tagErotic CouplingsTrue Love Affair: That Weekend

True Love Affair: That Weekend


*A sequel to "True Love Affair"*

The following Friday Sandra was at the playground next door with her 4 kids, as well as a neighbour and her kids. She wasn't expecting Chris until the next day, and when she saw his car pull up to her house, tingles of excitement went through her.

She was dressed down. Her hair was frazzled, she was wearing jean shorts, a dirty white T-shirt, and she was in her bare feet. She had dirt all over her, from running around with the kids. She couldn't believe Chris was gonna see her like this! She was too happy to care, and she asked her neighbour to watch her kids for a few minutes while she said hi to her new love.

As Chris was getting out of his car, Sandra ran up to him with the biggest smile on her face. Even dressed down, with no makeup and in need of a shower, Sandra was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He smiled as she jumped into his arms. She led him into the house so he could drop off his bag. Words could not describe how happy she was to see him a day early!

He set his bag down in her room and she went into the kitchen to grab him a drink. He joined her in the kitchen and she put his drink on the table, smiling.

"I'm so happy to see you!" she said, kissing him on the mouth as she put her arms around his neck. He smiled back. God, she was gorgeous. She was all hot and sweaty, her hair had zero organization to it, she had a bit of dirt smeared on her cheek, but he had never been more turned on.

"I couldn't wait any longer." He replied, kissing her over and over. He backed her up to the counter, his hands sliding down to her ass over her jean shorts. He squeezed her soft cheeks over the denim, pressing his body against her. Sandra could feel his hard bulge through their clothes, and tingles went through her pussy. She broke the kiss.

"Don't be bad!" she warned, chuckling. He ran his hand around to the front of her body and began to stroke between her thighs over her shorts. She sighed into his mouth as bolts of pleasure went up her body.

"The kids could come barging in here any minute!" she breathed, not really wanting him to stop. To her disappointment, he stopped, pulling away from her. Sandra was left standing in the kitchen, confused, as she watched him walk away from her. Her pussy flooded when he locked the front door.

"They'll be fine for a few minutes." He said, "Your friend is watching them." She broke into a smile and held out her arms as he approached.

He kissed her again as she pulled him close, this time slipping his tongue into her eager mouth. She let out her breath as she kissed him. She felt so secure, so comfortable, so loved in his arms. She needed to feel him inside her.

Without breaking the kiss, she sat up on the counter, letting him in between her legs. He sucked her upper lip into his mouth as his hands fumbled with her button and fly. He got her shorts undone and he broke the kiss.

Sandra was sitting in front of him, watching him, breathing heavily. He tugged at her shorts and she lifted her ass, allowing him to slide them down her sexy, tanned legs. She pulled her dirty feet out of them one by one, and he dropped them on the floor.

"I'm really dirty." She commented, embarrassed. Chris pressed his lips against hers, forcing his tongue far into her mouth. He kissed her long and he kissed her hard, pressing his bulge against her panty covered crotch, letting her know that he didn't care that she was dirty, he loved her and he wanted her. A little dirt wouldn't change that. Her heart fluttered at the passion that was in his kiss, and her inhibitions dropped.

As he kissed her, Chris ran his fingers up the inside of her soft thigh, sliding them into the side of her panties. In no time, they found her slit. She was soaking wet. He ran a finger up her sopping wet lips and she sighed into his mouth.

He teased over her clit with his finger as he gradually broke the kiss, lips smacking. He grabbed the waistband of Sandra's skimpy white panties and tugged. He easily slid the dainty things down her smooth legs and she pulled her dirty feet out of those, too. He caught his breath.

Before him was that beautiful pussy of hers. A treasure trail of neatly trimmed pubic hair led to the swollen pink lips of her cunt. They were pressed together, quivering, beckoning.

Sandra placed her feet on the counter and curled her toes over the edge, giving herself to her lover. Chris slid his warm hands down the outside of her thighs to her ass as he knelt before her. He kissed her sensitive lips and he heard her suck in her breath. His tongue darted out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, tasting her wonderful juices.

"Ohhh…" she sighed, her hand going behind his head and holding him in place as she leaned back a bit on the kitchen counter. Chris slid his tongue deep into Sandra's pussy, twirling it around inside, driving her wild. He ran his tongue along the top of the inside of her tunnel as he pulled it out of her, and she wriggled her toes with pleasure.

He sucked her delicious lips into his mouth, keeping them trapped there as he teased over them with his tongue. Sandra could not help but writhe her crotch into his face as he licked her mercilessly. He sucked hard on her lips, pulling them outward before slowly releasing them. She moaned again, softly as he his tongue teased up her pussy ever so slowly.

When he reached her clitoris, his tongue danced around it. He nudged it every so often as he licked a circle all around it. Each time his tongue glanced off it, she gasped, bolts of pleasure firing up her body.

Suddenly, Chris sucked her clit into his mouth, quickly releasing it.

"OH!" she cried, twitching before him. An orgasm quickly rose within her. She knew it wouldn't take much more.

