True Love

byMy Erotic Tale©

In passions embrace, Vix clinched tightly, her fingers grasp around the forearm of her lover. In a pendulum of swaying flesh their bodies mess. Breasts in swing and bounce hovered while grinding hips thrust.

Dim lit corner stone ornaments bare witness to the flowering of this feast, on desire's plate. Racing stripe colors of mod gray and black ripped around the room on deep blue walls and metallic silver trim outlining the change cubical and the placement plane.

"Yes Yes Yes!" Vix sounded as her feverish thrusts brought her to her destination. The delivery of her orgasm with the desired amount of warm cream. Like a push of a button on response Toppy released his warm soothing fluids deep inside Vix, in unison with hers. "Mmmmmmm," she purred.

Rolling back and sprawling out spent, Vix mustered up the words in a breathless tone, "Would you be a dear and get me something to drink. I am as parched as a desert neuron."

"Of course," Tobby replied, energetically springing to his feet and jetting off to the REF. Vix lay back in heavy breath and tired muscles regaining her strength. Her short black hair seemed up and spiked. Ruffed from the rolling she rolled to her side and retrieved a cigarillo. Laid back and clicked the mini-inferno and it flamed. Glowing was her face and hands around the fire puffing to begin her cherries delight.

"Here you are," Tobby sounded while bringing a tray with a beverage and some fruit chunks. Placing the tray on the placement plane and picking up the beverage. Walked to the bed's border with a huge plastered smile, handing the drink to Vix.

"Thank You," Vix absorbed the fluid in thirsty laps and settled into another draw from her cigarillo. Tobby stood watching, smiling. "You like to play with me Tobby?" Vix asked seductively. Her bare body shined against the dark sheets she lay upon. Statue toned skinned on a long slender body.

"I like what ever you like," Tobby replied.

"Do you like it when I ride the Tobby Comet?" Vix asked with a snicker.

"Yes I do," Tobby replied unmoved from his stance. Vix drew another puff from her cigarillo. The curling swirls of slivered smoke illuminated in the dim lit room. The blast of air out Vix's mouth releasing the white cloud into the air and over the bed like a fog.

"Would you be a dear and get the change cubical ready for me?" Vix asked in a lazy note. Snuggling deeper into the bed with a long hard stretch.

"Yes," Tobby replied and turned and walked to the change cubicle's opening and pressed the release button and the sliding door zipped out of sight in a quick dart behind the walls. The light came on automatically. "Are you going somewhere?" Asked Tobby.

"Yes, I'm going out. I told Casandran and Asterson I'd meet them at the Naut's Note Club for a few vermin busters," Vix snickered. The vermin busters usually left her with a headache the next day, a size 7 on the Richter scale, but she was sure to have a good time this night, mentally flying on the intoxication of the vermin brew.

"Why?" Tobby asked.

"Why what? Why am I going out?"

"Yes, Why are you going out?" Tobby repeated her line.

"Because it's Valentine's Day. The Day of lovers, I wouldn't mind finding Mr. Right. It's not to late you know, I'm still not over the hill yet." Vix rambled as she got up and went into the change cubical with a bottom bouncing motion. She ran her fingers along the selections of body suits then dress wear. "I'm still in search of True Love!" She said with her arm frilled out with the cigarillo's cherry glowing.

"True love?" Tobby repeated her words slightly confused.

"Yes ... true love," Vix pulled from the rack a dark chapped body glove with a slick leather like shine that V'd at the chest deeply. Struggling slightly to fit into the slick streamline outfit then turned her back towards Tobby. "Zip me."

Tobby reached out and pulled the fastener upward along Vix's back and secured the topnotch fastener. His slightly taller frame was towering over Vix when she spun around and danced back and forth to go around him.

"We're not going through this again, are we?" Vix barked as she shot passed Tobby in his fixed stance. She lowered her eyes and saw his hard cock protruding still. She paused then continued, "...and put that thing away and get dressed."

Tobby sulked and followed her into the great room like a long lost puppy. Vix was finding her foot wear and placing them on her heels when the uniphone rang.

"Hello, you have reached the residence of Lady Violet Boner, How may I help you?" Tobby answered. "Just one moment please."

Toby spun around towards Vix, "Mrs. Asterson requesting confirmation of your arrival and an estimated time frame of your appearance. How shall I rely?" Tobby asked.

"Yes, I'm on my way, I'll be there in 30 clicks of a ticker." Vix snickered.

"Ms. Vix replies ... Yes, I'm on my way, I'll be there in 30 ticks of a clicker. Shall I forward any other messages? No ... okay thank you and have a radiant day." Tobby turned with no more response.

"I said 30 clicks of a ticker, Tobby. Why did you say 30 ticks of a clicker? Is there something wrong with your programming? I'm taking you in for an upgrade and virus detection tomorrow." Vix said then flashed past Tobby in her search for her universal phone and palm data keeper.

"I can only repeat what is told to me," Tobby replied with a fixed stare at Vix's haste in circle turns gathering her key cards and cling purse stuck it to her side and darted in front of the slivered mirror. A quick brush of her fingers through her hair and a lick of her finger then run a smoothing brush across her eye brows.

"I know this but you distinctly did not convey my exact words and this bothers me."

"Is this why you search for true love? I am not performing correctly?"

"Oh Honey, you perform very very well, you just did not repeat what I said exactly. Believe me there's nothing wrong with your equipment, it's the brain I'm worried about. Okay, your computer based main frame, I forget robots do not have a brain." Vix extinguished her cigarillo in a stone tray and turned to Tobby.

"I will strive to be more productive, I am capable of most house hold chores and a vast archive of entertainment and..."

"I know, I know there's nothing wrong with your entertainment, okay Tobby, so chill out," Vix reached up and kissed Tobby's fleshed cheek. "I'll deal with this tomorrow, right now I'm late." Vix pressed the button and a vacuum sound swished as the door slide sideways. Turning she stopped and smiled, "Happy Valentine's Day Tobby." She said with a large grin.

"Happy Valentine's Day," Tobby replied as the door swished closed. Tobby stood there ... "I love you Vix." Tobby paused... "If this is true, isn't it true love?" In the still silence of the great room Tobby stood, motionless. The last rising sliver of smoke fizzled from the stone tray as the fire finally died out.

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