you ever think this one is going to slow, you just come over to me ok, and I'll take good care of you."

"Good bye Keri," Maria said in a harsh tone.

"Just think about it, after one night your little straight pussy will be gone, I could make you cum over and over again. Show you a whole new way of life."

"I said fucking leave." Maria said in a very stern voice. The woman did leave but with a defiant look in her eyes.

I looked back to Maria and she smiled at me, "Sorry about that." She said. After that her hand did not leave mine. We went back to talking about school for a while and I began to calm down a bit when a woman that I didn't know came over to Maria.

"How is your date?" The woman asked.

"Good," Maria said smiling

"Just a heads up you might want to take her to the PER. I hear Toni is back there with Jen." The woman said.

"Really?" Maria said loudly. She paused, "wow good for her."

"What is the PER?" I asked.

"I don't think you're ready for that sweetie." Maria said squeezing my hand tightly.

"Why?" I said a little put back. I had this strange thing since I was a kid about saying I could not do something. It just made me want to it more.

"Fine I'll take you back there but I warned you" Maria said looking at me with a half-smile.

She held my hand and took me to the back of the club.

The rooms we passed said "Private Events Only."

She asked an employee back there a question and they directed us to one of the rooms. My heart was pounding as we walked into a small room with a mirror in it. "This is a one way mirror." Maria said, "Lots of the women here like to watch other women together. So if two women want to have sex they often come back to these rooms and let other woman watch them. It is mostly so that curious women can come back here and watch, in a safe place where they can explore their new feelings."

There was another couple also in the room. One was behind the other kissing her neck while the shorter was looking through the window glaring.

My eyes followed her eyes and looked in the private event room. The room was small but comfortable. There was a small table surrounded by soft couches. I was shocked to see an Asian girl naked from the waist down with her legs spread wide on one of the couches. Between her legs was a short haired tattooed woman. It was hard to see but the short haired woman had a finger inside the younger woman moving it in and out of her.

"Do you mind if I turn up the volume?" Maria asked the taller of the other women.

"Go ahead. I'm sure my date wants to hear what Toni is doing to her, don't you sweetheart. I'm sure it will turn you on even more baby." The taller woman said.

The shorter woman didn't say a word but moaned softly as she continued to stare at the scene before her. Soon the woman went back to kissing her dates neck.

I watched as Maria's brown elegant fingers turned a black nob, "AHHH AHHH AHHH TONI TONI, It feels so good!"

"Oh Jen, I knew deep down you wanted this, I knew this was our night. I knew I'd have you like this." Toni said proudly.


Toni kept fucking her but moved her head up looking over her the other woman's body, "When I picked you up, ohh sweetheart the way you looked at me, the way you wore this cute black dress for me. You kept glancing over at me in the car over and over again. You've been keeping your legs together all night, trying to hide how turned on you are. I could see it in the glow in your eyes baby, and you kept licking your lips making them wet for me. Every date you've looked at me more and more the way you should until tonight you looked at me like I was your fucking girlfriend. You're one of us now baby, your fucking turned out, you can't hide it anymore, you need to get fucked, and the best part is your mine. You're all mine now baby, finally fucking mine." Toni cried eagerly as she fucked her.


"I know baby, I'm so proud of you, you're so wet, so wet between your fucking hot legs. I've wanted this so much so fucking much!"

I looked more at the naked Asian woman. Her hair was a complete mess and her makeup was smeared on her sweaty face. Her body was rocking to the motion of Toni's fingers and she seemed to love every second.

Toni was tattooed over both her arms and part of her body. She was naked from her waist up but her pants were still on. I could see her short hair was also a total mess.

"Looks like Toni finally got her girl." Maria whispered in my ear.

"What?" I said in shock watching the young Asian woman enjoying every moment of pleasure.

"Toni has wanted Jen since the first day of school. She saw her in the gym working out and she wanted her immediately. Jen is basically all she talks about and can you blame her? The woman is beautiful. She has taken her out on lots of dates but this has to be is their first time together. It won't be the last though look at how much Jen loves it." Maria said pointing.


"Good baby, I've wanted you for so long. I've been waiting for you to give yourself to me."


I watched as Toni lowered her head in between Jen's legs.

"I've been waiting to taste you for so long baby. You have no idea how wonderful you smell to me or how much I've wanted this." Toni said in voice muffled by Jen's thighs.


I felt Maria's hand touch mine and her breath on my ear. "I don't know how many dates Toni has taken Jen out on but now Jen wants this as much as Toni. Toni brilliantly eased her slowly into the realization that this is how women should live; this is the only way women can truly be happy and know love. The first time I meet Jen she said that lesbians were disgusting, and that she would never let Toni between her legs. Now look at her she would do anything for Toni, it won't be long before she has the best orgasm of her life. This is how women make each other happy."

We watched as Toni's lips worked magic on Jen's womanhood. As I watched I realized that Toni loved being between Jen's legs as much as Jen liked being eaten out. Both of them seemed to be in so much pleasure it was overwhelming.

"TONI TONI YES YES AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Jen's entire body rocked as I watched her finally cum for Toni. "AHHHH AHHHH YES YESSSS TONI YES!!"

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