Placing his mouth around her sensitive nub, he ran his tongue up and down over it lightening quick, over and over. Pleasure surged through her, rising more and more until…

"Ohhhhhhhh…" she gasped, cumming violently. She was rubbing her pussy against his face as he licked her relentlessly. Her heart felt like it would explode, her entire body was tingling. He wouldn't stop licking her! She finally had to push his head away from her before she was overcome!

Smiling, Chris stood up as the poor girl recovered from her massive orgasm. Sandra was looking at him with pure love as she tried to catch her breath. She watched him undo his pants and push them, and his underwear, down to his knees.

She caught her breath at the sight of his beautiful, rock hard cock as he set it free. Her feet subconsciously slid wider along the edge of the counter as he stood between her legs. She lay back on her arms and watched him submissively as he aimed that fat head of his at her swollen, quivering pussy.

Both of them watched as her pink lips parted and slowly allowed the top of his penis inside. He heard her sigh as he felt her warmth grip him. He pushed until half of him was in her, before her tightness would allow no more.

Chris pulled back a little, he could see light reflect off the shaft of his penis as it was coated with her juices. He pushed forward again and this time his entire organ slipped inside Sandra's needy vagina.

"Ohhhhh…" she sighed, closing her eyes for a moment, enjoying that wonderful feeling of being filled up slowly. He was sheathed inside her, and he placed his hands on either side of her feet and began to slide his cock in and out of her. "Ohhh yesss…" she moaned, "I missed you." His penis was gliding in and out of her welcoming vagina.

He grabbed her ankles, holding her dirty feet in the air as he fucked her gently. She felt so incredible. So hot, so snug around him. Holding her ankles up like that gave him the perfect view of his manhood entering her pussy over and over. His gaze went back and forth from her beautiful face to the action between her lovely thighs.

Sandra was looking down between her legs at his wonderful cock sliding into her repeatedly. She looked up at him and caught his gaze. She smiled.

"I love you." He said. Thrill went up her body at his words.

"I love you, too." She returned. He raised her foot up to his lips and kissed it on a clean spot along the top. Her smile broadened. He released her ankles and slid his arms underneath her back, pulling her upright. His lips were on hers, roughly, and she put her arms around his neck, holding him close. Her feet landed on his thrusting ass as he began to fuck her a little harder. She broke the kiss.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" moans escaped from her lips as her lover glided into her repeatedly. She slid her well-manicured hands down his body to his ass, where they gripped him loosely, pulling him into her.

Chris began to screw her harder, fucking with long hard thrusts. He went in so deep! Her heart rate was rising and she was starting to pull him towards her with a lot more urgency. She was panting, feeling an orgasm rise. Her dirty feet were flailing helplessly behind him as he jackhammered into her right there on her kitchen cupboard.

The familiar tingling in her pussy rose and rose and rose until it exploded full force within her. "OHHHHHHH!" she cried, grabbing onto him for dear life. Despite being squeezed quite hard, Chris still managed to fuck Sandra as hard as he could, sliding that fat cock of his deep into her hungry, quivering twat.

He was losing it already. He could have taken his mind off the incredible sex that he was having and prolonged things a few more minutes, but he knew that they didn't have a whole lot of time to begin with. Besides, she was just too fucking hot!

The big man leaned over her, pistoning into her even harder, looking straight into her eyes. She had a look of pure ecstasy, her eye lids were half closed, her eyebrows raised. She still hadn't fully recovered from her orgasm! Planting his hands on the counter he drove his hard cock into her as hard as he possibly could, well on his way.

"Ohhhh I'm gonna cum, Sandra!" he groaned, organ gliding in and out of her tunnel lightening quick. Thrills went up her spine at his words, and she found herself craving his semen inside her pussy. Her cunt seemed to grow hotter at the thought of him ejaculating inside it. She grew more excited than ever!

"Ohhh God, Chris, give it to me!" she moaned erotically, her hands pulling his ass towards her over and over. "I want to feel your cum inside me!" Sandra cried.

That did it to him. Chris rammed his cock in and out of her a few more times quickly before sliding all the way into her welcoming hole.

Time stood still.

In a microsecond and an eternity he looked deep into her gorgeous eyes, his penis encased in the warmth of her vagina. His lips were on hers and he kissed her passionately, all the love he had for her was exemplified in that kiss.

His cock jerked, and a thick load of his seed shot hard into her, spraying off the back of her womb. Her tongue shot into his mouth and her hands held his ass tightly, keeping him far inside her.

His penis pulsated again, another hot stream of cum shooting forth deep inside Sandra's vagina. Her tongue explored his mouth, and he could only press his lips on hers as he was completely lost in his mighty orgasm. More of his sperm emptied into her as his dick continued to jerk inside her.

Finally, as he gasped for breath, breaking the kiss, the last of his cum trickled into her welcoming cunt. Smiling, she kissed at his lips as he tried to recover. His penis softened inside her, but she continued to hold him close, not letting him get away.

He remained standing in front of her, kissing her mouth, for another ten minutes before they forced themselves to part.

*These stories are inspired by Stacey, of whom I have written much about with similar passion. Tell me what you think, and if you haven't read any of the 'Stacey' series, you don't know what you're missing! X-Factor*

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